Atlanta Heights Charter School: What to Know Before Applying in 2023

Making the best school choice for your child is a crucial choice that will affect their educational path and future success. 

At Atlanta Heights Charter School, we work hard to provide a unique learning environment that promotes academic performance, individual development, and a feeling of community. 

In this article, we will discuss why enrolling at Atlanta Heights Charter School is a sensible choice, give a general description of the institution, and highlight its advantages.

About Atlanta Heights Charter School

All kids in the Atlanta school system are welcome to enroll in Atlanta Heights Charter School, a tuition-free public charter school. 

In addition to adhering to statutory standards, their curriculum provides over 692 children in grades k–8 with an excellent college-preparatory education and program with a strong moral focus. 

They were established in 2010 by residents of your neighborhood, and they put forth a lot of effort to give parents more options.

They concentrate on each kid’s particular needs, skills, and interests. Their pupils succeed due to their high goals, clear expectations, and individualized instruction.

Additionally, they include a moral focus on every school day. Children must develop virtues like respect, perseverance, and compassion to achieve. The value of making wise judgments and living morally is taught to students.

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Atlanta Heights Charter School Benefits

Academic achievement: Academic achievement is a priority at Atlanta Heights Charter School. They have a proven track record of success, with kids who routinely outperform state and federal criteria. Their demanding curriculum and committed instructors lay the groundwork for students to succeed academically.

Safe & Nurturing Environment: They prioritize creating a safe and nurturing atmosphere where kids can take risks while learning and feel appreciated and supported. Their committed staff members help kids build strong connections with one another, fostering a sense of community and emotional well-being.

Diverse Learning Opportunities: Atlanta Heights Charter School offers a variety of extracurricular activities, organizations, and sports teams, giving students a chance to explore their interests, hone their talents, and build their leadership and teamwork abilities.

Strong community ties and engagement are crucial for students’ success. Atlanta Heights Charter School works actively with parents, local companies, and community organizations to enhance the educational process and give their children worthwhile resources and opportunities.

What Makes Atlanta Heights Charter School Important?

Aside from the curriculum they provide, attending the school has the following advantages:

No cost for breakfast and lunch: All Atlanta Heights Charter School students have a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast and lunch. With the help of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), meals are offered free of charge.

Pre- and post-school supervision: Although they do not have an on-site program for before or after-school care, we can recommend several nearby care facilities.

Fashion Code: They have a clothing code to minimize interruptions so kids may concentrate on doing well in school. This dress code is adaptable and economical.

Their clothing code is adaptable, reasonable, and created to support academic success. Their students can concentrate better in class if there are fewer outside distractions and competitors.

Through the uniform store, you can order uniforms. Call the front desk if you need assistance paying for uniforms so that you may go over your alternatives.

K–5 pupils:

  • Tops: Bright green or white polo with long or short sleeves.
  • Bottoms: uniform khaki, Jumpers, skirts, etc., are optional.

For 6–8 pupils:

  • Tops: royal blue or white polo with long or short sleeves
  • Optional: White dress shirt with a tie, long or short sleeves.
  • Bottoms: uniform khaki, Jumpers, and skirts are optional.

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Atlanta Heights Charter School Academic Philosophy

Atlanta Heights Charter School is committed to helping children grow by providing them with an excellent curriculum that is both accessible and motivating. They think every student can succeed with the correct mix of support and challenge, individualized education, and hands-on learning. 

Their comprehensive curriculum equips students for a lifetime of academic and personal achievement, focusing on moral character and college-prep academics. Classes will be held Monday through Friday for all grade levels. Here are Atlanta Heights Charter School Academic levels:

K–2nd Grades

A period of accelerated growth occurs from kindergarten through second grade. Children develop foundational literacy, math, science, and social studies knowledge and move on to higher-level thinking. They develop empathy, compassion, and understanding for others as they become more conscious of the world around them. 

Reading helps them learn about the world, and writing helps them communicate their thoughts and opinions. 

They practice applying increasingly complex arithmetic concepts to prepare for algebra and beyond.  The K–2 curriculum covers science, social studies, math, and English. 2nd-Grade

3-5 Grade

Teachers assist students in applying higher-level thinking to all areas by building on the fundamental abilities they learned in earlier grades. A more profound grasp of concepts, subjects, and events can be attained through improved reading comprehension. Socially, kids gain greater self-responsibility and internalize values like respect and collaboration. 

Most significantly, pupils develop the abilities required for success in middle school. English language and the arts, math, social studies, and sciences are all included in the curriculum. 3rd-5th grade

6-8 Grades

A time of personal development and discovery is middle school. Students can develop their academic interests and strengths by examining challenging concepts across all topic areas. 

Children can use higher-level thinking to extend their learning beyond the classroom by building on their prior knowledge and skills. 

As kids prepare for high school, college, and careers, they examine and critically think about the world around them. Students who have a solid moral and academic basis are prepared to achieve. English language and the arts, math, social studies, and sciences are all included in the curriculum. 8th grade

What are the extracurricular activities & programs?

Learning is a continuous process that happens outside of the classroom. Through extracurricular activities, Atlanta Heights Charter School students can explore their interests, acquire new skills, and meet friends. Below are some specifics regarding the programs and activities we provide.

Involvement of the parents

At Atlanta Heights Charter School, parental participation is essential to the success of both their children and the entire school community. 

They urge parents to actively participate in their children’s education and take advantage of several chances to support and improve the educational process. Parental involvement at Atlanta Heights Charter School includes the following essential components:

Parental Participation Is Important at Atlanta Heights Charter School

Their involvement fosters student accomplishment, well-being, and overall academic success. Parents who actively engage in their child’s education generate a sense of partnership between the home and the school, which benefits kids by fostering a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. 

Students with involved parents are more likely to perform academically, have higher self-esteem, display good attitudes toward school, and develop stronger social skills, according to research that has been conducted repeatedly.

They at Atlanta Heights Charter School are aware of the substantial influence that parental participation may have on students’ academic performance. 

To create a supportive and enjoyable learning environment for their children, we strongly encourage parents to participate actively in their child’s educational process.

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Parents Support Network (PSN) and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

At Atlanta Heights Charter School, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and Parent Support Network allow parents to participate in school events actively, interact with teachers and staff, and work with other parents. 

These groups build a sense of community and support among parents while providing them with valuable resources for staying current on school-related activities, projects, and policies.

Parents can volunteer, participate in fundraising activities, and contribute to various school activities and initiatives through the PTA. 

The PTA also plans workshops, seminars, and educational sessions to enhance parents’ involvement in their children’s education. These events give parents helpful tools and advice.

The Parent Support Network also provides a community where parents may interact, exchange experiences, and get guidance from other parents. This network is invaluable for parents as they negotiate the difficulties and rewards of raising successful, well-rounded children.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

At Atlanta Heights Charter School, family involvement includes volunteering regularly. We value the particular knowledge, abilities, and life experiences that parents provide to their school community, and we actively encourage them to participate in volunteer activities.

There are many ways to volunteer, including helping in the classroom, planning school functions, supervising field trips, mentoring young people, and serving on committees or advisory boards. 

In addition to helping the school succeed, parents who volunteer acquire a better understanding of their children’s educational journey and develop enduring relationships with faculty, staff, and other parents.

Parents may positively influence their children’s education, contribute to a lively and welcoming school community, and strengthen the relationship between home and school by actively participating in volunteer opportunities.

The active participation of parents in their child’s education is something we value and appreciate at Atlanta Heights Charter School. 

They work hard to create a warm, accepting environment that promotes and supports parental involvement. 

To ensure the success and well-being of their students, they establish a strong collaboration between parents, teachers, and the school community through the PTA, Parent Support Network, and different volunteer opportunities.

Admissions to Atlanta Heights Charter School

Atlanta Heights Charter School works to offer a smooth and open admissions process because we understand how significant it is for parents to select the best school for their children. 

An overview of the admissions process is provided here, along with details on eligibility requirements, application methods, selection criteria, and information on tuition and financial aid possibilities.

Eligibility Requirements for Atlanta Heights Charter Schools

The Atlanta Heights Charter School is a welcoming environment for kids of all academic backgrounds. While they prioritize their local students, they also accept applications from students outside the area if openings exist. Their eligibility prerequisites include the following:

Residence: Students must meet any additional residence requirements set forth by the school district or reside within the defined geographic area.

Age: Students applying to a particular school level must be at least that grade level’s minimum age requirement. Please consult their website or contact the admissions office regarding specific age requirements.

All kids must comply with the state’s mandatory immunization requirements. Vaccination documentation is required during the admissions process.

Application Processes and Deadlines

Parents/guardians must fill out the application form available via their website or the school’s admissions office to apply to Atlanta Heights Charter School. The essential steps in the application procedure are as follows:

Fill out the application form entirely and with the most recent information possible. Make sure you submit any necessary paperwork, such as a birth certificate and evidence of domicile.

Deadlines for applications: Admissions deadlines may change annually. Please visit their website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date application deadlines.

Atlanta Heights Charter School may employ a lottery technique to decide who gets admitted if there are more applicants than openings. All applicants will have fairness and equal opportunity as a result.

Notification: After the application evaluation procedure, parents and guardians will be informed of the admission decision. If accepted, additional guidelines for enrolling and subsequent actions will be given.

Considerations for the Selection Process

Choosing students for Atlanta Heights Charter School is done transparently and thoroughly. While acceptance is contingent on space, they consider several things when considering applications. These elements could consist of:

Lottery System: If there are more applicants than openings, entrance may be decided using a lottery system.

Space Availability: The school considers each grade level’s capacity and ensures the school meets the applicant’s needs.

A diverse and balanced student body in terms of ethnicity, gender, and academic aptitude is what they strive to achieve.

Attention: Atlanta Heights Charter School’s admissions policy prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or other protected features.

Atlanta Heights Charter School Tuition

A public charter school with no tuition is called Atlanta Heights Charter School. Since they are a government-supported college, there are no tuition payments. Nevertheless, there can be charges for particular programs, extracurricular activities, or optional services.

Atlanta Heights Charter School is aware that some families may need financial assistance. They encourage qualified families to look into the financial help, scholarships, and grants that may be made available through regional, state, or federal initiatives. Information on possible financial aid opportunities is available from their admissions office.

Staff at Atlanta Heights Charter School

At Atlanta Heights Charter School, they are proud of the hardworking, highly qualified teaching and staff members committed to giving their students a supportive and enriching learning environment. The following are some salient features of their teachers and staff:

High-caliber instructors and personnel

Their professors’ and staff members’ knowledge and commitment significantly affect the caliber of education. At Atlanta Heights Charter School, they work with highly skilled professionals who are passionate about teaching and have the required training, experience, and credentials. 

They take great care in choosing instructors who are not only experts in their fields but also exhibit good interpersonal skills and a sincere desire to encourage and help students. A healthy and encouraging school climate is also greatly influenced by their staff, which includes administrators, counselors, and support personnel.

Class sizes and teacher-student ratios

They know the value of providing each kid with tailored care and instruction. To guarantee that every student gets the attention and assistance they require, Atlanta Heights Charter School works to maintain ideal teacher-student ratios and manageable class sizes.

Depending on the grade level and the program, there may be differences in the teacher-student ratio and class numbers. 

The goal is to develop a setting where instructors interact with students meaningfully, offer individualized instruction, and cultivate bonds that advance academic achievement and general well-being.

  • Students per teacher: 22:1

State Avg. 15:1

  • % of teachers with 3 or more years experience: 83%

State Avg. 91%

  • % of full-time certified teachers: 83%

State Avg. 95%

Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

They support their academic members’ ongoing professional growth and development. They provide a variety of professional development programs to help their teachers develop and improve their teaching abilities at Atlanta Heights Charter School.

Also. they provide conferences, workshops, seminars, and training sessions concentrating on recent educational trends, cutting-edge instructional approaches, and successful classroom management techniques.

Their teachers are invited to participate in various professional development events to increase their expertise, hone their teaching methods, and keep up with the rapidly changing educational environment.

They also encourage their faculty members to work together and mentor one another. Teachers can participate in peer observation, team teaching, and collaborative planning, which enables them to exchange best practices and learn from one another.

By making professional development investments in their professors and staff, they ensure they have the abilities and know-how to offer their students a top-notch education and a welcoming learning environment.

At Atlanta Heights Charter School, they are dedicated to keeping a staff of highly skilled and motivated individuals who share their enthusiasm for education and the success of their students. Their instructors and staff are instrumental in providing their students with a successful and enriching educational experience through their knowledge, dedication, and ongoing professional development. 

Extracurricular Activities and Clubs 

For Kindergarten-2nd Grade

The programs include: 

Black History Programs: This program is done every February. During the program, African American history and culture are celebrated. This is done through writing, art, and reading.

Book Fairs: This event is for students. During this event, students can shop for new books that interest them and at their levels. 

6th-8th Grade Activities and Clubs

Beside Book fairs and Black History programs, students at this level involve in activities like:

  • Dance: They are allowed to express themselves through dancing. Group or solo performances are also taught.
  • S.T.E.M: Students are taught with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics models.
  • Coding: Students at this level also engage in coding activities that prepare them for coding careers. The school believes that coding s not meant for college students alone.

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How do charter schools operate?

A public school with no tuition that gives parents a choice is a charter school. Charter schools must abide by all federal, state, and local laws governing education, health, and safety, just like district public schools.

Who may enroll in a charter school?

Any student who satisfies the age and residency criteria may apply. If more applications than seats are available, charter schools frequently open random lotteries to choose pupils.

What distinguishes charter schools from traditional public schools?

The same criteria that apply to district schools apply to charter schools. Charter schools also submit reports to an authorizer, who assesses whether the institution is accomplishing the objectives outlined in its charter.

In what ways are charter schools run?

Charter schools may be independently operated or managed by a management group. In the case of institutions run by management groups, such as National Heritage Academies, the management company frequently offers centralized support to several institutions, allowing each institution to concentrate its efforts on teaching and learning. Individual schools may be run locally by their own Board of Directors, which advises and supervises the principal.

How do charter schools get their money?

Tuition for charter schools is free. They receive grants to assist with some start-up costs and public support based on the number of students enrolled. To help with other costs, many charter schools organize fundraising events. Federal financing for programs like Title 1 and Special Education is also available to charter schools.

Are teachers in charter schools credentialed?

The rules vary depending on the state. National Heritage Academies hire teachers with extensive training and certification.


Atlanta Heights Charter School provides a fascinating educational environment, laying the groundwork for academic achievement and personal development. Their school offers a supportive environment where children can succeed with a focus on quality education, cutting-edge teaching methods, and character development.

You are investing in your child’s future by selecting Atlanta Heights Charter School. Their passionate professors and staff are committed to giving children a well-rounded education that gives them the abilities, information, and morals they need to succeed in a world that is changing quickly.



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