When is the Deadline For Accepting UCAS Offers 2024?

ucas reply deadline

So, your application was successful and you got offers from UCAS – amazing! But hold on a sec, all this excitement might leave you wondering when exactly to decide on a university. Like, when is the UCAS reply deadline?

Well, figuring out deadlines doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve all been there – even missed some, but this article is so you don’t miss this and miss out on an important opportunity in your academic career.

So in this article, we will talk about all you need to know about UCAS, offer acceptance or reply for 2024. And we will answer some of the frequently asked questions from students about UCAS.

What is UCAS?

UCAS stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is an organization in the United Kingdom that manages applications to higher education institutions.

Whether you’re a domestic or international student, UCAS is your go-to platform when applying for undergraduate courses in universities and colleges across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

UCAS simplifies the application process by allowing you to apply to multiple institutions through a single online application.

It also provides valuable information about different courses, entry requirements, and deadlines and even offers guidance on writing personal statements.

So, if you’re considering pursuing higher education in the UK, you should familiarize yourself with UCAS.

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Can I accept more than one offer?

Yes, you can accept more than one offer, but it is generally not recommended. Accepting multiple offers can create a lot of confusion and may lead to disappointment for both parties involved. It is important to consider the consequences before accepting multiple offers.

Firstly, accepting multiple offers means you will have to let down some of the companies who extended an offer. This can damage your professional reputation and burn bridges with those organizations.

Additionally, it is important to remember that other candidates may have been turned down in favor of offering you a position, so reneging on an accepted offer can leave them without a job opportunity.

Instead of accepting multiple offers, it is better to carefully evaluate each offer and choose the one that aligns best with your goals and values.

Take into consideration factors such as salary, benefits, company culture, growth opportunities, and location. By making an informed decision and sticking with one offer, you can start your new job on a positive note and build strong relationships within the organization.

When is the Deadline For Accepting UCAS Offers 2024?

UCAS Offer Release Date

Your journey begins with the UCAS offer release. This is when universities and colleges will notify you about their decision regarding your application.

Expect this important notification in the early months of 2024. It’s the moment of truth, and the anticipation can be overwhelming.

Deadline for Accepting UCAS Offers

The highlight of this guide is the deadline for accepting UCAS offers in 2024. UCAS deadlines usually seem tricky but they can be straightforward. The most important part is knowing when to receive your final offer.

If all your university decisions arrive by May 16th, 2024, you have a bit more breathing room. In that case, you can take your time considering your options and reply by June 6th.

However, if you’re using the UCAS Extra scheme to find a place after receiving rejections, the deadline shifts. In that case, even if your final offer (including Extra) arrives by July 17th, you’ll need to reply a bit quicker, by July 24th.

This ensures everyone has a chance to secure a place before the term starts.

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Deadline Extensions

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes circumstances may prevent you from meeting the initial deadline.

UCAS understands this and may grant deadline extensions under certain circumstances.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to UCAS and your chosen institutions as soon as possible.

Clearing Period

After the initial offers are accepted, UCAS enters the Clearing period. This is a chance for students who haven’t secured a place to explore alternative options.

Clearing typically opens in July and continues through the summer months, so if you need to use this route, keep these dates in mind.

UCAS deadlines 2024 entry

  • 16 October 2024 – Deadline for applications to Oxford and Cambridge universities and most medicine, veterinary, and dentistry courses. 
  • 31 January 2024 – Deadline for most other undergraduate university applications. 
  • 28 February 2024 – UCAS Extra opens for applicants who received no offers or rejected all their offers. 
  • 6 June 2024 – Reply to offers if you’ve received your decisions on 16 May 2024. 
  • 30 June 2024 – Applications received after 6 p.m. will automatically be entered into Clearing.
  • 4 July 2024 – Last date to add a UCAS Extra choice.
  • 5 July 2024 – Clearing 2024 opens.
  • 24 July 2024 – Reply to offers if you get all your decisions by 17 July 2024.
  • 21 September 2024 – Final date for 2024 UCAS undergraduate applications.
  • 17 October 2024 – Clearing 2024 closes.

Read our guide here for advice on completing your UCAS application, including tips on making your personal statement stand out.  

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How do I accept my UCAS offer?

Here’s how you can accept your UCAS offer:

Acceptance Through UCAS Track

The primary method for accepting your UCAS offer is through the UCAS Track system. This online platform is where you initially applied, and it’s where you’ll confirm your decision. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring a smooth process during this crucial step.

UCAS Extra

If you find yourself holding no offers or declining all your choices, UCAS Extra comes into play. This allows you to apply for additional courses one at a time. UCAS Extra typically opens in late February and runs until early July, providing an extended opportunity to secure a place.

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FAQs – UCAS reply deadline

Can I Accept Multiple UCAS Offers?

Yes, you can accept multiple offers, but you must select a firm choice and an insurance choice. The firm choice is your preferred option, while the insurance choice is your backup. However, you can only hold one firm choice at a time.

What Happens If I Miss the UCAS Offer Deadline?

Missing the UCAS offer deadline can be detrimental, but all is not lost. You should contact your chosen universities immediately and explain your situation. In some cases, they may still accept you, but it’s not guaranteed.

Is There a Specific Time on October 17th for the Deadline?

No, there’s no specific time mentioned for the deadline. You have until the end of May 5th to make your decision. However, it’s advisable not to wait until the last minute in case you encounter any unexpected issues.

Can I Decline All My UCAS Offers?

Certainly, if none of the offers you’ve received are suitable for your plans, you can decline them. This will open up the UCAS Extra option for you, allowing you to explore alternative courses.

What If I Want to Change My Mind After Accepting an Offer?

Changing your mind after accepting an offer can be tricky. It’s essential to contact the university or college immediately to discuss your options. They may allow you to withdraw your acceptance, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Deadline?

While the May 5th deadline is generally firm, there can be exceptions for specific courses. Some institutions may have different deadlines, especially for programs with interviews or auditions. Always check with your chosen universities for any exceptions.


The deadline for accepting UCAS offers in 2024 is a critical milestone in your academic journey. Missing it can have significant consequences.

We’ve covered the essential dates and the acceptance process and answered some common questions to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Remember, May 16th, 2024, is the date to mark on your calendar. Don’t hesitate to reach out to UCAS or your chosen institutions if you have any doubts or encounter unexpected challenges. Your future starts here, so make sure you’re ready to seize the opportunity.


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