5 Easy Way To Decorate Your Graduation Cap Without Ruining It

Graduating from high school or college is a fit worth celebrating and other are many ways to ensure you sign out in style how to decorate your graduation cap. While there o many ways to decorate your graduation cap and stand out, we have a sure proof way how To Decorate your graduation cap.

We will examine 5 Easy Way To Decorate Your Graduation Cap Without Ruining It so you can pick what work for you. However, we will look at the necessary preparation you should make before you decorate your cap so you don’t ruin it. And they include:

Choose A Theme

Planning and preparing your graduation cap decoration is crucial before diving into the actual process. Take the time to brainstorm and develop your theme before proceeding.

Creating numerous rough sketches on scrunched-up paper and dedicating days to contemplate themes and color schemes may seem time-consuming, but it will prove worthwhile.

Attempting to decorate your cap without a clear plan can lead to disastrous outcomes. Prematurely sticking down elements that you later deem unsatisfactory could result in damaging your cap.

Begin by deciding on the quotes, colors, and materials you wish to incorporate. You might even consider opting for a stick-on design to simplify the process.

When selecting your quote or theme, you have the freedom to choose something that reflects your personal journey, showcases your friendships, provides inspiration, aligns with your religious beliefs, or represents your favorite sports team.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours, but ensure you have a well-defined concept in place before commencing the cap decoration process.

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Don’t Overanalyse It

While it’s important to dedicate time and thought to your graduation cap decoration choices, it’s equally crucial to avoid overthinking the process.

Overburdening yourself with excessive pressure can transform the experience into a source of frustration, rather than a joyful one.

The goal is to take pride in the final result without becoming stressed if it doesn’t perfectly align with your initial vision. Trust your instincts and maintain a relaxed approach to managing your expectations.

Overthinking the decoration process may lead you to restart from scratch due to dissatisfaction with the outcome, which is a guaranteed way to compromise the cap’s appearance.

Plan Your Design

Sketch out your design or create a vision board to visualize how you want your graduation cap to look. This will help you organize your ideas and ensure a cohesive and visually appealing outcome.

To visualize the final design of your graduation cap, it is advisable to trace an outline of the cap on white paper and proceed to draw and decorate it within this outline.

By doing so, you can assess the placement of various elements and determine if any adjustments are needed. This method allows you to identify potential issues, such

Gather materials

Collect the necessary materials for your design, such as adhesive, glitter, paint, fabric, rhinestones, or any other decorative elements you plan to use. Make sure they adhere well to the cap and are lightweight to prevent damage.

Prior to embarking on your graduation cap decoration journey, it is essential to gather all the necessary crafting supplies. Ensuring you have everything readily available prevents you from encountering delays or interruptions while in the midst of decorating.

Additionally, having a spare graduation cap on hand is highly recommended. This serves as a backup in case any mishaps or unexpected issues arise during the decoration process.

Having a spare cap provides a safety net, as it may not be possible to obtain a replacement in time for the graduation ceremony if the original cap gets damaged or ruined.

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Some supplies to keep include:

The specific supplies required for decorating your graduation cap will vary depending on your chosen decoration method and design. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the materials and tools needed before commencing the decoration process.

Keep It Readable

While creativity is key, it’s important to ensure that any text or messages on your cap are legible from a distance. Use bold and clear fonts, or consider incorporating symbols or imagery to convey your message.

Pay Attention To Detail

Pay attention to the small details that can make your graduation cap stand out. Adding small embellishments, intricate designs, or personal touches can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic.

Practice And Patience

If you’re new to crafting or decorating, give yourself enough time to practice and perfect your design. Take your time and be patient with the process to achieve the desired outcome.

Find A Good Spot To Work

It is important to designate an appropriate space for decorating your graduation cap. This area should be tidy, free of clutter, and provide ample room for you to arrange and work with your decorations effectively.

To safeguard the surface and prevent any potential mess, it is recommended to lay down pieces of newspaper, particularly if you are using paint or glitter. This protective layer will help maintain cleanliness during the decoration process.

Arrange your supplies within easy reach to ensure convenience and efficiency while decorating. Having all your materials nearby will enable you to access them effortlessly and keep the workflow smooth.

Keep in mind that certain decoration techniques may require drying time. If this is the case, ensure that the designated area can remain clear and undisturbed overnight, allowing your graduation cap to dry thoroughly without any disruptions.

Make Sure Everything Is Secured

To safeguard your graduation cap from potential damage and ensure its stability, it is crucial to properly secure all decorations.

Regardless of whether you are utilizing alphabet stickers, glitter, rhinestones, or wooden letters, take the necessary precautions to secure each item firmly. Adequate adhesion is key to preventing decorations from coming loose, as any detached elements can leave unsightly marks on the cap and make it challenging to reattach them securely.

Moreover, it is essential to avoid decorations falling off while walking across the stage during the graduation ceremony. Double-check the adhesive strength and reinforce any weak spots to minimize the risk of decorations detaching during this significant moment.

By ensuring the durability and stability of your decorations, you can confidently showcase your personalized graduation cap without any concerns of mishaps or damage.

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Respect guidelines:

Make sure to follow any rules or guidelines set by your school or university regarding graduation cap decorations. Avoid any offensive or inappropriate content to maintain a respectful atmosphere during the ceremony.

If you have met all the requirements above, you are ready to Decorate Your Graduation Cap Without Ruining It. Then you can start doing the following:

1. Use Pre-Made Graduation Cap Toppers With Adhesive

Are you aware that there are pre-made graduation cap toppers available that won’t damage your cap? You can find a wide range of options on platforms like Amazon and Etsy, ensuring you discover a topper that perfectly matches your theme.

Some of these toppers come with adhesive rounds that can be placed in the corners of your cap. This allows you the flexibility to reposition it if you make a mistake or remove it entirely if your school prohibits decorated graduation caps during the ceremony. You can easily reattach the topper later for post-ceremony photos.

One highly recommended brand for pre-made graduation cap toppers is Tassel Toppers. They offer a variety of popular designs that you might find appealing.


2. Use Removable Adhesive Strips

In case the chosen graduation cap topper does not come with adhesive included, you can easily attach it yourself using a heavy-duty removable adhesive strip. This method ensures a secure attachment between the topper and the top of your cap.

Since most graduation caps are made of fabric, it is crucial to select an adhesive that is compatible with the fabric material. Ensure that the adhesive you choose is designed for use with fabric and provides a strong and reliable bond.

By using a suitable adhesive, you can confidently affix your graduation cap topper, knowing that it will stay in place throughout the ceremony and any subsequent celebrations.


3. Print Your Own Design


A convenient option for decorating your graduation cap without causing any damage is the printable grad cap design product available on Amazon.

This product allows you to print any design onto the cap topper and offers a removable fabric adhesive backing, ensuring easy application without harming your cap. What’s great is that it comes in a pack of 5, providing multiple opportunities to perfect your design if you encounter any printing mishaps. Additionally, this product is affordable, making it an attractive choice.

If you prefer not to design your cap digitally and print it, an alternative option is to enhance the blank cap topper with stickers or hand-drawn illustrations.

To inspire you, here are some fun stickers that can be utilized to create impressive graduation cap designs: [Include a list of specific sticker options].


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4. Use A Do-It-Yourself-Kit

If you want to add a little bit of creativity to your graduation cap without ruining it, you can use a DIY kit. Here are some of my top picks for do-it-yourself graduation cap toppers:


This kit from the brand GradWYSE is the easiest DIY option that I saw. The topper comes with a sparkly black base and flowers already attached.

The only part you need to do yourself is add the letter stickers. You can spell out whatever you want with the stickers provided, or use your own stickers for more customization options.

It comes with a convenient peel-and-stick base that’s easy to attach and to remove after the ceremony.


If you want even more freedom to customize your graduation cap without ruining it, you should definitely check out this kit from Tassel Toppers.

It comes with a blank black base, adhesives, glitter glue, stickers, gemstones, and a bow. Pretty much everything you need to create a really cute graduation hat design!


Preserving your graduation cap as a cherished memory can be done by framing it after the graduation ceremony. You have two options: you can either frame the cap in its entirety or remove the top piece that you had decorated and adhere it to a suitable frame.

By framing your graduation cap, you ensure its protection and prevent any potential damage or wear over the years. It serves as a meaningful reminder of your accomplishments and the dedication you invested to reach this significant milestone.

Whether you choose to display the complete cap or just the decorated top portion, framing it allows you to proudly showcase your achievement and reflect on the hard work and perseverance that led you to this special day.

6. Have an Extra Graduation Cap

While it may be seen as bending the rules, if you have a strong desire to decorate your graduation cap and your school does not permit it, there is a workaround. You can opt to decorate a different cap instead.

Keep one cap plain and unadorned for the ceremony itself, following your school’s guidelines. Then, have a separate cap that you can decorate to your heart’s content, which you can use for photos or wear at your graduation party.

Graduation caps are often reasonably priced, with some available for under $10. Considering the affordability, purchasing an extra cap specifically for decoration purposes might actually be a cost-effective option. This way, you can freely express your creativity and personalize a cap without violating any school regulations.


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How To Wear Your Graduation Cap

When wearing your graduation cap, it is important to ensure it is positioned correctly for a polished appearance. Follow these guidelines to achieve the proper placement:

  1. Position the graduation cap on your forehead, approximately one inch above your eyebrows. The front of the cap should be facing forward.
  2. The elastic part of the cap should be positioned at the back of your head, securing it in place.
  3. Ensure that the mortarboard, the flat square part of the cap, is level and parallel to the ground. Imagine balancing an object on your head to help maintain a flat position.
  4. Initially, place the tassel on the right side of the cap, near your temple. This is the starting position for the tassel.
  5. During the graduation ceremony, when you receive your diploma or when instructed by your school, move the tassel from the right side to the left side of the cap. This signifies the transition from candidate to graduate.

By following these guidelines, you will achieve the appropriate and traditional placement of your graduation cap, presenting yourself in a distinguished manner during the ceremony.

Pro Tips

  1. Plan out your design ahead of time.
  2. Do a practice run on paper or cardboard to get the hang of it.
  3. Know how you will wear your graduation cap before you start designing it.
  4. Plan for the tassel.
  5. Decorate on a flat surface.
  6. Don’t forget to take a picture of the finished cap to remember your special day!

Easy Last-Minute Ideas:

Running short on time? Here are three easy, last-minute graduation cap ideas:

  1. Get scrapbook paper that already has a design on it, and just use that. No other decorations are needed!
  2. Grab a pack of stickers that fits your personality and stick them to the mortarboard.
  3. Glitter! Spray the cap with a fabric glue spray and throw some glitter on there.

Final Thought

Decorating your graduation cap offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase your individuality, celebrate your achievements, and make a lasting impression during this significant milestone in your life. By following the steps and tips provided in this article, you can embark on a creative journey to design a cap that reflects your personal style, passions, and accomplishments.

Remember to plan and outline your theme, gather the necessary supplies, and find a suitable area to work on your cap. Whether you choose to use pre-made toppers, printable designs, stickers, or create your own artwork, make sure to secure your decorations properly to avoid any mishaps. Additionally, considering framing your cap as a cherished keepsake will allow you to preserve the memories associated with this momentous occasion.

While adhering to any rules or guidelines set by your school, you can still find ways to express your creativity and make your graduation cap a unique symbol of your journey. Above all, enjoy the process, embrace your individuality, and be proud to wear a cap that represents your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Congratulations, and may your decorated graduation cap shine as a testament to your achievements!


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