How to Get Cords for College Graduation: Everything You Need To Know

You are anxious about your appearance as graduation day approaches. All right!

Those posh cords and tassels would greatly enhance your graduation attire because, after all, you would want to look your best on your last day of college. 

You already own a gorgeous dress and a cute hat with a tassel, but if you’re reading this, you must be missing the cords from the outfit. 

“What are graduation cords for colleges? Which cords ought I purchase? Where can I buy them? Even so, how do you wear them? 

With the help of this article, which teaches you how to get cords for college graduation and choose your cords, we will address these important questions of yours as well as many others on how to get cords for college graduation. 

What are Graduation Cords?

Graduation cords are tassel-adorned strands that are interlaced decoratively. During commencement ceremonies, they are worn around the necks of graduating students as a component of the academic regalia (i.e. cap and gown).

Even while these cords may only appear to be extra accessories to wear with your cap and gown, they actually symbolize a lot.

Honor cords are another name for the cords that are worn on a graduate’s cap and gown.

Honor cords, which signify a student’s higher degree of academic success, are given to those who graduated with honors or are enrolled in an honors program. In other words, this is a problem that mostly affects honor graduates and only honors graduates.

However, you can rest easy (or easier) if you are a straightforward graduate without any honors because the expectations increase if you are.

Cords are more than simply fashion accessories; they have significance that can help you choose the right cords for your graduation.

Cords are more than simply fashion accessories; they have significance that can help you choose the right cords for your graduation. 

Graduation cords, as we’ve mentioned, are a symbol and representation of your academic accomplishment. 

There are particular styles and colors of cords that are intended to illustrate how far you’ve come as a student. 

There is still a great deal of variation among high school students, however often this is saved for college students who seek unique and distinctive degrees.

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What are the Types of Graduation Cords?

You can choose from a wide variety of graduation cords to wear on your big day! Here are a few of the most widespread:

Academic Honor Cords

Graduates with outstanding academic achievements are honored with academic honor cords!

A high overall GPA or membership in honor societies, which can result in a premium honors classification, could be indicative of this.

Department Cords

Graduates who have excelled in a particular department, whether academically or extracurricularly, are recognized with department cords.

For outstanding athletic accomplishments while enrolled at the college, many colleges present student-athletes with a cord.

The housing department awards some resident advisors (also known as RAs) with departmental honors cords for their efforts.

Leadership Cords

To honor alumni who have excelled in leadership roles at the institution, leadership cords are used.

These might be students who have distinguished themselves as outstanding leaders by holding executive positions in student groups (such as club president) or taking on leadership responsibilities on campus.

These cords are typically distributed by the department’s student activities or leadership development offices to students who participated in leadership activities.

Community Service Cords

Graduates who make a difference in the community or who have performed a significant amount of volunteer or community service are recognized with service cords.

If your school places a strong value on volunteer work, graduates with outstanding accomplishments will likely receive awards in this category.

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Language Cords

Graduates who have successfully completed advanced language programs or who have proven their proficiency in a foreign language are recognized with language cords.

Cultural Cords

Cultural cords are awarded to graduates with exceptional accomplishments who belong to specific marginalized racial identities or cultures.

Students who have participated in multicultural organizations, hosted events, or made noteworthy contributions to fostering a sense of cultural community or raising cultural awareness on campus may frequently receive cords or stoles from multicultural offices.

Military Service Cords

Veterans, active duty personnel, and/or students participating in ROTC organizations are recognized with military service cords for their academic accomplishments and dedication to the United States.

How to Get Cords for College Graduation

The college or university you are attending has a significant influence on how you obtain graduation accessories like cords and stoles.

There may be special guidelines about how to obtain cords for college graduation since graduation ceremonies are generally regular occasions for colleges.

The best tips on how to get cords for college graduation are listed below.

Earn a High Grade Point Average

Graduation cords will always be awarded in recognition of graduates!

Even if your school doesn’t give cords for extracurricular activities, you can be sure that high academic honors students will have at least one chord. This is the first tip on how to get cords for college graduation.

Aim to finish school with Latin honors to ensure that you earn graduation honor cords. These have various cumulative GPA requirements depending on your school, and they all look like this:

Summa Cum Laude

For undergraduate students, this distinction is the highest and means “with the highest distinction.” The GPA requirement for this distinction is 3.9 or higher.

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Magna Cum Laude

For undergraduate students, this honor means “with great distinction.” This distinction may be given to students with GPAs between 3.7 and 3.8.

Cum Laude

For undergraduate students, this qualification means “with distinction.” This distinction may be given to students with GPAs between 3.5 and 3.6.

A good GPA also makes it possible for you to join honor societies or programs that award graduation honor ribbons to their participants.

Become a Student Leader

One cannot overstate how important it is to get involved in campus clubs and be a student leader!

It’s a super simple method to receive graduation cords and stoles, in addition to being a terrific way to meet people and attend social events. This is our second tip on how to get cords for college graduation.

As was already noted, student leaders frequently get diplomas for their leadership abilities or from the department they worked in.

Typically, departments will let student leaders know that cords or stoles are available for this year’s grads around April.

Each graduate may get a graduation cord to wear during commencement, and the department or college may additionally organize an honors ceremony or awards dinner to recognize the grads.

Here’s how to learn about graduation cords if you’re a student leader who wants these cords:

  • For the most recent information, subscribe to your department’s social media channels.
  • Keep a watch out for graduation announcements in your email around early April.
  • Inquire with your adviser or manager about the customary presents the department awards graduates.

You will undoubtedly receive a unique graduation cord for being a student leader if you adhere to these 3 easy steps!

Join a Student Organization

If your school allows groups to distribute cords, joining one is by far the simplest way to receive cords in college.

Clubs might not be able to supply cords or stoles depending on the sort of club (certain schools are quite particular about cords to retain their meaning and value).

You’ll definitely earn some sort of graduation honor to wear like a stole with your Greek letters as Greek life (sororities and fraternities) are typically national organizations. This is our third tip on how to get cords for college graduation.

In contrast, your school might not permit wearing honor cords or stoles for a group like the chess club, which is likely only headquartered at your school and not connected to a national organization.

Really, it all comes down to your school’s graduation attire policies.

You’re in luck if your school allows groups to give cords to their grads! Simply inquire at your club about the prerequisites to receive a cord.

Some clubs may have more stringent qualifications, such as serving on the executive board, to receive a cord. Others might find it sufficient to simply join and go to a few events.

If getting a chord is vital to you before joining, ask the club for further information about the procedure.

Always ask before entering an organization rather than expecting to receive something simply for being there.

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How to Wear Graduation Cords

After knowing how to get cords for college graduation, you need to know how to wear the graduation cords that you have gotten. Here are simple steps on how to wear graduation cords:

Get dressed in your graduation gown

You must put on your graduation gown before you may put on your graduation cords. You should receive detailed instructions on how to wear your gown. However, most gowns are put on by putting your arms through the armholes and zipping the front up.

Wrap your stole around your shoulders if you’re wearing one

You must put on your stole before your cords if you’re wearing one over your graduation gown. 

While there are many other ways to wear a stole, most often you’ll wrap it around your shoulders over your dress and attach it in the front under your chin.

stoles are occasionally worn during graduation in place of graduation cords to demonstrate a student’s involvement in a particular group, field of study, or extracurricular activity.

Drape the cord around the back of your neck

When you are clothed in your gown and stole (if applicable), hoist the cord over your head while holding the middle with both hands and drape it around your neck and shoulders. The cord should then drop straight down in front of each end.

If the collar on your graduation gown has a back opening, tuck the cord there at the base of your neck.

Adjust the cord so that it hangs evenly down both sides once it is around your neck.

By tying a knot in the middle of the cord, you may quickly change the length if it is too long and hangs below the hem of your gown.

Fasten the cord in place with a safety pin

In order to hide the safety pin, pin the cord in the back, directly beneath the base of your neck. 

As a result, you won’t have to constantly adjust the rope throughout the ceremony and the cord will stay in position.

You do not need to pin the rope in place, but doing so will relieve you of one anxiety as you proceed through this very significant and joyful day.

Put on the rest of your graduation day regalia

You can complete getting ready for graduation by donning the rest of your regalia once your cords are draped around your neck and firmly fastened. 

Hook your graduation cap’s tassel onto it, place the cap on your head, and then shift the tassel to the left.

When you graduate, you will turn the tassel to the right before raising your cap in a show of admiration for your achievements.

You might wear an academic hood rather than a cap if you’re graduating from a doctoral degree or another advanced program.

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Where can you buy Graduation Cords?

Frequently, a school may charge you for the proper graduation attire, which includes your gown, hat, and cords. 

However, you can decide to purchase and wear your own diploma cords. You can at least spend that one day looking your finest while paying a great charge for something you will likely never use again other than to give to your friends or family members.

You can purchase a great, affordable graduation cord from your neighborhood dollar store. In comparison to other sections of the graduation article, it is more prevalent there. 

However, if you want to buy extremely high-quality cords, you can visit specialized businesses like Tassel Depot or the Honor Cord Company. 

They sell well-made, solidly constructed cables that pose a minimal chance of breaking.

If you know what you need to acquire, we would say there is no incorrect place to start when purchasing graduation cords. We haven’t done our job if you’re already here and don’t know, so we urge you to give us another look.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do graduation cords have any significance?

Yes! Graduating students wear graduation cords as a sign of respect and success. These cords may signify leadership positions, extracurricular involvement, academic distinctions, or membership in a particular group.

Can you wear many graduation cords?

Depending on the rules and customs of the school, a student may wear a different amount of graduation cords during their commencement ceremony. While some colleges might have restrictions on how many cords a student can wear, others might not. Students should inquire about any special regulations about graduation regalia from their commencement office.

Which GPA gets you Cords in college?

Depending on the school’s standards and the kind of cords being awarded, the GPA needed to obtain cords in college can change. Cords are typically given to students who have succeeded academically, received Latin honors, or in a particular field of study or activities.

Can I purchase my own cords to wear to graduate?

Most often, students must complete certain academic or extracurricular goals in order to receive their graduation cords, which are subsequently given to them by their institution. Nevertheless, it’s feasible that some institutions will let students buy their own cords to wear at the commencement ceremony.

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Graduation cords are a fantastic way to showcase your academic success. On your graduation day, you can flaunt everything from your fantastic leadership abilities to your excellent GPA!

Make sure to attain academic success, join several student organizations, and take on leadership roles on campus if you want to be the talk of commencement with all your honor cords!

You’ll have plenty of cords and honors before you realize it, making your graduation day very unforgettable.


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