27 Super Cute Big Little Reveal Ideas | 2024

big little themes
big little themes

One of the most cherished sorority customs is Big-Little Reveal! Is there a better sensation than getting your first child, big or small? Even though it is a lovely day, if you are planning a big revelation, it takes some preparation. It’s even demanding to come up with sorority big little themes.

You will need to do some planning, from creating the ideal Big Little Basket to setting up your reveal moment to selecting any of the unique Big Little themes! 

If you’re looking for ideas for a big, adorable reveal. We’ve highlighted 27 of them for you in this article! We also listed some great sorority big little themes adopt for your big reveal.

A Big Little Reveal: What Is It?

If you’ve never participated in Greek Life, you may wonder what a Big Little Reveal entails. New sorority members (Littles) meet their mentors (Bigs) for their first time on this occasion. To honor their new “family,” the girls usually throw a massive party, all dressed alike or in themed costumes.

Joining a sorority can feel like one exciting reveal after another. It starts with Bid Day, when you find out which house you’ll be entering, and continues with the Big Little Reveal when you’re finally given your pledge family. As a Big, you’re there to mentor your Little and welcome them in with arms wide open, which is why you may need some TikTok ideas for sorority Big Little reveals to show your new sis how much you care.

For some sororities, the Big Little Reveal is a week-long event with unique big little themes. Leading up to the big day, surprise your sis with various gift baskets filled with their fave candy, a cute tote bag, and even some tees with their letters on them. 

On the final day, you’ll want a matching outfit planned so you can immediately take family photos together after revealing yourself. Since everyone is trying to be creative and unique, it can take time to develop fresh ideas independently.

Luckily, TikTok has so many Big Little Reveal videos filled with ideas that’ll inspire you. There are even some adorable ideas for surprising your sis and revealing which Big they’re getting.

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Are Big Little Shirts Good Idea For All Big Little Themes?

The relationship between Big and Little is one of the greatest aspects of Greek life. This unique aspect of sisterhood shapes your entire sorority experience, and you make a lifelong friend. 

A big day for both of you as a Big is when you expose yourself to your Little. You want to ensure that the day is one to remember and that your performance exceeds all expectations. 

Although there are many steps to this procedure and many amusing Big Little reveal ideas, wearing Big Little shirts is one of the best methods to strengthen your relationship. Making Big Little reveal shirts is poignant and provides a humorous memento of the occasion.

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Big Little Reveal Ideas 

Here are 27 super cute big little reveal ideas we have for you:

#1. Sheet Reveal

A sheet drop is a well-liked method of telling your little one who you are. It is a beautiful choice for all big little reveal themes.

You only need to write your little one’s name on a sheet for this reveal concept. Use fabric paint or Sharpies to add any decorations on the sheet.

When it’s time for the big reveal, you’ll be covered with a sheet and standing against a wall. When your child comes to find you, you drop the sheet to expose yourself. So enjoyable and easy!

#2. Musical Reveal

One of the favorite concepts for sorority big little themes is this. Each of the little ones will perform a particular song for this one. Bigs will play the music loudly on the speaker in a car or a bedroom.

Little ones will then scatter to the cars or rooms to find their particular tune. They know they’ve hit the big one when they discover the song’s origin! Such joy and creativity

#3. String Maze

One of the all-time favorite sorority reveals ideas for big little themes is a string maze. Every big is given a ball of string, and they must go about the home creating paths with the string.

The little ones will then arrive and discover the thread bearing their name. They must follow the string through the entire house until they find their big.

#4. Puzzle Pieces

This one has a relatively simple idea for big little themes. Each little will receive a piece of the puzzle, and they must use the piece to locate their big.

#5. Packaging Paper

How enjoyable does this one seem for sorority big little themes? In essence, the bigs will wrap themselves in paper bearing the name of the little ones. The little must then unravel their big!

Ensure you have several assistance available because this will require a few extra hands.

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#6. Flower Pass

The flower pass is yet another adorable large little surprise concept for unique big little themes.

The little one is in the center of a circle with all the bigs for this unveiling. A flower is carried from person to person till it reaches the big. The big enters the circle to welcome her new little.

This process will be repeated until all big and little pairs are matched.

#7. Box Reveal

The box reveal is one of the most common methods of introducing yourself to your little one.

All you need is a large box and some decorations for this one. Write your little one’s name on the box and decorate it to match your theme.

When your little one discovers you, you will emerge from your box after having hidden there. It is one of the most commonly adopted ideas for prominent sorority big little themes.

#8. Hiding in a Car

Another quite well-liked method for littles to identify their bigs is the car reveal. On the back windshield of their vehicles, bigs will decorate with the name of their littles. The bigs will gather in a parking lot and skulk in the trunks of cars.

Little ones will all swarm the parking lot to locate their names on the vehicles. Their large will be there when they open the trunk!

Just be careful not to do this when it’s too hot outside. If it’s a hot day, you should turn your cars on and the air conditioning on.

#9. Butterfly Big Little Theme

The sorority world is currently obsessed with these butterfly t-shirts. I adore the Y2K emotions they give off. It gives wonderful color to any of the big little themes you can imagine.

 #10. Big Little T-Shirts by AC/DC

These cool AC/DC-inspired tees look so cool! For a cute rock star style, wear them with a pair of cutoff jean shorts.

#11. Flame Big Little Shirts

This is among the most straightforward ideas for the sorority’s big little themes.

These shirts with the flame font would look incredible with some ripped jeans and studded belts. Ideal if both you and your child have an edgier side to them.

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#12. Balloon Pop

The balloon pop is a unique reveal concept for all unique big little themes. Your chapter will string a sheet with balloons to the ceiling. After releasing the balloons, The little ones will have to search for a balloon bearing their name.

The names of the bigs will then be revealed by the littles popping their balloons. An adorable concept for a sorority reveal!

#13. Big Little Shirts from Full House

These Fuller House tees for a bigger sorority family have me completely smitten. Such a clever concept for a big, little reveal image.

#14. Harley Davidson Big Little Shirts

The Harley Davidson female appearance is one of the most essential ideas for sorority big little reveal themes. You may channel your inner biker chick with orange bandanas, leather shorts or pants, and Harley shirts.

#15. Twin Flames Big Little Reveal Shirts

A little and a big have such a great relationship. These twin flames t-shirts are the perfect way to honor your lovely relationship.

Not only are they adorable, but they also have a lot of profound significance.

#16. Cow Print Big Little Shirts

Cow print is ultimately having a moment, and we are here to encourage you to go for it. These shirts would be fantastic for a theme including cowgirls (or space cowgirls).

#17. Harry Styles Sorority T-shirts

Are both of you die-hard Harry Styles fans? (Really, at this point, who isn’t?) Then you two should wear these shirts together because they are just excellent for all unique big little themes!

#18. Big and small reveal shirts for race cars

A race car theme would be adorable for a big little reveal. To truly complete the look, put on checkered shorts and sunglasses.

#19. Similar Socks

Another entertaining method to meet your little in any sorority big little themes is through revealing socks.

Your little one will be given A pair of socks before the big day. You’ll then wear the matching pair and hide so only your feet are visible. Some chapters need you to turn around while wearing a hoodie, while others use a large sheet.

You get to turn around or remove the sheet once the kid spots you wearing the matching socks!

#20. Dunkin Big Little Shirts

These Dunkin Donuts-themed tanks are so adorable for a big little surprise. If you want to make this disclosure particularly lovely, surprise her with a Dunkin’ coffee and some donuts.

#21. Shirts with Chick-Fil-A themes

Do you and your little one have an obsession with Chick-Fil-A? These shirts are ADORABLE for reveal day, especially if you attend a southern university.

#22. Balloon Pop

The balloon pop is a genuinely unique reveal concept.

Your chapter will string a sheet with balloons to the ceiling. After releasing the balloons, The little ones will have to search for a balloon bearing their name.

The names of the bigs will then be revealed by the littles popping their balloons. An adorable concept for a sorority tell!

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#23. Amazing Big Little Shirts

Make careful to recognize that you and your little one are incredible in your unique ways. These t-shirts with Incredibles graphics are adorable.

#24. Big and small reveal shirts for race cars

A race car theme would be adorable for a big little reveal. To truly complete the look, put on checkered shorts and sunglasses.

#25. Kiykat Big Little Shirts

For a sorority reveal, these KitKat tees are incredibly original and entertaining. The typography and color design are vintage.

#26. Big Little Shirts with a Drip Font

How awesome would this vintage drip font be on a shirt? Sometimes all you need for a super cute big reveal image is a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans shorts.

#27. Little Basket Ideas

If you need some inspo for what to put in your Little basket throughout the week, little basket ideas are a good choice.

Looking at the different baskets can give you ideas for snacks and goodies you may still need to remember. There are also some ideas on how to decorate your basket each day with fun garlands and pom-poms.

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Some Big Little Themes

#1. Cheetah Girls

This theme is ageless and a sweet tribute to a beloved children’s book. It’s also the ideal justification for donning a stylish, cozy velvet tracksuit.

If you have twins or a more prominent family, this is a perfect theme for including your big and other family members, as you may all be suited up together.

You only need to wear a stylish tracksuit and some sneakers to be ready! It is among the tremendous big little themes to think of.

#2. Decades

Here is one of the intriguing sorority big little reveal themes. You and your family could each choose a different era to dress up in, or you could choose your preferred period for you and your little one. This gives you much creative freedom and the opportunity to adapt to your preferences and points of view.

If you still need the essentials in your closet, decade-specific clothing is inexpensive and straightforward to find at a nearby thrift store. If you’re in a real pinch, Amazon does carry everything you’d ever need. This theme is also great for large families but also works for a big little duo.

#3. Bob Ross

This is one of the big little themes best suited for someone who is amenable to donning a huge curly wig and has a sense of fun. All you need is a red curly wig, khakis or pants, and any color button-down shirt.

A painter’s palette, some brushes, and perhaps some woodland creatures or landscapes on a sign could be added as props. This theme is excellent for big and small pairs and is wholesome and enjoyable for everyone who enjoys painting or likes Bob Ross—because who doesn’t? 

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#4. The Frat Boys

This is again among the sorority’s big little themes intended for the lighthearted littles, but I think this topic is still growing! Brad and Chad are prepared to give their little ones an unforgettable surprise.

All you need are a red Solo cup, shorts, a collared shirt, a backward hat, and maybe even some facial hair is drawn on if you’re feeling daring. 

This concept works well for a big little pair, but it would also be fun to incorporate your family and welcome your little one to the best brotherhood by involving your large family members. 

#5. PowerPuff Girls

Since creating dynamic trios can be a little more complicated, I wanted to include one of the unique big little themes that would work incredibly well for girls expecting twins or triplets.

With a tiny black skirt, some pigtails, a green, blue, and pink T-shirt, sugar, spice, and everything excellent, this theme is so adorable and reasonably priced that it can be easily pulled off.

If you had triplets, the big could dress as the father, Doctor Utonium, complete with a lab coat and glasses, and you could add a fourth character to the reveal to keep everyone in nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What use does big little serve?

A Big Little relationship is fundamentally a mentorship. The Big’s job is to mentor her newly arrived little through initiation, college life, sorority life, and life after graduation. The Little is expected to learn everything from her Big to impart it to any future Littles she may have or new sorority members.

What is a significant little relationship?

Every new sorority member is matched with their big during the new member period, which occurs before initiation. The latest member given a big sister is frequently called a “little sister” or simply “little.”

How do “big little reveals” function?

During Big Little Reveal Week, sorority Littles get gifts from their sorority Bigs, and excitement grows as they wait to learn who their sorority Big is on the day of the Big Little Reveal at the end of the week.


Bigs and Littles are among the most advertised benefits of joining a sorority. It can be not easy to understand how sorority Bigs and Littles operate.

So, this blog post has allayed your concerns and doubts about the sorority Big Little. Whether you are a prospective Big or a new member hoping to receive the ideal Big, you feel more confident and prepared to head into it.



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