70 Hilarious White Lie Shirt Ideas For Your Next Party

Funny White Lie Shirt Ideas

Ever told a little fib to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or save yourself from a sticky situation? We all have! Those little white lies, which are harmless and meant to be funny, can add a dash of humor to everyday life.

Now, a “white lie party” is a theme party where guests wear white T-shirts with little white lies printed on them. To make your shirt, you only need a simple white T-shirt, some paint, or a Sharpie. After that, all you need to do is write your white lie on your shirt, and you’re good to go.

If you and your friends are searching for a fun theme party, consider the white lie party. You won’t even need to worry about funny white lie shirt ideas because we have 70 laugh-out-loud white lie shirt ideas, from classic fibs to pop culture references.

Why The White Lies?

A white lie is a little, unimportant lie that is said to prevent embarrassment or confrontation, such as hurting someone else’s feelings. Some would argue that it’s a falsehood with good motives.

These lies frequently surface if there is little at risk, and it is preferable to maintain the other person’s satisfaction than to be truthful.

White lies shouldn’t be malicious, only for laughs, or meant to offend someone. White lie shirt ideas that creatively and humorously poke fun at yourself are the funniest. These can occasionally be sarcastic, such as donning an “Introvert” t-shirt while you’re the life of the party.

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How Are White Lies Shirt Parties Hosted?

The only difference between a white lie shirt party and a typical party is that attendees wear t-shirts with a white lie printed on them. These parties are relatively simple to organize. Here is an illustration of how to host one.

  • Invite your buddies and inform them that the party aims to engage in small lies. Instruct them to wear a white T-shirt with their unique lie printed when they arrive. Other suggestions:
  • Have everyone at the gathering list ten things about themselves, five of which should be accurate and five untrue.
  • See if anyone can identify which sections of the lists are false by having everyone read their lists aloud.
  • Run a competition to create the most original white lie.
  • Have each person describe a time when they have told a white lie and the results.
  • Play music, enjoy drinks, and have fun at your party!

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The theme of White Lies

Although the little white lies that visitors wear on their t-shirts are the most crucial aspect of white lie shirt parties, you can still throw a fantastic white lie theme party by emphasizing the theme through the invites, decorations, and even the addition of some enjoyable white lie party activities.

#1. White Lies Party Invitation

The best approach to advertise a white lie shirt party is with a humorous white lie party brochure or invitation.

Ensure that everyone knows the rules of a white lie shirt party.

People can either show up wearing white shirts with a white lie already on them. Also, you can give them inexpensive white shirts so they may write their white lies on them using a Sharpie.

#2. Decorations for a White Lie Party

To further emphasize the idea of a white lie shirt party, you design your home in white and add cool white twinkle lights rather than warm warmth.

Give white meals with amusing, pun-based names.

Construct a photo booth where attendees may dress in their t-shirts and shoot pictures or make TikTok videos.

#3. Games of White Lies

You can play some fantastic white lie shirt party games during your gathering.

Organize a white lie “station” at your gathering. Give your friends slips of paper to write their best white lies or stories. Then ask the visitors to estimate which is accurate.

Asking guests to submit their white lies in advance is another game you might play at the white lie shirt party; only you will know which lie belongs to which guest. Each visitor should receive a falsehood to wear on their shirt. The next step is for each guest to identify whose lie they are wearing by conversing with them and asking them if they agree or disagree.

For the white lie-shirt party fun, you can get the lie detector party game game.

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How to Make a Lie T-Shirt

Typically, one requirement for attending a white lie shirt party is to wear a T-shirt with your lie printed on it (thus the party’s name). Give your guests advance notice if you want to enforce this rule during your gathering. Here’s a quick guide to creating a lie T-shirt.

  • A basic white T-shirt and some fabric paint in your preferred color should be obtained.
  • Using the fabric paint, write your white lie over the front of the T-shirt in large letters.
  • Before putting your shirt to the party, let the paint dry.

Hilarious White Lie Shirt Ideas For Your Next Party

Here are several good hilarious white lie shirt ideas for your shirt that will have everyone laughing and talking. Here are some funny white lie shirt ideas, they include TikTok funny white lie shirt ideas, and funny white lie shirt ideas for high school. Here:

  1. Of course, I remember you!
  2. I am listening.
  3. Money isn’t important.
  4. I’m totally fine.
  5. I must get up early.
  6. I’m waiting till marriage.
  7. Important influencer.
  8. I trust the government.
  9. I’m 100% sober.
  10. I’m never drinking again.
  11. You’re hilarious.
  12. I eat healthily all the time.
  13. I’ve never lied.
  14. There’s no one like me.
  15. This vodka tastes like I’ll be texting you later.
  16. I don’t need alcohol to have fun.
  17. I work out all the time.
  18. I barely talk to him.
  19. I don’t have a resting bitch face
  20. I don’t like dogs
  21. Your cooking is delicious
  22. Nice to meet you
  23. Just kidding!
  24. I will pay you back tomorrow.
  25. I love my job
  26. I can be trusted
  27. I show up on time
  28. I don’t put hot Cheetos on my salad
  29. I’m shy
  30. I won’t cause drama
  31. I can’t dance
  32. My liver’s fine
  33. I spend my money responsibly
  34. I like other people’s kids
  35. I’m only 5 minutes away
  36. I’ll text you when I get there
  37. Sorry, my phone died
  38. I’m 6 ft
  39. I refuse to drink alcohol
  40. Woke up like this
  41. I don’t own a Harry Styles-scented candle
  42. 42. I’ve been here for a long time, not for the good time
  43. I’d rather be sleeping.
  44. Old enough to know what is right
  45. Cool.Calm.Collected
  46. Not easily provoked
  47. Peaceful Protestor
  48. I don’t bite
  49. I don’t have anger issues
  50. I’m a good influence
  51. I don’t cry after a bottle of wine
  52. The more I drink, the quieter I get
  53. The Talkative One
  54. I Am on My Way
  55. I love being single
  56. I hate attention
  57. I get straight A’s
  58. I don’t procrastinate
  59. This is brand new
  60. I’m not the jealous type
  61. Your secret is safe with me
  62. I keep my thoughts to myself
  63. I’m financially responsible
  64. I didn’t work that closely with them.
  65. I never overdo it
  66. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  67. The traffic was horrible.
  68. Oh, yeah, that makes sense.
  69. I’m happy for you.
  70. You look familiar!

Funny white lie shirt ideas for guys

These funny white lie shirt ideas for guys will make any gathering exciting. These white lie suggestions for men are here to ensure nonstop chuckles.

  • I’m not the father
  • I don’t lift
  • Soccer Varsity Starter
  • I drive the speed limit
  • I know when to stop drinking
  • It’s not what you think
  • I have abs
  • She’s just a friend
  • I’m telling the truth
  • I love commitment
  • I will not break your heart
  • You’re the only girl I talk to
  • I only had one beer
  • I’m not going to call my ex
  • I’m not the jealous type
  • No, Officer, I have no idea how fast I was going
  • I don’t have a girlfriend
  • I won’t break your heart
  • Maybe I was a bit drunk when I called you
  • I loved her
  • I’ll get my license this summer
  • I’m okay to drive
  • Let’s be friends
  • I get all the girls
  • I don’t think about her anymore
  • I always wear my seatbelt
  • I barely check my phone

Funny white lie shirt ideas for girls

Your party will have a little mischief with these hilarious white lie ideas for girls.

  • I never make the same mistake twice
  • I’ll have a quiet weekend and stay home
  • I’m great at taking compliments
  • I’m not clumsy
  • I act my age
  • I’ll never complain
  • I’m not moody
  • I don’t break girl code
  • It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.
  • I will not be mad if you tell me the truth
  • I don’t eat carbs
  • I don’t catch feelings
  • Sorry, but my Mom said NO
  • I’m always in the dress code
  • I won’t color my hair for a year
  • These are my real eyebrows
  • I don’t want a ring
  • He proposed
  • I have good taste in men
  • I’m not a drama queen
  • I don’t have anything to wear
  • I don’t care about looks
  • I’m okay
  • Not gonna text him
  • I’ll be ready in five minutes
  • I’m not attracted to red flags
  • I swear he never cheated
  • I’m a natural blonde
  • I don’t like older men
  • I’m not going to cry
  • Good Girl
  • I’m not mad
  • I Am Low Maintenance
  • I don’t like attention
  • I’m happy for you
  • Already have a boyfriend
  • I love working out, don’t wear makeup
  • This is my natural color
  • I’m so over it!
  • I don’t miss him
  • I’d rather be single!
  • I’m done with him this time
  • I have high standards

What makes a good white lie?

White lies are typically viewed as minor, unimportant falsehoods. The most entertaining and innocuous white lies are the finest for a white lie party. They shouldn’t involve major deception, rude or cruel lies, or lies told with the intent to offend.

You might have used a good white lie in the past, so you might laugh at yourself a little. A shirt that reads “I’ll pay you back” might be worn, for instance, if you frequently borrow money from your pals but never remember to return it.

Using hilarious white lie shirt ideas for your next party will give a wonderful and funny atmosphere. 


How should one dress for a white lie Party?

A white lie party has a theme where everyone wears white t-shirts with little white lies printed. All you need to make your shirt is a white T-shirt, some paint or a Sharpie. You are, therefore, ready to depart; all you need to do is write your white lie on your shirt, and you will be ready for a white lie shirt party.

How Effective are white lies in a relationship?

According to research, even little lies with good intentions typically make individuals feel less connected. It is simpler to be untrue the further apart two people are, and the relationship is more likely to grow apart as more falsehoods are said.

What does the term “white lie party” mean?

A white lie party is where everyone dresses in basic white t-shirts with a white lie printed, frequently in heavy black Sharpies. A white lie often consists of a little, insignificant false statement.


You’ve found the perfect, hilarious white lie shirt ideas for your next party!

White lies are not beneficial because the person being lied to is deprived of information that they could find useful even if they found it unpleasant. A white lie party is a fun method to reveal the little white falsehoods we have repeatedly told.

This white lie shirt party is a creative and entertaining method to express oneself and demonstrate who you are to the gathering. In addition to understanding each other’s white lies and sense of humor, partygoers may relate to one another.


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