Preeminent Charter School: What to know before Applying in 2024

preeminent charter school
preeminent charter school

When choosing the right school for your child is a big decision, it’s natural to have questions. It’s also important to understand what sets your choicest school apart from the other alternatives and that is why we are here to help you with everything about Preeminent Charter School.

Preeminent Charter School stands out for many reasons. From its dedicated teachers to its strong focus on academic excellence, there’s a lot to love. Preeminent Charter School never places restrictions on what your child can accomplish. Their curriculum is designed to build on each student’s talents and aptitudes, and they incorporate courses with a moral focus throughout every school day.

As a result, pupils succeed. So, if you’re wondering about the school’s teaching methods or how they support students with different learning needs. Or perhaps you’re curious about the school community and the types of activities available.

Whatever your questions, this article will help you get a clear picture of what to expect.

Background Information

The North Carolina Department of Education oversees Raleigh, North Carolina’s Preeminent Charter School, a public institution. It has a student/teacher ratio of 19.3:1 and enrolls 724 pupils in grades K through 8.

Are you looking for a public education with the benefits of a “private” school but without the fees? If so, you are in the proper location. All children residing in North Carolina are welcome to attend Preeminent Charter School, a tuition-free public charter school.

They give pupils a demanding college-prep curriculum and a program with a strong moral focus. The aim is for students to acquire the moral strength, academic knowledge, and life skills necessary for college, the workplace, and general success.

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Unique Features of Preeminent Charter School

  • Discounted and Free Lunch: They provide all children with a hot lunch and healthy, balanced meals every full school day. Families that meet the requirements can enroll in another free and reduced program.
  • Pre- and post-school supervision: To provide students with on-site before and after-school care, they partner with Moving On.
  • Transportation: Parents are expected to provide the means for children to go to and from our school since transportation is not provided.
  • Dress Code: Preeminent Charter School has a dress code intended to minimize interruptions so kids can concentrate on academic accomplishment. It is adaptable and economical.

Available Programs for Preeminent Charter School Students

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

A period of accelerated growth occurs from kindergarten through second grade. Children develop their foundational literacy, math, science, and social studies knowledge and move on to higher-level thinking.

They develop empathy, compassion, and understanding for others as they become more conscious of the world around them.

Reading helps them learn about the world, and writing allows them to communicate their thoughts and opinions. They practice applying increasingly complex arithmetic concepts to prepare for algebra and beyond.

They study technology, music, physical education, and art for their specials.

3rd – 5th Grade

Teachers assist students in applying higher-level thinking to all areas by building on the fundamental abilities they learned in earlier grades. A deeper understanding of concepts, subjects, and events can be attained through improved reading comprehension.

Socially, kids gain greater self-responsibility and internalize values like respect and collaboration. Most significantly, pupils develop the abilities required for success in middle school.

They study art, music, physical education, and technology for specials.

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6th – 8th Grade

Middle school is a time of personal development and discovery. Students can develop their academic interests and strengths by examining challenging concepts across all topic areas.

Children can use higher-level thinking to extend their learning beyond the classroom by building on their prior knowledge and skills. As kids prepare for high school, college, and careers, they examine and critically think about the world around them. Students with strong moral and academic bases are better prepared to succeed.

They study subjects like English language arts, math, science, social studies, and specials like technology, music, and physical education.

How is Preeminent Charter School’s admissions process?

Who may apply?

They accept applications from all kids who meet a public school’s age and residency requirements.

The age wasn’t specified, but parents of students at Preeminent Charter School are advised to contact the school authorities. They have particular inquiries about the school’s age and residence requirements.

When should I apply?

Every child has an equal chance to enroll in the school.

After the deadline, a lottery will provide equal attention to all applications received during Open Enrollment.

After the open enrollment period, you can still apply. Your application, however, will be considered once all earlier applications have been completed and handled in the order they were received.

How are students selected?

Preeminent contrasts the number of applications we received with the number of seats open in each grade level once the Open Enrollment period has ended.

Every eligible child who applied during Open Enrollment will be accepted if more seats are available than applicants.

If more applicants than seats are available, a lottery will be held to determine who gets a seat and who goes on the waiting list. Preferences are different for each institution and are given during the lottery procedure.

After Open Enrollment has ended, applications from children are processed in the order they are received and are put on the proper list, either accepted or waiting.

Don’t give up if your child is on the waiting list! Frequently, seats become available all summer long. If your child is on the waiting list, the Preeminent charter school will keep sending you information.

What Happens Next After My Student Is Accepted?

If your application is approved, the school will send you a package of forms that must be finished by a specific deadline and a link to set up a Parent Portal account.

Through the Parent Portal, all paperwork can be completed and uploaded electronically. Please name the file with your child’s name when uploading documents online.

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Important Documents Required for Enrollment

  • Admissions Form
  • Official Release of Records
  • Course Request Form (9th-grade students) 
  • Current High School Transcript (10th -12th grade students) 
  • NWEA and PSAT ELA/Math scores (or schedule to take NWEA assessment at the school) 
  • Online Course and Independent Study Authorization Form 
  • Attendance Expectations Form 
  • Immunization Records 
  • Student Device Agreement 
  • Transportation Permission Form 
  • Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan (if applicable)

Apply Today

What is contained in the Application Form of the Preeminent Charter School?

Preeminent charter schools’ application procedure is relatively simple. Fill out the application form by going to that page.

Parents mostly fill out the admission year, name, and contact information (email, phone, and home address). Then, information about the child, including name, birth date, and if he lives with his parents.

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Overview of the Charter School’s Curriculum and Instruction

Applications & Activities

Learning is a continuous process that happens outside of the classroom. Preeminent Charter School students can discover their interests, acquire new skills, and meet friends through extracurricular activities.

Below are some specifics regarding the programs and activities we provide.


  • Multicultural fair
  • Art Club
  • Soccer shots
  • Robotics

3rd to 5th grade

  • Choir
  • Art Club
  • Multicultural fair
  • Soccer shots
  • Robotics

6th to 8th grade

  • Student Council
  • Choir
  • Art Club
  • Multicultural fair
  • Robotics
  • Dance
  • For sports
  • They have basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and Cross country.

Additionally, Preeminent Charter School provides students with on-site before- and after-school care through Moving On.

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Parent Involvement at Preeminent Charter Schools

Parents’ cooperation and participation are the foundation of the community and school. Together, we are more powerful is the slogan.

This Charter school cherishes parents’ assistance and is confident that your child will value having you there whether you work with your child, supervise a field trip, or volunteer in the offices.

Preeminent provides a range of options for parents to get involved at home or in the classroom. You can contact the office at 919-235-0511.

Requirements for Parents Volunteers

The safety of the students is a top priority; therefore, we’ve devised a range of security levels based on the potential for volunteerism.

Below are the requirements for parent volunteers;

Level One

The volunteer is always under the supervision of a school employee. Volunteers can work in the office and classroom but cannot handle cash.

Volunteer Authorization Release Form and State-issued Photo ID are necessary.

Level Two

Limited supervision is given to the volunteer by a school employee or Level 3 volunteer. Chaperones for field trips, drivers, and recess monitors are Level 2.

Form of Volunteer Authorization Release, state-issued photo ID, and background check are necessary.

Level Three

Volunteers can interact with students without any oversight. They can instruct children and chaperone long-term field trips.

State-issued photo identification, a volunteer authorization form, and a background check are prerequisites.

Opportunities to Volunteer

Preeminent Charter School provides various options for parents to get involved at home or in the classroom. Call the office at 919-235-0511 to talk about the available options.

  • Office / Library Assistants – Level 1 Volunteer
  • Field Trip Drivers & Chaperones – Level 2 Volunteer
  • PTO Members – Level 3 Volunteer

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FAQs on Preeminent Charter School: What to know before Applying in 2024

What is the student-teacher ratio of the Preeminent Charter School?

It has a student/teacher ratio of 19.3:1

How many students are enrolled in Preeminent Charter School?

Preeminent Charter School enrolls 724 pupils in grades K through 8.

Important Documents Required for Enrollment into Preeminent Charter School in 2024

Admissions Form
Official Release of Records
Course Request Form (9th-grade students) 
Current High School Transcript (10th -12th grade students) 
NWEA and PSAT ELA/Math scores (or schedule to take NWEA assessment at the school) 
Online Course and Independent Study Authorization Form 
Attendance Expectations Form 
Immunization Records 
Student Device Agreement 
Transportation Permission Form 
Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan (if applicable)


Remember, choosing a school is about finding the right fit for your child’s needs and your family’s values. Preeminent Charter School offers a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally. This might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a school that combines high educational standards with a supportive community.

Take your time, gather all the information, and visit the school if possible. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel in making the best decision for your child’s future.



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