Woods Charter School: What to Know Before Applying in 2024

Woods Charter School
Woods Charter School

Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Woods Charter School is known for its close-knit community and vital academic programs. But what sets it apart? And what should you know before applying? This guide will walk you through the key points to help you decide if Woods Charter School is the right choice for your family.

In this article, we’ll cover the school’s mission and values, the types of programs and extracurricular activities it offers, and the application process. We’ll also touch on what current students and parents have to say about their experiences.

By the end, you’ll see whether Woods Charter School aligns with your child’s needs and interests.

Why Choose Woods Charter School?

Woods Charter School stands out for several compelling reasons compared to other educational institutions. Here are some essential elements that make Woods Charter School a great option:

The main goal at Woods Charter School is to deliver a high-quality education that equips students for success in college and beyond. The institution upholds high academic standards and offers a demanding curriculum that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for learning.

Small Class Sizes: 

One of Woods Charter School’s benefits is its dedication to upholding small class sizes. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to give each student individualized attention, creating a positive and stimulating learning environment. Class sizes range from 8 to 24, encouraging leadership among students. 

Dedicated and Experienced Faculty: 

The school is proud of its committed, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teachers. The teachers at Woods Charter School are not only experts in their disciplines, but they also sincerely care about the success and welfare of their pupils.

Character Development: 

Woods Charter School emphasizes the value of a well-rounded education. Along with academic excellence, the school prioritizes character development, teaching its students virtues like responsibility, respect, and honesty.

About Woods Charter School

North Carolina’s Woods Charter School, a famous educational facility founded in 1998, is situated there. It provides a well-rounded education and is renowned for serving students in grades 9 through 12. Here are a few significant features of Woods Charter School:

School’s Mission and Vision

Woods Charter School aims to give students a well-rounded education that encourages critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and a love of learning. The school is dedicated to developing students’ potential and fostering their desire to learn.

Woods Charter School aims to build a learning community where children can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. The school works to foster in its students a love of learning, a strong work ethic, and the abilities required to survive in a constantly shifting environment.

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At Woods Charter School, education is a collaborative and transformative process beyond knowledge acquisition. According to the school’s concept, every child has innate strengths and the capacity to learn and grow. The academic, emotional, and ethical growth of the whole child is a priority for the faculty and staff.

The educational philosophy at Woods Charter School prioritizes each student’s needs and interests. The curriculum is intended to be difficult, pushing students to think critically, develop creative solutions to challenges, and thoroughly understand the subjects they are studying.

The school supports cutting-edge teaching techniques and employs various instructional methods to engage pupils and accommodate different learning preferences. Teachers are facilitators, assisting students on their educational path and promoting independent thought and inquiry.

In addition, the school emphasizes experiential learning and gives students chances to use what they have learned in authentic settings. The curriculum incorporates internships, service-learning initiatives, and field trips to improve knowledge and extend students’ perspectives.

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What are the Benefits of Attending Woods Charter School?

Students and their families stand to gain a lot from enrolling in Woods Charter School. The following are some benefits of joining the Woods Charter School community:

Academic Excellence: 

Woods Charter School has a reputation for excellence in the classroom. The challenging curriculum, committed faculty, and individualized support help kids advance academically.

An environment that is Safe and Nurturing:

The school is dedicated to creating a safe, Inclusive, and nurturing setting where students feel supported and cherished. This encourages healthy interpersonal relationships, emotional stability, and total human growth.

College Preparation: 

By providing students with the essential tools and knowledge, Woods Charter School prepares them for their future academic endeavors. The school strongly emphasizes preparing students for college and provides direction and help throughout the application process.

Engaging Learning Experiences: 

Woods Charter School firmly believes in experiential education outside the standard classroom setting. Students have access to various opportunities for experiential learning, field trips, and real-world applications of their knowledge, promoting a deeper understanding and the development of practical skills.

Diverse Learning Environment: 

Woods Charter School encourages students from different backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints and celebrates diversity. This fosters a rich learning atmosphere where students may share knowledge and understanding while becoming more aware of the world around them.

Families that choose Woods Charter School may anticipate providing their children an extraordinary educational experience, including academic performance, personal development, and a strong sense of community.

What are the Available Woods Charter School Programs?

Woods Charter School’s comprehensive academic offerings are renowned for giving pupils a solid foundation in various subject areas. 

The curriculum, which covers a broad range of disciplines and provides chances for enrichment and advanced study, demonstrates the school’s dedication to quality. Let’s examine the main features of Woods Charter School’s academic offerings.

Standard, Honors, and AP courses are available as part of a demanding academic program that develops a broad knowledge base and provides room for exploration, interests, and possibilities. 

Students organize their academic progress to achieve their personal goals within the teacher-student advisory model framework. 

Students who qualify may choose advanced courses at a community college or elsewhere for enrichment. With a focus on finding a “good fit” for each student, senior advisers work with small cohorts to help students navigate the college process. 


  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary (grades 1-5)
  • Middle School (grades 6-8)
  • High School (grades 9-12)

Woods Charter School Programs Courses

  • English – 4 credit s
  • English I or Honors English I
  • English II or Honors English II
  • English III or Honors English III
  • English IV or Honors English IV or AP Literature & Composition
  • World Language – 3 credit s
  • French I and II
  • Honors French III or Spanish I and II
  • Honors Spanish III
  • Mat h – 4 credit s
  • Math 1
  • Math 2 or Honors Math 2
  • Math 3 or Honors Math 3
  • Math 4 or
  • Honors Pre-calculus
  • Social Studies – 4 credit s
  • World History or Honors World History
  • Civics and Economics or Honors Civics and Economics
  • American History I & II or Honors American History I & II or
  • AP USHistory plus additional social studies elective
  • Science – 3 credit s
  • Biology or Honors Biology
  • Chemistry or Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Environmental Science or AP Environmental Science

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  • AP Capstone (Seminar, Research)
  • AP 2-D Art
  • Visual Art (Adv., Int., Prof.)
  • Music Lab; Honors Music Lab
  • Honors French IV, and V ; AP French
  • Language and Culture
  • Spanish IV, V (Honors); AP Spanish
  • Language and Culture
  • Computer Science
  • Honors Computer Science
  • Honors Special Topics in
  • Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • Principles of Engineering
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Comparative Gov’t & Politics
  • AP European History
  • History of Human Thought
  • Honors History of Human Thought
  • Human Geography
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Biology/AP Biology Lab
  • AP Chemistry
  • Marine & Aquatic Science
  • Honors Physics

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must complete 22 credits, including 4 in math, 4 in English, 4 in social studies, 3 in science, 4 in electives, and 2 in health and physical education. Students are required to complete 50 hours of volunteer work. 

Student Government, an 8-week enrichment program, a wide range of student-run groups, varsity athletics, volunteer activities, peer mentoring, and access to community college courses are just a few examples of CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMS. 

Students can access technical support, advising sessions, peer tutoring, teacher conferences, publications, and other resources. Students are familiar with Google Sheets, Docs, Scholar, and other G-Suite for Education products.

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STEAM Education as a Priority

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education is prioritized at Woods Charter School. Including these subjects in the curriculum helps students engage in interdisciplinary learning, think critically, and work through challenging difficulties.

Students at Woods Charter School apply STEAM principles to real-world situations through practical projects, experiments, and group projects. They obtain valuable abilities like problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation. They also gain a profound awareness of the relationships between various fields.

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Students seeking a more challenging academic experience can choose from various Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses at Woods Charter School. Motivated individuals enrolling in these courses can learn more about particular topics while obtaining college credit.

The College Board’s AP tests, the course capstone, are part of a demanding curriculum that resembles a college’s. If you do well on these tests, you might get college credit or advanced standing in your classes.

The Honors programs at Woods Charter School provide students with an accelerated and enhanced curriculum that pushes them to increase their knowledge and proficiency across various subject areas. These programs develop advanced analytical skills, independent research, and critical thinking.


There are roughly 32 pupils in each grade level at the elementary school, and classes typically include 16 kids. Concentrating on the Core Knowledge Curriculum, Singapore math, physical education, art, music, and French with expert instructors, frequent field trips, and exceptional high school students acting as teaching assistants are just a few of the unique elements of the primary school. 

Each grade level in the middle school has about 40 pupils, and classes typically have 20 students. There are roughly 46 pupils in each grade level in the high school, and classes typically have 12–23 students. 

The high school offers a single, extremely demanding college prep curriculum based on the UNC minimum requirement guidelines, a variety of AP and elective courses, a Senior Project, a requirement for 50 hours of community service as part of graduation, and personalized college guidance through our teacher-student advisory model.

Woods Charter School Application Process

The application procedure for Woods Charter School is simple and open-booked to guarantee a fair and thorough examination of each applicant. 

This section will outline the essential steps in the admissions process, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, selection criteria, and details on available tuition and financial aid.

Conditions for Eligibility

Students from various backgrounds are welcome at Woods Charter School if they are eager to participate in a demanding and engaging learning environment. 

Although particular eligibility standards may change according to grade level, the following standards typically hold


The majority of the students at Woods Charter School come from the [place] neighborhood. It could be necessary to provide proof of residency in the defined area during the application procedure.

Age Requirement: 

Candidates must be of legal age to enroll in the grade level for which they apply. The school may ask for birth certificates or other pertinent evidence for age verification.

Prospective students should visit the Woods Charter School website or contact the admissions office to obtain an application.

  • Complete the application: The application form must be filled out completely and precisely, including all required information. Personal information, academic background, and any additional paperwork or essays the school may ask for may be included in this.
  • Submit Required Documents: Applicants may be required to submit extra paperwork in addition to the application form, such as academic transcripts, test results, letters of recommendation, and any other items the school may specify.
  • Application Fee: Specific colleges may charge an application fee to help defray administrative costs. The application materials will include information on the fee amount and payment procedures.

Considerations for the Selection Process

The selection procedure at Woods Charter School is thorough and holistic, considering various criteria to assess each application. Although precise standards may differ, the following factors are frequently taken into account:

Academic Record: 

To determine if a candidate is prepared for the rigorous academic program at Woods Charter School, the applicant’s academic performance, including grades, test scores, and teacher evaluations, is carefully examined.

An essay or Personal Statement: 

Applicants may be requested to submit an essay or personal statement outlining their interests, goals, and motivations for selecting Woods Charter School. This gives the admissions panel information on the applicant’s personality, objectives, and driving forces.

Recommendations from instructors, guidance counselors, or others who can speak to the applicant’s academic prowess, moral character, and likelihood of success at Woods Charter School are frequently asked.

Extracurricular Activities: 

The applicant’s participation in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, leadership positions, and other extracurricular activities may be considered when determining how engaged and valuable they might be to the school community.

Interviews: Several schools interview candidates and their families as part of the hiring process. These interviews allow the institution to determine how well the applicant aligns with its values, mission, and culture.

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Can I apply when?

Every year, the entrance application period runs online from October 15 to January 15, with the lottery taking place at the start of February. 

Woods Charter School Campus Facilities

The site at Woods Charter School is large and lovely and was created to accommodate the various demands of its students. The campus offers a warm, accepting environment where students can succeed academically and socially. Among the campus facilities’ main characteristics are:


Woods Charter School has spacious, well-lit classrooms that offer the best possible learning environment. The classrooms provide plenty of room for group activities and discussions and are set up to encourage interactive learning.

Science labs: 

The school’s cutting-edge science labs have the instruments and supplies to support practical experiments and scientific investigation. These labs allow students to comprehend scientific ideas more thoroughly and create a passion for inquiry-based learning.

Woods Charter School is aware of the significance of technology in teaching. Thanks to its sophisticated technology facilities, students have access to computers, internet connectivity, and software programs needed for research, multimedia projects, and digital learning at the school.

Auditorium and Performance Spaces: 

The school’s auditorium and performance areas allow students to display their abilities in various artistic disciplines. These venues offer a stage for students to participate in theatrical shows, musical performances, and other creative efforts and are equipped with audiovisual technology.

Extensive outdoor amenities, including sports fields, playgrounds, and relaxation areas, are available at Woods Charter School. These areas encourage students to be physically active, play good sports, and feel a sense of community. The curriculum also incorporates opportunities for natural exploration and outdoor learning.

Facilities for the Fine and Performing Arts

Woods Charter School values arts education and offers top-notch resources to encourage students’ artistic endeavors. The school provides a thorough performing and fine arts curriculum that fosters imagination and expression. The following are some significant aspects of the performing and fine arts facilities:

Painting, sketching, sculpture, and ceramics are just a few artistic mediums students can explore in the school’s specialized art studios. These studios offer a caring environment for students to grow artistically and express their creativity.

Woods Charter School has dedicated music rooms with instruments, practice areas, and audiovisual equipment. These rooms are used for private practice, ensemble rehearsals, and lessons in music theory.

Theater and Performance Areas: The school has a theater and other performance areas where students can display their dance, music, and theatre skills. 

These locations provide seating configurations, sound systems, and stage lighting to accommodate audiences during performances and productions to accommodate audiences during performances and productions.

Art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, and theatrical shows are just a few of the visual and performing arts events that Woods Charter School puts on throughout the year. 

The campus amenities and learning materials of Woods Charter School are created to assist students’ overall growth while giving them a chance to achieve academic, athletic, and creative success. 

With these resources, students can explore their interests, hone their talents, and succeed in their academic endeavors in a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

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Academic staff

At Woods Charter School, the knowledge and commitment of their instructors and staff directly impact the caliber of education. They take pleasure in having a group of highly skilled educators and professionals dedicated to giving their kids an outstanding educational experience. Let’s examine the salient characteristics of their academics and staff:

A. High-caliber instructors and personnel

Woods Charter School only hires teachers and staff members who are deeply passionate about their work, have a solid educational foundation, and have relevant experience in their disciplines. 

Their instructors have graduate degrees and are skilled at providing engaging and practical training. They undergo a demanding selection procedure, during which their pedagogical abilities, subject expertise, and dedication to promoting a pleasant learning environment are assessed.

Additionally, their staff members—administrators, counselors, and support staff—are devoted experts who promote the success of their school community. They support students, parents, and other employees and ensure the successful execution of numerous school events and programs.

B. Class sizes and teacher-student ratios

To give each student the attention they need and foster meaningful interactions between students and teachers, Woods Charter School keeps its teacher-student ratio at 11:1. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to more effectively assess each student’s learning needs and adjust their curriculum. 

As a result, they can create a welcoming and loving learning atmosphere where kids can succeed academically and receive the tailored instruction they require.

Their teachers can promote collaborative activities, engage students in lively conversations, and give timely feedback on student progress when class sizes are minimal. This method promotes active engagement and guarantees students the care and assistance they need to realize their most significant potential.

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Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

Their faculty members’ professional development is a priority at Woods Charter School. Providing high-quality education requires constant learning and development. 

As a result, we offer instructors a variety of professional development opportunities, allowing them to keep up with the most recent developments in pedagogy, educational research, and technology integration.

Workshops, conferences, seminars, and training sessions led by academic leaders and seasoned professionals are available to their faculty members. 

These programs give instructors the tools to improve their instructional strategies, implement cutting-edge teaching techniques, and stay updated with best practices in their specialized domains. 

By supporting the professional growth of their professors, they can guarantee their students receive the most cutting-edge instruction possible.

Community Life Among Students

At Woods Charter School, they work hard to build a welcoming and active student body that promotes self-development, leadership, and participation. 

Diversity of the Student Body

In recognition of the benefits of a multicultural and inclusive atmosphere on all students’ educational experiences, Woods Charter School honors the diversity of its student community. 

Every student brings different experiences, viewpoints, and backgrounds to their community, which the school values and respects. By embracing variety, the school encourages tolerance, admiration for different cultures, and global understanding among its pupils.

Associations, clubs, and student leadership

Various clubs and groups are available at Woods Charter School to meet its students’ many interests and passions. These extracurricular activities allow children to discover their interests, hone their leadership abilities, and form enduring friendships. 

There is something for every student to get involved in, from academic clubs to cultural organizations, performing arts groups, to community service efforts.

Additionally, their school promotes student leadership and gives them the tools to actively participate in developing their educational experience. Students can become presidents of clubs, members of student councils, and peer mentors, among other leadership roles. 

These leadership positions give students a voice in decision-making processes affecting the school community while enhancing their communication and organizational skills.

The Value of Parental Participation at Woods Charter School

Developing a safe and nurturing learning environment for their pupils depends heavily on parental involvement. Active parental involvement in a child’s education encourages communication, trust, and a sense of shared accountability between the home and the school.

 According to research, children with parents actively involved in their education accomplish more academically, are more motivated, and have better social-emotional growth.

At Woods Charter School, parents are considered essential collaborators in their children’s educational process. Parents actively involved in their children’s education can offer essential assistance, inspiration, and direction that positively affects their academic and personal development. 

Parents Support Network (PSN) and Parent-Tr Association (PTA)

Woods Charter School invites parents to join their Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) parent community. 

To improve the educational experience for all students, parents can work together through the PTA with teachers, administrators, and other parents. The PTA plans various events, fundraisers, and activities to help with school projects and promote a sense of community.

Parents can connect, share stories, and get advice from one another through their parent support network. Through this network, parents may connect, share insightful information, and assist other parents. It serves as a forum for parents to offer their expertise, resources, and resources to the school community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. How do I make an application to Woods Charter School?

To apply to Woods Charter School, visit their website and find the admissions area. There, you can find the application form and comprehensive instructions for the application process. Before submitting your application, review the requirements and deadlines carefully.

What qualifications must you have to be admitted?

Different criteria may apply to enroll in Woods Charter School, depending on the grade level. In general, they welcome students with various educational backgrounds and skills. It is crucial to remember that admission depends on space, and students from the school’s defined geographic area may receive preference. 

How is the selection procedure carried out?

The selection procedure at Woods Charter School is meant to guarantee equity and openness. While examining applications, they consider academic records, teacher references, test scores (if relevant), and any other materials or essays requested. While observing state and federal requirements governing admission procedures, they work to develop a diverse and evenly distributed student body.


Woods Charter School is an excellent choice for parents seeking high-quality education for their children. With a dedicated and experienced staff, rigorous academic programs, and a focus on individualized learning, students at Woods Charter School are well-prepared for success in college and beyond. 

By carefully considering the application process and important dates, families can ensure they have the best chance of being accepted into this outstanding school. We highly encourage all interested families to learn more about Woods Charter School and its exceptional offerings. 



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