25 Best College Party Songs You Need On Your Playlist (+ Spotify Playlist)

Best College Party Songs
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We can assume that if you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re looking for the best college party songs. We have the ideal music for the soundtrack of your upcoming college house party, whether you’re looking for hip-hop, pop, EDM, or rock tracks. 

Music played at college parties has a really unique quality. It all comes down to the feeling you get when certain songs are playing loudly in a room.

Have you ever gone to a party when that recognizable beat descends as the music begins to play? You instantly identify the song, everyone rushes to the dance floor, you start leaping about, and you start to perspire.

Then all of a sudden, you become acutely aware of how much fun you are having. Yes, that definitely qualifies as an amazing house party!

For your next party to be truly memorable, we’re bringing you the best college party songs.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 25 best college party songs you need on your playlist as well as the best ways to make the right choices. 

What is a Playlist?

We’re not attempting to be philosophical, so don’t worry. To get things started, we’re only going through a basic definition.

Playlists generally fall into one of two categories. The first is to compile the best examples of a particular genre, artist, or subject. It’s a sort of museum with a collection and curation.

Then you have a playlist for the occasion, the real playlist, the party playlist! They are designed to transport partygoers on a journey as they partake in the night’s drama.

On another day, you can create your specialized playlist of 90s Britpop b-sides. People, today is all about the party playlist!

How Can You Make a Playlist on Spotify?

If you choose, Spotify easily syncs your account across all of your devices. As a result, you may create your playlist on your laptop and play it at the party using your phone.

The beginning process is extremely simple. There are two subscription options available: free or premium (€9.99 per month). Ads that play in between songs reduce the value of the free subscription. And during a function, that is not ideal.

Imagine listening to a song that is absolutely banging and everyone is singing along, then a car insurance commercial comes on – that’s an instant mood killer. Forget the ads by purchasing the Premium edition.

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However, how do you actually succeed? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the library button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Hit Playlists at the top.
  3. Select Create Playlist. A window will pop up where you can name the playlist.
  4. Hit Create.
  5. Use the search function to find artists, songs, or genres.
  6. When you find the song you want, tap the three lines on the right of the title.
  7. Click Add to Playlist.

What are the Best College Party Songs You Need On Your Playlist?

Below are the best college party songs that you need to have on your playlist to keep your party going nonstop:

  1. Let’s Get It Started by Black Eye Peas
  2. Happy by Pharrell Williams
  3. Jungle Boogie by Kool ft. The Gang
  4. Get Busy by Sean Paul
  5. Need U by Duke Dumont ft. AME
  6. Debaser by Pixies 
  7. Heart of the Glass by Blondie
  8. Feel the Love by Rudimental ft. Newman John
  9. In Da Club by 50 Cent
  10. Bulletproof by La Roux
  11. Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
  12. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
  13. Love Shack by B52
  14. Teenage Kicks by The Undertones
  15. Latch by Disclosure
  16. Roses by Chainsmokers
  17. Chanel by Frank Ocean
  18. Desperado by Rihanna
  19. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  20. Brick House by Commodores
  21. Footloose by Kenny Loggins
  22. Saturday Night by BayCity Rollers
  23. Humble by Kendrick Lamar
  24. Closer by The Chainsmokers
  25. It’s My Party by Lesley Gore

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#1. Let’s Get It Started by Black Eye Peas

This 2004 smash song may provide the hippest background music for any party, let alone college parties.

The catchy lyrics of this song are one reason why you can’t stop listening to it. This may have been a factor in the 2004 Democratic Party National Convention’s festivities.

#2. Happy by Pharrell Williams

What makes this classic hit so awesome? It’s made to make partygoers and everyone happy. If you’ve got a chance to listen to this song (which you definitely have), you already know how fantastic it is.

#3. Jungle Boogie by Kool ft. The Gang

Another extra-special nice thing is this one. One of the greatest college party songs of all time, it made its debut in 1973 and has remained a classic for many years.

Why? It’s totally cool and good. Its jumpy trumpets and all of its beats have a life of their own, which puts partygoers in a good mood.

Then it is created with unmistakable vocals, which is ideal for your celebration. This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist.

#4. Get Busy by Sean Paul

No need to introduce Sean Paul, right? The structure of almost every banger he releases is the same: monotonous monotone vocals followed by repetitive riddim beats.

Like his other song, Shake That Thing, this one demands partygoers to follow its instructions on the dance floor.

#5. Need U by Duke Dumont ft. AME

Without sounding stale, this song combines AME’s defiant voice with oceanic soundscapes. I “Need u” also says “college” better than anything else. Do you see what we mean?

#6. Debaser by Pixies 

We can all agree that this is one of the best songs for a college party. Two guitars, a robust bassline, and an incredible drum fill are all present in this song.

This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist.

The dance floor may easily be filled in 2 seconds thanks to its flawless combination.

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#7. Heart of the Glass by Blondie

Blondie and Heart of the Glass, her first smash party tune, are both well-known global icons. It killed and still kills.

#8. Feel the Love by Rudimental ft. Newman John

As far as party blockbuster songs go, it’s best to put on a pair of tight jeans because this tune will undoubtedly keep you dancing the entire party. You can’t resist this heavyweight popular song because of its distinct soul, D & B sounds, and huge drop.

#9. In Da Club by 50 Cent

Everyone eventually reaches a point where they want to party all day and all night. This is especially true for people who enjoy treating themselves on special occasions. 

This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist. It goes without saying that the music for any party you’re planning would be this popular college party tune.

#10. Bulletproof by La Roux

You’ll like this song’s synth-pop style, for one thing. Additionally, we can all agree that this “missile” hasn’t been overused.

It is still considered to be one of the top tunes for college parties. Add it to your next party playlist to get the party started.

#11. Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen

This song is the ideal pick for any night celebration, as its name suggests. Its words were lovingly constructed to elevate partygoers’ spirits, so you may utilize them to uplift yours as well.

#12. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Can we agree that this is Nirvana’s best song? Heck no. But what has made it a truly outstanding melody of all time is its symbolic value.

And certainly, it is quite conducive to parties. In actuality, this big hit fits among the top songs for college parties.

#13. Love Shack by B52

Since many decades ago, this song has consistently topped the college rock music charts. And indeed, it is comparable to a whale in size. This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist.

But it’s the beautifully chosen words that will make you fall in love with this fantastic song. The entire party, you can’t help but dance and scream.

#14. Teenage Kicks by The Undertones

The easiest and most straightforward popular song of all time is Teenage Kicks. There are only basic vocals, chords, and a lovely melody before the drums start to beat.

Indeed, it is a wank anthem. Actually, it’s a song about masturbating. Does that sound odd to you?

#15. Latch by Disclosure

Everyone may agree that Disclosure has a knack for creating chill vibes. Although it seems chill, this song is very lively. Still a huge hit nowadays!

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#16. Roses by Chainsmokers

It’s a known truth that the Chainsmokers know how to start, maintain, and continue the party.

This number-one song is no different. This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist.

#17. Chanel by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s Chanel will have you bobbing your head all night long even though it is a little slower. When the celebration is winding down at the finish, perhaps you can drop this hit.

#18. Desperado by Rihanna

We anticipated that this song would also portray what a horrible bitch she is. But we can all agree that it is a fun party tune.

#19. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

This song is one of the 25 best college party songs, and we all adore it. It’s also a wise decision for people of any age. Look, it’s the ideal tune for all kinds of listeners. Prepare for a wild celebration.

#20. Brick House by Commodores

This song’s usage of highly groovy instrumentals is one of the reasons it has lasted in the top music charts for more than 50 years.

Add this song to the playlist of your upcoming party if you want to make it a classic.

#21. Footloose by Kenny Loggins

This fantastic pop song, which was released in 1984, is successful in getting partygoers to dance. This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist.

One factor that makes this song irresistible is that it expertly combines a variety of pop styles, making it appealing to a larger audience.

#22. Saturday Night by BayCity Rollers

Nothing sets the mood for a party like a hit song with the yelled lyric “Saturday Night” to it. By including this song in your playlist, you may provide your guests with a priceless experience.

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#23. Humble by Kendrick Lamar

Regarding hits, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t require an introduction. He didn’t let me down, not even in this one. Humble is extremely self-aware and developed with substantial material. As a result, you’ll undoubtedly nod along to every song line in this one.

#24. Closer by The Chainsmokers

Captivating music! Fantastic instrumentals. the chorus in the retro style. That is the only subject covered by this song. When the celebration is winding down, you can count on people to continue swaying to the music.

#25. It’s My Party by Lesley Gore

This song tells the story of Johnny, who attends a party with a rival. You’re aware of the catastrophe that ensued, right? Well, if you’ve ever suffered through a public tragedy, this song can give you comfort. This is one of the best college party songs you should have on your playlist.

What are the Tips for Creating the Perfect College Party Playlist?

Know the duration of the party

The duration of the party will have a big impact on the music you choose for your playlist. Your playlist may be lengthy or brief, depending on how long your party lasts. 

You should be ready, though, for it to go a little bit longer than you anticipated. 

A party might occasionally get so interesting that guests will ask for an extension. 

So, when planning events for a few hours, keep in mind that a list of fifty to sixty songs is appropriate.

Do not shuffle your music library

A playlist needs to be well-organized and smooth. Your music library becomes a jumble of disorganized playlists when you shuffle it. 

This frequently causes agitation among your visitors and degrades the festive mood. If you enjoy listening to music, you’ll notice that this is a theme in most iTunes advice. 

The majority of experienced DJs design a strategy for getting the partygoers into the party mood. Due to this, the DJ usually arranges his songs in a particular order to transition from a slow to an upbeat beat. 

Establishing a theme (or several) and a purpose will make your job easier, and the party guests will remember the event for a long time.

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Ensure good sound quality

No one will actually enjoy the party, even if you have the best songs playing if the sound isn’t good. 

A successful event requires clean surround sound with alternating mid-range volumes. 

This does not imply that you should increase the volume because doing so will make it difficult for your visitors to converse, and they were also there to mingle. You don’t want the level to be so low that the crowd starts yelling at you to turn it up, to put it another way. 

Customize your volume settings and set it to play at different volumes depending on the type of music to obtain the best sound at a manageable volume. 

Additionally, keep in mind that modest home theaters are inappropriate for gatherings with more than 20 guests. 

Let your playlist match the party’s style and theme

Have you ever attended a party and thought the music selection was inappropriate? It typically occurs when a DJ is unable to determine what kind of party it is. 

The songs must perfectly fit the event, whether it is a BBQ party, office party, birthday party, or family reunion party. You should also take into account the event’s attendees. You should be aware of the guests’ range in age. 

Knowing this will enable you to play music and songs that are suitable for all ages.

Interact with the guests for song requests

During an event, it is unethical to avoid interacting with partygoers, but it is also wrong to ignore their music requests. 

You should constantly keep in mind that the point of a party is to have a good time. Not accepting too many requests is the key to keeping the crowd’s pace up. 

That may make the gathering into a playlist-requesting crowd and divert your attention from a planned list.

Work your way up

The DJ usually starts the party with soft music to get the crowd going. 

When the event picks up, you frequently run out of ideas when you begin with huge, well-known music. In addition, you don’t want to overwhelm partygoers or damage the DJ’s reputation. 

Most skilled disc DJs stray a little from their pre-planned lists; they blend songs with forgotten hits, which gives the celebration more flavor.

Keep a stash of hits

As was stated in point one, it is imperative to be ready for everything. Despite how fantastic the celebration has been, even the best jockeys occasionally experience some setbacks. 

It might have been a certain song that wouldn’t play or a brawl that started but was swiftly broken up. In situations like those, your supply of consecutive hits could save your life. You may refer to this playlist as your backup plan. 

Aside from being a backup plan, that supply can end up being a hit with the crowd and become something you need to rely on for the duration of the party.

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Have a good mixture of genres

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and the same is true of your playlist. You don’t want to be known as a boring DJ who just plays one type of music. 

Pop music is a favorite among all British audiences, and one can never have too much of a good thing. Parties, on the other hand, are unique in that they attract a diverse range of guests. 

Others enjoy listening to rapid tunes, heavy sounds, and other genres. Don’t perform four songs from the same genre at once. Change categories to leave your audience wanting more. 

FAQs on Best College Party Songs 

What Number of Songs Should You Put on Your Playlist?

Some of us of a certain vintage (let’s say 25 and over?) will recall the days when playlists could only include ten tracks. Now, we have it all.
Anywhere between 30 and 50, songs could be considered a reasonable size. And let’s adhere to the guideline that each individual artist is limited to one song. By playing an artist’s solo work and a song from their group days, you might slyly get past that rule.

How Should the Songs on Your Playlist Be Arranged?

Don’t let the shuffle button decide which of your favorite songs will play if you’ve taken the time to carefully select them. These songs were chosen by you for a reason. To provide a narrative structure and then give us a story.
The key is balance. Don’t start the show with too many heavy hitters. There won’t be everyone there yet, and some people might be too shy, embarrassed, or sober to dance. Then it vanishes. It cannot be played again. It’s completed.

How can you Make a Playlist of Songs?

Every song won’t be a hit with every listener. That would be impossible because not everyone has your level of taste.
It’s a good idea to occasionally play a bad song for your guests. It provides them an opportunity to use the restroom, go to the bar, or perhaps step outdoors for some fresh air.

What Musical Genres Are Ideal for College Parties?

Most music played at college parties is cheerful! You want to energize the crowd for the entire celebration. Hip-hop, pop, EDM, alternative rock, indie rock, funk, punk rock, and country are popular musical genres for college gatherings.
You can adjust how much of each genre you play based on the audience and the venue.
Try switching up your party playlist with various genres, musicians, and remixes to keep the excitement high throughout the event. This will grab everyone’s attention and foster an exciting atmosphere.

Final Thought on Best College Party Songs

Avoid being caught sliding when the auxiliary cord is passed during a college party! Your party will be the movie you want it to be thanks to these best college party songs!


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