How to Get Free College Shirts (5 Easy Ways)

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Are you trying to find a way to receive free college shirts? See this article for five quick and simple ways to score free college tees on your campus.

You may learn how to get free college shirts in this article.
One of the best things about college is that you may now sport the entire school wardrobe!

As a student, your standard outfit was a t-shirt or sweatshirt from school, leggings, and sneakers or boots. You wouldn’t even find quality clothing in your dorm room closet. You realize that you have that many college tees.

After you attend college, there are MANY methods to receive free college shirts. Continue reading to learn how to get free college shirts!

When You Accepted to a College, do They Send You Free Shirts?

When you first get accepted to college as a high school student, you’ll undoubtedly desire a school shirt to display your school pride.

To be honest, I don’t know many colleges that give a free T-shirt as a swag item. Various institutions do send their accepted students some form of “swag” (such as a pen or sticker).

If you want a college t-shirt to commemorate admission, we suggest purchasing one from the school store if you haven’t already arrived on campus.

Given how expensive college-related items in the campus bookstore can be, this might be a nice graduation gift to request. If you want to dream big, you might be able to score a free shirt at an event for admitted students, but it’s not a given.

There are numerous opportunities to obtain free college shirts if you are on campus.

Save your money; only purchase items from the college bookstore if necessary.

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How to Get Free College Shirts in 5 Simple Steps

Here are few simple steps to free college shirts:

Step 1. Visit Orientation Events First

With all the free college gear offered, orientation is practically free for all! The orientation, which welcomes new students to college, typically occurs the week before classes start.

Every department takes out their “goodies” (essentially a ton of school promotional goods) during this week to distribute to kids as a way to start the year off and show some school spirit.

Free stuff is the one thing college students are certain they adore.
Attend any student activities organised in the department if you want a free college t-shirt.

This group is in charge of managing student organizations and campus activities. These occasions may be performances, festivals, magic shows,

In At one of those events, you have the best chance of receiving a free shirt. (And perhaps you’ll also win a gift card!)

Other offices within the student affairs field to look out for include diversity or ethnic departments, study abroad, residence life, or virtually any office.

They probably also have free t-shirts because these departments frequently collaborate with the office for orientation and student extracurricular activities.

Step 2. Consult The Academic Department

Your academic department frequently offers free college shirts so you can represent your major or a particular college (such as the College of Arts and Sciences).

These are great since they differ slightly from the standard college t-shirt and are unique.

Check with faculty members or the department’s administrative assistant to obtain these shirts.

Sometimes they’ll also let everyone in the major know through email about special deals, or they’ll let them know that promotional clothes are on sale during class.

If there aren’t any of these shirts left and you want one, you might have to step up and get some.

To find out who might be interested, you could launch a survey using a contact form, compile a list of names and email addresses, and then present this idea to the college dean to see if funding is available to purchase them.

Although it is a possibility, there are much quicker and less time-consuming alternatives to obtain free college shirts.

Step 3. Join any Organization for Students

I got the majority of my college t-shirts in this way! Because they were never the typical college shirt, I appreciated the free university t-shirts I received from groups.

Clubs are free to create their own unique, personalized college t-shirts where you may represent your school and your particular group! Obtaining a jersey is also very simple, depending on the club you are a member of.

To participate in some clubs, you might need to be a legitimate club member. To receive a shirt, you might need to participate in a certain number of activities or attend a certain number of events.

I understand that clubs typically order many more shirts than they have members, so you could get one by asking a club officer or showing up at a general body meeting.

Note: In some schools, the institution does not finance club activities, so students may be required to pay for their own shirts or raise money through fundraising.

Ask ahead if you intend to receive a free shirt simply for showing up.

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Step 4. Look for Opportunities to Volunteer on Campus

Student volunteers enjoy constant access to free college t-shirts like student leaders do.

The secret to making this work is choosing the correct departments and events to volunteer for that frequently distribute free t-shirts.

Orientation (obviously), Homecoming, Parents’ Weekend, and Graduation frequently feature a lot of free college merchandise. I strongly advise being a volunteer for Homecoming from this list!

The most enjoyable occasion on campus is Homecoming, second only to Graduation. Seriously, take a peek at the upcoming homecoming at your school.

Your lecturers are being less strict, everyone is excited, and everyone wants to have fun and be a good sport. Follow the departments on social media to stay current on forthcoming events requiring volunteers, and keep an eye out for promotional communications in your school’s inbox.

Observe this… school spirit = free college items, including clothing!

When it comes to picking the right departments for your volunteering work, go for ones that frequently have a lot of material. Take note of who is handing out goods at orientation to determine which department you should volunteer in.

College admissions is one area I haven’t yet covered. Admissions is a goldmine for freebies because they are literally in the business of marketing the university and enticing potential students.

They have everything: pens, hats, sunglasses, fanny packs, t-shirts, and a coffee mug. By helping out in the office or serving as a campus brand ambassador, you can acquire free goods from admissions more easier than if you just inquire as a regular student.

Once more, volunteer if you want free college t-shirts. (Moreover, it looks AMAZING on a CV.)

Step 5. Go for Student Leadership

Listen closely. I’m about to reveal a GEM. Student leaders consistently receive free items.

Student experience benefits greatly from having student leaders. Being a student leader will fill your closet with free shirts from your institution, whether it’s student government, the campus activities board, or Greek life officers.

Student leaders are frequently the first to learn about breaking news, campus activities, and departmental freebies, which explains why they receive so much free stuff.

They occasionally have access to old university storage closets filled with several antique college clothing.

As a result of their connections, colleges give them swag without even considering it.

The trick to getting free college shirts is to become a student leader! It does require some work, though. Do you know you can’t just be a student leader and do nothing?

If you want to go this route, make sure you want the job and are prepared to work hard to keep it.

We advise you to consider becoming a student senator if you want to be a low-maintenance student leader.

Although you would need to attend some meetings and speak with students, the workload is far less than that of any other position.

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Free College T-shirt Request Form

You can get free college shirts if you fill the college t-shirt form here.

How to Get Free Sweatshirts From Colleges

Imagine enjoying the warmth and comfort of a sweatshirt without spending more than $40 on one.

That’s why we compiled a list of businesses that will send you free sweatshirts. Look them up!

#1. Get Free Sample From My School Sweatshirts

Only anyone residing in the UK may take advantage of this offer, and only school addresses will receive a free hoodie. Inquiries can be sent to the school’s official email address. You are welcome to complete the sample request form if you or someone you know qualifies.

#2. Place Your Hoodify Free Hoodie Order

One sweatshirt is given for free for large purchases of at least 50 products from Hoodify’s store.

The free hoodie is thus merely a little token of appreciation for the substantial purchase.

Place an order in the store and add an extra hoodie to take advantage of the discount. Apply the discount code “FREE HOODIE” at the checkout.

They will instantly reduce the cost of the extra hoodie from your order’s total and include the free hoodie in your package.

#3. Free Hoodies when You Redeem Rewards Points

For someone who enjoys shopping online, receiving gifts or discounts may no longer come as a surprise. 

Therefore, it makes sense to see if your favorite brand has a rewards program and join to take advantage of their offers.

You can also sign up for survey or reward sites where you can gain points by watching movies or writing product reviews. 

Redeem your points afterward for cash or gift cards for purchase clothing. You can look into SwagbucksSurvey Junkie, and Inbox Dollars as some survey websites.

Colleges That Send Free Stickers

The Aberdeen University.

Adelphi College.

Agnes Scott University.

College of Akron.

Alabama’s University.

Alaska Fairbanks University.

Albany University (SUNY)

San Juan’s Carlos Albizu University.

By completing the form, you can get FREE Stickers from these universities.

Following that, the school will give you helpful items along with a fantastic set of stickers created by one of its designers.

Colleges That Send Free Stuff When You Apply

Numerous colleges and businesses mail you their freebies. Companies, corporations, and organizations adore reaching out to as many potential customers, through marketing and advertising.

T-shirt giveaways are another effective form of advertising. Anyone who sports one of their t-shirts becomes a moving billboard.

As a result, you receive Free College Shirts while these businesses get to advertise. Everyone benefits!

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Many universities give away free things to the general public and college students.

Here are a couple of universities with solid reputation for being amenable to merchandising like t-shirts.

Especially, if you are a student debating enrolling in the institution.

State University of Alabama

Telephone: (800) 253-5037

You can email them about receiving a free t-shirt by using this contact form.

Southern University of Columbia

Telephone: (800) 977-8449

On their website, you can contact them for Free College Shirts via different methods, such as live chat and free college shirts by email.

Faulkner University

(800) 879-9816

Ask them about getting a free shirt or other freebies with this contact form.

Alaska Pacific University

Call (907) 561-1266.

Although you can use this form to request a t-shirt, but its primary intention is for students who are considering applying to the institution. Calling instead would probably be preferable.

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American Jewish University

(310) 476-9777.

To request a free shirt, utilize this contact form.

University of Yale

Telephone: (203) 432-9316

You can fill out a form for seeking information and materials here.

Johns Hopkins University

Telephone: (202) 994-1000

You can fill out a request form right here.

Eastern University of Illinois

Telephone: (217) 581-5000

You can inquire about a free t-shirt from Eastern Illinois University using their contact form.

Is it Bad to Email Colleges for Free Stuff?

Not bad, but have it in mind that several colleges will not respond to your request.

But if you are an enrolled student, you have a better chance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free College Shirts

Are free goods offered to college students?

You can occasionally email colleges to express affection for them and request any equipment they can supply. While some colleges might send t-shirts, the majority of them are more likely to send stickers or nothing at all. Some colleges provide complimentary t-shirts in exchange for campus tours or attendance at special events.

How do you make free T-shirts?

Start Canva.
To get started.
Launch Canva and type “T-shirts” into the search bar.
Decide on a template.
Start with one of our free templates’ ready-made designs.
Add components.
You can create your shirt design or completely customize any template you choose.
Make your shirt more distinctive.
Purchase a shirt.

Can college students get a free iPad?

Call your school to inquire.
Apple provides iPads as educational resources to kids through ConnectED and similar initiatives. You could be eligible for an iPad if your school joins the program. You can use it at school and perhaps even check it out for the night if you don’t get to keep it at home forever.

Is selling T-shirts a good business?

T-shirt sales online are among the most lucrative business ventures because of the expanding global market. The industry is adaptable because a single T-shirt shop can cater to many populations.


On campus, getting free college shirts is simple. If you participate in activities, join student organizations, take on leadership roles, or volunteer, you’ll wind up with a wardrobe full of shirts you don’t know what to do with.

What do I do with all these free college shirts after I’ve gathered them all like Pokemon? is a question you might have.

This unique gift will provide you with wonderful one-of-a-kind blanket that you can keep forever. And also free up space for actual clothing.

This article has all the details you require on how to obtain free college shirts. To get there, go to the location we specified above.

So why are you still waiting? Get those free college tees by going!


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