10 Best Dorm Room Movers in 2023 | Prices

Leaving home for college is all fun and fantastic till you have to move your items to the dorm. Packing appears arduous, and moving them to the dorm room.

Some companies help students move quickly with little or no stress – dorm room movers. While several college dorm movers are in the state, finding one with excellent customer service, efficient services, and cool pricing is tasking.

Hence, this article on the best college dorm movers in 2023 has researched the top companies offering great dorm moving services in the States. It is vital you also understand how dorm room moving services operate.

Gain insight into what they do, their pricing, and what to expect while moving from your dorm room to another.

What is the Perfect Moving into the Dorm Checklist?

To internalize knowledge, you may need to attain a level of comfort at college. This starts with what you bring along to college. While there is no perfect dorm checklist anywhere, you can create your comfort with the right packing list.

A dorm checklist is as perfect as it serves all your needs at college what you bring along cuts across what you need to study and to be comfortable in your dorm room.

However, every college student has everyday needs in their dorm room. A “perfect” dorm checklist is below if you struggle with what to bring.

  • Closet organizers
  •  Hangers
  •  Over-the-door organizer
  •  Shoe organizer
  •  Hooks and hangers
  •  Plastic bin(s) for under-bed storage
  •  Storage Containers
  •  Drawer organizer
  •  Drawer and shelf liners
  •  Jewelry organizer
  •  Luggage
  •  Weekender bag
  •  Sleeping bag
  •  First aid kit
  •  Tissues
  •  Umbrella
  •  Earplugs
  •  Toolkit
  •  Lightbulbs
  •  Sports equipment
  •  Bike (with lock and helmet)
  •  Lock for the lockers
  •  Safety whistle
  •  Pepper spray
  •  Your prescription medications
  •  Over-the-counter medications (pain relief, allergy relief, cold meds, etc.)
  •  Band-aids
  •  Vitamins
  •  Backpack
  •  Binders
  •  Day planner
  •  Filler lined paper
  •  Glue
  •  Graph paper
  •  Graphing calculator
  •  Index cards
  •  Laptop lock
  •  Lunchbox
  •  Highlighters
  •  Notebooks
  •  Notecards
  •  Paper clips and binder clips
  •  Pens and pencils
  •  Ruler
  •  Sticky notes
  •  Stapler and staples
  •  Scissors
  •  Tape
  •  Whiteout 
  •  Mattress topper (memory foam is always a good choice)
  •  Mattress pad
  •  Throw Blanket
  •  Bedside lamp
  •  Salt rock lamp
  •  Comfy robe and slippers
  •  Eye mask

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10 Best College Dorm Room Movers in 2023

In selecting this list of the best college dorm room movers, pricing, customer service, and swift delivery are put into great consideration.

To maneuver the expenses and time-consuming hassle of getting your personal items moved to the dorm, consider employing the services of the following companies:

#1. Dorm Room Movers

Dorm room movers serve over 40,000 students across colleges in the US. They also offer shipping and storage services.

Founded in 2007, dorm room movers help simplify the college’s moving experience for college students. To book their services, visit their official website.

Once you click on how it works, a prompt to enter your school will pop up. Below is their “how it works” list.

  • They will send you boxes & tape for you to pack
  •  They will send movers to pick up your boxes & large items
  •  Your stuff is stored in climate-protected facilities
  •  If you want, we’ll ship the boxes you need home
  •  We’ll deliver to your new place when you return

Official Website

#2. Mini Moves

This dorm room mover is a great option for students moving from one state to another. Just as its name implies, it is perfect for moving a few items equivalent to the content of a studio.

Customers enjoy door-to-door delivery, packing, and unpacking services and a large national coverage area. You also get a free small move quote, loading and unloading labor at reasonable prices.

Why should you choose Mini Moves? See the list below: 

  • Discounted binding price quotes
  •  Convenient, reliable move dates
  •  No weight or size minimum
  •  94% of moves are claims free
  •  A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  •  ProMover Accreditation by the American Trucking Association

Get the right quote through one of the three ways on their website. A ballpark quote allows you to calculate your price yourself. Put in the right information and get the actual cost of your dorm room move.

You can request a call from the agents, and they will reach out to discuss pricing. The last option gives you the dorm room mover’s phone number to place a call.

Official Website 

#3. Great Guys Movers

Great Guys offer affordable moving assistance to college students. They work with professionals near campuses nationwide to make moving easier for students.

Are you wondering why you should choose Great Guys Movers? Below is a list you should peruse.

  • Free moving quote process
  •  Moving supplies
  •  Cheap hourly moving rates
  •  Variety of service
  •  Licensed and insured professionals

Aside from dorm room move-in, Great Guys offers the following services to busy college students.

  • Dorm Move Out
  •  Off-Campus Housing & Apartment Moves
  •  Loading And Unloading Services
  •  College Student Auto Shipping
  •  Summer Storage For College Students

Visit the official website, and click on compare movers to get a quote.

Official website 

#4. Ship Smart

This dorm room mover is the best option for long distances. They specialize in shipping items under 2 000 pounds. If you have a few things to move, contact Ship Smart at (866) 333-8018.

Below is a reason to consider ShipSmart for your Dorm Room Move.

  • Affordable pricing
  •  Flexible and convenient moving options
  •  Door-to-door service
  •  Customers can opt for curbside drop-off to save money
  •  Professional packing and unpacking services are available
  •  Various insurance options depending on the value of your items

Official Website 

#5. Hire a Helper

If you already rent a truck but want to avoid doing the heavy lifting, this college mover is the best option. It claims to have the highest quality movers you can book anywhere online.

It costs an average of $449 to hire this college dorm mover. And you need to hire at least two movers with a 26′ truck.

To hire a helper, search for local movers by city, moving service, and availability, compare prices and reviews, and book local movers today. Why should you hire a helper? Below is its cutting edge over its competitors:

  • Call center in California for live support
  •  Coverage in all 50 states
  •  Damage coverage comes with some moves, but it’s important to note that you need to provide your own packing supplies and furniture pads or pay an additional fee.
  •  Packers and movers aren’t permitted to drive rental trucks or customers’ personal vehicles.

Official Website

#6. Two Man Movers

Unlike other college movers, Two Man is family owned and has moved their kids to college. So, you will get it right if you book their services. Being in operation since 1999, Two Man has received many reviews that suggest they are professional moving experts.

Aside from college moving services, Two Man offers the following services:

  • local moving
  •  long distance moving
  •  office moving
  •  International Moving
  •  short-term and long-term storage

Its cutting edge over its competitors in business include:

  • A+ rating by the BBB
  •  Free moving estimates
  •  Fully licensed and insured
  •  Certified ProMover
  •  Family-owned and operated
  •  Free on-site estimates
  •  Same-day service available
  •  Free furniture disassembly & reassembly
  •  Military contract movers
  •  Background check on all employees
  •  Professional home protection kits
  •  2017 Hauling Award
  •  No hidden costs

Official Website 

#7. Task Rabbit

The help-moving project at Task Rabbit costs an average of $57 -$136. Task Rabbit offers its services across states in the country. However, you need to confirm the availability of taskers in your city before booking a service.

Aside from dorm move projects, you can get help with the following:

  • Furniture Assembly
  •  Mount a TV, art, or shelves 
  •  Home Cleaning
  •  Minor Plumbing Repairs
  •  Heavy Lifting
  •  Yardwork and gardening
  •  Electrical Help

Official Website 

#8. College Boxes

This college dorm mover makes your moving experience worthwhile. All you need to do is sign up, pack up, and leave the rest to them.

They offer storage and shipping, direct shipping, and ship-to-school services. Here is why you should choose college boxes:

  • Powered By U-Haul
  •  Online Account Management
  •  Pickup & Delivery
  •  Barcode Tracking & Live Updates
  •  Endorsed by School Administrators
  •  Declared Valuation Protection

Official Website

#9. Movers on Duty

This college movers on duty claim to care about your budget and belongings. According to reviews, Movers on Duty offer excellent services at an affordable rate compared to its competitors.

Although based in Maryland, it serves the whole East Coast. And can help you move across the hallway, locally to another city within the same state, and even long distance.

Its cutting edge over its competitors is that it offers exact quotes to your location. So, instead of paying per hour, you get a budget for your moving, which is cheaper.

Official Website

#10. Razor Back Moving

Razorback offers free college moving quotations and extensive moving expertise. Sadly, it only covers Miami, FL. So, if you are moving to Miami, Razor Back is a great choice.

You will find a team of dedicated professionals willing to help always. You can get your free moving quote through this dorm room mover contact – (305) 760-9533.

Aside from dorm room moving services, Razor Back offers the following services:


Official Website 

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How Do I Get Dorm Room Movers Contact?

Most dorm room movers are online. So, you can easily find them by visiting their official websites.

First, decide the college dorm mover you would love to use. Afterward, visit their official website. You will find the dorm room mover contact there.

Most official websites will list the dorm room movers’ phone numbers, email, and sometimes social media handles.

Choose which of the contacts that work best for you.

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How Much Do Dorm Room Movers Cost?

The cost of moving items to the dorm room varies from company to company. Several factors influence how much dorm room movers cost.

Generally, moving items ranges from $300 to $1200. Distance, number of items, and weight of each item can skyrocket the price.

10 Best Dorm Room Movers Number

  • +1 888-769-3676 – Dorm Room Mover
  •  +1 479-636-0310 RazorBack Moving.com
  •  (240) 351-2003 – Movers on Duty.com
  •  (866) 269-4887 – College Boxes
  •  1-844-340-8275 – Task Rabbit
  •  (800) 995-5003 – Hire a Helper
  •   (866) 333-8018 – Ship Smart
  •  (866) 437-3093 – Mini Moves
  •  +1 801-924-1564 – Two-Man Movers
  •  – Great Guy Movers

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start packing up your dorm?

Two weeks is enough between packing up and moving into your apartment.

How many boxes do I need to pack a dorm room?

Most college students need five to ten boxes to pack a dorm room.

What furniture do you need for a dorm?

Mattress, bedframes, chairs, desks, and storage items are furniture you need for a dorm. However, most colleges provide these while you bring your personal items.

Should I bring a mirror to college?

Yes, bring a mirror to college. It is a decorative piece and handy for checking out your daily outfit.


Moving to a dorm is less stressful when you choose the right college mover. Depending on your location and budget, this list of the best dorm room movers in 2023 would give you the best.

Click on the official website to get a quotation or call dorm room movers phone number now.



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