10 Best TVs for Your College Dorm Room (May 2024)

Best TV for dorm rooms
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When you think about how demanding college life is, as a college student. You are expected to take up some activities to ease your daily school stress. At this point, having the Best TV for dorm rooms becomes a must, especially when you have late study sessions, well-earned movie marathons, and intense gaming sessions.

The top ten TVs for your college dorm room are listed below to help you navigate the always-changing world of cutting-edge technology.

These televisions feature seamless connectivity, room-saving designs, immersive audio, and breathtaking pictures. Thus, prepare to step up your entertainment game and explore the best TVs to turn your dorm room into the ideal entertainment center.

After you’ve had time to lie in bed, boredom sets in rather strongly. There’s something you’re not getting. Even while having a laptop and computer is convenient, there are occasions when you might want to relax on the couch and watch a movie or show.

Which TV Size Works Best in a Dorm Room?

You want to acquire a TV for your dorm room as a small gift, but you’re unsure what size to get. However, our goal is to assist. A large 55-inch TV won’t be necessary. That would be bordering on the ridiculous, and it does draw attention from those looking to indulge in a little bit of their bingeing.

On the other hand, you may also need to handle some clearance-related concerns. Which TV do you then purchase? If you bought a desk for your dorm room, you might choose to watch on a TV between 32 and 43 inches in size.

That should be more than plenty for your amusement at your dorm. You might also need to adjust your viewing distance to maintain the immersive experience of the show or movie you’re watching.

However, if you intend to sit farther away from the screen than 3-5 feet, you should get a larger TV than a 43-inch model. Purchasing a 55-inch TV is ideal if you intend to sit a little bit further away from your screen and have a compact desk and sofa.

Ten Best TV for Your College Dorm Room

Here is a list of the 10 Best TV for Your College Dorm Room below:

#1. Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 32-Inch QLED TV

This compact TV offers stunning picture quality with its QLED technology, delivering vibrant colors and sharp details. It has a 32-inch screen size, making it perfect for small dorm rooms.

The TV also features innovative capabilities, allowing you to stream your favorite shows and movies effortlessly.

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#2. LG OLED55C1PUB 55-Inch OLED TV

If you’re looking for superior image quality and an immersive viewing experience, the LG OLED55C1PUB is an excellent choice. Its OLED panel provides deep blacks, rich colors, and wide viewing angles. This 55-inch TV has innovative features, making it a versatile option for your dorm room.

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#3. Sony XBR55X900H 55-Inch 4K TV

The Sony XBR55X900H offers a 55-inch 4K display with HDR support, delivering exceptional visual clarity and lifelike colors.

It features Sony’s X1 processor, which enhances the picture quality and provides smoother motion. The Android TV platform makes accessing various apps and streaming services easy.

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#4. TCL 55S425 55-Inch Roku TV

Combining affordability and functionality, the TCL 55S425 is a budget-friendly option with a 55-inch screen. It offers 4K resolution and includes Roku’s innovative platform, providing seamless access to numerous streaming channels and apps. This TV is an excellent choice for students on a tight budget and is the fourth-best TV for dorm rooms.

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#5. Samsung QN50LS03AAFXZA 50-Inch The Frame TV

The Samsung QN50LS03AAFXZA is not just a TV but also a piece of art, and is the fifth best TV for dorm rooms. Its unique “Frame” design can blend seamlessly with your dorm room decor.

This 50-inch QLED TV offers impressive picture quality, a customizable bezel, and smart functionality for easy streaming.

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#6. VIZIO M55Q7-J03 55-Inch Quantum TV

The VIZIO M55Q7-J03 is a 55-inch Quantum TV that combines affordability with impressive visuals. It is one of the best TVs for dorm rooms.

It utilizes Quantum Color technology to deliver vivid colors and a sharp image. Its SmartCast platform lets you stream your favorite content from popular apps and services.

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#7. LG 43UN7300PUF 43-Inch 4K TV

For those looking for a smaller TV, the LG 43UN7300PUF offers a 43-inch screen with 4K resolution. It features LG’s webOS platform, which allows you to access a wide range of streaming services.

This TV also supports HDR content, enhancing the picture quality and delivering a more immersive experience.

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#8. Sony XBR43X800H 43-Inch 4K TV

The Sony XBR43X800H is another excellent option for a smaller dorm room. It offers a 43-inch 4K display with HDR support, delivering sharp and vibrant visuals. With its Android TV platform, you can enjoy a variety of apps and services. The TV also features Sony’s X-Reality PRO technology for enhanced picture clarity.

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#9. Toshiba 50LF621U21 50-Inch Fire TV

The Toshiba 50LF621U21 is a 50-inch Fire TV combining affordability and intelligent capabilities.

It comes with the Fire TV interface, providing easy access to popular streaming services and Alexa voice control. This TV offers 4K resolution and supports HDR content, ensuring a visually stunning experience.

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#10. Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series 55-Inch TV

The Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series TV offers impressive picture quality with its Quantum Dot technology and 55. This the 10th best TV for dorm rooms.

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Which TV offers the best picture quality for a college dorm room?

The LG OLED55C1PUB 55-inch OLED TV offers the best picture quality for a college dorm room. OLED technology provides deep blacks, vibrant colours, and excellent contrast, resulting in a visually stunning and immersive viewing experience.

The OLED panel ensures each pixel emits its light, allowing for precise control over brightness and enhancing the picture quality. With wide viewing angles and impressive colour accuracy, this TV delivers outstanding visual performance, making it ideal for enjoying movies, gaming, and other content in your dorm room.

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Can these TVs be easily connected to gaming consoles and streaming devices?

Yes, all the TVs on the list can be easily connected to gaming consoles and streaming devices. They come equipped with multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and other input options that allow you to connect your gaming consoles, such as Xbox or PlayStation, and streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast.

With these connectivity options, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience and access your favourite streaming services on the big screen of your dorm room TV. Some TVs offer wireless connectivity, enabling you to connect your devices without cables.

Yes, most TVs have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to wirelessly connect to your home network. This enables easy access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

 With these TVs’ built-in intelligent features, you can directly access and stream content from these services without additional streaming devices.

The innovative platforms integrated into the TVs offer user-friendly interfaces and app stores where you can download and install various streaming apps to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options from your dorm room TV.

Which TV offers the most advanced intelligent features and connectivity options for college dorm rooms?

The Sony XBR55X900H 55-Inch 4K TV offers some of the most advanced intelligent features and connectivity options for college dorm rooms. It comes with Android TV as its operating system, providing many apps and services. The Android TV platform allows you to access popular streaming services, browse the web, and even download additional apps to customize your entertainment experience.

Regarding connectivity, the Sony XBR55X900H offers multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and Bluetooth capabilities, making connecting gaming consoles, streaming devices, soundbars, and other peripherals easy. Additionally, it supports advanced connectivity features such as eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) and HDMI 2.1, which are essential for high-quality audio and video transmission.

Moreover, this TV is compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling you to control your TV using voice commands and seamlessly integrate it into your smart home ecosystem.

The Sony XBR55X900H stands out for its robust, innovative features and versatile connectivity options. It is an excellent choice for tech-savvy college students looking for a TV with advanced capabilities.

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Can these TVs be wall-mounted for better space utilization in a dorm room?

Yes. Most TVs can be wall-mounted, allowing for better space utilization in a dorm room. These TVs are designed to be VESA-compatible, which means they adhere to industry-standard mounting patterns. This makes it easier to find compatible wall mounts or brackets to mount the TV on the wall securely.

However, it’s important to note that the wall-mounting process may require additional hardware and professional installation, depending on the TV model and your dorm room’s wall structure. It’s recommended to consult the TV’s user manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for proper wall-mounting instructions and to ensure that the wall and mount can support the weight and size of the TV.

By wall-mounting your TV, you can free up valuable desk or surface space in your dorm room and create a more streamlined and organized setup.

Dorm Room Essentials

Check out the comprehensive guide to the top dorm basics, which is arranged by category to make your online purchasing experience easy. Below are a few dorm room essential:

  • Three-pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes.
  • Midea 3.0 cu.
  • Compact Fridge Caddy Organizer by SWISSELITE.
  • COMFEE Microwave Oven, Small Size.
  • Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Fan and Air Purifier.
  • 81-count Tide PODS Laundry Detergent Soap Pods.
  • The 6-Outlet, 6-foot-long Surge Protector Power Strip by Amazon Basics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when choosing a TV for my college dorm room? 

When selecting a TV for your college dorm room, consider screen size, resolution, connectivity options, intelligent features, and space-saving designs. These aspects will help you find a TV that fits your preferences and maximizes your entertainment experience within the limited space of a dorm room.

Are these TVs budget-friendly for college students? 

Yes, we have included a range of TVs to cater to different budgets. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or are willing to invest in a high-end television, we have considered various price points to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Can I connect my gaming console and other devices to these TVs? 

Absolutely! Connectivity is a crucial aspect of any modern TV. The TVs on our list offer multiple input options, including HDMI ports, USB ports, and wireless connectivity, allowing you to seamlessly connect your gaming console, streaming devices, and other peripherals.

Do these TVs support streaming services like Netflix and Hulu? 

Yes, the TVs on our list are equipped with intelligent features that provide access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. With built-in Wi-Fi and user-friendly interfaces, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without additional streaming devices.

Are these TVs compact and space-saving for dorm rooms? 

We understand the importance of space optimization in a dorm room. Therefore, we have included TVs with sleek and space-saving designs on our list. These televisions are specifically chosen to fit comfortably in dorm room environments, ensuring you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience without compromising on precious space.


As we reach the end of our exploration into the best TVs for your college dorm room, we hope to have provided you with valuable insights and options to enhance your entertainment experience.

The year is 2024, and technology advances rapidly, offering many choices to suit every preference and budget. Whether you prioritize stunning picture quality, immersive sound, intelligent features, or space-saving designs, there is undoubtedly a TV on our list that will cater to your needs.         



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