study abroad scholarships 2019

Do you know? Studying Abroad Can Change the Way You See The World. Study Abroad Programs give you the chance to go through the world as your classroom.  Rather than picking things up from books and the Internet, navigating a new landscape may open your eyes to culture, history, a new language or your heritage.  study abroad programs open the door to personal growth and discovery too.

some studyabroad are actually for free where the applicants get to apply for a study abroad for free scholarships as listed below.

As you learn how to say’hello’ at a foreign language, make friends, eat exciting fresh foods, it is bound to enhance your confidence, teach you self-reliance and extend the parameters of one’s safe place.

Study Abroad Office

To begin exploring opportunities for a study, work/intern, or research abroad experience, we encourage students to first submit an electronic Study Abroad Interest Form via our CMU Study Abroad Portal.

The portal is the best place to find out how to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a study abroad advisor, when to attend an information session, and search for opportunities abroad. The opportunities listed within this portal are not exhaustive; please contact us if you do not see a program in which you wish to participate.

These scholarships are tailored to fit your demands, from fully funded to internships, grants awards and it even cut across various levels that may interest you which includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This list contains some of the study abroad programs for college students and will give you intensive insight on best study abroad programs. see lit below


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