15 Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Are you searching for affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes? Look no further!

This article will unveil 15 amazing Anthropologie mirror dupes that won’t break the bank. If you’ve been eyeing the stunning designs from Anthropologie but find them too expensive, you’re not alone.

Many people desire the elegance of Anthropologie mirrors but want more affordable options. We’ve scoured the market and handpicked these wallet-friendly alternatives just for you.

Read on to find the perfect mirror to add a touch of charm and sophistication to your space without draining your bank account.

Why are Anthropologie Mirrors so Expensive?

Anthropologie mirrors are renowned for their stunning designs and impeccable craftsmanship, but their price tags often leave consumers wondering why they come with such a hefty cost.

Understanding the factors contributing to the high price of Anthropologie mirrors can shed light on their value and help you explore more affordable alternatives.

So, why exactly are Anthropologie mirrors so expensive?

#1. Intricate Designs

Anthropologie mirrors are known for their intricate and unique designs. Each mirror is meticulously crafted, often featuring elaborate details and artistic elements.

These designs require skilled artisans and significant time and effort to create, contributing to the higher price point.

#2. High-Quality Materials

Another factor contributing to the expense of Anthropologie mirrors is the use of high-quality materials. These mirrors are crafted from premium materials such as solid wood, brass, and other durable metals.

The choice of these materials ensures longevity and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. However, sourcing and working with these top-notch materials adds to the production costs.

#3. Handcrafted Artistry

Many Anthropologie mirrors are handmade, reflecting a level of artistry and craftsmanship that is not easily replicated.

Skilled artisans meticulously shape the frames, hand-apply finishes, and carefully assemble the mirrors. This attention to detail and the human touch involved in the manufacturing process significantly increases the price, as it requires higher expertise and labor.

#4. Limited Production

Anthropologie often limits the production of their mirrors, making them more exclusive and desirable. This limited availability adds an air of exclusivity and uniqueness to the mirrors, which drives up their price.

The combination of limited production and high demand creates a sense of luxury and scarcity, contributing to the overall cost.

#5. Brand Reputation

Anthropologie has established itself as a high-end brand associated with quality, aesthetics, and trendsetting designs. The brand’s reputation and positioning in the market influence the pricing of its products.

Consumers are willing to pay a premium for the assurance of owning a mirror from a reputable brand known for its distinctive style and exceptional quality.

While Anthropologie mirrors offer unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship, their high price point may not be feasible for everyone.

Fortunately, mirror dupes that capture the essence of Anthropologie designs without the hefty cost are available in the market.

By exploring these Anthropologie mirror dupes, you can enjoy your desired aesthetic appeal and style while staying within your budget.

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What are the Key Features to Look for in an Anthropologie Mirror Dupe?

When searching for an Anthropologie mirror dupe, you must consider specific features to find a quality alternative that matches your style preferences.

Here are the key features to look for in an Anthropologie mirror dupe:


The design of the mirror dupe should align with your aesthetic vision. Look for mirrors that capture the essence of the Anthropologie style, such as ornate frames, intricate details, or unique shapes.

Opt for a design that complements your existing decor and reflects your taste.


Consider the dimensions of the mirror dupe to ensure it fits perfectly in your desired space.

Measure where you plan to hang or place the mirror and look for options that provide the appropriate size, whether a statement piece or a more modest accent mirror.

Frame Material

Pay attention to the frame material used in the mirror dupe. Common materials include wood, metal, resin, or a combination.

Choose a material that suits your preferences, matches your decor, and offers durability. Keep in mind that certain materials may require more maintenance than others.

Mirror Quality

Assess the quality of the mirror itself. Look for a mirror dupe with a clear and distortion-free reflection.

High-quality mirrors will enhance the overall look of your space and provide a true reflection. Check customer reviews for feedback on the mirror’s quality and clarity.

Customer Reviews

Before purchasing, read customer reviews of the mirror dupe you are considering. These reviews can offer insights into the product’s durability, ease of installation, and overall satisfaction of previous buyers.

Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to make an informed decision.


One of the main advantages of opting for a mirror dupe is the affordability compared to Anthropologie mirrors. Set a budget and look for options that fall within your price range.

While finding an affordable alternative is essential, remember that quality should not be compromised for a lower price.

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The Original Anthropologie Mirror

Before we dive in, below we’ve listed the dimensions and costs of the original mirror’s four different sizes (2-floor mirrors and two wall mirrors) so that you can compare.

Anthropologie Mirror Dimensions and Costs:

  • 3′: 39.25″ H x 39″ W — $548
  • 5’: 60” H x 50.25” W — $898
  • 6’: 71.75” H x 32” W — $1,198
  • 7’: 84” H x 64.25” W — $1,598

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15 Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Here is a list of our favorite Anthropologie mirror dupe options. Check the materials and size options before buying to ensure they fit your needs and space.

#1. Gold Ornately Carved Leaner Mirror

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Buy from Kirklands

This decorative mirror from Kirklands features the same ornate gold work as the Anthropologie mirror. It has a central scrolled leaf design in the top center flowing to lower scrolled filigree on either side near the bottom.

This mirror is narrower than other Anthropologie mirror dupes and comes in just one size.

  • Sizes – 23.8”W x 45.9”H
  • Weight – 16.5lbs
  • Price – $112.49
  • Material – Metal frame and glass mirror
  • Color Options – Gold
  • Display Style – Leaning mirror or hanging from back-mounted hardware

#2. Rosette Arched Dresser Mirror

Buy from Restoration Hardware

The Rosette Arched Dresser Mirror is a favorite Anthropologie mirror dupe because of its delicate decorative design and color.

This mirror from Restoration Hardware features a just cluster of cabbage roses in the top center with a simple frame surrounding the outer edges of the mirror. The gold leaf has an aged patina to take the bright edge off the shine.

  • Sizes – 28″W x 44″H
  • Weight – 27 lbs
  • Price – $539 for members and $719 for regular
  • Material – Wood frame and glass mirror
  • Color Options – Aged gold
  • Display Style – Hangs from hardware mounted on the back

#3. Christany Arch Metal Wall Mirror

Buy from Wayfair

The Christany Arch Metal Wall Mirror comes from Rosdorf Park.

This Anthropologie dupe mirror features a simple decorative leaf pattern at the top with a straight frame and delicate scrolls on the bottom of each side. This is a great budget option that still looks like a quality piece.

  • Sizes – 24.5”W x 32.5”H
  • Weight – 11.75 lbs
  • Price – $247.99
  • Material – Metal frame with glass mirror
  • Color Options – Aged gold
  • Display Style – Hangs from hardware mounted on the back

#4. Arendahl Arched Mirror

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Buy from Kirklands

The Arendahl Arched Mirror from Kirklands features more size and color options than the other Anthropologie mirror dupes.

This mirror features ornate scrollwork at the top with no other decorative detailing. The mirror has a simple square frame design.

  • Sizes – 19”W x 30.75” H and 24”W x 36”H
  • Weight – 10.6 lbs and 16.4 lbs
  • Price – $149.99 and $239.99
  • Material – Iron and resin frame with glass mirror
  • Color Options – Antique gold, brass, and black
  • Display Style – Hangs from back-mounted hardware

#5. Bridgeway Arch Mirror Mirror

Buy from Birch Lane

The Bridgeway Arch Mirror from Birch Lane is one of our list’s more restrained Anthropologie Mirror dupe options.

This one has the same gold leaf frame and scrolled leaf pattern in the top center of the mirror but no other embellishment. This mirror has a simple gold frame and a beveled mirror for a distinctive look.

  • Sizes – 24”W x 42”H
  • Weight – 19 lbs
  • Price – $331
  • Material – Metal frame and beveled glass mirror
  • Color Options – Antique Brass, Black, Silver
  • Display Style – Hangs from back-mounted hardware

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#6. Tulca Floor Mirror

Buy from Lulu and Georgia

The Tulca Mirror from Lulu and Georgia is an elegant Anthropologie floor mirror dupe. This option has a similar size and scope to the Primrose mirror. It is also among the most expensive on the list, but the large size warrants the high price.

Despite its elaborate size, it features a simple decorative design at the top of the mirror with a straight gold frame.

  • Sizes – 36” W x 70” H
  • Weight – 70 lbs
  • Price – $998
  • Material – Metal frame and glass mirror
  • Color Options – Gold, silver, and oil-rubbed bronze
  • Display Style – Leaning floor mirror

#7. Gold Floral Top Arch Frame

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Buy from Kirklands

The Gold Floral Top Arch Mirror from Kirklands features a delicate cluster of rosettes at the top of the mirror.

This mirror has no ornamentation, making it more simple in style than other filigree floor mirror options. It has a light gold coloring which will blend well with other metal finishes throughout your room.

  • Sizes – 19”H x 55”W and 27”H x 52”W
  • Weight – 25.7 lbs 32.6 lbs
  • Price – $374.99 and $464.99
  • Material – Wood and wood composite frame with glass mirror
  • Color Options – Gold
  • Display Style – Leaning design

#8. Christopher Knight Home Antique Gold Mirror

Buy from Christopher Knight Home Store

This ornate gold mirror from Christopher Knight has a heavy wood composite frame. The weight and style of this mirror give it a look far beyond its price point.

This large mirror is perfect for leaning on your mantle or entryway console to complete an elegant, stylish room design.

  • Sizes – 36”W x 58”H
  • Weight – 34.4 lbs
  • Price – $380.69
  • Material – Manufactured wood frame with tempered glass mirror
  • Color Options – Gold
  • Display Style – Leaning style mirror

#9. Graciela Mirror

Buy from Frontgate

The Graciela Mirror from Frontgate has an authentic old-world style. It features decorative curling leaves in the top center of the mirror, with lower leaves to complement the bottom.

The frame is embellished with ribbing that runs the entire mirror length.

  • Sizes – 28” W x 42.5” H
  • Weight – 11 lbs
  • Price – $679.00
  • Material – Mahogany wood frame and glass mirror
  • Color Options – Gold leaf
  • Display Style – Wall hanging with back-mounted hardware

#10. Areila Ornate Mirror

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Buy from Birch Lane

The Areila Ornate Mirror from Birch Lane is an Anthropologie mirror dupe with multiple size options to consider. It features decorative scrollwork along the top and sides of the frame.

The burnished antique gold color means this is an understated piece that works with multiple home styles.

  • Sizes – 30”W x 39”H, 38”W x 39”H, and 38”W x 70.5”H
  • Weight – 25 lbs, 30 lbs, and 65 lbs
  • Price – $314, $377, and $772
  • Material – Metal frame with glass mirror
  • Color Options – Antique gold
  • Display Style – Wall hanging with back-mounted hardware

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#11. Bridgette Ornate Mirror

Buy from One Kings Lane

The Bridgette Ornate Mirror is a mirror at One Kings Lane. There are several size options for this mirror.

You can display your mirror on the floor or above a mantle. It will provide a focal point that will command the entire room’s attention.

  • Sizes – 28”W x 40”H, 28”W x 60”H, and 32”W x 68”H
  • Weight – 18 lbs, 33 lbs, and 41 lbs
  • Price – $495, $595, and $895
  • Material – Resin and MDF frame with glass mirror
  • Color Options – Antiqued gold
  • Display Style – Lean or hang with mounted hardware

#12. Rectangle Wall Mirror

Buy from Kelly Clarkson via Wayfair

The Rectangle Wall Mirror from Kelly Clarkson has a simple but decorative scrolled design.

This design has no vertical or horizontal orientation, so you can display it either way. The burnished gold frame allows for a more understated glam style.

  • Sizes – 24”W x 35.5”H
  • Weight – 14.5 lbs
  • Price – $269.99
  • Material – Engineered wood and resin frame with glass mirror
  • Color Options – Gold
  • Display Style – Display in a horizontal or vertical direction from the wall on mounted hardware

#13. Sam’s Club Anthropologie Mirror Dupe

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

This Sam’s Club mirror is almost a perfect dupe for the Anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror. It’s been going viral on TikTok lately, so we had to include it on this list!

The mirror costs $149.98 (although that price may depend on your location), and the dimensions are 72″H x 36″W.

The Filigree Floor Mirror isn’t sold on the Sam’s Club website (yet), but go pick it up if there’s a Sam’s Club location near you!

#14. Small Jacqueline Mirror

This mirror is one of the closest Anthropologie mirror dupes I could find

The gorgeous detailing around the top of the arched mirror is very similar to the original.

It’s closest in size to the smallest Primrose mirror with dimensions of 42″ H x 27″ W.

#15. Morrey Crown Top Angled Wall Mirror

How gorgeous is this ornate gold wall mirror from Lamps Plus?

It’s a slightly different shape than the Anthropologie mirror, but it’s so stunning and only $169.99.

This mirror measures 25.75″ H x 34.25″ W, which makes it the perfect size for a wall mirror.

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What are mirror dupes?

Mirror dupes, short for duplicates, are affordable alternatives to high-end mirrors, such as Anthropologie mirrors. They aim to replicate the style and design of the original mirrors while being more budget-friendly.

How do mirror dupes compare to Anthropologie mirrors?

Mirror dupes offer a more affordable option without compromising on style. While they may not have the same level of craftsmanship or prestige as Anthropologie mirrors, they can still provide a similar aesthetic appeal at a fraction of the cost.

Where can I find affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes?

You can find mirror dupes online at retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock. Local home decor stores, thrift stores, online marketplaces like Etsy, and social media groups and marketplaces are also great places to explore.

Can I find mirror dupes that closely resemble specific Anthropologie designs?

Yes, mirror dupes are available that closely resemble popular Anthropologie designs like the “Sunburst” or “Gleaming Primrose.” These alternatives capture the essence of the original designs and offer an affordable option for those who admire Anthropologie’s unique style.

Are mirror dupes a good option for home staging or rental properties?

Absolutely! Mirror dupes are an excellent choice for home staging or rental properties. They provide a stylish and elegant touch to any space without the high cost, allowing you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property without breaking the budget.


While you may not expect mirror dupes to match the exact quality of Anthropologie mirrors, many alternatives still provide excellent quality and durability.

By focusing on materials, mirror quality, construction, customer reviews, and brand reputation, you can find Anthropologie mirror dupes that offer high quality and meet your expectations.

Check out the affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes above!


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