21 Easiest Classes at LSU: Discover the Easiest Classes at Louisiana State University

21 Easiest Classes at LSU: Discover the Easiest Classes at Louisiana State University
21 Easiest Classes at LSU: Discover the Easiest Classes at Louisiana State University

As a student, you might strive to get higher grades or become more relaxed during the times when academics are especially hard. LSU has as much in store as anybody could wish for. There are a variety of courses, some of which are considered the easiest classes at LSU.

Following the advice and developing an appropriate academic schedule will allow you to improve your grades as much as possible while in college.

This article will lay out the Easiest Classes at LSU based on students’ evaluations and course materials, thus making it easy for you to decide what class to take next.

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About LSU

Louisiana State University (LSU) is a premier public research university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a diverse student body and a wide range of academic programs, LSU offers countless opportunities for students to thrive and succeed. As a student at LSU, you may face challenging coursework, but there’s no need to worry. 

Easiest Classes at LSU: LSU Acceptance Rate and GPA Requirements

LSU has a competitive acceptance rate of around 74%, making it an accessible option for many students. Although the university considers various factors during the admissions process, the average GPA of admitted students is around 3.5. To increase your chances of acceptance and success at LSU, you want to maintain a solid academic record and seek out courses that will allow you to excel.

LSU Campus Life

Life on the LSU campus is vibrant and engaging, offering students various activities, clubs, and events. From cheering on the Tigers at sporting events to joining one of over 400 student organizations, there’s something for everyone at LSU. In addition, the university provides numerous resources and assistance services to help students succeed academically and personally.

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LSU UREC – University Recreation

The LSU UREC (University Recreation) offers state-of-the-art facilities and programs to help students maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. With an indoor climbing wall, swimming pools, fitness classes, and intramural sports, there’s always something happening at the UREC to keep students engaged and energized.

LSU Course Difficulty – What to Expect

Like any university, LSU offers many courses, from introductory to advanced levels. The difficulty of these courses can vary greatly, but with careful planning and research, you can find enjoyable and manageable classes. Balancing challenging courses with easier ones can help you maintain a strong GPA while still gaining valuable knowledge and skills.

Tips for Choosing the Easiest Classes at LSU

When looking for the easiest classes at Louisiana State University, consider the following tips:

  • Consult fellow students and online forums for course recommendations.
  • Research the course syllabus and professor before enrolling.
  • Consider elective courses that align with your interests and strengths.
  • Look for courses with a reputation for being engaging and well-organized.
  • Balance your schedule with a mix of challenging and easier courses.

Top 21 Easiest Classes at Louisiana State University

Here are 21 of the most accessible classes at Louisiana State University, which can help you boost your GPA while enjoying an engaging learning experience:

  • AGEC 1003 – Introduction to Agricultural Business
  • ART 1551 – Basic Design
  • GBUS 1001 – Introduction to Business
  • INTL 1990 – Introduction to Study Abroad
  • LIS 2001 – Introduction to Information Technologies
  • MUS 1740 – Introduction to Music History I
  • PHIL 1000 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • UC 0050 – Introduction to Mentoring, Education, and Research
  • HNRS 1007 – Introduction to Life Sciences
  • ENTM 1001 – Insects and Society
  • EDCI 1001 – Introduction to College Study
  • LA 1203 – Views of the American Landscape
  • ANTH 1001 – Intro to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory
  • MUSI 1751 – Music Appreciation
  • ENGL 2231 – Reading Film as Literature
  • MUS 1600 – American Popular Music
  • ART 1001 – Introduction to Fine Arts
  • CLST 2090 – Greek and Roman Mythology
  • ID 1051 – Introduction to Interior Design
  • POLI 2051 – American Government
  • CLST 2101 – Ancient Greek Civilization

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1. EDCI 1001 – Introduction to College Study

This course teaches students essential study skills, such as note-taking, critical thinking, and time management. It’s considered one of the easiest classes at Louisiana State University since the course content mainly consists of reading and presentation assignments.

2. LA 1203 – Views of the American Landscape

LA 1203 covers the history of North America and is perfect for those interested in history. Students have found this class particularly easy when taken with Dr. Fryling. The course material primarily involves memorizing quotes, names, places, and dates, which can be done through Quizlet.

3. ANTH 1001 – Intro to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory

This course provides an overview of human history and the evolution of the human race. It explores different cultures and civilizations throughout history. Course content includes a midterm, ethnography, and a take-home exam and is considered an easy A by many LSU students.

4. MUSI 1751 – Music Appreciation

MUSI 1751 teaches students how to listen to Western classical music and attend live concerts. The course is considered most accessible when taken with Dr. Kimball. Students can easily excel in this class by attending concerts and analyzing various musical pieces.

5. ENGL 2231 – Reading Film as Literature

For movie enthusiasts, this course is an excellent choice. When taken with Josh Leibner, it is considered one of the easiest classes at LSU. Students will study film classics, learn about film language, and explore how films are based on literature. Course content mainly involves watching movies weekly and completing writing assignments based on the films.

MUS 1600 explores modern music and its cultural, political, and economic perspectives. Students interested in learning more about contemporary music will find this course engaging and accessible. The course grade is primarily determined by the ability to memorize a song’s artist, title, and year of creation.

7. ART 1001 – Introduction to Fine Arts

This course introduces students to general concepts regarding major art forms, focusing on community, home, religion, and industry. It’s considered an easy A, especially when taken with Dr. Speith.

8. CLST 2090 – Greek and Roman Mythology

CLST 2090 is an easy-A course for those interested in studying Greek and Roman mythology and history. Students will survey the most important Greek and Roman mythology details throughout the semester.

9. ID 1051 – Introduction to Interior Design

ID 1051 is a unique and simple course for students interested in interior design. It teaches the principles of interior design practice and explores careers in this field. The coursework includes four tests and a paper, with no midterms or final exams.

10. POLI 2051 – American Government

POLI 2051 covers the American government’s structure, fundamentals, history, and processes. LSU students have described this class as an easy A, making it an excellent choice for those looking to boost their GPA.

11. CLST 2101 – Ancient Greek Civilization

This course focuses on ancient Greek art, language, literature, and philosophy. For those interested in Greek history, it can be enjoyable and easy to excel in. Some students have even reported finding all the answers online, making it an easy A.

12. LIS 1001 – Library Research Methods and Materials

LIS 1001 is considered one of the easiest courses at LSU. It teaches students how to navigate a library, gather information for research, and study different library resources. The course consists of four-semester assignments, which determine the final grade.

13. AGEC 1003 – Introduction to Agricultural Business

This introductory course covers the nature and scope of agribusiness, including management and marketing concepts applied to agribusiness problems. It’s an easy class to understand, even for those not pursuing a career in agriculture.

14. ART 1551 – Basic Design

ART 1551 is an introductory design course that focuses on form and the delineation of space within a two-dimensional field. The emphasis is on hand skills and traditional design media, making it an accessible class for students of all skill levels.

15. GBUS 1001 – Introduction to Business

This course covers the operation of business firms, the function of business professionals, and the nature of economic systems and private enterprises. GBUS 1001 can be taken as an online class, making it an easy and flexible option for students.

16. INTL 1990 – Introduction to Study Abroad

INTL 1990 introduces students to the principal themes of studying abroad, including developing skills necessary for engaging across cultures. This class can help students prepare for future study abroad opportunities while being an easy addition to their course load.

17. LIS 2001 – Introduction to Information Technologies

LIS 2001 covers the fundamentals of hardware, software, networking, and telecommunications issues. Students will learn to use application software, electronic databases, and search engines, making this class a valuable and easy choice for beginners.

18. MUS 1740 – Introduction to Music History I

This course covers the fundamental elements of music from historical and cultural perspectives. It introduces students to historical trends, musical genres, major composers, and score reading. MUS 1740 is suitable for those looking to gain a basic understanding of music history.

19. PHIL 1000 – Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 1000 covers major philosophical works on themes such as appearance and reality, human nature, knowledge, mind-body relations, ethics, the existence of God, and freedom and determinism. This class can be taken online, providing an easy learning experience for students.

20. UC 0050 – Introduction to Mentoring, Education, and Research

UC 0050 prepares students to become mentors and researchers by introducing them to college success tools, learning strategies, time management, and organization. This course can help students develop essential skills while being an easy addition to their course load.

21. ENTM 1001 – Insects and Society

ENTM 1001 introduces insects’ effects on agriculture, human health, and the environment. This course is an accessible and engaging option for students interested in learning about the impact of insects on society.

Benefits of Taking the Easiest Classes at LSU

Taking easy classes at LSU provides several benefits, such as:

  • Boosting your GPA: Enrolling in more accessible courses can help you achieve higher grades, improving your overall GPA.
  • Balancing your schedule: Mixing challenging and more accessible courses helps you manage your workload more effectively, preventing burnout and stress.
  • Exploring new interests: Easier classes can introduce you to new subjects and passions, potentially influencing your future career or academic path.
  • Developing essential skills: While these courses may be considered “easy,” they can still help you develop valuable skills, such as confidence, critical thinking, communication, and time management.

How to Succeed in Easy Classes at LSU

To succeed in easy classes at LSU, follow these strategies:

  • Stay engaged: Attend lectures, participate in class discussions, and complete assignments to maintain your understanding of the material.
  • Manage your time: Create a study schedule and prioritize assignments to ensure you’re devoting sufficient time to each course.
  • Seek help when needed: If you struggle with the course material, utilize LSU’s academic resources and consult with your professors.
  • Stay organized: Use a planner or digital calendar to track assignment deadlines and exam dates.
  • Apply what you learn: Look for opportunities to apply the knowledge and abilities gained in your easy classes to other areas of your life and future coursework.

LSU GPA Boosters

In addition to choosing easy classes at LSU, you can also boost your GPA by:

  • Utilizing tutoring services and academic resources on campus.
  • Forming study groups with classmates.
  • Regularly meeting with your academic advisor to discuss your course load and performance.
  • Developing product study habits and time management skills.
  • Seeking extra credit opportunities when available.

Easiest Classes at LSU: LSU Pass/Fail Option

LSU offers a pass/fail grading option for specific elective courses, allowing you to receive credit for a course without impacting your GPA. This option can benefit students exploring new subjects or alleviate academic pressure. Consult your advisor to determine if the pass/fail option suits your situation.

LSU Course Reviews

To gain insight into the easiest classes at LSU, consult course reviews from fellow students. Websites like Rate My Professors and LSU-specific forums can provide valuable information about course difficulty, professor quality, and workload expectations. Use this information to make informed decisions about which classes to enroll in.

LSU Online Classes

LSU offers numerous online classes, which can provide greater flexibility for students with busy schedules or those seeking a more self-paced learning experience. Online classes at LSU can be just as engaging and rewarding as in-person courses, so consider incorporating online courses into your schedule as needed.

LSU Summer Classes

Summer classes at LSU also lighten your course load during the regular academic year, allowing you to focus on more challenging courses. Summer classes often have smaller class sizes and a more relaxed atmosphere, which can contribute to a more enjoyable learning experience.

LSU Coursework Assistance

If you need help with coursework, LSU offers many different resources to support your academic success, such as tutoring services, academic coaching, and writing support. Utilize these resources to improve your understanding of course material and develop essential academic skills.

LSU Tutoring Services

LSU provides free peer tutoring services in various subjects, helping students better understand course material and improve their academic performance. Whether you’re enrolled in an easy or challenging class, tutoring services can be a valuable resource for your success at LSU.

LSU Academic Resources

In addition to tutoring services, LSU offers numerous academic resources to support student success, including academic coaching, writing support, and research assistance. Use these resources to enhance your academic performance and overall college experience.


Can I take easy classes at LSU to fulfill general education requirements? 

Many of the easiest classes at Louisiana State University help fulfill general education requirements, allowing you to explore new subjects while maintaining a strong GPA.

How can I find out if a class at LSU is considered easy? 

Consult fellow students, online forums, and course reviews to gather information about a specific class’s difficulty level and workload. Additionally, research the course syllabus and professor before enrolling to ensure the class meets your expectations.

Can I take online or summer classes at LSU to lighten my course load? 

Yes, LSU offers numerous online and summer classes, providing greater flexibility and options for students seeking a more manageable course load.


Taking the easiest classes at LSU can be beneficial by helping you slacken your pressure, improve your academic performance, and discover new interests. 

Conscientious planning, conducting of research, and reasonable course selection would help you utilize this opportunity at LSU to maximize your college experience and make a successful result out of it.


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