10 Best Meeting and Event Planning Colleges 2024

event planning colleges

If you have a knack for organization, a passion for creating memorable experiences, and a desire to pursue a career in event planning, our article on meeting and event planning colleges is right for you.

In this article, we will look at the best meeting and event planning colleges, exploring the educational opportunities they offer, the skills you can develop, and the exciting career prospects that await you.

Additionally, we will discuss the robust career pathways that await you after your training in meetings and event planning. Join me as we go on this journey together.

What is an Event Planning College?

An Event Planning College is a specialized educational institution that offers courses and programs focused on training individuals in the art and science of planning, organizing, and executing events.

These colleges provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic field of event management. Students learn about event logistics, budgeting, marketing, vendor management, and other key aspects of planning successful events.

Attending an Event Planning College can be a great way to kickstart your career in the event industry. By learning from experienced professionals and gaining hands-on experience through internships and practical projects, students can develop the expertise and confidence needed to thrive in this exciting field.

Graduates from Event Planning Colleges often go on to work as event planners, coordinators, or managers for a wide range of events such as weddings, corporate conferences, festivals, and more.

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What types of courses can I expect to take at an event planning college?

Event planning college can provide you with a variety of courses that will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of event planning.

Some common courses you may encounter include event design and decor, budgeting and financial management for events, marketing and promotion strategies, vendor management, and project management. These courses will help you develop a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of event planning.

Additionally, you may also have the opportunity to take courses on event logistics, risk management, client communication, and industry trends. Hands-on experience through internships or practicums may also be part of the curriculum to give you real-world exposure to the industry.

Attending an event planning college will equip you with the tools and expertise needed to plan successful events and build a rewarding career in this dynamic field.

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How long does it typically take to complete a program at an event planning college?

The length of time it takes to complete a program at an event planning college can vary depending on the specific program and the school you choose.

Typically, most event planning programs range from 6 months to 2 years in duration. Certificate programs may take around 6 months to a year to complete, while associate or bachelor’s degree programs may take 2-4 years.

Factors such as whether you are studying full-time or part-time, the curriculum requirements, and any internships or practical experience components can also impact the overall timeline. It’s important to research different colleges and their program structures to find one that aligns with your goals and schedule.

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Are there opportunities for internships or practical experience while studying at an event planning college?

Yes! Many event planning colleges offer opportunities for internships or practical experience as part of their curriculum. These experiences can provide valuable hands-on learning and networking opportunities that can greatly benefit your future career in event planning.

Internships allow you to apply the theoretical knowledge you learn in the classroom to real-world situations, giving you a well-rounded education and preparing you for the workforce.

Additionally, internships can help you build relationships with professionals in the industry, potentially leading to job opportunities after graduation.

It’s important to take advantage of these opportunities while studying at an event planning college, as they can give you a competitive edge and set you apart from other candidates when entering the job market.

List of Best Meeting and Event Planning Colleges in 2024

Here are 5 of the best meeting and event-planning colleges in the world:

George Washington University

George Washington University offers a variety of event management programs that are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.

These programs cover a range of topics such as event planning, marketing, budgeting, and logistics. Students have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and gain hands-on experience through internships and practical projects.

The university’s event management programs also focus on networking opportunities, allowing students to connect with industry professionals and potential employers. With its prime location in Washington D.C., students have access to a vibrant events scene and can take advantage of numerous internship and job opportunities in the field.

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers a fantastic program in event management that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry.

With a focus on hands-on experience and real-world applications, students have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and gain valuable insights into the world of event planning.

The program covers a wide range of topics including event marketing, budgeting, logistics, and risk management, preparing students for a successful career in the fast-paced events industry.

Additionally, UNLV’s location in Las Vegas provides students with unique opportunities to network with industry leaders and gain practical experience through internships and job placements. The event management program at UNLV is a great choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in this exciting field.

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Purdue University

At Purdue University, event management is a well-organized and dynamic process that involves planning, coordinating, and executing various events on campus.

The university offers a range of resources and support to help students and organizations successfully host events, whether they are small club gatherings or large-scale conferences.

Students interested in learning more about event management at Purdue can take advantage of workshops, training sessions, and networking opportunities offered by the university.

These hands-on experiences provide valuable skills in project management, communication, and problem-solving that are essential for success in the field of event planning. By getting involved with event management at Purdue, students can gain practical experience while building a strong professional network that will benefit them in their future careers.

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University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom

The University of Westminster in London offers a fantastic event management program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

With a strong emphasis on practical experience and real-world projects, students have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in event planning, marketing, and execution.

The university also has strong connections with industry professionals, providing students with valuable networking opportunities and potential internships or job placements.

Additionally, the vibrant city of London serves as the perfect backdrop for students to gain hands-on experience in organizing events in one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities. Studying event management at the University of Westminster is a great choice for those looking to kickstart their career in this exciting field.

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NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda, Netherlands

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands is renowned for its International Event Management program. The program emphasizes hands-on learning, international collaboration, and sustainable event planning practices, preparing students for successful careers in the global event industry.

N/B: These colleges have established themselves as leaders in meeting and event planning education, offering comprehensive programs, industry-experienced faculty, and unparalleled opportunities for students to gain practical experience and network with industry professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will attending an event planning college help me make valuable connections in the industry?

Absolutely! Event planning colleges often have strong ties with industry professionals and organizations, providing students with opportunities to network and build relationships that can benefit their careers.

Can I specialize in a specific type of event planning at an event planning college?

Some event planning colleges offer specializations in areas such as corporate events, weddings, non-profit events, or sports events to allow students to focus on their areas of interest within the field.

What kind of job opportunities can I expect after graduating from an event planning college?

Graduates from event planning colleges can pursue various roles such as event coordinator, wedding planner, corporate event manager, fundraising specialist, and more in industries like hospitality, marketing, and non-profits.


Attending an event planning college can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the dynamic field of event management. These programs offer hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and industry insights that will help you stand out in a competitive market.

By enrolling in a reputable event planning college, you can gain a strong foundation in event logistics, marketing, budgeting, and client relations.

If you are interested in organizing weddings, corporate events, or music festivals, these colleges can help you turn your passion for event planning into a rewarding career.



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