30 Fastest Online School Degree Programs (use your time wisely)


30 Fastest Online School Degree Programs

Accelerated and fast-track programs are a very viable option in online schools these days. Most every distance education student requires a flexible schedule to accommodate their busy lifestyle, as well as a degree that they can earn in as short a time as possible. These 30 Fastest Online School Degree Programs give potential students all of the fastest, most accelerated curricula in online schools across America. Some schools provide only a few of their programs at an accelerated rate, but many of these academic institutions offer short terms, huge amounts of transfer credits, and coursework that is designed to give students the same amount of information, but in a condensed form. Challenging, yet rewarding, these schools and degree programs will turn any student into a working professional in no time!


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School Highlights:
The University of Miami is an respected online school that offers students a well-rounded array of masters programs that can be completed in as little as 16 months. Some of their more popular programs include: Master in Finance and Master of Professional Accounting. Each of these programs, and more, offer masters certificate options that take only 8 months to finish. In any case, the curricula offered through the University of Miami is flexible and fast-paced, giving students access to a new careers as soon as possible.

Acceptance Rate: 37.8%

Retention Rate: 93%

Graduation Rate: 81.4%




School Highlights:
Liberty University is one of the most highly celebrated online schools in the country, and offers a huge range of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs that can be completed in very little time. Many programs, such as the online M.Div. include accelerated tracks, as well as short, 8-week courses. Coursework is flexible, yet challenging, and the institution gives students complete control over their degree programs. Students can transfer up to 50% of their credits as well, which would make for an even speedier program delivery.

Acceptance Rate: 20.2%

Retention Rate: 69%

Graduation Rate: 52.1%




School Highlights:
Colorado Technical University has been recognized repeatedly for their outstanding achievements as an online school. Students have a huge range of options when choosing a suitable program offered through the CTU Fast Track degrees. These programs operate through a series of exams that students have numerous opportunities to take and pass. If a student can pass the exam without needing the course in order to obtain a degree, it can save as much as 30% of their time and money compared to regular programs. The courses use adaptive learning technologies to deliver their fast track programs, which are offered at no additional cost!

Acceptance Rate: unavailable

Retention Rate: 42%

Graduation Rate: 37%




School Highlights:
“Ranked a Tier One research university by the Carnegie Classification,” the University of North Texas offers five unique masters programs that can be taken at an accelerated rate. Coursework in these degrees can be completed in as little as 12 months, giving students challenging and in-depth coursework that does not inhibit the rate at which they enter into the job market. Customized mentoring services and course scheduling help individuals tailor their own schedule to meet their different needs. Students can choose to vary the rate at which they complete their degree program, so that if they feel they need for more time to complete certain classes, they have the option to do so.

Acceptance Rate: 65.4%

Retention Rate: 78%

Graduation Rate: 50.2%




School Highlights:
This online school is very well-liked by students, which is reflected in their impressive job placement rate, and provides an enormous amount of distance education programs of all degree types (certificates, bachelors, and masters) and majors that are offered at an accelerated rate. Consistently ranked as a top tier online school in America by U.S. News and World Report, Regis students receive excellent resources and opportunities through which they can bolster their standing within their particular field. There are several methods that can be employed to shorten the amount of required credit hours in each program, and the accelerated rate of the curricula significantly reduces the amount of time spent in the online programs. Advisors and counselors are readily available to all individuals to help design coursework that maximizes flexibility and acceleration.

Acceptance Rate: 66%

Retention Rate: 78%

Graduation Rate: 59.1%




School Highlights:
Benedictine University is a highly respected online school that delivers impressive undergraduate and graduate degree programs through distance education. Many of these programs are capable of being completed at a student’s own pace, making it as short or as long as they need through asynchronous scheduling, but there are several additional opportunities to earn a degree at an accelerated rate. The online undergraduate programs are each only 2 years long, and can be shorter depending on the amount of coursework a particular students is capable of taking on at once. The bachelors programs make it easy for students to continue working and managing their lives outside of school, while also earning a degree as quickly as possible. The outstanding Masters in Business Administration as well as the Master of Science in Nursing/MBA dual program are also offered at a accelerated rates. Online students attending this “top tier private university with an established reputation for excellence” have access to fantastic resources and advisors to excel their academic and professional success even further.

Acceptance Rate: 77.2%

Retention Rate: 70.7%

Graduation Rate: 50.9%




School Highlights:
Albertus Magnus College has been offering flexible, accelerated programs since 1985, and has since perfected the scheduling, curriculum structure, and management in these degrees for over three decades. Today, every online undergraduate program (of which there is a huge amount) at this online school is self-paced and coursework is accelerated to give working adults the education and professional training needed to excel in their current/future careers. Students at this school can count on steadfast, personalized career planning and preparation with individual advisors, as well as close academic advisement with the faculty and staff of AMC. Distinguished faculty members have been well-recognized for their achievements in academia, and are an excellent foundation for the accelerated framework of each course.

Acceptance Rate: 87%

Retention Rate: 84%

Graduation Rate: 49.7%




School Highlights:
This small, intimate, Christian-based online school offers impeccable distance education bachelor’s and master’s degrees at highly accelerated rates. Some programs take less than a year to complete, and yet still offer as much depth and opportunity as full-length, on-campus degrees. Coursework can be taken at personalized rates, giving students as much control over their classes and schedules as possible, while also offering competent administrative resources and financial allocations. Accelerated bachelor degree programs include areas in: Accounting, Organizational Leadership, Public Administration, and Sociology. Masters degrees include: Counseling Psychology, Public Relations, Business Administration, and Education, each of which also has relevant specializations. CBU also offers several exciting certificate opportunities.

Acceptance Rate: 79.7%

Retention Rate: 83%

Graduation Rate: 55.4%




School Highlights:
Becker College’s Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies is specifically designed for adult learners who are looking to receive a degree or certification as quickly as possible, and in which students can find all of the resources and opportunities they need. Becker also offers accelerated events and accelerated admissions to provide students with yet even more speediness in the acquisition of their bachelor’s. This online school offers two superb undergraduate programs at an accelerated rate: a Business Administration and a Business Administration – Management program, both of which have been recognized by such journalistic resources as The Princeton Review. Graduates exiting either one of these distinguished degrees will have already established a solid reputation upon entering the workforce as a newly educated professional.

Acceptance Rate: 62.5%

Retention Rate: 67%

Graduation Rate: 30.2%




School Highlights:
Trine University is an intimate and well-celebrated online school by U.S. News and World Report, and offers two accelerated masters programs that can be completed in as little as one year: an Engineering Management degree and a Criminal Justice degree. Students gain an excellent understanding of their field in both of these fast-paced curricula, and have a mastery over their professional skills upon graduating. The school works closely with each student to ensure their success in these challenging yet rewarding accelerated graduate degrees, and provides career, academic, and professional resources at any and all times. Both areas of study will allow students to acquire numerous different positions of employment in a competitive job market.

Acceptance Rate: 76%

Retention Rate: 72%

Graduation Rate: 53.9%




School Highlights:
This online schools offers a tremendous amount of online programs, both undergraduate and graduate degrees, in accelerated formats. Students of all types and majors can find ways to quicken their coursework in order to receive highly specialized degrees in as little as 14 months (graduate students) or 48 months (undergraduate students). Traditionally it would take several years to complete either one of these degrees, particularly depending upon the nature of their complexity. However, Lamar University has designed their online programs to give adult/distance education learners exceedingly fine accelerated classes as well as invaluable academic resources. Degree completion varies from major to major, but with dedication and the assistance of faculty and staff at Lamar, students can complete excellent degree programs in no time!

Acceptance Rate: 77.2%

Retention Rate: 60%

Graduation Rate: 32.9%




School Highlights:
Concordia University’s accelerated online Master in Educational Leadership is both challenging and rewarding. Courses are offered in very short, 5-week formats and include complex information, but students have the assistance of highly intelligent and dedicated faculty members as well as personal advisors. Students are given numerous academic and financial opportunities directly connected to this fast-track program to give them added assistance throughout their education. Graduates profess the excellence of this curriculum and the ways in which it has benefited both their professional training and job placement, which can be found on the program website (linked below). Coursework offers a broad approach to the discipline, and allows students to enter into a wide variety of positions of employment within several months of having applied to the program!

Acceptance Rate: 52.6%

Retention Rate: 68%

Graduation Rate: 55%




School Highlights:
Immaculata University is a massively popular online school that supports an outstanding freshman retention rate, which a strong indication of student satisfaction. The College of Lifelong Learning provides several programs that are offered at an accelerated, seven-week format, which significantly reduces the amount of time spent in school. Students have the opportunity to transfer up to 72 credits to additional reduce their time, and can take up to 18 credit hours at a time (about 4-6 classes). Immaculata also provides excellent academic and advising support and resources to all students throughout their challenging degree programs, and the high-tech delivery of the online programs allows for seamless navigation of individual curricula.

Acceptance Rate: 75.9%

Retention Rate: 92%

Graduation Rate: 61.2%




School Highlights:
Southern New Hampshire University is one of the most popular and successful online schools in the nation, and offers numerous accelerated masters degree programs that can be completed in as few as 15 months, as well as undergraduate degrees such as the well-recognized accelerated RN-to-MSN program that incorporates a bachelors degree in the coursework. SNHU students can look forward to flexible, cost-efficient curricula that match individual schedules and budgets. GRE/GMAT scores are not required, making program accessibility all the more easy! Each major provides opportunities inside and outside of school that connect students with excellent certifications and careers. Dedicated faculty members and advisors give students assistance throughout their academic and professional careers.

Acceptance Rate: 84.2%

Retention Rate: 68%

Graduation Rate: 49%





School Highlights:
Colorado State University—Global Campus provides numerous online undergraduate and graduate degree programs at an accelerated rate, and is one of the most popular and well-reputed online schools in America. Courses are asynchronous and terms are 8 weeks long, giving students significant command and control over their schedules.  Courses are updated regularly to reflect the most relevant information possible pertaining to their particular field of study. Every degree offered from CSU—Global Campus is customizable and contains a multitude of specialization options, which vastly expands each students understanding and knowledge-base. Students can also look forward to bountiful resources, such as personalized advising and career counseling, throughout both their academic and professional careers.

Acceptance Rate: 96%

Retention Rate: 84%

Graduation Rate: 47%




School Highlights:
Northeastern University is a revered and popular online school that has been recognized repeatedly for its outstanding programs. The Fast-Track Bachelor of Science in Leadership is offered through the school of distance education, and allows students to transfer at up to 80 credit hours, which reduces the amount of time spent in school by more than half and allows students to complete their degree in 18 months. This accelerated programs gives students the option to either complete the curriculum at the pace set by Northeastern, or at a customizable rate, giving them complete control over their major. Graduates have a well-developed network of professional contacts, and a fabulous standing thanks to a degree from Northeastern University.

Acceptance Rate: 28%

Retention Rate: 96%

Graduation Rate: 81.6%




School Highlights:
Northcentral University is another of the country’s most popular online schools, and has received recognition for its achievements for many consecutive years. With weekly start dates for all programs, there is no wrong time to start new coursework at this online school. Students seeking out fast programs can find accelerated business, organizational leadership, and education graduate degree programs. These curricula provide a lot of flexibility in scheduling and can be completed in one year. The accelerated MBA program is perhaps the most popular of these options, which is challenging yet provides students who have the right motivation with everything they would need to excel in the realm of business. Each program provides students with excellent faculty members and advisors who assist students throughout their accelerated programs.

Acceptance Rate: 53%

Retention Rate: 69%

Graduation Rate: 47.3%




School Highlights:
Philadelphia University’s distance education bachelor’s degree programs are not specifically indicated as “accelerated,” but the terms at this online school will give individuals the feel of a fast-track programs. The terms at this online school are 8 weeks long allowing undergraduate degrees to be completed in as little as two years or less. Individuals are allowed to transfer up to 21 credits, which shortens their overall time spent at PhilaU Online. Students can major in nine different areas that are largely focused around management and leadership, such as business and human resources, however there is still a nice variety of coursework.

Acceptance Rate: 63.9%

Retention Rate: 79%

Graduation Rate: 66%




School Highlights:
Ball State University has been included on many lists as one of the top purveyors of distance education. This fantastic online school offers two unique graduate degree programs at an accelerated rate: a Master in Special Education and a Master in Public Relations. Both of these programs can be completed in as little as five semesters, or about 15 months. Each curriculum allows students the opportunity to focus their degree in individual or blended specialization options, which bolsters their education and does not increase their time spent in class. Each program is well-accredited and contains strong coursework taught by renowned faculty members. The BSU administration and advisors are readily available to assist students throughout their graduate degree work, especially when scheduling an accelerated program such as these.

Acceptance Rate: 59.9%

Retention Rate: 81%

Graduation Rate: 60.3%




School Highlights:
At Western Governors University, students pay for time spent, not per credit hour. Tuition is a flat rate, 6-month fee that allows students to complete as much as they can within that time frame. Using this unique structure, students can typically finish their bachelors degree programs in less than 2 years, particularly with relevant transfer credits. As the normal time to graduate a bachelors is 4-5 years, this is a significantly reduced amount of time and money spent in college. Online WGU students can major in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as certificates, in a huge range of majors and concentration areas. Western Governors University has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and others for its outstanding online degrees. Coursework is challenging, but has shown to be massively popular among students.

Acceptance Rate: 45.4%

Retention Rate: 73%

Graduation Rate: 16.7%




School Highlights:
All of Columbia College’s online programs are scheduled at an accelerated rate. Students can major in a huge variety of different undergraduate and graduate degree programs in which terms are 8 weeks long. This intensifies the coursework somewhat, but allows students to complete classes with speediness and efficiency. Columbia College is an excellent online school with a fine reputation behind its programs. Students are very happy in their various studies, which are known to be quite challenging, and all online classes are instructed by superb faculty members. Online students who are looking for a well-rounded school that values students’ time and academic progress, as well as enough breadth within the curricula to make an educated choice for their major, Columbia College is a great choice.

Acceptance Rate: 88.5%

Retention Rate: 71%

Graduation Rate: 42.8%




School Highlights:
Elmhurst College is an extremely popular and well-liked school, which is reflected in their magnificent freshman student retention rate below. This online school offers three unique fast-track degree completion options for adults (over the age of 24) that can be completed in as little as one year. This significantly reduced amount of time spent in class (three terms) allows students to transfer a generous amount of credits earned in another degree, which additionally reduces their time as well. Elmhurst students have an excellent track record for finishing their degrees on time due to the strong nature of the coursework. Degree options include: Business Administration, Information Technology, and Psychology, and are perfectly suited to working adults who require flexibility and quickness to their degree.

Acceptance Rate: 55%

Retention Rate: 82%

Graduation Rate: 74%




School Highlights:
The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley has seven masters degrees available in an accelerated format, including: Business, Public Affairs, Education, Health Sciences, Nursing, and Social Work. The admissions process is quick and easy and allows students to enter into their programs as fast as possible. Coursework can be completed in one year, yet remains thorough and in-depth in its content. Each of the seven majors gives students access to specialized knowledge and information that is taught through state-of-the-art technologies and by highly competent faculty members. Curricula are well-suited to those who are seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject, or who are looking to enter into an entirely new field. Student resources are numerous at UTRGV, and individuals have access to them at all times.

Acceptance Rate: 63%

Retention Rate: 80%

Graduation Rate: 50%




School Highlights:
Park University supplies its students with a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in accelerated 8 weeks terms. There are over a dozen options to choose from in each area, and degrees are “accessible, affordable, and attainable, and personalized.” Coursework is challenging and rewarding at this online school, and is recognized by Quality Matters, which bases its recognition off of continuous improvement models. Other industries and organizations have also noted the distinction of these online programs, as well as the affordability of the college tuition. Park University is incredibly caring for its students and offers numerous avenues through which students can enhance their accelerated educations. Once a Park student, individuals become part of a vast global network of alumni and professionals.

Acceptance Rate: 66.6%

Retention Rate: 75%

Graduation Rate: 41.7%




School Highlights:
Boston University is a well-known school throughout the nation, and offers four online graduate degrees at an accelerated rate that are quite unique from one another: Computer Information Systems, Art Education, Music Education, and Health Communication. If coursework is taken full time, each of these programs can be completed in 18 months, which is about half the time of a traditional, on-campus graduate degree. Classes are asynchronous which gives students complete control over their schedules. Coursework at Boston University is broad and interesting, and the Computer Information Systems major allows students to concentrate their program in one of seven areas. There are related certificate programs connected to each master’s program, that are also offer quick yet thorough curricula. The virtual classroom provides a diverse population of students from around the globe, giving each degree interesting perspectives.

Acceptance Rate: 29%

Retention Rate: 93%

Graduation Rate: 84.7%



School Highlights:
LeTourneau University is yet another of the country’s finest and most popular online schools that has been included on many lists of the most excellent distance education programs! Students have the opportunity to major in multiple disciplines of Aviation and Aeronautical Science, Business and Technology, Education, and Psychology. Flexible and engaging fast-track interactive online formats makes these degree programs very accessible to students of all kinds. Upon graduation, many individuals have the knowledge and skill to earn licensure in their area of education. As a Christian university, many of these majors are geared toward ministerial areas. Faculty members represent some of the finest minds in their industries and students gain practical, hands-on experience no matter their specialization.

Acceptance Rate: 49.4%

Retention Rate: 83%

Graduation Rate: 51.5%




School Highlights:
This online school has five options to earn an undergraduate degree (associate’s and bachelor’s) in an accelerated format, which are mostly management and leadership focused. Concordia University Chicago allows students to transfer nearly 70 credit hours toward their degree, which reduces their time by more than half in the offered bachelor’s programs. Coursework is broad reaching and gives students a huge amount of skill and perspective in their concentration area. Upon graduation, each individual has bountiful career opportunities ahead of them. The Health Care Management program allows students to complete their studies at two different schools, which brings an even stronger perspective to the online classroom.

Acceptance Rate: 53.8%

Retention Rate: 65%

Graduation Rate: 57.8%




School Highlights:
Notre Dame College offers rigorous coursework in their six online undergraduate programs, all of which are delivered at an accelerated 8 week format. These curricula are challenging, but give students all the information and knowledge of a 15 week program in a condensed form. The course structure is flexible, however, and advisors are readily available to any and all who are looking to craft their degree in a more particular way. Degrees include disciplines such as: Criminal Justice, Nursing, Business Administration, Education, Business Administration (Management), and Psychology. The online programs utilize highly advanced technologies, such as a Learning Management System called Moodle. Students are free to complete the coursework at their convenience and will receive their bachelor’s degree in half the time.

Acceptance Rate: 89.5%

Retention Rate: 62%

Graduation Rate: 36.2%




School Highlights:
Rochester College offers four unique online undergraduate programs in an accelerated format: Leadership – Management, Christian Ministry, Early Childhood Studies, and RN to BSN. Students may transfer a large bulk of credits, particularly general education requirements, that make their time spent at Rochester online only about 16 months, which is more than half that of any traditional on-campus program. Rochester College provides an online, Christian, educational community in which students can feel inspired and motivated by their colleagues, peers, and professors. The coursework includes real-world, hands-on experience building exercise that greatly prepare graduates for their career paths. This online school gives students as many advantages as possible to complete their accelerated program in a short amount of time.

Acceptance Rate: 40.6%

Retention Rate: 65%

Graduation Rate: 47%




School Highlights:
Campbell University has been offering online degrees for nearly thirty years, and have since perfected their distance education delivery! Today, this dedicated online school offers options in certificate, associate, and bachelor programs that are designed in eight-week accelerated terms. Professional faculty members are steeped and certified in the usage of the high-tech learning management systems in the online programs. Many have been employed with Campbell for over a decade, and have a huge amount of knowledge and skill at their disposal. There are over a dozen different disciplines available for students that span a great many areas, such as: Behavioral Sciences, Business Administration, Christian Studies, Criminal Justice, and Homeland Security.

Acceptance Rate: 60%

Retention Rate: 72%

Graduation Rate: 50.6%




School Highlights:
King University offers numerous unique accelerated undergraduate online degrees. These outstanding programs can be completed in as little as 16 months, and students have the opportunity to transfer up to 76 relevant general education credits to benefit the acquisition of their King University education, which is a huge amount! The KU accelerated programs are specifically designed for adult learners and are well-suited to match any personal or professional schedules. Coursework is affordable, varied, and challenging, giving distance education students highly sharpened skills to enter into a new career paths. Some disciplines include, but are not limited to: English, Business Administration, Communication, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Administration, Health Informatics, and Nursing! Both The Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report have recognized this online school as one of the best in its region.

Acceptance Rate: 56.7%

Retention Rate: 73%

Graduation Rate: 29%




School Highlights:
Upper Iowa University offers self-paced online programs as well as those with six 8-week terms all of which have start dates at the start of each month. This gives distance education students complete control over their majors and schedules. The self-paced programs allow students to complete their degree via web (100% online) or paper (mail and email with instructors), depending on what they are most comfortable with. Coursework is asynchronous and can be completed at individual students’ convenience. There are a huge number of disciplines and majors to choose from, most of which have additional concentration options to further specialize their educations. Demo courses are available for applicants to try out the structure of the classes. There are great financial, academic, and career opportunities available through Upper Iowa, and students are well taken care of.

Acceptance Rate: 69.9%

Retention Rate: 67%

Graduation Rate: 38.3%

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School Highlights:
Fisher College is an independent, non-profit, educational institution that is committed to providing students with the most outstanding educations and resources possible. This challenging online school offers programs in six 8-week terms, that conform well to busy schedules. There are a great many disciplines to choose from in the form of associate, bachelor, master, and certificate programs. Fisher has been awarded many times for its achievements in academia, and is very well-accredited. Faculty members are highly qualified and experienced in their professional fields and are dedicated to helping students receive their career goals. Virtual classrooms are populated by diverse students from across the country, bringing valuable diversity and multiple perspectives to any subject.

Acceptance Rate: 70%

Retention Rate: 59%

Graduation Rate: 29%




School Highlights:
Post University has been included on many lists and indexes of the finest online programs in the country. With over two decades of experience in offering distance education degrees, this online schools has developed extremely competent curricula that are both challenging and flexible. Using the latest technologies, students have access to academic resources and opportunities that drastically enhance their education. and which are totally unique to the on-campus programs. Not only are programs and classes accelerated, but the admissions process is as well, getting students into programs, educated, and into their newfound careers as quickly as possible. Students have access to a broad network of faculty members, professionals, and alumni that enhance their knowledge and standing in their professions.

Acceptance Rate: 81%

Retention Rate: 42%

Graduation Rate: 22%




School Highlights:
While students find this academic institution particularly challenging, American Intercontinental University is well-known for its online programs. This online school has recently instituted a program called AIU ACCELERATE which incorporates the usage of qualifying exams and proficiency credits. Students take assessment tests, which are free of charge, to see if they can avoid certain credit hours within their degree programs. If passed, the exams save a huge amount of time and money! AIU Online offers over 45 different associate, bachelor, and master degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines, all of which have flexible scheduling and accommodations to meet the goals of each individual student. Up to 75% of qualifying transfer credits can be submitted to AIU to decrease tuition and time even more!

Acceptance Rate: unavailable

Retention Rate: 36%

Graduation Rate: 18.5%

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