15 Online Colleges in Washington for International Students

It can be a tad challenging to know where to start when looking for the best colleges. So, we have made a list of the best online colleges in Washington for international students who want to advance their academic and professional careers.

You can explore the list below, and for each of the colleges mentioned, we have provided links to the websites for further reading.

Continue to read to find the 15 accredited online colleges in Washington for international students.

Why Study Online?

Students frequently choose online courses due to their flexibility and low cost.

Distance learning frequently has advantages for students with personal commitments and working professionals.

Additionally, a lot of online programs provide students with the option to manage their study pace.

Rural county people now have easier access to higher education thanks to online colleges in Washington. There is no need to move or make a long commute for remote learning.

Finally, the cost of online education is frequently lower than that of on-campus programs. For students who study online, several universities offer reduced tuition prices.

Additionally, distance learners generally save money on accommodation and transportation expenses. While pursuing their degrees online, students may also find employment.

While fulfilling additional duties, students who graduate with one of Washington’s top degrees online frequently boost their earning potential.

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What are the Online Colleges in Washington for International Students in 2023?

Here are our topics of the best online colleges in Wahington for international students:

  1. University of Washington
  2. Washington State University
  3. Heritage University
  4. Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom
  5. Central Washington University
  6. Gonzaga University
  7. City University of Seattle
  8. Eastern Washington University
  9. Peninsula College
  10. Northwest University
  11. Tacoma Community College
  12. Shoreline Community College
  13. Seattle Community College-North Campus
  14. Faith International University
  15. Northwest Indian College

1. University of Washington

About ten years after Seattle’s establishment, in 1861, the University of Washington was founded to support the growth of the city’s economy. Currently, U.W. educates approximately 47,000 students annually and is a recognized public research institution.

Through the Canvas learning management system, students may access online degrees, and undergraduate candidates can acquire remote bachelor’s degrees in integrated social sciences and early care and education.

With the latter track, students can modify the curriculum to fit their objectives and areas of interest.

Online graduate programs are available in subjects including computational linguistics, applied mathematics, construction management, and aeronautical engineering.

A master’s program in sustainable transportation is also available to distance learners.

This degree plan includes coursework on livable cities and architecture, climate change, and energy, totalling 43 quarter credits. Students finish their program with a capstone project that focuses on research.

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2. Washington State University

One of the most significant online institutions is Washington State University, which provides highly regarded online degrees. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

The public institution’s online STEM, healthcare, business, and social science courses are available to distance learners. Through several programs, students can obtain a college degree entirely online.

Remote participants complete their degree from home, forgoing the requirement to visit the Pullman campus.

Students connect with their lecturers and peers in a virtual learning environment during their online program. Experiential learning options offered by the college prepare learners for the workforce.

The school’s academic counselling, financial aid, and career counselling are all helpful to distance learners.

The authorized online college offers undergraduate and graduates degrees to accommodate the various demands of all types of students.

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3. Heritage University

Heritage University, a highly regarded institution with campuses in Toppenish, Washington, offering online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs, is located there. There are 34 students enrolled in online courses at the authorized college.

The online school offers courses in various subjects, including business, healthcare, and STEM. Virtual students in an online program complete their coursework in a distance learning environment.

Academic advisers and faculty mentors work with students to design a specialized course of study. Online degree seekers are assisted by the school’s tutoring programs, financial aid counselling, and career services in their academic endeavours.

A bachelor’s degree typically takes 120 credits, but a master’s degree often only needs 30. Online students usually have access to financial help, including scholarships and government funding.

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4. Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom

The adaptable online programs offered by Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom may help students from diverse backgrounds. The public college offers 4,225 distance learners’ study options through three online programs.

Students participate in online classes with peers while attending lectures remotely.

Through industry-relevant courses, internships, research, and other learning experiences, students acquire the information and skills they need to thrive once they graduate.

Candidates for degrees can get assistance with their studies by connecting with career services, academic counselling, and other resources.

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5. Central Washington University

Central Washington University should be considered for students who seek flexible online education. Join the school’s 10,718-member online learning community and pick one of 49 online degrees.

It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

25 online bachelor’s programs and 17 online master’s programs are available to distance learners. These programs establish virtual classroom connections between students and teachers.

Candidates for degrees gain from comprehensive curricula by finishing both basic and advanced subjects. Internships are only one example of a chance for learners to engage in experiential learning.

Students can access academic counselling, career assistance, and other resources throughout their studies.

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6. Gonzaga University

There are nine graduate degrees offered by Gonzaga University that can be completed entirely online: an M.A. in Communication & Leadership Studies, an M.A. in Organizational Leadership, a Master’s a Doctor of Nursing Practice – Post-Baccalaureate Pathway, Doctor of Nursing Practice – Post-Pathway, a Master of Science in Nursing, and an R.N. to M.S.N., M.A. in Theology & Leadership, and an M.E. in Transmission and Distribution Engineering, an M.A. in Sport & Athletic Administration.

Online learners can enrol in courses for either 16 or 12 weeks, starting in January or August, or for eight weeks, beginning in January, March, May, August, or October.

Access to student services, including the Foley Library, I.T. Help Desk, and Career Center, is available to online students.

Online courses’ content and degree of difficulty are comparable to those of on-campus courses. Online students can apply for various financial aid programs, including loans, grants, and scholarships.

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7. City University of Seattle

The City University of Seattle’s online degree programs is created to offer convenience with an asynchronous style. Students frequently cite the university’s convenient and flexible classes as the primary reason they enrol.

Additionally, students like the knowledgeable professors, and City University was ranked among the top 30 online Bachelor’s programs in 2015 by U.S. News & World Report.

More than a dozen areas offer online bachelor’s degree programs, from cyber security to health care administration.

At the graduate level, the city is the only institution in the Northwest to provide an entirely online, PMI-accredited master’s degree in project management.

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8. Eastern Washington University

Over 3,100 virtual undergraduate and 300 online graduate students are enrolled at Eastern Washington University (E.W.U.), recognized by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCCU).

Students from several western states are eligible for reduced rates on the $327 undergraduate and $586 graduate in-state tuition fees the institution charges.

Undergraduates have a variety of degrees and minors to choose from, including those in psychology, business, gender studies, management, and health science.

Additionally, graduate students have various curriculum choices, such as master’s degrees in psychology, business administration, or social work.

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9. Peninsula College

Peninsula College is a community college founded by the people of Port Angeles, Washington, in 1961. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

Many associate-level degrees have many uses. For instance, an Administrative Office Systems (A.O.S.) degree may also be used to qualify for an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) or Associate of Applied Science-Transferable (AAR-T) degree that is transferrable to baccalaureate programs.

The college provides 17 degrees in a reasonably priced online setting. Additionally, it is one of the few community schools that grants the Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management, which is available both in-person and online.

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10. Northwest University

A Christian university connected to the Assemblies of God U.S.A., Northwest University was founded in 1934. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

The institution was initially founded as a Bible Institute. Still, it has since grown to include a nursing program, academic colleges for the humanities and social sciences, education, business, and management, for a total of 70 areas of study.

Northwest University provides associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs online through its Online Campus.

General studies are a component of online associate degrees. Psychology, organizational management, and public safety administration are bachelor’s degrees offered online.

TESOL, international community development, and business administration are among the master’s degrees available online. Ministry leadership qualifications are readily available online.

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11. Tacoma Community College

Classes are available at the Gig Harbor satellite campus in person and online. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

Nearly all of the college’s courses are now available on the school’s website.

The institution, which offers more than 100 associate routes, keeps growing as more and more students swarm to start their educational journeys or to keep learning to better their lives.

A wide range of disciplines is covered by the associate degrees offered at T.C.C., such as writing, accounting, business, art, healthcare, political science, history, mathematics, psychology, sociology, biology, astronomy, communication, computer applications, education, English, literature, leadership, ethics, security, nutrition, fitness, pharmaceutical science, or foreign languages.

While T.C.C.’s online presence focuses on early childhood education, it also collaborates well with governing educational boards to guarantee that the courses studied at T.C.C. may be used as the basis for constructing an undergraduate degree at four-year institutions.

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12. Shoreline Community College

Over 25 degrees and certifications are offered online by Shoreline Community College. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

The most common paths for Shoreline students, who predominantly wish to transfer to a four-year institution or to receive technical and career training, are mirrored in the available online programs.

Shoreline offers an online Associate in Arts with eight majors for students looking to transfer and a transfer business degree.

All these programs enable students to transfer with junior rank and are direct transfer programs.

In topics like business technology and supply chain management, professional and technical programs vary from short-term (less than 20 credits) certifications to full associate degrees.

Shoreline implements the Quality Matters assessment procedure to guarantee the calibre of the material for online classes.

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13. Seattle Community College-North Campus

With the help of the collaborative Seattle eLearning partnership, the four campuses of Seattle College provide a variety of online courses. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

Students can acquire an Associate in Arts degree online thanks to the over 200 courses from the north campus.

The Associate of Arts program is a Direct Transfer Agreement degree, and when students transfer from Seattle College to other universities in the state, most of them will take all 90 credits.

North Seattle College is one of the best community institutions for prepping students to transfer to the University of Washington. A few bachelor’s degree programs are also offered in North Seattle, one of which, the Bachelor of Applied Science in International Business, is available online.

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14. Faith International University

Faith International University admits students from its campus in Tacoma, Washington, in 12 majors. It is one of the best online colleges in Washington for international students.

The private college offers both on-campus and online academic choices to students. Online degree programs provide flexible, accessible formats with a student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1.

Working adults and occupied students can select from the school’s numerous highly regarded programs designed with their requirements in mind.

While pursuing an online degree, online students engage in virtual classroom interactions with their professors and peers.

Through their selected curriculum, they develop fundamental knowledge and abilities. Requirements for general education help develop desirable skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.

The online school offers academic counselling, tutoring, and career counselling to its distance learners. Students who enrol obtain degrees from approved institutions.

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15. Northwest Indian College

Northwest Indian College, established in 1973, is the only tribal college or university accredited and serves the reserve communities in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

At NWIC, there are over 2,300 students, most of whom pursue distant learning through Canvas.

Distance learners can interact with their classmates and professors at six satellite sites using telecourses and videoconferencing.

Additionally, Canvas provides access to asynchronous coursework so that students may prioritize individual study.

Candidates can continue working full-time and taking responsibility for their families while completing their degree, thanks to self-paced programs. Undergraduate degrees are available to NWIC students via a hybrid program design.

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Students seeking a flexible curriculum that is still located in the state can access online learning via numerous colleges and universities in Washington.

Many more affordable choices are available to prospective students, and the state has one of the country’s most extensive tuition assistance programs.

F.A.Qs – Online Colleges in Washington for International Students

What is the best online school in Washington state?

Best online colleges in Washington

University of Washington
Washington State University
Heritage University
Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom
Central Washington University
Gonzaga University
City University of Seattle
Eastern Washington University
Peninsula College
Northwest University
Tacoma Community College
Shoreline Community College
Seattle Community College-North Campus
Faith International University
Northwest Indian College

Does Washington state have an online school?

One of the most significant online institutions is Washington State University, which provides highly regarded online degrees. The public institution’s online STEM, healthcare, business, and social science courses are available to distance learners. Through several programs, students can obtain a college degree entirely online.

Is it OK to do online college?

Accredited online degrees adhere to the exact high requirements as those offered on campus. In many cases, the same professors are responsible for on-campus and online instruction. Online students at these institutions get the same degrees as on-campus students and must complete the same coursework and graduation requirements.


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