Best Online Colleges That Pay You to Attend in 2023

Are there online colleges that pay you to attend? High-quality education is typically out of reach for most people.

Since tuition fees must be paid and other necessary costs like accommodation, food, transportation, and so forth, many people with various obligations and goals may find it challenging to enroll in and pay for college.

Even though a degree is vital to students, many frequently decide that the debt they will graduate with is not worth it. As a result, they settle for less.


These institutions not only help students avoid debt-related financial strain associated with attending college, but also give them employment opportunities as they prepare for their future careers.

Our team has carefully done an in-depth research on the Best Online Colleges That Pay You to Attend in 2023 in this article. So, we urge you to keep reading.

Get Paid to Go to School Single Mothers

You have less than a bachelor’s degree and match the low-income standards are eligible. Use the FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to apply.

For single mothers, scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance options designed expressly to help them pay for their education and achieve their objectives are available. 

The state and federal governments, charitable foundations, NGOs, academic institutions, and individuals have contributed to these results.

For instance, several NGOs and charitable groups in Canada offer scholarships for single mothers. Other pieces are available on our website, Study Abroad Nations, to help single mothers obtain funding for the study.

Can I Get Paid to go to School Online

For individuals who must work and have families to support, traditional schooling might be difficult. For this reason, several recognized online universities will pay you to enroll in and finish one of their programs.

5 Best Online Colleges That Pay You to Attend

Is it possible to get paid to go to college? Yes, certain colleges and institutions offer financial aid for students that can pay all of their expenses up to 100%.

Financial aid is available for online programs at universities including Southern New Hampshire University, Ashford University, and Purdue University Global.

#1. Berea College

Reformers and abolitionists formed Berea College with the goal of spreading Jesus Christ’s teachings and values. It is situated in the Southern region of the USA.

Students only need to spend an average of $1,000 for meals, housing, and fees at this free Christian university, and it provides programs that are shaped by justice, peace, love, and equality.

Otherwise, a person can receive their entire education for free! Students acquire an education that is worth about $100,000 throughout the course of a four-year degree.

School Website

#2. University of Columbia

By offering a variety of certificates, degree programs, and non-degree programs online, Columbia University has increased the scope of its online learning options.

Currently, students have the option of enrolling in a wide selection of online programs, including those in technical fields, social work, health technologies, environmental sustainability, and leadership.

School Website

#3. University of Alberta

One of four comprehensive academic and research institutions in Alberta, Athabasca University (AU) is a Canadian institute of higher learning focused on online distance learning.

It was the first university in Canada to focus specifically on distance learning.

Athabasca offers learning options created specifically for your goals, including over 850 courses and over 70 online undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate programs.

School Website

#4. Cambridge University

Through iTunes U, the University of Cambridge provides free online courses.

Apple gives you the opportunity to learn what you want on your own schedule by providing free digital course materials from a wide range of colleges across the world.

On a Mac or Windows computer, as well as on an Apple or Android mobile device, you may access the program, which the university boasts now makes more than 300 audio and video assets freely downloadable.

School Website

#5. Lipscomb College

Located in the center of Nashville, Lipscomb University is a private, Christian liberal arts school that is passionately dedicated to helping students grow in their academic prowess, faith, and practice as global citizens.

Online undergraduate and graduate programs at Lipscomb Online are designed to meet your busy schedule and employment needs.

You may discover and develop the talents you’ll need for your profession, both now and in the future, with the help of our academically demanding online degree programs.

School Website

These are online colleges you can attend and still get paid for attending.

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Jobs That Pay You to Go to School

The rising cost of education may discourage you from enrolling if you want to. What if, though, your company genuinely offered to cover all or a portion of your education expenses?

Working for one of the eight companies listed below could be your ticket to reducing or perhaps avoiding crippling student loan debt if you need help paying for higher education.

#1. Disney

The Disney Aspire program covers bachelor’s or master’s degree programs for full-time and part-time employees. Disney will also pay for your textbook expenses, although you do need to attend one of the partner schools.

For this program to work, you must be employed for 90 days. Furthermore, Disney pays the school immediately, so to make an advance payment and wait for repayment will not be neccessary.

#2. Taco Bell

Depending on the degree, Taco Bell corporate employees may be entitled to 100% tuition reimbursement for a number of degrees, high school diplomas, and college preparatory courses. At some partner programs, your expenses might be paid in full up front, allowing you to avoid worrying about reimbursement in the future.

If you are a franchise employee or didn’t choose a partner program, you can still get up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement. Graduate students can also take advantage of this benefit.

#3. T-Mobile

When enrolling in degree programs at partner universities, full-time T-Mobile staff members are eligible for a full tuition scholarship. In addition, full-time students at other institutions can get $5,250 in financial aid. Part-time workers are eligible for up to $2,500 in financial aid for their education.

#4. Amazon

Any associate employed by the company for at least 90 days is eligible for the Amazon Career Choice program.

With the aid of this program, you can afford to pursue a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, career training in in-demand industries or certifications for your GED or ESL.

To qualify, you must enroll through a partner university, so you should speak with a human resources representative to learn more about what’s available.

#5. Boeing

The world’s largest manufacturer of airplanes, Boeing, gives students seeking degrees in STEM subjects priority. Boeing offers scholarships to the dependents of its employees in addition to paying for undergraduate and graduate tuition.

The first of the month after the date of hire is the eligibility date. However, there are hourly work responsibilities, so it’s critical to comprehend how to mix employment and study.

#6. Discover

Attending online partner programs can grant you access to a free education benefit if you work for the Discover credit card corporation. There are several associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs to choose from, and you can receive up to 100% of the cost of tuition paid for.

Depending on your program, you may still be eligible for up to $10,000 in annual tuition aid even if you don’t attend a partner school or program. This program is available to all employees.

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Online Schools That Give Refund Checks and Laptops

The potential of online education has grown considerably since the pandemic. Since Internet education is so widely available and accessible, everyone is choosing it because they don’t have to leave their homes to go to school.

Several online institutions offer refund checks, give refund checks to students.

Some policies, such as laptop programs, are provided by online schools or institutes to their students so that they can continue to use technology while continuing their education online.

What Exactly is a Refund Checks?

The money left after giving it to your school. Is it an indication of their concern? Of course not; that money is what will remain from the package after all fees are paid.

#1. Saint Leo University

The Saint Leo University offer laptops and refund checks. This university offers its students a variety of chances. Option of refund is through a paper check or payment into the student’s bank account. Following the 14 days, you will receive your refund.

#2. University of Phoenix

This college is online and offers a variety of majors. You may quickly earn a degree. You can also use direct deposit to receive your refund cheque. Additionally, the money credited to the student’s account after about 14 days.

#3. Valley City State University

This university is among the best ones that gives its students computers and refund checks. It offers a variety of courses, including more than 65 UG programs in different sectors. Even full-time and part-time college students are eligible to get the computers. Soon after the obligation is repaid, they issue the return check.

#4. Moravian University

This university has roughly 2500 students enrolled in its online program. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has granted this university recognition. This university offers financial aid to deserving students, including loans.

Even though it is an online school, Moravian University is designated as an Apple Distinguished School and offers complimentary MacBooks to accepted students. Isn’t it incredible? Grab this fantastic online program for a promising future.

#5. Independence University

You can enroll at this university if you want your refund cheques sooner. The fantastic thing about this college is how many opportunities it gives new students. Yes, it gives students free laptops. The free laptops are available for the students once they enroll.

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High Schools That Pay You to Attend

Here are online colleges that pay you to attend. Exciting to know right?

Barclay College

As the Kansas Central Bible Training School, Barclay College established in 1917. Although it is a free Christian college administered by Quakers, all evangelical denominations can enroll. The school’s mission is to equip students for Christian leadership and service.

Barclay College offers online degree programs in business management, criminal justice, biblical studies, psychology, and Christian leadership. Bachelor’s degrees in pastoral ministry, youth ministry, and worship arts are all available as undergraduate degrees. Additionally, students can apply to a variety of master’s degree programs.

Free tuition through scholarship program, in which all domestically approved students get a $15,000 reward, thanks to donors and supporters who think that Christian students should be able to pursue a high-quality education without accruing debt.

Federal Pell Grants and Barclay College’s online scholarships are both available to the school’s distance-learning students. Residents of dorms are also eligible for the tuition discount.

Barclay College is at 607 N. Kingman in Haviland, Kansas, 67059. Phone: 800.862.0226

School Website

Bethel University

Founded as a Baptist institution in 1871, Bethel University is a private, evangelical Christian liberal arts university. It is associated with Converge, previously the Baptist General Conference, and is a Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

The university offers roughly 5,600 students access to undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs. Over 100 academic subjects covered by the programs’ 90 majors, many are online.
Nearly all of Bethel University’s students get financial aid.

To know how much one might be eligible for, enter a few numbers into their convenient net price calculator.

Location: McKenzie, Tennessee, 38201, 325 Cherry Avenue. Phone: 731.352.4000

School Website

City College of San Francisco

A community institution called the City Institution of San Francisco (CCSF) is renowned for partnering with the city of San Francisco to provide students with the chance to attend classes for free.

The most popular courses at this tuition-free university are those in the humanities, social sciences, physics, and biology. Free tuition benefits City College students.

They can later be admitted to their selected undergraduate programs thanks to credits obtained.

50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco, California, 94112. Phone: 415.239.3000

School Website


Where can I get Paid to go to School Online in California?

A unique online university that pays you to enroll in is called University of the People. Its corporate headquarters are in Pasadena, California. This an online school where you get paid to take classes. It takes pleasure in being a distinctive non-profit institution with no tuition.

Is an Online Degree Valid in the USA?

Through its Automated Accreditation System (AAS), the DEC certifies schools and institutions that provide degrees and courses for distance learning.

What is the Easiest Online College to Get Into?

The University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth may be the online college to enroll in. It provides an online B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies degree, but enrolment requires at least 13 college credits.

Is Online School Free in The US?

Since public schools make up the majority of online institutions in America, there is no tuition! Continue reading if you want to learn if your state offers the chance to select a full-time online school for nothing.


You can attend an online college, not pay tuition, and graduate with a degree. Only be willing to search for universities that provide these options.

But it is crucial to keep in mind that these colleges are Christian. So, if that environment doesn’t suit you, you should probably go elsewhere.

However, there are a few secular ones, such as the University of the People, so you can still get a free online college education.

Only choose the option that best suits your needs. You can’t go wrong because they are all accredited.


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