70+ Dorm Room Ideas for a College Student in 2023

Just because you live in a dorm doesn’t mean you can’t inject a little creativity and design into your space. Dorm room ideas can be tricky for a college student. While there isn’t a lot of free space to work in, there’s no doubt that if you have the space, you’ll have fun.

Despite the small space and spartan exterior, this will be the backdrop for your entire college life. With a little inspiration, you can transform your allotted living space into a stylish home.

No matter how limited the lighting, how cold the exposed brick walls look, or how drab your furniture looks, there are tips on how to bring life to a dull dorm space.

In this writing, we’ve rounded up some dorm room decorating ideas that will transform a boring dorm room into a stylish home. A few key pieces are all you need to get started and add cute decorations


Dorm Room Ideas for a College Student

1.  Decorate your walls with stickers

Admittedly, you wouldn’t go out of your way to put up dorm wallpaper. But you can also get some stylish stickers and put them on your walls to make your space a little less boring and a little more personal.

2. Comfortable bedding

Perhaps the most important part of a dorm room is the bed. Create a cozy space and beautify your room with beautiful and comfortable bedding. After a night of studying, you’ll love jumping into bed.

3. Photo Wall

Using fairy lights and your favorite photos, you can create an amazing photo wall that will make your space feel like home.

4. Photo Banner

If a photo wall is not your style, you can choose something simple and cute, such as a photo banner. It’s not just about hanging pictures. Add inspirational messages, reminders, and keepsakes from home.

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5. Add a Rug

Snuggle up with a plush rug. You’ll love getting out of bed in the morning and onto the shaggy carpet. It also makes the room feel more like a childhood bedroom than a dorm.

6. Hang a curtain

Nothing makes a dorm room look like plain old box-like curtains. Before drilling a hole in the wall, you need to make sure there are no problems. If you can’t drill a hole in the wall to hang the curtain rail, you can always use the curtain rail on the window frame.

7. Add a lamp or two

Proper lighting is the key to making a space bright and cheery. So make sure you bring a nice lamp or two to college.

8. Set up a reading nook

If you have the space, get yourself a nice chair and have a little reading and relaxing space. This will give you a special place to do your homework or relax away from your bed.

9. Get creative with storage

Get the most out of your storage space by adjusting your furniture. Get a nightstand with drawers or doors to hide clutter. You can also get headboard organizers with shelves that give you more space to store your items.

10. Mini pegboard wall

Creative and cute storage that doubles as a decoration, like this mini pegboard, is perfect for a college dorm. Hang one of these on your desk and equip it with all your essentials.  

The dormitory manager may not be too happy about you punching a hole in the wall. Instead, try a dorm-friendly approach that feels cool without trying too hard. This neutral color scheme looks even cooler when the poster is attached to the wall with a single piece of black tape.

12. Hang temporary wallpaper

You won’t spend the rest of your life in college, but while you’re there, enjoy these cute stick-and-peel wallpapers. Removable prints completely transform even the simplest of spaces.

13. Fake background image

If you want to add texture to your walls but don’t have time to hang real wallpaper, hanging artificial plants with greenery and thumbtacks will give you the same patterned effect.

Artificial flowers like the one shown here are great, but feel free to experiment with artificial ivy or other vines.

14. Hang a tapestry

The easiest way to cover a large blank wall is to make a cool tapestry. This patterned lip print makes this room pop so much that it just needs a few tucks to complete the look.

15. Try a Neutral Color Palette

If other students in your building are opting for bright colors or a maximalist approach, try something else. A neutral color palette looks clean and really brightens up even the darkest of spaces.

16. BYO headboard

The dormitory is equipped with the basic furniture used at the university. Adding a gorgeous headboard to your allotted bed frame will completely change the aesthetics of the entire room.

It’s also very easy to DIY a dorm headboard. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

17. Bring a Centre rug

Never underestimate the power of a truly good carpet. If you put it in the middle of the room, the space will change completely without any hassle.

18. Don’t treat it like a dorm

When decorating your dorm room, treat it like you would a bedroom at home. Just because your allotted space has brick walls and office rugs doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable with it.

Bring plenty of lamps, vanity mirrors, and pillows to hang on your gallery walls to create a space that doesn’t feel like a dorm.

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19. Decorate vertically

Save floor space and opt for vertical decor instead. Instead of having a desk next to your bed, try incorporating a loft bed and embedding your workspace under your sleeping area. It has everything you need without taking up additional floor space.

20. Maximize your storage space

Dorms can be cramped, so it’s wise to be careful about what items you bring into your room. Invest in items with dual functions, such as stools with hidden storage.

This space turned a storage ottoman into a desk chair and created another place to store snacks and dorm essentials.

21. Take your favorite colors to the next level

Decorating your room in solid colors always makes you feel chic. I love this room, which is decorated in different shades of powder blue from floor to ceiling.

22. Incorporate plenty of texture

Dressing your room in the same way you dress for a night out is neglect. Textured faux fur throws, decorative pillows, and tufted headboards complete the space’s sublime feel.

23. Decorate your walls

Dorm walls are bare whenever possible and always painted in very boring colors. Decorate with inspired photos, macrame wall hangings, bobble garlands, and oversized mirrors. A unique room will be completed. 

24. Create a curtain wall

Curtain walls are all the rage right now, but luckily they hide the cold-looking bricks. Attach a single rod to hang sheer curtains for a glamorous look.

25. Hanging single frame

You could cover an entire wall with magazine clippings or inspirational quotes, but sometimes less is better. A single oversized framed piece of art will adorn your walls without feeling overwhelming.

This way your space will look very classy and will never be boring.  

26. Hang Temporary curtains the easy way

If you are a student, you probably have a busy schedule and a limited budget. Thick curtains and comfortable beds are key elements of your living space.

Creating your dream bed is easy, but installing the curtains is another matter. Just measure your windows, drill holes in your walls, dismantle your hardware at the end of the year, and forget about it completely. Also, in many dorms, it is against the rules to permanently damage walls.

27. Be environmentally friendly

Greenery and plants brighten the room and bring the vibrant elements of the outdoors indoors. It can also be used as a creative window covering. Succulents are easy to care for, making them a great addition to your dorm room.

If you’re not ready to plant live plants, you can always start with artificial plants. Choose a stylish pot that matches your color scheme and brings it all together.

28. Stackable furniture

If your dorm room serves as your kitchen, bedroom, and social area, you need small, stackable, and moveable furniture. A stepped trolley is a must-have for easy access to your daily necessities and extra storage.

Choose a side table with casters and shelves so you can easily move it sideways. Whether he’s vacuuming, has more than two of hers in the room, or redecorates the room midway through the semester, this portable device is a boon.

29. Hang bright tapestry

Unsatisfied with the color of your walls? Brighten up your bare walls with bright tapestries and brightly patterned sheets. This is a temporary, inexpensive solution that can bring life to a boring wall.

Use 3M Command Hooks for wall hangings and posters. Command hooks are the perfect solution for photography and tapestries. A self-adhesive product that sticks on both sides and can be easily removed to hang wall decor without permanent damage.

30. Hang full-length mirror

Shared bathrooms may not always have full-length mirrors. You might have one or two, but you might end up competing with others in the morning just to get your makeup on and your outfit checked.

The full-length mirror in the room serves two purposes for him. It makes getting ready in the morning easier, and the mirror reflects light to make the space look bigger.

Try a stylish, storage-friendly solution that fits snugly over your closet or door.

31. Stash shoes (and other things)

Nothing ruins the ambiance of a room like a pair of shoes on the floor. If you have more than a few pairs of shoes, extra towels, and sweaters, you absolutely need a hanging closet organizer.

Minimize your closet space and avoid the frustration of rummaging through (or tripping over!) your under-bed storage bins every day.

32. Shoe storage ottoman

If you have limited closet space, consider this shoe rack bench. Lifting the seat lid reveals a hidden storage compartment perfect for organizing small items.  

33. Bedside Caddy

In a dormitory room, storage is everything, and keeping things safe is important. This handy bedside caddy holds your glasses, phone, tablet, and more, plus a surge protection sleeve for convenient charging of all your devices.

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34. Desk chair/ottoman with storage space

When choosing storage for your space, why not opt ​​for a multifunctional ottoman? This foldable ottoman is a chair, footrest, and storage cube in one.

A storage stool allows you to store extra books, electronics, equipment, etc. while also serving as a temporary tabletop.  You can store it under your bed (fold it flat!) and pull it out when friends come over. Stylish and functional, the perfect combination for your dorm decoration.

35. Make a DIY headboard

Brighten up any room with a cheap and easy DIY headboard. With Pinterest, you have a myriad of ideas at your disposal. Create a unique look above your bed with artificial flowers, lights, Polaroid pictures, wall art, posters, and more.

36. Start your day with a smile

If you are lucky enough to have your own private bathroom, this is for you. Bring some dorm room style into your bathroom by adding a fun and colorful bath mat.

37. Jewelry organizer

Jewelry storage doesn’t have to be ugly or messy. Instead, keep your earrings, necklaces, and rings in his stand-up jewelry organizer that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

38. Throw Some Pillow

No more pillow thieves! A personalized pillow keeps your belongings where they should be: with you. If the bed is one of the few places in the room where he sits, he wants it to be comfortable. Adding color, design, and comfort, our cushions will make your space feel like home.

39. Stay comfortable in bed

Quality bedding is one of his best investments. Comforters and duvets not only keep you warm and comfortable, but they also add an unmistakable color and style to your room.

40. Add an area rug

If you have a little extra space, adding a small area rug will add texture and luxury to your room. The rug is comfortable underfoot and gives your toes something to do while studying at night or relaxing with friends.

41. Try peel-and-stick wallpaper

For the ultimate removable style solution, peel-and-stick wallpaper is the way to go. Plus, with hundreds of patterns to choose from, the removable wallpaper is water-resistant and washable.

42. Install some fairy lights

Transform your dorm with a simple touch of fairy lights. Choose a chic style or use mini clothespins to hang your favorite photos to brighten up your space.

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43. Add desktop storage

Maximize your workspace with desk cabinets. Hutches keep your desk organized and make the most of otherwise wasted vertical space.

44. Brighten up your work with task lighting

Working in the dark can damage your eyes! Placing a lamp above your desk or bed (or both) will brighten your room. Choose one with a USB port to charge your smartphone!

Don’t waste wall space. Having posters and photos of your family and friends in your home will help keep your loved ones close at hand.


What do girls need for a dorm room?

Mattress topper (memory foam is always a good choice)
Mattress pad.
Throw blanket.
Bedside lamp.
Salt rock lamp.
Comfy robe and slippers.
Eye mask.

How to make a dorm room homely?

Decorate it. Your room should be a place that represents you
Put together a photo collage
Bring something from home
Candles or scents that remind you of home

Can a boy and a girl live in a dorm?

many colleges just mix things up, with female and male roommates living next door or across the hall from each other

How a student room should be?

spacious and bright enough to sleep comfortably in it


Studying is an opportunity for a new start. But dorms are never fresh. They are small, cramped, and often drab. Additionally, college decorating policies have restrictions that can limit your choices. Your environment and life experiences can influence your university experience. 



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