Can You Wear Hats In College? (Your Questions Answered)

The question “Can you wear hats in college?” depends only on the laws and regulations of the college you are attending.

In academic environments, hats are commonly acceptable headwear. But there are some exceptions. Students who cover their heads with wool scarves, baseball caps, or other wintertime headgear are rarely challenged by institutions.

Conversely, Ivy League institutions have stringent dress codes that call for the wearing of a suitable hat.

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know as regards the query “Can you wear hats in college?”

Can You Wear Hats In College?

You won’t be allowed to wear a hat on the premises, for instance, if your institution or school has a dress code that forbids it.

Additionally, some schools have rules about how much skin can be shown, so hats like bandanas and ball caps are not allowed. Nevertheless, it’s frequently accepted to wear a cap to class.

Etiquette dictates that men shouldn’t cover their heads when entering a building, with the exception of religious reasons.

Yes, some women do wear decorative hats that are meant to be worn indoors, but generally speaking, women only wear them when they are dressed up for a special occasion.

Wearing hats in college can vary depending on the institution and its policies. While some colleges may have strict rules prohibiting the wearing of hats indoors, others may have more relaxed guidelines.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with your college’s dress code or student handbook to determine whether hats are allowed on campus.

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Hats in College?

Hats spice up your dress:

Hats look fantastic without a doubt, especially when paired with the right clothing. Whether you want to dress up or down, bringing a hat to school is a great way to mix up your wardrobe and fashion sense.

Hats cover unkempt hair:

If you wake up late or are pressed for time in the morning, you might not have enough time to wash and style your hair. Put on a hat and observe the immediate improvement in your bedhead’s appearance.

Hats make you look exceptional:

Students come up with inventive ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the class because they want to feel remarkable.

With a hat on, it’s simple to stand out from the crowd. Even if you are unaware of it, the right hat may reveal a lot about who you are.

Hats are a great way to display your school spirit:

Many schools normally forbid wearing hats. This is a better alternative than trying to regulate what is proper because doing so could violate the First Amendment.

Hats with the school’s logo on them being permitted would be a decent compromise. Students can support their school by sporting a cap while doing so.

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What are the Best Hats to Wear in College?

There are many college hats available online, but some stand out for their features, designs, and coolness. Find out which five are the best.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 47 NCAA Trawler Mesh Clean Up Adjustable Hat, Adult One Size Fits All
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes Black NCAA ’47 Clean Up Adjustable Hat, One Size Fits All
  3. Georgia Bulldogs ’47 NCAA Men’s Trucker Snapback Adjustable Hat
  4. Michigan Wolverines Top of the World Men’s Adjustable Relaxed Fit Charcoal Icon Hat
  5. North Carolina Tar Heels Top of the World Men’s Adjustable Relaxed Fit Charcoal Icon Hat

1. Alabama Crimson Tide 47 NCAA Trawler Mesh Clean Up Adjustable Hat, Adult One Size Fits All

This hat is crimson, just like the Roll Tide Roll river that runs across the University of Arizona campus. This official 1947 license hat for Alabama. This is one of the best hats you can wear in college.

In Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, identical twin brothers Arthur and Henry D’Angelo established the sportswear business Brand ’47. 

The business first made hats and other sporting goods, but it has now diversified to offer a wide selection of goods, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and other accessories. 

Many significant American universities, like the University of Alabama, have granted official licenses to ’47.

The ’47 firm is currently renowned for its premium headwear and clothing as well as its emphasis on history and collegiate fashion.

The Alabama insignia is expertly embroidered in red cotton on the front of the Bama cap.

It is made entirely of cotton. The logo’s brightness and color will remain unaffected after each wash. Because it is cozy and adjustable, this hat looks great on every head shape.

The Alabama cap is available to everyone for roughly $32, making it a good deal.

Purchase now

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2. Ohio State Buckeyes Black NCAA ’47 Clean Up Adjustable Hat, One Size Fits All

One of the most popular and best-selling hats is this one, which is officially licensed by Ohio State. On the front, an imprinted “O” representing the OSU team is present. 

The material, which is made entirely of cotton, proves to be exceptionally soft and comfy to wear.

Once more, it is a one-size-fits-all design, but because of the adjustable back, it may fit any outfit. The black color makes it fashionable and comfortable for events other than college sports, and it may be worn out and about, to a party or tailgate, or just to comfortably watch the Buckeyes play.

You’ll be able to show your team support in style. Due to the material’s exceptional durability, the Ohio State cap can also be washed repeatedly. This is one of the best hats you can wear in college.

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3. Georgia Bulldogs ’47 NCAA Men’s Trucker Snapback Adjustable Hat

The Georgia Trucker ’47 hat differs somewhat from the others in a few ways. The Georgia Bulldogs’ enormous “G” insignia is located in the center of the front, which is team-colored red. 

The front is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, while the back is made entirely of polyester. This is one of the best hats you can wear in college.

Although the mesh is stiff, it is comfortable to wear anyplace you like. 

Additionally, this Red Trucker Georgia hat is incredibly strong and machine washable. It includes an adjustable snapback and is available in one size fits all. The cap has a curved visor.

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4. Michigan Wolverines Top of the World Men’s Adjustable Relaxed Fit Charcoal Icon Hat

This top Michigan hat must be worn if you are a fervent Wolverines fan. 

Additionally, this hat has the, which is authorized by Top of the World. This is one of the best hats you can wear in college.

It has a curved visor, is made of 100% cotton, and has the same worn-in, washed-out feel of your beloved hat. Only hand washing is advised in order to preserve the fabric.

The item has a buckle fastening and is one size. 

The Wolverine logo is expertly embroidered on the front. Due to its casual look, it is ideal to wear both when watching games and when deciding to stroll through a city or college.

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5. North Carolina Tar Heels Top of the World Men’s Adjustable Relaxed Fit Charcoal Icon Hat

The Top of the World company has an official license for this 100% cotton North Carolina Tar Heels cap. 

Because it is made of 100% cotton and has buckle fastening, this UNC hat is a fan favorite. This is one of the best hats you can wear in college.

You will also notice that many Tar Heels supporters wear it.  Because of the fabric and the fact that it is adjustable, it is advised to hand wash this cap.

The Tar Heels NC logo is meticulously embroidered on the front. This hat must be worn if you are a sports fan and support the North Carolina team; it will become a mainstay in your collection.

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College Policies on Hat Wearing

Understanding your college’s policies on hat-wearing is crucial to avoid any potential violations. Here are a few examples of common college policies regarding hats:

  1. No Hats Indoors: Some colleges may have a strict no-hats-indoors policy to maintain a respectful and focused learning environment.
  2. Exceptions for Religious or Medical Reasons: Certain colleges may allow students to wear hats indoors if it is due to religious or medical reasons. However, this usually requires prior approval or documentation.
  3. Dress Code Violations: Violating the dress code by wearing a hat in prohibited areas may result in consequences, such as a warning, fine, or disciplinary action.

What to consider when choosing college hats

The five main factors you should think about when selecting college caps are listed below.

Your preferred college should be represented by the name or logo on your team hat. This is one of the factors you should consider when asking the question, Can you wear hats in college?

Make sure the hat you select accurately symbolizes your team and typically features the team’s official colors and insignia.

The official logo of your college team is often raised and embroidered on the front of the cap.   

Checking to make sure the stitching is done correctly and that the visual impact is appealing is vital.


Pick a hat that is pleasant to wear and is constructed of high-quality materials. 

The majority of campus hats at colleges are composed of cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two. This is one of the factors you should consider when asking the question, Can you wear hats in college?

The type of material should be specified on the websites where you choose to purchase the hat. Recognize that certain hats made entirely of cotton are heavier than others; a polyester hat may be slightly lighter and more flexible.

Our recommendation is to select hats made of 100% cotton (or polyester), since this fabric allows perspiration to evaporate and is particularly cozy throughout the year. 

The hat should also be machine washable so that it won’t degrade after the first wash.  


American campus hats come in a variety of designs, including traditional “baseball caps” with visors, as well as hats with a high crown, mid crown, skull cap, and even knit hats with pom poms on top. This is one of the factors you should consider when asking the question, Can you wear hats in college?

Choose a look that suits your needs and appeals to you.  The size of your head might sometimes influence the hats you choose.


Make sure the size you select fits your head comfortably. Because of the rear fastening, most American campus hats are adjustable, but it’s crucial to pick the right size to provide optimum comfort and a decent fit.  

Others wear fitted hats, the size of which is predetermined and measured. This is one of the factors you should consider when asking the question, Can you wear hats in college?

You must measure your head to determine your head’s circumference in centimeters, which will directly translate to your size for fitted hats. 


And lastly, think about your budget. Choose a hat that meets your budget from the college caps for your team because prices vary depending on the manufacturer, style, fabric, material, and color. 

But if you want to make sure your hat lasts a while, you should constantly examine the quality of the materials. This is an important factor you should consider when asking the question, Can you wear hats in college?

Tips for Wearing Hats in College

It can be challenging to determine whether you can wear hats in college if this is your first time attending.

Here are 3 tips about wearing hats in college to assist you.

1. Learn Your Campus Culture

The cultural norms and beliefs that make up each college campus are unique.

Spend some time during your first few weeks observing and understanding these customs and values to truly understand what is acceptable and what is not.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the people and resources you have nearby, such as a RA.

It is crucial to:

  • Respect your campus’s traditions and ideals.
  • Read and comprehend the student code of conduct, including any dress requirements.
  • Ask more experienced students for the inside scoop.

On your first day of class, avoid wearing a hat just to be safe.

Spend some time now observing what others are donning so you can determine whether or not you would feel at ease donning a hat.

2. Wear Hats Wisely

The absence of a dress code does not mandate that you wear a hat on all occasions.

There are some situations in which a hat is simply not the right decision for your attire.

Everyone can generally be quite informal. usually dressed in jeans, leggings, a hoodie, or a t-shirt.

Particularly for those 8 am classes where many overslept and didn’t have time to get dressed, some students even go in pajamas.

Presentations in class are the only time this “chill rule” wasn’t followed.

This is your opportunity to shine as a student, so make the most of it.

It is generally accepted among students that you should appear more put together than usual if you are giving a presentation.

So on those days, leave the hat at home.

3. Have Fun!

Finally, enjoy choosing your clothing!

If a hat fits your attitude, rock it! College is such a terrific time for self-expression and truly discovering your personality.

You’ll wish you had more fun wearing anything you wanted in college when you graduate and enter the dull world after college.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have permission to bring a hat to class?

Wearing a piece of headwear that is against the school’s dress code is not advised, even if you have it.
To learn if you are permitted to carry any certain forms of headgear, read the tiny print. For instance, on days when the weather is exceptionally chilly, some schools permit beanies.

Is it funny or controversial that you wear that hat?

Avoid wearing big, distracting hats when you’re out and about. Additionally, avoid anything that can cause others to feel negative.

Do you cover your head with a hat for any particular reason?

Either it serves a functional purpose or is a statement piece, your hat.
Unless you’re attempting to get famous, it’s usually not a smart idea to wear a hat to draw attention or make people laugh. On the other hand, it is acceptable to wear a hat for decorative or utilitarian purposes.

Where can I wear hats in college?

Here is a broad list of places in college where hats are acceptable:
buildings used for education (such as lecture halls, classrooms, media centers, etc.)
facilities and dining areas
housing options on campus and dorms
Spaces for student activities (such as a campus center or event venue)
Outdoor settings (such as those used for exercise and sports)

Is it Rude to Wear Hats in College?

What school you attend, societal standards and student expectations will all have a significant impact on the response to this question.
Hats are typically only worn outside in schools where doing so would be considered in poor taste and a sign of contempt for the teacher.


Wearing a hat to school can help you stay warm, appear stylish, or prevent people from noticing your morning hair.

If you are permitted to wear a hat at school, make sure it is not intrusive or controversial. You don’t want to ruin things for everyone else by making your school enforce a hat ban because of your bad judgment.


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