35 College Bathroom Essentials For a Fresh And Functional Space

college bathroom essentials

The college bathroom – it might not be the Ritz-Carlton, but it’s your home away from home for those next four years. And let’s be honest, having a little organization and comfort in that tiny space can make a big difference. You don’t want to be scrambling for toilet paper halfway through a shower, right?

Having a well-organized and functional bathroom space will make you enjoy your bathroom experience in college.

So, this blog is your guide to turning your college bathroom into a fresh and functional space! We’ll explore 35 college bathroom essential items, from shower caddies to clever storage solutions, to keep your bathroom feeling clean, organized, and maybe even a little bit stylish.

What Are College Bathroom Essentials 

College bathroom essentials are essential supplies and items required to furnish, equip, and keep your bathroom well-stocked in your college apartment or dorm. These items are narrowed to cover the needs of college students who usually have limited resources/space and share communal bathrooms.

Furthermore, college bathroom essentials cover comfort and convenience, promoting cleanliness and maintaining personal hygiene.

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List of 35 College Bathroom Essentials For a Fresh And Functional Space

Below is a comprehensive list of supplies and essentials that every college student should have in their bathroom:

  • Shower shoes
  • Toothbrush organizer
  • Storage basket
  • Shower curtains
  • Mesh shower caddy
  • Towel set
  • Bath mat
  • Adhesive shower shelves
  • Bathrobe or towel wrap
  • Shower cap
  • Fog-proof shower mirror
  • Stackable storage drawers
  • Towel hooks
  • Trash can
  • Makeup organization
  • Toilet paper
  • Hamper 
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Plunger and toilet brush
  • Hairbrush
  • Towel head wrap
  • Plastic organizer
  • Hair basket
  • Light up mirror
  • Hand soap
  • Vanity organizer
  • Over-the-door college bathroom storage
  • Counter accessories
  • Drawer dividers/organizers
  • Wall shelves
  • Shower shelves
  • Over-the-toilet storage shelf
  • Microfiber towel for frizz-free hair

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35 College Bathroom Essentials For a Fresh And Functional Space

When going to college, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun of college life and pack up your clothes and room decor items. However, college students often overlook packing bathroom supplies. Bathroom supplies are necessary if you haven’t considered them while packing.

Whether it’s your private bathroom in your apartment or a communal bathroom in your dorm, these bathroom supplies are a must-have for every college student.

1. Shower shoes

Of course, you don’t want to be seen walking around a communal bathroom barefoot because you don’t know what’s or who’s been there before you walked in and the last time it was cleaned. 

And even though you have a private bathroom, it’s ideal to use shower shoes because there can be a lot of bacteria on the floor. Thus, shower shoes with drainage holes are essential for college students.

2. Toothbrush organizer

You either keep your toothbrush in a communal bathroom or carry it around. So, the best thing you can do is to keep it away from bacteria and germs. So, a toothbrush organizer that’s large enough to contain your toothbrush and toothpaste is one of the college shower essentials.

3. Storage basket

The storage basket is the next on our list of bathroom essentials for college students. This storage basket is perfect for storing hair accessories like brushes, straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, etc.

For easy accessibility, place it on a shelf in your closet or atop your dresser. This makes it easy to put your stuff together in an organized manner and take it to the bathroom or a friend’s room if you’re preparing together.

4. Shower curtains

Shower curtains are essential for a standard shower and deserve a spot on our list of college bathroom essentials. Thus, you’ll need to have your shower curtain. So, get a pretty shower curtain that aligns with your decor style or personality.

However, check with your university’s housing before buying this. But shower curtains wouldn’t be needed if your dorm shower has a door.

5. Toiletries case

A toiletries case is among the supplies for your college dorm bathroom. Nobody wants to walk to the bathroom only to discover they forgot their toothbrush. Thus, a toiletries case helps you stay organized.

You can purchase the ones that fold up to pack and transport many things easily. Another advantage is hanging your toiletries case by the sink or on the door while getting ready.

Some shower items you can pack include body wash and shampoo; you can pack them up in this case and take them to the bathroom when you shower. Having to haul big bottles of shampoo to the toilet each time can be tiring, so ensure you get this.

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6. Mesh shower caddy

Mesh shower caddies are absolute college shower essentials for carrying shower products to and from the dorm bathroom. So, you can use them to store items like hairbrushes, loofahs, soap, shampoo, etc.

Furthermore, a mesh caddy promotes better drainage than a plastic one; the plastic shower caddy stores water in the bottom, which will likely spill around your room when you bring it in. Meanwhile, search for one with a handle or hook to hang on the shower door rather than placing it on the floor.

7. Towel set

Towels undoubtedly deserve a spot on our list of college bathroom essentials. You can purchase an affordable set that has many beautiful colors. Some of them come with a washcloth, a hand towel, and a huge bath towel.

Meanwhile, your laundry and showering habits will determine how many towels you will carry; at least, you can start with two sets of towels to change them within the week.

8. Bath mat

A bath mat is another necessity you should have in your dorm bathroom. After leaving the shower, you wouldn’t want your floor to be slippery and wet. You can purchase a bath mat that matches your decor theme to spice things up.

9. Adhesive shower shelves

This is one of the most crucial college shower essentials. They fit very well to shower tiles and can hold your body wash shampoo, and other shower items. And if you’re using the bathroom with someone, you should consider having separate shelves for yourselves.

10. Bathrobe or towel wrap

If you’re using a communal bathroom, you’ll walk down to and from the toilet each time you have your bath. So, a towel wrap helps to ensure your towel doesn’t slip down while walking to your room.

It also lets you carry your toiletries and shower caddy since your hands will be free. On the flip side, you can use a bathrobe if you have a private bathroom. A bathrobe can be relaxing when you wear it after showering. 

Again, wear it over your pajamas if you get cold at night. Therefore, it’s among the essential bathroom supplies for college students.

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11. Shower cap

Instead of being too mindful of your hair soaking in water when showering, save yourself that stress by getting a shower cap. Plus, it can be beneficial when you’re running late to class and don’t have the time to wash and dry your hair; you can just wear it and get under the shower. It is one of the most helpful bathroom supplies you should take to college.

12. Fog-proof shower mirror

A shower mirror can be handy for various things; you can use it when giving yourself a pep talk, singing, or shaving. If you’re using a communal bathroom, you may want to share it with other people. But if it’s a private or apartment bathroom, you may only stick the hook to the wall each time you want to shower or find a perfect spot to hang it.

13. Stackable storage drawers

These drawers work well for accumulating plenty of shower items and saving space. They are ideal for storing bathroom/toilet cleaning products, hair tools, and anything else. You can find several options on Amazon stores at affordable rates.

14. Towel hooks

Towel hooks give you extra space in your bathroom and are perfect for hanging your hair wraps, robes, and towels. It also saves you from having to nail anything to the wall. So, it’s one of the bathroom essentials you should add to your packing list for college.

15. Trash can

Having a trash can in your college bathroom is one of the non-negotiable essential supplies. We suggest you buy one with a lid so your bathroom doesn’t stink. Plus, ensure it’s portable enough not to take up much space.

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16. Makeup organization

Regardless of where you do your makeup, makeup organizers make things easier. And a portable makeup case will do the magic! In addition, you can easily haul it home during the weekend or to your friend’s room. Therefore, we consider it among the college shower essentials.

17. Toilet paper

Toilet papers are a must-have for college bathroom supplies and should be among the essentials in your packing list. However, you’ll have to restock them frequently, primarily if you use a private bathroom in your dorm.

Meanwhile, ensure you never run out of them!

18. Hamper 

You can never go wrong with hampers! In addition to helping you stay organized, it comes in handy for throwing in your dirty clothes after taking a shower. So, the bathroom is an excellent place to keep it. Some of them have removable laundry bags for easy transport to the laundry. So, consider adding this to your list of college shower essentials.

19. Bathroom cleaner

Nobody enjoys cleaning a bathroom, but it must be done to ensure proper hygiene. However, you can make things easier by getting a good bathroom cleaner.

You only need to spray it on your surfaces and wait a few minutes. Then wash it off with a wet sponge. And voila! All the bathroom nastiness and soap scum will disappear.

20. Waterproof speaker

If you enjoy listening to music in the shower, add this item to your bathroom essentials list while packing for college. Again, your dorm roommate(s) will like it, and it can serve you on beach days. Therefore, you can take it to the beach or for pool parties.

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21. Plunger and toilet brush

Think about some not-so-fun shower essentials for your college bathroom; think of a plunger and toilet brush! Borrowing someone else’s plunger or toilet brush is not a good feeling. So, you must have your own in your bathroom.

Toilet brushes are used for cleaning the toilet. You can use disposable toilet wands to prevent bacteria or smells from your toilet brush.

22. Hairbrush

A good hairbrush is necessary for brushing your hair when you’re out of the shower. Except you’re on dreadlocks, they’re great for keeping your hair from tangling. Plus, you can use them on wet or dry hair.

23. Towel head wrap

Although the towel head wrap is not as crucial as the towel wrap, it can dry your hair better than a towel. Further, it helps to keep your hair out of your face while you wear makeup. So, this is a must-have for females!

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24. Plastic organizer

A plastic desk organizer is another way to organize your makeup products. It can fit into your drawer or atop your desk. And you can store your makeup brushes and other items in there. So if you’re a girl, this is a must-have bathroom essential.

25. Hair basket

The hair basket is not left out on our list of essentials for a college bathroom. It can sit comfortably on top of your dresser, and you can throw in anything hair-related; for instance, hair oil, brushes, straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, etc.

It’s among the best college bathroom supplies because you can easily throw anything into it or haul it to your friend’s room without stress.

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26. Light up mirror

Dorm light may not always give you what you want. You may need something brighter and better, especially when you want to wear your makeup in the morning. And this is where the light-up mirror comes in handy.

Some brands feature light settings and are lightweight and thin, while others vary. So, go for your preference. Additionally, you can use the light for other purposes besides doing makeup. You can also carry it along on trips and vacations.

This multi-role light mirror is indeed one of the significant college shower essentials.

27. Hand soap

Hand soap is a non-negotiable necessity for every bathroom, and liquid soap does the magic! You can purchase one that looks cute and smells nice. Then place it in your toilet if it’s a private one. But if you use a communal bathroom, you can always take it with you in your shower caddy each time you visit the shower.

28. Vanity organizer

Your vanity organizer can carry tour body cream, scrubs, deodorants, cologne, and similar items. Plus, it’s portable and won’t take up much space in your bathroom. We suggest you add it to your list of bathroom essentials for college.

29. Over-the-door college bathroom storage

Over-the-door college bathroom storage allows you to store your hair products and tools without occupying space on your countertop or bathroom drawer. It also works well for storing your oversized curling irons and blow dryers and keeps their cords from tangling, unlike when they’re in your drawer. Hence, it made it one of the college shower essentials.

30. Counter accessories

If you’d want your bathroom to look cute while being functional, we suggest adding counter accessories to your bathroom essentials list for college. Moreover, they come in sets, which is preferable. 

So, go for a set with a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and other accessories to hold your cotton swabs and other items you want handy. Remember, this bathroom essential makes your space look graceful.

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31. Drawer dividers/organizers

Who says you cannot have a clutter-free bathroom drawer? Well, with drawer dividers/organizers, you can get your bathroom in shape again. This item makes your bathroom drawer look very well put together.

32. Wall Shelves

Wall shelves can add style while adding extra storage to your bathroom space. Hence, it’s one of the adorable college bathroom supplies you should get. We suggest you hang it directly above your toilet. You can stick picture frames or small plants to add more beauty.

33. Shower Shelves

Shower shelves add decor to your shower while giving your bathroom a functional space. However, some are portable and mobile for communal bathrooms. But, if you use a private bathroom, you can permanently place them over the shower head.

It can conveniently carry your college bathroom supplies in a spot without letting them fall apart.

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34. Over-the-toilet storage shelf

Does your bathroom have insufficient drawers or shelves? This is another ideal alternative. These over-the-counter storage shelves are perfect for efficiently adding extra storage to your bathroom.

You can also spice things up by placing picture frames and small plants on them. Hence, it’s ideal for giving your college bathroom an aesthetic look.

35. Microfiber towel for frizz-free hair

This type of towel is perfect for curly hair. However, you can still use them for other hair types instead of using the regular bath towel. Additionally, it’s absorbent, has a gentle feel, and prevents hair damage and breakage. Thus, it deserves to be on your list of shower essentials for your college bathroom.

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Do I need a shower curtain for college?

Unlike a shower caddy or toothbrush, a shower curtain may not be your common bathroom supply. However, it is compulsory if you live in a dorm suite with your bathroom. And if you live in a college apartment, then it’s necessary.

What are dorm showers like?

Dorm showers often require you to visit the bathroom in a towel or robe, bathe, and return to your room to dress. But each dorm varies, and some floors have a few showers.

How do you shower in a hostel?

Shower fast! The hostel bathrooms usually get very busy between 8 and 10 am to 6 and 8 pm. So, if you choose to shower at these times, you must make it fast to avoid vexing dormmates. But if you know you spend so much time in the shower, wait until off-peak times.

What is the best soap to clean a toilet with?

You need a mild dish soap or window cleaner to clean the toilet tank. Also, use a scrub and toilet brush to wash inside the toilet because of rust and stains. Meanwhile, don’t use heavy-duty toilet cleaners because they may spoil the toilet’s components.


The bathroom is the most neglected space in a college student’s life. However, you can maximize this space to look fresh while being functional. To achieve this, you should consider adding bathroom essentials to your packing list for college. And we’ve made this easy by providing the college bathroom supplies you need.



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