How to Loft a Dorm Bed: Step-by-Step Guide to Lofting Your Bed with Ease

How to Loft a Dorm Bed
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When lofting a bed, it makes sense to create more space outside the dorm room for other furniture next to the bed. But how do you loft a dorm bed? That’s what we are about to find out. Raising the bed can add extra space to your dorm room.

But you’ll need to borrow a building kit from your dorm and attach it to the underside of your bed. You can also divide the bed into bunk beds with your roommate to create more space in the room. You can use bed risers to add a little extra height to your frame too.

Whichever method you use, be sure to ask a friend to help you with the bed frame because it is heavy. In this post, we will discuss more on How to Loft a Dorm Bed with ease and how to use a loft bed kit. And as well how to hang curtains in a dorm.

What is Loft Kit?

As mentioned above, a loft kit is a kit that can raise a dorm bed. It is used to lift metal or wooden beds without dismantling anything.

Patented for width and length extension, these kits feature footboards and headboards and are designed to pair with various-sized dorm beds.

These components are very easy to install and the entire installation process shown above can be done in multiple steps. With these kits, the bed can be easily raised to create a large space underneath for other equipment and furniture.

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How High can a Dorm Bed be Lofted?

It completely depends on which dorm bed you have. And of course, it also depends on how you want to increase it. It can be increased to about 60 inches tall when rised in a loft set.

This gives you enough space under the bed for a mini-fridge or a desk. And best of all, you don’t have to feel like you’re climbing a mountain to get into bed.  Most loft beds are usually about 58 to 60 inches tall.

You must ensure that there is a 33-inch difference between the bed surface and the ceiling. Then you won’t feel cramped when sitting or sleeping on the bed.

Also, certain rules and guidelines must be followed when using a loft bed. And these rules are regulated by the university. Therefore, you should definitely review these safety guidelines before planning to add a loft bed to your dorm room.  

How to Loft a Dorm Bed – Step by Step

The best way to loft your dorm bed is with a loft kit. Most of the folding beds in the dormitory can be connected with the high-loft kit. So if you have a compatible bed, using the equipment to lift it is a very easy process.

Need help with that too. Ask your roommate to do this for you, as it’s a two-person job. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Method 1: Raise your bed with a slotted frame

Please remove the mattress from the bed. It is much easier to raise the bed frame even without a mattress because the frame is light. If necessary, get your roommate’s help in removing the mattress and propping it up against the wall out of the way.

If you have a small budget friendly dorm room, it may be helpful to temporarily place the mattress in the hallway while the bed frame is being lifted.

Loosen the frame by hitting the corners with a rubber mallet. Tap the corner of the bed frame where the horizontal part of the frame fits into the leg of the bed.

Make a corner at once. Have a friend hold your bed frame when you unscrew it so it doesn’t fall off. You can usually borrow a rubber mallet from the housing office.

You want to know How to Loft a Dorm Bed? Move the frame to the desired position and press in the four corners. You definitely need a friend to help you put the bed frame in the right position. Make sure all four corners of the frame are fully snapped into place on the bed.

You will hear a “click” when the hooks in the corners of the bed frame engage the bed legs. If the corners of the bed frame cannot be fixed firmly by hand, please use a rubber mallet to hit them.

Replace the mattress. Put the mattress back on the bed frame and hang the sheets and blanket over it. Raising the bed allows you to store other items underneath, such as chests of drawers and laundry baskets. If you don’t like the new height of your bed, you can always adjust it again.

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Method 2: Raise Your Bed with a Loft Bed Set

How to Loft a Dorm Bed, simply get the Loft Set from the Housing Office. This set includes 2 extra bed legs and 4 pegs. Lofted bed sets may also come with safety rails or ladders to help you get on after the lofted bed is set up. Most schools don’t charge extra for this loft kit, but you should check.

Remove the mattress from the bed and turn the frame on its side. Remove the mattress from the bed frame and place it out of the way. With the help of a friend, flip the bed frame over. Make sure there is enough space around the bed frame to work.

To make things easier, it’s a good idea to move the bed frame from its original position to the middle of the dorm room. 

Attach the additional legs to the original legs with pins in each corner. Insert the pegs into the holes in the bottom of the bed frame legs and slide the new legs over the pegs. The hole in the top of the new leg should line up perfectly with the pin.

Having a friend on one side of the bed and working on the other side of the bed is useful because you can stretch your legs at the same time.

More on Bed with a Loft Bed Set

Turn the frame over again and replace the mattress. Gently roll the bed back into place and move it to the desired location in the room. Put the mattress back on the bed and make the bed.

A ladder can be attached to the side of the loft bed or the side slats can be climbed.

If equipped with safety rails, insert the safety rails into the frame. Install safety rails on the unprotected side of the bed to prevent falls from the loft bed. Usually, the safety rail just plugs into the bed frame.

If you need safety rails but don’t have them, ask your housing manager.

Place a desk or other furniture under the loft bed. Raising the height of the bed creates more space under the bed. You can put a desk, dresser or even a sofa under the bed. You can also ask your roommate to help raise the bed to make the room even bigger.

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Method 3: Bunking Two Beds

Get bunk bed pegs from your housing office. You cannot stack one bed on top of another and hope for the best. Not only is it dangerous, most schools don’t allow it. You need pegs to attach the top bunk to the bottom bunk so the bed doesn’t fall apart.

Please secure a place at the residence office of the dormitory. If you don’t know where your dorm student housing office is, ask the housing clerk or someone in the hallway who has already set up the beds in your loft or bunk bed.

Remove the upper mattress. It is difficult to raise the bed frame without adding the weight of the mattress. Decide which bed will be the top bed and remove the mattress from it. The mattress can remain on the lower bed as the frame does not need to be moved.

The upper mattress can be easily placed over the lower mattress.

Insert the pegs into the top holes of the lower bed. At each bottom corner of the bed, there should be a hole in the bed leg for inserting a metal pin. Stick one in each corner so you can use all four pins. Always use all 4 pegs as too few pegs will make the bed unstable.

More on Bunking Two Beds

How to Loft a Dorm Bed, just lift the upper bed with a friend and slide the frame over the pins. Lift the top bunk over the bottom bunk. To avoid injury, use your legs, not your back, when lifting. Align the top tier squarely over the bottom tier and slide the frame over the pins.

All four legs must be lowered at the same time to secure everything to the pegs.

Install the safety rails on the upper level if necessary. Install safety rails on the edge of the trunk that do not touch the wall to prevent occupants from falling. Safety rails usually have a small hook on the bottom that can be slipped over the metal edge of the bed frame.

If you don’t already have one in your room, borrow one from the housing administration office.

Replace the upper mattress. Move the mattresses back to the top bunk so that each bed has a mattress. Enjoy extra space in a dormitory room created by bunk beds.

You and your roommate can decide who wants which bed.  You can use the slatted frame on the side of the bed to climb onto the bunk bed or request a ladder from your housing office.

Method 4: Raising the bed with risers

  • Get a booster seat if your dorm bed isn’t made for high-rise buildings. Most dormitory beds fold easily, but some beds do not. Luckily, risers allow you to raise your dorm bed just like a regular bed. Risers are useful when you want your bed to be a little higher but you can’t get it any higher.
  • Purchase the desired height riser. Risers are typically 3 or 5 inches (7.6 or 12.7 cm). If you want your bed to be taller, you can get stackable bed risers and stack them from 3″ and 5″ (7.6 and 12.7 cm) to 8″ (20 cm).

    When deciding how high to raise your bed, you should weigh the benefit of extra storage space against the added challenge of climbing into a loft bed.
    Bed risers can be purchased at home centers or online.
  • Lifts the corners of the bed one at a time while his friend slides the risers down. Continue until all four risers fit under the bed. Make sure all four risers are the same height so the bed is level.

    If the bed is too heavy to lift, remove the mattress and put it in a safe place. Replace when finished.
  • Once the bed is raised, store more things under it. Having a little extra space under the bed can be very helpful in tight spaces in dorm rooms. Make the most of your extra space by storing your dresser drawers, suitcases, laundry baskets, shoes, and other essentials.

    You can save space by stacking items under your bed or organizing them in the trash can.

How Can I Raise a Low Loft Bed?

How to loft a dorm bed? Is just to increase the height, bed risers must be attached to the loft bed support (check out our top-rated dormitory bed risers). DIY enthusiasts can also build their own bed risers using rollers and wooden blocks.

There is also an opinion to replace the loft bed with an extra high bed. However, it should be borne in mind that installing bunk beds with extra height is not a good option as it is not a safe installation.

Is it Weird to Have a Loft Bed?

No, there is no weird loft bed. It is very practical to choose this type of bed, especially if there is a lack of space. It saves a lot of space under your bed. This is especially true if you share a dorm room with your roommate.

Even for adults, it’s great to have a loft bed in a small studio apartment. You can secure a large space where you can put a desk under the bed. It can also be used to place other equipment and furniture.

You will find that these folding beds tend to feel wobbly because the screws are loose. This is also because it is not wide enough to support heavy bed frames and mattresses.

Therefore, you may need to make some changes to your bed and add wider legs to make it safer. Placing the loft bed directly against the wall makes it more stable and easier to stand up, sleep and sit on.

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Are Bed Risers Stackable?

If you have bed risers that stack when not in use, you can stack them. These bed risers have a wide base and a fairly stable foundation. This allows them to be stacked under each leg of the bed frame.

How do I Loft the Dorm Bed With a PVC Pipe?

Properly assembled, PVC pipe can support considerable weight. Of course, DIY experience is a must. However, you can always add bed risers or an extra PVC pipe layer directly under the mattress.

It is necessary to combine pipes and arches to create a bed frame. The dimensions and sizes of the frame developed from PVC pipes should exactly match the bed frame. Then you can put it under your bed frame and fold it up.

FAQs on How to Loft a Dorm Bed

How high do dorm beds loft?

39″ or 28″

Are Lofted Dorm Beds Safe?

Lofted dorm beds can become unsafe if the bed risers are made with weaker material than the bedframe.

How Much Weight Can a College Loft Bed Hold?

between 500 lbs to 1000 lbs depending on the weight of the bed frame and the mattress and the maximum carrying capacity of the bed risers.

How do You Avoid Falling Off a Lofted Bed?

by adding a safety rail to one side of the frame and pushing the other against the room’s wall.

How can I convert my bed to a loft bed?

Your bed can be converted into a loft bed with the help of the loft bed conversion kit. A full size bed can be turn into a full loft bed using the full size conversion kit, and a twin size bed can be transformed into a twin loft bed using the twin size conversion kit.

In Conclusion: How to Loft a Dorm Bed

There are several ways to loft your dorm bed. The easiest way is to use the loft kit. With safety rails and ladders, the whole bed is safer and more stable.

Lofted beds are much easier to manage, but if you’re still happy with them, you can also use bed risers and add a layer of PVC pipe just below the bed frame. 



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