75 Cutest Sorority Big Little Basket Ideas That You’ll Love

Looking for suggestions for sorority big little basket ideas? Well, my friend, stop looking now!

With these 75 cutest sorority big little basket ideas, we’ve got you covered!  

You’ll become that sister’s mentor, friend, and “big” sister for the following year or two once you know who you’ll be paired with. Giving your new sister tiny gifts is one of the most enjoyable things to do, along with serving as an example. 

We are aware of the pressure and excitement associated with creating the ideal gift basket and presenting it to your Little on Reveal Night.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a guide to help you get inspired with our list of the cutest sorority big little basket ideas that you will love.

What’s the Role of a Sorority Big?

Typically juniors or seniors, sorority bigs are newly initiated sorority members. To assist them in adjusting to life as a college student and serving as a mentor on how to fully participate in sorority life, each Big assigns a new member.

Most sororities will have a “Big Little Week,” during which Reveal Night will take place, a few weeks into the academic year.

All of the new members (the Littles) attempt to predict their partners throughout the course of the week as they get their gift baskets through an anonymous proxy.

The greatest way to welcome them into the sisterhood and help them feel like they belong to the sorority is to show them how much you care by showering them with gifts.

Therefore, you must carefully consider which products will best suit your Little’s personality and particular preferences when creating her gift basket. Remember to include a few things that will help identify the lovely sisterhood the two of you will have forever as well.

What to Put in a Big Little Basket

So, one of the benefits of making your child’s basket is this. You are allowed to design Little’s basket anyway you like, based on who she is and what she enjoys.

Depending on your sorority, there can be additional requirements that you need to include in the basket. 

We’ve seen sororities demand that you provide items like sorority paraphernalia (letters, shirts, jewelry, and pins), only submit items that are the sorority’s colors, or even submit small comments from the Big or Alumnae.

These standards are necessary, especially to guarantee that each member is getting the same thing and experiencing similar things.

Likewise with clothing, so that everyone can wear the same thing! This is very helpful whether you’re taking chapter pictures or holding an event, like your sorority formal. Additionally, it increases the quantity of swag each sister possesses. 

The fundamental criteria for items to put in a large little basket is that they should be things that your sorority Little will be thrilled about when they are revealed. 

Keep in mind that this announcement is a MASSIVE DEAL and an incredibly significant moment, especially for a new member of the sorority.

As an elder member, you want this to stick in their minds as well as yours.

What are The Best-Ever Sorority Big Little Basket Ideas?

  1. Alarm clock – Purchase now
  1. Apple pen or stylus – Purchase now
  1. Apple Watch band – Purchase now
  1. Badge/pin box – Purchase now
  1. Bath bombs – Purchase now
  1. Bath robe – Purchase now
  1. Blanket – Purchase now
  1. Body lotion – Purchase now
  1. Body scrub – Purchase now
  1. Body wash – Purchase now
  1. Bracelet – Purchase now
  1. Bracelet keyring – Purchase now
  1. Calendar – Purchase now
  1. Candle – Purchase now
  1. Candle warmer – Purchase now
  1. Canvases – Purchase now
  1. Car coasters – Purchase now
  1. Cell phone holder for car – Purchase now
  1. Cell phone stand ring – Purchase now
  1. Coloring book – Purchase now
  1. Corkboard – Purchase now
  1. Crewneck sweater – Purchase now
  1. Dry shampoo – Purchase now
  1. Earrings – Purchase now
  1. Emergency kit – Purchase now
  1. External battery to charge phone – Purchase now
  1. External hard drive – Purchase now
  1. Face mask – Purchase now
  1. Face wash and moisturizer – Purchase now
  1. Face wipes – Purchase now
  1. Framed digital print – Purchase now
  1. Fuzzy socks – Purchase now
  1. Hairbrush – Purchase now
  1. Hair mask – Purchase now
  1. Hair scrunchies – Purchase now
  1. Hat – Purchase now
  1. Headphones/earphones – Purchase now
  1. House plant – Purchase now
  1. Jewelry tray – Purchase now
  1. Keychain – Purchase now
  1. Lap desk – Purchase now
  1. Laptop case – Purchase now
  1. Lavalier – Purchase now
  1. Leggings – Purchase now
  1. Letterboard – Purchase now
  1. Lunch bag – Purchase now
  1. Makeup mirror – Purchase now
  1. Makeup bag – Purchase now
  1. Makeup palette – Purchase now
  1. Motivational mug – Purchase now
  1. Mug with sorority letters – Purchase now
  1. Nail kit w/ nail polish and top coat – Purchase now
  1. Necklace – Purchase now
  1. Notebook or journal – Purchase now
  1. Oil diffuser – Purchase now
  1. Pajama set – Purchase now
  1. Passport holder – Purchase now
  1. Pen set – Purchase now
  1. Phone case – Purchase now
  1. Picture display – Purchase now
  1. Picture frame – Purchase now
  1. Pillow – Purchase now
  1. Planner – Purchase now
  1. Polaroid camera – Purchase now
  1. Popsocket – Purchase now
  1. To-do list pad – Purchase now
  1. Tote bag – Purchase now
  1. Ring – Purchase now
  1. Shoes – Purchase now
  1. Stickers from RedBubble – Purchase now 
  1. Stitch letters – Purchase now 
  1. String lights – Purchase now 
  1. Stuffed animal – Purchase now 
  1. Sunglasses – Purchase now 
  1. Tray – Purchase now 

How to Make Your Sorority Little’s Basket

Your sorority, particular chapter, and the reveal rules will all affect how you build your basket for your kid. For further information and instructions to assist you in creating your basket, ask your new member educator.

Some guidelines can include restrictions on how many goods you can put in the basket, how much you can spend on each item, or the timing of when you can give your Little the basket.

Many of these regulations are in place to guarantee that all Littles are treated similarly, irrespective of who their Big is. Speak to your New Member Educator before you start shopping if you weren’t aware of this before creating your basket!

Learning how your chapter conducts its Big/Little Reveal is another crucial step in creating your basket! Some chapters are very understated, only doing a little event on one night, while others host a Big/Little Reveal Week full of exciting activities leading up to the Reveal Night. 

(If you attend a university with a sizable Greek community, you are already aware of this.)

The most important factor in forming your sorority Little’s Basket is assuring you of the necessities, such as:

  • Certain activities and tasks to be revealed
  • If there is a theme for the baskets
  • What is permitted and what is prohibited
  • If you can dance freely! (For example, add a note or something else that provides hints about you.)

What are the Examples of How To Make A Big/Little Basket?

Here is an example of how to create and fill a large, little basket if you need additional ideas:

Consider your basket in terms of three categories:

  • Thoughtfulness for your little

You may include your Little’s favorite quotations, foods, snacks, or even a gift certificate to her preferred retailer!

Pro tip: Use your child’s favorite color in the basket by finding out what it is!

  • Show your sorority pride

You can stuff your basket with items like t-shirts, accessories, canvases, or paddles that have the letters of your sorority printed on them. (They’ll adore it!)

  • Strengthen your bond and bring you and your little closer

You can include things like your favorite movies, majors, interests, experiences, etc. that you and your partner have in common.

What are the tips for picking the perfect sorority Big or Little?

1: Find someone who has similar interests or hobbies

When you and your Big Little partner have a lot in common, you can enjoy doing activities together, which strengthens your Big Little bond. It only ends in tragedy if you and your sorority, Big or Little, don’t have much in common.

Making time for one another and communicating can be challenging when you don’t have many interests.

Consider a Big Little connection to be similar to a regular friendship in that it requires time and work to strengthen. It is exceedingly challenging to share the same viewpoints without a common ground, such as shared hobbies or interests upon which to construct the connection.

2: Choose someone who has the same major or minor as you

After all, the main purpose of attending college is to earn a degree and an education, so why not use your sorority Big or Little as your built-in study partner?

A sorority Big or Little with the same major or minor as you can assist you with your studies, advise you on which professor to take the following semester, hold you accountable, and collaborate with you on group projects.

Additionally, it can be reassuring to know that your sorority, whether Big or Little, will save you a seat on the first day of class, and you’ll undoubtedly forge closer bonds via both sisterhood and academics.

3: Choose someone who has the same love language as you

This advice is actually more crucial than you may realize.

Every partnership needs regular engagement and communication. You will get a better understanding of someone’s behavior the more you converse and interact with them.

Even if you are related to or connected by a sisterhood, it can still be challenging at times to contact or communicate with someone.

On Big Little Reveal night, it may be all fun and games, but after the event, it is up to the Big and Little members of the sorority to form bonds and relationships.

4: Find someone who has the same stance on college parties or going out

People likely picture ladies going out every weekend to parties or neighborhood bars when they think about sororities. And while a sizable fraction of sorority girls do participate in these activities, a sizable portion do not.

However, if a sorority Big Little duo disagrees on going out or attending college parties, things could get awkward.

For instance, if a sorority Big enjoys spending the weekends at bars but the sorority Little does not, the Little will probably not have a good time and may even resent her Big.

5: Find someone who has friends and/or a sorority family you click with

Choosing the ideal sorority Selecting a single individual to be Big or Little is not the only aspect of the phrase “Big or Little.” Additionally, picking a group of people as a whole is important.

If you’re thinking about joining a sorority, pick a Little whose friends you can get along with.

Additionally, as a new member of the sorority looking for the ideal sorority Big, you should pick a Big who has sorority pals you get along with and, more importantly, a sorority family you can envision yourself with in the future.

Avoiding your sorority Big or Little on purpose because of a particular friend they have who upsets you is not something you want to reach.

6: Find someone who will be a good influence on you

New members frequently join a sorority only to struggle academically by the end of the semester as a result of negative influences from other women in the sorority or, worse still, their own sorority big.

Sorority bigs may also suffer from the strain of watching their new little balance school, sorority activities, excessive drinking, and constant male difficulties.

You should be honest with yourself about how much drama you can take from your potential sorority Big or sorority Little if you’re a potential sorority Big or a new member of the sorority.

7: Choose someone for their personality over their looks

Unfortunately, physical beauty is what attracts a possible sorority Big to reach out to a new member or sorority Little to reach out to a potential Big when it comes to choosing the ideal sorority Big or Little.

As an alternative, a prospective member might simply wish to affiliate with the “prettiest” sorority. The real goal of a sorority Big Little relationship is obscured by these base impulses.

A Big Little relationship is fundamentally a mentorship.

The Big’s job is to mentor her newly arrived little through initiation, college life, sorority life, and life after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can you choose the ideal things to include in your little basket?

You’ve hopefully already met your sorority Little and gotten to know her well enough to know some of the fundamental things she enjoys, like her go-to restaurant, candy, animal, color(s), TV show, etc.
In order to help you come up with wonderful small gift ideas for your soon-to-be-little, you might also get a questionnaire she filled out listing the various things she enjoys.

What exactly are sorority little baskets?

Sorority little baskets are containers that include a range of items that the sorority little enjoys (for example, favorite candy, favorite drink, favorite movie or TV show, etc.) as well as sorority fashion and lifestyle products (for example, t-shirts, mugs, sorority letter flags, sorority canvas, etc.).
These baskets are intended to pique the interest and curiosity of the sorority little over who her sorority is.

How do sororities choose their “bigs” and “littles”?

Potential sorority bigs are typically matched with new members of a sorority by the New Member Educator or a sorority sister with a comparable title or duty.
They may be referred to as “twins” or “triplets” even though they are not physically related when a sorority sister welcomes several new members as their littles.


One of the most fun but hectic times of your sorority life is making the ideal baskets for your littles.

When you see your sorority unwrapping her baskets in pictures or videos, it is always worthwhile in the end.

And Reveal Night, when you get to introduce yourself to your brand-new sorority, is even more exciting.

We sincerely hope these 75 gift ideas for sorority littles have given you some inspiration for what to include in her sorority gift baskets since we know your sorority little will adore them.


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