15 Awesome Organizations that Help Low-Income Students In 2024

Organizations that Help Low-Income Students

Getting into college can be daunting, especially for low-income students who need more assistance and support to get through the difficult application process. India faces a tough situation with rising educational prices.

To level the playing field and guarantee that every student has an equal opportunity to follow their aspirations, various organizations strive arduously to provide low-income students with the needed funds to excel academically.

In this article, we will list 15 outstanding organizations assisting low-income kids in college.

Who Are Low-Income Students?

Low-income students are individuals who come from families with limited financial resources, often facing economic hardships that can impact their educational opportunities.

These students may qualify for free or reduced-price school meals, receive financial aid for college, or experience challenges accessing necessities like food and housing. Low-income students often face barriers to academic success due to a lack of resources, support, and opportunities compared to their more affluent peers.

It’s important to recognize the diversity within the low-income student population, as they come from various backgrounds and circumstances.

Supporting these students involves addressing systemic inequalities and providing access to resources such as scholarships, mentorship programs, and academic support services.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by low-income students and working towards creating a more equitable education system can help ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their socioeconomic status.

15 Awesome Organizations That Help Low-Income Students In 2024

Here’s a list of 15 amazing organizations that help low-income students:

  • Asha for Education
  • Bezos Scholars Program
  • Pratham Education Foundation
  • QuestBridge
  • The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
  • Teach For India
  • Step Up for Students
  • Avanti Fellows
  • The Gates Millennium Scholars Program
  • The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)
  • Foundation for Excellence
  • College Greenlight
  • The Posse Foundation
  • The United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
  • The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)

1. Asha for Education

Asha for Education provides funding for educational initiatives for disadvantaged kids in India. The group runs several initiatives to give low-income students access to higher education, such as the Asha Scholarship Program, which helps students with financial aid so they can continue their studies.

Over 7,000 students pursuing higher education have received help through Asha for Education. In addition to funding scholarships, the organization also aids in the construction of schools and libraries, the delivery of vocational education, and the promotion of education awareness.


2. Bezos Scholars Program

The Bezos Scholars Program provides fantastic opportunities for recipients to enhance their college applications and local communities.

Only 17 students from around the U.S. and Africa are chosen each year to participate in skill-building seminars, receive college advice, and receive $1,000 in cash to carry out a project that benefits their community. The Aspen Ideas Festival participants also receive an expense-paid trip to Aspen, Colorado.

We select students from eligible U.S. public high schools and an educator they nominate each year.


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3. Pratham Education Foundation

Pratham works to raise the standard of education for impoverished children in India. The organization runs several initiatives to give low-income students access to higher education.

One of these initiatives is the Pratham Scholarship Program, which offers financial aid to individuals who want to pursue higher education.

Over 16,000 students have received Pratham scholarships so far. In addition to offering scholarships, Pratham manages several other initiatives, such as the Read India program, which aims to raise children’s literacy levels.


4. QuestBridge

Quest Scholars Program provides high-achieving, low-income students with access to higher education options. The group collaborates with prestigious US colleges and universities to offer qualified students full four-year scholarships.

In addition, QuestBridge provides kids with various tools and assistance to help them get through the college application process, such as virtual college fairs, essay coaching, and advice on financial aid applications.

The company works to close the achievement gaps between gifted, low-income kids and prestigious schools and universities, giving all students a chance to pursue the education they deserve. They have four gold stars and a perfect score of 100% on Charity Navigator.


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5. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is dedicated to advancing the education of exceptionally promising students from low-income families.

The group supports K–12 high achievers and scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and community college transfer students.

The foundation also offers its scholars options for professional growth, networking opportunities, and academic and financial support.

Regardless of their financial situation, the foundation wants to assist gifted low-income students in realizing their full potential and emerging as industry leaders.


6. Teach For India

Teach For India works to raise the standard of education for poor children in India. The group finds and prepares young professionals to work as teachers in low-income institutions nationwide.

Through its fellowship program, Teach For India helps low-income kids prepare for college. The organization has impacted more than 48,000 pupils so far.

Teach For India also runs several other initiatives outside of the fellowship program, such as the School Leadership Development Program, which aims to train school leaders in underprivileged schools.


7. Step Up for Students

Step Up For Students is a state-approved nonprofit scholarship-funding organization that administers four scholarships for Florida schoolchildren.

Step Up For Students gives parents the power to seek out and participate in the best educational opportunities for their children, focusing on families that lack the financial means to take advantage of these opportunities. They aid in the realization of the promise of equal opportunity in public education by pursuing this objective.

The Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA) is for kids with specific special needs, and the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC) is for low-income families. Step Up For Students is a state-approved nonprofit organization that funds scholarships.


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8. Avanti Fellows

Avanti Fellows helps low-income students prepare for competitive exams like the JEE and NEET. The company emphasizes quality and accessibility and provides online and offline tutoring to students from economically underprivileged families.

Small group sessions, online tools, and mentorship are all part of Avanti Fellows’ coaching program to assist students in passing these difficult tests. The group has influenced over 10,000 pupils so far.


9. The Gates Millennium Scholars Program

The Gates Program is a scholarship program sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The program provides financial aid and leadership development opportunities to high-performing students from low-income families and students who are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, or Pacific Islander. 

The scholarship caters to the total cost of tuition, fees, room, and board for undergraduate and graduate students and provides funding for leadership development and mentorship programs.

The program aims to promote diversity and leadership representation in different fields by providing opportunities for underrepresented students to succeed in higher education.


10. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

HSF is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships, mentorship, and other resources to help low-income Hispanic students achieve their educational and career goals.

They offer scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and community college transfer students and support for students pursuing degrees in STEM fields.

The organization also provides resources and support to help students navigate the college application process, including virtual college fairs and financial aid workshops.

HSF’s goal is to increase the number of Hispanics who earn college degrees, become leaders in their communities and fields, and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the US population. The Fund has a rating of 93% on Charity Navigator with 4 stars. 


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11. Foundation for Excellence

Foundation for Excellence offers financial aid and coaching to underprivileged students in India who want to major in engineering or technology. The organization also provides mentoring and other forms of support to help students succeed.

To date, over 6,000 students have received scholarships from the Foundation for Excellence. The group provides mentorship, career advice, networking opportunities, and scholarships to help students thrive in their careers.


12. College Greenlight

Low-income students can use College Greenlight to locate and apply to institutions that suit them. The group offers free online tools, resources, and information to enable students to research colleges, locate prospects for financial aid, and complete the college application process.

College Greenlight collaborates with colleges, universities, and other organizations to connect students with mentors, internships, and other educational opportunities.

The group hopes to reduce the achievement gap in higher education by giving low-income students the support they need to succeed in college and beyond.


13. The Posse Foundation

Posse identifies, recruits, and trains scholars from urban public high schools to become leaders in their communities and college campuses. These students receive full-tuition scholarships to partner colleges and universities, including some of the top institutions in the US. 

Posse offers students comprehensive leadership training, mentoring, support throughout their college careers, and financial assistance.

The group wants to build a more inclusive and varied leadership pipeline that represents the rich diversity of the US population while also assisting students in succeeding in college and beyond. 90% of people gave the charity four stars on Charity Navigator.


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14. The United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

UNCF offers grants, internships, and other services to help African American students enrol and complete their college degrees.

To help students with financial aid, the organization connects with more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the US and supports 37 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

In addition to scholarships, UNCF provides academic and professional help, mentoring initiatives, and advocacy for laws that benefit African American students.

UNCF’s objectives are increased access to higher education and developing a more inclusive and varied workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the US people.


15. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)

TMCF works to help historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and the students who attend them.

TMCF provides scholarships, internships, leadership development programs, and other resources to assist students in succeeding in college and beyond.

Through advocacy, alliances, and research, the group also seeks to advance equity and opportunity for students at HBCUs.

TMCF’s mission is to advance the value and significance of HBCUs in the US higher education system and ensure that HBCU students have the tools and support they need to graduate and succeed as leaders in their fields.


FAQs On Low-Income Students

What are low-income students?

Low-income students come from families or households with limited financial resources. They often face economic disadvantages that affect their access to educational opportunities, academic achievement, and overall well-being.

How does low income affect academic performance?

Low income can significantly impact academic performance. The lack of resources and opportunities available to low-income students can hinder their ability to succeed academically. Factors such as limited access to educational materials, inadequate nutrition, unstable housing situations, and the need to work outside of school can all contribute to lower academic performance.

Do you offer assistance with necessities such as food and housing for low-income students?

We collaborate with community partners to provide support services, including access to food pantries, affordable housing options, and other essentials for struggling low-income students.


The lack of resources and opportunities available to low-income students can hinder their ability to succeed academically.

Factors such as limited access to educational materials, inadequate nutrition, unstable housing situations, and the need to work outside of school can all contribute to lower academic performance.

For this reason, organizations and charities have taken it upon themselves to help poor students by catering to their financial and education needs; we have them to thank.


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