Perspectives Charter School: What to know before Applying in 2023

Perspectives Charter School is the physical manifestation of a new Chicago school with the goal of preparing urban children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds for life in a competitive and changing world.

A structured life education concept is used at Perspectives Charter School to educate the whole child. The school incorporates social-emotional learning, experiential learning, and academic excellence. By doing this, a culture of trust, curiosity, and success is established.

Perspectives uses the moral standards of a disciplined life as a foundation, as charter schools provide pupils a challenging and pertinent education. This comprehensive approach encourages leadership and develops individuality.

The network has assisted Southside public school students in grades 6 through 12 over twenty years.

In this post we will give you a step by step guide on Perspectives Charter School: What to know before Applying in 2023.

Perspective Charter School History

Perspectives Chicago, Illinois’s Charter Schools is a network of charter schools. Kim Day and Diana Shulla-Cose, two teachers at Chicago’s Dyett Middle School, started the group.

Day and Shulla-Cose started their own little school in Dyett in 1993. They named their course “Perspectives” in the hopes of influencing how their pupils view the world and themselves. Perspectives opened its doors as one of Illinois’ first charter schools in 1997.

The school, which served students in elementary and high school, relocated a number of times throughout the years and became part of a network of institutions. The following are the five current Perspectives schools:

The structure that houses the Rodney D. Joslin Campus was created by


Middle School Perspectives

Perspectives Technical High School

Leadership Perspectives Academy

IIT Math & Science Academy Perspectives

Grades and Programs Offered at Perspective Chatrter School

Perspectives Charter School has Grade 6-12.

Grades 6-8

Develop a positive sense of self, nurture wholesome connections, and acquire productive tools.

Transform growth mindsets

Participate in individualized learning to improve your reading and math skills.

Boost critical thinking speed

Organize community-based projects

Increase opportunities for high school credit

practical field studies

Through tours and panels, start your college and career exploration.

Grade 9-12

Develop a positive sense of self, nurture wholesome connections, and acquire productive tools.
Transform growth mindsets
Participate in individualized learning to improve your reading and math skills.

With the help of A Disciplined Life® classes, promote moral leadership.
Prepare for college with AP Courses and Dual Enrollment

Intensively study for the SAT and other standardized tests
Through visits and job shadowing, learn about colleges and careers.

Organize community-based projects
practical field studies

Make a strategy for your future after high school.
Learning is organic because of the culture the school has established.

Teachers foster an environment of collaboration and support, and the curriculum to encourage students engage with their academic work.

The students ask thoughtful questions, are curious about what they are learning, and intentionally seek advice from their professors and peers to fully comprehend a subject.

Why You Should Enroll Into Perspective Charter School

The school has unique features:
It has two floors of roomy classrooms, cutting-edge science and computer labs, a research library, a kitchen for the school’s nutritious meal program, and more. Users of all ages are to feel at home in the facilities.

With a natural light and vibrant colors, work areas and classrooms are both very welcoming and exciting. The dynamic shape of the structure highlights the school’s dedication to innovation and encourages students to think critically about their academics.

The dynamic shape of the structure highlights the school’s dedication to innovation and encourages students to think critically about their academics.

While offices, small group spaces, and classrooms enable teachers, students, and staff to work extensively without interruption, large common areas promote community and communication.

Admission and Enrollment Processes

This is a network of five public charter schools with open enrollment that accepts students in grades 6 through 12. Perspective has campuses in Chatham, South Loop, and Bronzeville. To enroll, students must reside inside the boundaries of Chicago.

Depending on available seats, Perspectives Charter School accepts new students on a first-come, first-served basis. You can reach the Perspectives Enrollment office by phone at (773) 358-6141 or by email at to inquire about seat availability.

Enrollment is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. Additionally, each campus hosts monthly information sessions where you can meet school administration, discover more about the campus, and take a tour. Every information session starts on time at 5:30 p.m.

Required Documents for Application

Grade Evidence

Students entering grades 6–9: most recent report card

Students entering grades 10–12:
Transcripts that have recently been authorized are required for enrollment.

Guardianship Proof

Birth certificate of the student

Documents proving legal guardianship (if necessary)

Residence Proof

valid driver’s license or state identification card for parents or legal guardians

Current gas, light, phone, and cable bills

Plan IEP/504 (If Applicable)

Each and every document needs to be sent in upon enrolling. As long as there are seats available, enrollment secures your place on the campus of your choice. First-come, first-served policy applies to seating.

Improvement Fee

The $265 annual student enrichment charge goes toward more remote learning resources, a few online after-school events, athletics programs through Perspectives, and enhancements to our grab-and-go meal delivery processes across all campuses.

Application Deadline for Perspectives Charter School

Application deadline for 2022-2023 academic session April 10th.

Student Demographics at Perspectives Charter School

Demographics of students at perspective charter school.
All kids succeed in schools that cultivate a positive atmosphere. Learn how.

Black 94%

Latinos 4%

or several races

White is 1%

Asian 1%

Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander of Native Blood 1%

1% Native American
1% not specified.

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Student Support Service at Perspective Charter school

To satisfy the needs of each student enrolled in the program, the Student Support Team and Learning Support Team collaborate with instructors, families, and students.

Team for Student Support

In order to support children and their families in overcoming obstacles to academic and personal achievement, the Student Support Team (SST) coordinates the school’s approach to meeting students’ particular emotional, social, and physical health requirements. The SST strives to provide families with materials that will support the education and wellbeing of their children.

The SST’s mission is to coordinate school resources to meet the needs of students. The team’s second main goal is to help families find services outside of Excel that can improve their child’s wellbeing.

The Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team coordinates interventions for struggling students, such as remedial reading and math programs.

Learning Support Team also coordinates and provides all Special Education services to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Accommodation Plans.

Each grade level at each of our schools has at least one full-time Learning Support staff member dedicated to ensuring all students are successful in and out of the classroom.

STEAM Focus on Charter Schools

Through the joint efforts of schools, families, and community partners, STEAM education combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM) with a focus on a student’s social, emotional, physical, and academic needs to create a student-centered learning environment where students investigate and engineer solutions to problems as well as construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena.​​​​​​​

Students who adopt STEAM are able to solve problems in the real world, research global issues, and respond to complicated questions by combining their artistic creativity with the rigorous study of STEM subjects.

Learning STEAM

The STEAM curriculum improves critical thinking abilities and fortifies the basis for learning in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The goal is to concentrate on igniting children’s imagination and creativity through the arts in ways that naturally connect with STEM education while using interactive, cooperative experiences to teach kids crucial lessons that will help prepare them for future success.


In order to ensure that every student is prepared for Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, and AP Physics, as well as General Science and other elective sciences like Forensic Science and Neuro Science is provided every year. We also continue to expand our programs.

The process begins at our Charter campus, where students conduct experiments, organize science outings, and adorn the hallways with artwork and lessons on science-related topics.


Technology is available at Desert Heights beginning in Kindergarten. The goal is to help students develop and strengthen their fundamental abilities while introducing them to programming, such as coding.

Swift Playgrounds and Scratch are introduced at the Prep campus as part of this ongoing process. Students can then move on to more advanced programming classes in high school.


In addition to emphasizing job options in science, technology, engineering, and math, they continue to develop advanced courses that provide students with an engaging learning environment.

Engineers identify the issues to be handled and design while maximizing the results. They encourage teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving among groups and individuals while still wanting our kids to have the same possibilities and motivation.


From K through 12th grade, school offers courses in performing and fine arts. The school thinks that the art may foster the development of a person who has a high sense of self, and also enjoys their interest and learns new abilities.

Start pre-kindergarten music performances and continue through the 12th grade with art exhibits, musicals, and concerts to foster an appreciation for the arts. Each quarter and semester, students get to perform some of the best plays and shows in Arizona for their loved ones.


You must be aware of the importance of math in academics and daily life. Building core abilities and encouraging student creativity while utilizing technology standards in conjunction with math objectives and training is the goal.

Every kid is proud to attend a school that offers a curriculum that supports life skills and technology at every grade level since it opens up a wide range of opportunities for them.

Perspectives Charter School Faculty & Staff

Principals: Jasmine Morales, M.Ed., TyNeisha Banks, M.Ed., Eron Powell, MAT, Dorienne Canada-Pendleton, M.Ed.


TyNeisha Banks, IIT Math & Science Academy, M.Ed.

Perspectives High School of Technology’s Eron Powell, MAT

Leadership Perspectives Academy

Perspectives by Dorienne Canada-Pendleton, M.Ed. Campus of Rodney D. Joslin

Perspectives Middle Academy by Jasmine Morales, M.Ed.

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Teachers Qualification at Charter School

Like public schools, charter schools must hire instructors who are highly qualified. That does not, however, imply that all teachers in a charter school must hold valid teaching licenses. The criteria to teach at a charter school can vary by state.

While some states do not mandate teacher certification, others demand that at least 50% of the teaching staff in a charter school be certified.

Regardless, having a teaching certification gives you a better chance of landing the job you want and the knowledge and tools need to teach kids effectively.

Because school administrators, parents, and students seek a high-quality education, highly trained instructors are in high demand at all types of schools, including public and charter ones.

Therefore, hiring a certified instructor gives hiring managers more confidence that the teacher is highly qualified.

Being a teacher at a charter school follows the same stages as becoming a licensed teacher in the public schools if you are one of those highly trained educators.

Steps to Becoming a Qualified Charter School Teacher:

Acquire a Degree

You must have a bachelor’s or higher degree in education from an approved college in order to become a teacher. To teach in a particular subject or grade level, you must first select a program with a credential specifically for that level.

You have a choice between elementary, middle, and secondary education. You can even obtain a K–12 certification for electives like music and the arts.

Be Successful in PRAXIS-I

You must next pass the PRAXIS-I pre-certification exam, which is a test of all general content knowledge taught in modern schools, with the exception of foreign language, after completing your coursework.

Successful Student Teaching:

You must complete student teaching after finishing the prerequisite courses and passing the PRAXIS-I exam. Student teaching is an opportunity to lead and instruct the class but not bearing the complete responsibility because you are under the licensed classroom teacher’s supervision.

Present Documents

The education regulatory agency of your chosen state must receive all of your documents after you have finished the steps.

Depending on the submission’s condition and timing, the approval process may take a few days or weeks.

The teacher qualifications for charter schools

Charter schools are not governed by the state and federal governments, unlike to public school teachers.

Charter schools are autonomously administered, allowing teachers and school officials to be autonomous in their direction, teaching methods, and daily routines, despite the fact they are held accountable by state testing and student achievement.

Importance of Parent Involvement in a Charter School

Those who enroll their children in charter schools want the best for them. Additionally, they are open to diverging from the course of conventional education.

This expectation means that, for the most part, the parents of these kids are investing in their children’s success. As any educator can confirm, one of the most important aspects for a student’s success is the support they receive from home.

Since you are not completely responsible for your pupils’ education and development, this support and dedication can have a significant impact on how you teach them. You’re not alone. Which, for nearly every teacher, is the essential component to thriving in your career rather than just getting by.

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Perspectives Charter School Locations

The perspectives charter schools location is in the Chicago communities of Auburn Gresham, Bronzeville, and South Loop.

Perspectives Charter School MSA

By integrating a social emotional learning component with a demanding college-preparatory curriculum and chances for experiential learning that prioritize STEM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), MSA equips its students with the skills they need to succeed in both college and in life.

MSA provides state-of-the-art technology that enables students to earn certifications and thrive in courses related to STEM fields, including robotics, AP Physics, Adobe PhotoshopTM, computer coding, and web design.

High-achieving students has option of choosing an expedited dual enrollment program with the City Colleges of Chicago to acquire college credits.

MSA collaborates with eminent businesses like Horizon Pharma to allow students to network with mentors in the STEM fields. All students receive specialized college counseling support, and college visits for students begin in middle school.

Basketball at Perspectives Charter School

The school extracurricular activities allows pupils to continue learning outside regular school hours. Each campus chooses the after-school activities that complement its course offerings during the academic year.

More than 50 FREE after-school and sports programs are available from Perspectives.


The athletic program prioritizes character development while encouraging competitive achievement. At Perspectives, there are 700 student-athletes who compete on 55 teams in sports like baseball, basketball, girls’ volleyball, cheerleading, football, softball, wrestling, boys’ soccer, and so on.
The athletic program has resulted in numerous Chicago Public League conference championships, numerous appearances in Chicago Public League city finals, and numerous Illinois High School Association regional and sectional championships in just a few short years.

According to research, student-athletes at Perspectives will have high academic performance, higher attendance rates, and less disciplinary problems.



  • HS girls volleyball
  • MS Football Flag


  • MS Women’s Basketball
  • MS Boys Basketball


  • MS Softball
  • MS Women’s Track
  • Senior Boys Track
  • Cooperative Varsity Girls Soccer


  • Boys soccer in the fall
  • Cooperative Varsity Football
  • Football for sophomores (co-op)
  • Football for freshmen (co-op)
  • Girls’ varsity volleyball
  • Women’s volleyball, sophomores
  • Fall high school cheer

Winter High School Cheer, Boys Wrestling, Varsity Girls Basketball, Sophomore Girls Basketball, Varsity Boys Basketball, Freshmen Boys Basketball,


  • Baseball team for boys
  • Girls’ Softball Team
  • Boys Track & Field for Varsity
  • Girls Track & Field for Varsity

Frequently Asked Question on Perspectives Charter School

How many perspectives are there in Chicago?

In the Chatham, South Loop, and Bronzeville areas of Chicago’s south side, Perspectives has five schools spread across three campuses.

How to apply to Philly Charter School?

Join now. Please create an account if you don’t already have one. Please call the Apply Philly Charter Helpline at 1 (800) 891-3999 to create an account or to submit an application if you do not have an email address. I have read and accept the terms of service by creating an account.

Are charter schools free in Chicago?

Public schools that operate on their own are called charter schools. Chicago offers tuition-free charter schools accessible to students from all parts of the city. Anyone can enroll.

How do Philadelphia charter schools work?

Public schools that operate with more independence than district schools are called charter schools. This implies they have more latitude in class planning and teacher hiring and firing compared to district schools, they frequently have longer school days and, sometimes, longer school years.


The school offers extracurricular activities and a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college and beyond. Teachers at perspectives charter schools are knowledgeable in their fields, dedicated, and well-rounded.

Also, the views charter school places a high value on creating a welcoming atmosphere for students from all walks of life. The school offers a variety of initiatives and programs to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

If you’re about sending your child to a perspectives charter school, we strongly advise you to look into the admissions process and learn more about what the school and what it has to offer.

For families who place high value on education, and wish to give their kids the best possible start in life.

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