Astec Charter School: What to Know Before Applying in 2023

Astec Charter School is a public charter school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Founded in 2000, the school has a strong reputation for academic excellence and innovation in education.

Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. The school you choose can significantly impact your child’s academic, social, and emotional development and future opportunities.

This article aims to provide parents with an overview of Astec Charter School, including its academic programs, extracurricular activities, and community involvement, as well as to highlight the importance of selecting the right school for your child.

About ASTEC 

ASTEC is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) school where student scholars have technology as a core subject daily in engaging classrooms where the liberal arts are fully integrated. 

In addition to these core subjects, ASTEC values character, manners, proper etiquette, social and cultural awareness, a strong work ethic, and entrepreneurship.

ASTEC is a different kind of school experience. We encourage you to learn what makes us unique. Learn about our academic, social, and cultural offerings, accomplishments, and goals. The best way to get to know ASTEC is to visit us in person. All who do, report their amazement at what they see and hear in our schools.

History of Astec Charter School:

Astec Charter School was founded in 2000 as a public charter school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The school was established by educators and community leaders passionate about creating a high-quality educational experience for students in the area.

Over the years, Astec Charter School has experienced significant growth and development. The school has expanded its academic programs, increased its student enrollment, and established itself as a leader in education in Oklahoma.

The mission of Astec Charter School is to provide a rigorous and innovative educational experience that prepares students for success in college, career, and life. 

The Vision of ASTEC is to have scholars interact in a classroom that focuses on the Core Values of content, character, competency, and community. 

ASTEC Charter Schools focus on four core values. The Four C’s include:

• Content and instruction are research-based, integrating math, science, and technology into a liberal arts curriculum. Teachers use data-driven experiential teaching models that cross subject matter boundaries. Teachers and scholars explore the relevancy of the material through classroom simulations.

• The character traits of integrity, compassion, passion, and responsibility are essential for successful living. These traits are modeled by all employees and are recognized and rewarded when achieved by scholars.

• The competency skills of teamwork, communication, and critical/creative thinking are embedded in the experiential teaching model of ASTEC.

• The value of community reflects this vision’s beliefs, character, judgments, acts, and efforts.

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ASTEC Middle School 

The 6th through 8th grades are offered at ASTEC Middle School to students in Oklahoma City and the nearby communities. 

They strongly emphasize each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and work hard to teach their children high academic integrity and leadership. 

Students are provided the technology, abilities, and information through their programs to be productive members of our school community and the global world.

Every student’s values and abilities are honored, thanks to ASTEC. Additionally, our inclusionary stance exposes students to a multicultural curriculum that offers fresh perspectives.


ASTEC High School

ASTEC is pleased to establish a place where our students can feel supported, a part of a community, and appreciated for a job well done.

The majority of their pupils receive aid to continue their education in college. ASTEC students are exposed to various trade occupations by collaborating with Metro Technology Centers. 

ASTEC is smaller than the majority of the local public schools. In an intimate, familial setting, students get to know one another.

The Advanced Science and Technology Education Public Charter Schools’ (ASTEC) mission is to enable, inspire, and motivate students to realize their full potential.

ASTEC Elementary School 

Located in Oklahoma City, ASTEC Elementary School is a public charter school of choice for students in grades PreK through 5. 

As part of its liberal arts curriculum, ASTEC incorporates STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics). Character, good manners, appropriate etiquette, social and cultural awareness, a solid work ethic, and entrepreneurship are all valued by ASTEC.

The wonderful thing about ASTEC is that it has a homey atmosphere. They are large enough to offer your kid the services larger schools offer. Still, they are also small enough to offer your child the more difficult-to-measure qualities, such as kindness, understanding, structure, and optimism for the future. 

A cutting-edge primary school designed by ASTEC will debut in the fall of 2020. The elementary school is building a second wing of classrooms in response to demand.

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Astec Charter School’s extracurricular activities

Astec Charter School’s extracurricular activities and clubs include the following:

Basketball, soccer, cross country, volleyball, and other sports are all available at A. Astec Charter School. Through these activities, students can hone their leadership, collaboration, and physical health.

The school also offers robust music, drama, and visual arts programs. Students can choose chorus, music, theater, and art lessons to hone their artistic abilities and express themselves via the arts.

Additionally, Astec Charter School promotes participation and community service through various service clubs and groups. These organizations allow students to become leaders, improve their leadership abilities, and foster a feeling of social responsibility.

Student Life at Astec Charter School

Respect, accountability, and academic performance are all values that Astec Charter School takes pleasure in promoting. The school recognizes the value of establishing a secure, welcoming atmosphere for learning where students can flourish and realize their full potential.

The institution is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion and works hard to build a warm community that values students’ experiences and backgrounds. 

Several initiatives and programs have been put in place by Astec Charter School to encourage cultural sensitivity, respect, and understanding.

Student government, service groups, and academic clubs are just a few of the many student organizations and leadership possibilities available at Astec Charter School. 

These initiatives allow students to grow as leaders, serve the community, and follow their interests and hobbies outside the classroom.

The National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and the Robotics Club are a few examples of student organizations at Astec Charter School. The school also allows pupils to participate in community service activities like food drives and helping at neighborhood nonprofits.

Students at Astec Charter School are encouraged to participate actively in their education and growth.

Field trips, project-based learning, and internships are just a few possibilities the school provides for students to engage in experiential, hands-on learning. 

The school also places a lot of emphasis on helping students be prepared for success after high school by giving them the tools and assistance they need.

The overall environment offered by Astec Charter School encourages students to accomplish their academic and personal objectives. 

For kids seeking a demanding and fulfilling educational experience, Astec Charter School is an excellent option because of its strong emphasis on academic success, diversity, and student engagement.

Astec Charter School Faculty and Staff

Astec Charter School’s teachers delight in offering children a challenging and exciting learning environment. 

All of them are highly certified and experienced. Every instructor has a bachelor’s degree or higher in their field of instruction, and many also possess advanced degrees or specialized certificates. 

To guarantee that they are up to speed with the most recent research and instructional techniques in their sector, Astec also mandates that its teachers participate in ongoing professional development.

Astec’s faculty members have access to professional development programs all year long. These opportunities include conferences, workshops, and seminars on instructional methodologies, assessment tactics, and technology integration. 

Astec also offers grants to instructors to acquire professional certificates or different degrees in their fields of study.

The Astec Charter School loves its employees and aims to provide a welcoming and diverse workplace. The school provides prospects for career progression, attractive salaries, and health and retirement benefits. 

Astec also offers staff members professional growth and training chances to develop their abilities. The school supports its workers by providing flexible scheduling and paid time off because it understands the value of work-life balance.

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Astec Charter School Parent and Community Involvement

Astec Charter School values parental and community involvement in students’ education. Parents can participate in the school community in several ways, such as by maintaining open lines of communication with the faculty, attending parent-teacher conferences, and offering time to participate in various school-related events and activities.

The school has partnered with regional companies and organizations to give its pupils more resources and support. These collaborations include volunteer initiatives, mentorship schemes, and internship opportunities.

Additionally, Astec Charter School provides parents with volunteer opportunities to participate in school activities like planning fundraising events, supervising field excursions, and helping with extracurricular activities.

Astec Charter School understands how crucial it is for parents, the community, and the school to collaborate to provide its children with a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

Facilities and Resources at Astec Charter School

The campus of Astec Charter School is built with contemporary amenities and classrooms to improve the educational process. Modern technology is available in classrooms to support teaching and learning. 

With safeguards in place to maintain the security of both students and staff, the campus is safe and secure.

The institution strongly emphasizes technology and gives students access to cutting-edge learning tools like online databases, libraries, and software. 

A devoted technology team at Astec Charter School ensures pupils have access to the most recent software and equipment.

The school has first-rate sports facilities, including a basketball court, soccer field, and gymnasium. Various sports and physical activities are available for pupils, and the school has a committed staff of coaches who work with kids to improve their athletic ability.

Admissions Process for Astec Charter School

Astec Charter School is an open-enrollment institution with no particular candidate eligibility restrictions. All academic backgrounds and skill levels of students are encouraged to apply.

Applications can be submitted online through the school’s website or in person at the admissions office. 

Deadlines apply. 

Personal data, academic background, and any special requirements or accommodations the student needs are frequently included in applications. 

Although there is no set application deadline at the institution, it is advised that students apply as early as possible to ensure enrollment consideration.

Registration and enrollment procedures: 

After a student and their parent or guardian have been accepted to Astec Charter School, they must attend an enrollment session. 

During the session, they must present identification, proof of domicile, evidence of immunizations, and other relevant paperwork. 

The enrollment session will allow one to ask questions, covering information about the school’s regulations and procedures. The student will be enrolled and prepared to start classes once the enrollment session is finished.

Financial Assistance and Fees at Astec Charter School

Astec Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school. Hence there are no tuition costs associated with enrollment. 

However, some fees, such as those for textbooks, uniforms, and field trips, may fall under the purview of the family. Payment plans, scholarships, and financial aid are a few ways you might pay for these fees.

Opportunities for financial aid and scholarships?

Astec Charter School provides financial aid to families who qualify based on need. Scholarships, grants, and loans are possible forms of this support. The school collaborates with other corporations and organizations to offer students funding options.

Fundraising and donation initiatives: 

Astec Charter School depends on community contributions to give its students more opportunities and resources. 

Families can donate money to support the school’s goals and programming by attending yearly fundraising events.

Tuition and payment options: 

Astec Charter School is a public charter school that does not charge tuition; therefore, enrolling there is free for anyone. However, additional expenses like uniforms, textbooks, and transportation may fall on families.

Financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available to qualified students at Astec Charter School. 

Through its scholarship program, the school offers financial aid to graduating seniors who want to attend college or a vocational school. The school may also provide additional scholarship possibilities all year long.

Programs for fundraising and donations: 

To offer kids at Astec Charter School a high-quality education, the school depends on community contributions. 

To collect money for various programs and activities, the school may hold fundraising events all year round. Additionally, the school is open to accepting donations from private individuals, businesses, and other nonprofits.

It’s crucial to remember that financial aid and scholarship possibilities may change in availability and eligibility yearly. 

Families are urged to contact the school for the most recent details on these programs.

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 What is the student-teacher ratio at Astec Charter School?

The student-teacher ratio at Astec Charter School varies by grade level and subject but typically ranges from 20:1 to 25:1.

What is the school’s approach to discipline and behavior management?

Astec Charter School has a positive behavior intervention and support (PBIS) system to promote a safe and positive learning environment. The school emphasizes teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors and providing appropriate consequences for negative behaviors.

How can parents get involved in the school community?

Parents can get involved in the school community by attending parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in the classroom or for school events, joining the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and attending school board meetings.

What extracurricular activities are available for students?

Astec Charter School offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, music programs, theater productions, clubs, and service organizations.

How is technology integrated into the school’s curriculum?

Astec Charter School integrates technology into the curriculum through computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards, and online learning resources. Teachers are trained to use technology to enhance instruction and engage students in learning.


Astec Charter School is dedicated to giving its children a well-rounded education and has a long history of academic distinction. 

The school provides a challenging curriculum, AP classes, and extracurricular activities that prepare students for college and beyond. The teachers at the school are highly skilled and committed to giving pupils the help they need to achieve.

Additionally, Astec Charter School prioritizes fostering an environment that is friendly and inclusive of kids from all backgrounds. The school provides a range of projects and programs that support equity, inclusion, and diversity.

We urge you to investigate the admissions procedure and learn more about the school’s offers if you consider sending your kid to Astec Charter School. 

For families that value education and want to offer their children the finest start in life, Astec Charter School is an excellent option because of its superb faculty, demanding curriculum, and dedication to student achievement.



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