Where Can I Send My Troubled Child For Free | Top 10 Places

Where Can I Send My Troubled Child For Free
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Where can I send my troubled child for free? That was my aunt’s question when my cousin’s troubles were getting too much.

Of course, she loves him to death and is supposed to care for and nurture him, but sometimes nurturing isn’t just enough, and this is why special schools exist – however, nothing as special as Nevermore Academy!!

These schools discipline troubled children by providing a regimented, time-based, fast-paced lifestyle and many academic and non-curriculum activities.

Importance of Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth and Teenagers

The boarding schools for teenagers and young people featured in this article are excellent for struggling adolescents who require a solid academic foundation plus therapy or counseling to improve their struggling minds.

  • These schools provide educational programs/teachings alongside therapeutic programs and counseling.
  • They specialize in supervising these troubling teens’ behavioral and emotional problems. 
  • Some schools offer wilderness programs involving residential treatment or therapy/counseling outdoors. 
  • Unlike regular schools, boarding schools for troubled teens and youths offer numerous support services such as family counseling, remediation, behavioral therapy, and other curriculum activities.
  • Small classes are an added advantage as they help teachers to focus closely on each student.

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Are There Free boarding schools for troubled teens and youth?

Below is a list of where to send your troubled child for free. These schools provide therapeutic programs, educational programs, behavioral treatment, counseling, and many other services to help adolescents and young adults with various problems.

I’ll list and describe each school so you have their details. Furthermore, it is essential to note that our information was discovered after thorough research into the topic on websites like lowcostschool.com.

List of Free Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens and Youth

Below is a list of 10 free boarding schools for troubled teens and youth:

  • Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch
  • Lakeland Grace Academy
  • Agape Boarding School
  • Eagle Rock School
  • The Seed School of Washington
  • Cookson Hills
  • Milton Hershey School
  • New Lifehouse Academy
  • Future Men
  • Vision Boys Academy.

Below are where you can send your troubled child for free

1) Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

  • Location: Texas, United States of America
  • Ages: 5-18.

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is one of the largest privately sponsored boarding schools for children and families. It is also one of the best free boarding schools for teenagers and young people.

The school fosters a Christ-centered environment for gifted programs and services that strengthen families and promote teens’ and young people’s overall development.

They also assist kids in overcoming difficult pasts and laying the groundwork for a prosperous future.

They think that “financial resources should never stand between a family in crisis” and that tuition should be free. Nevertheless, families are required to pay for their children’s transportation and medical costs.

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2) Lakeland Grace Academy

  • Location: Lakeland, Florida, United States.
  • Age: 11-17.

Lakeland Grace Academy Boarding School is for teenage ladies who are having problems. They offer treatment for females who struggle with severe concerns like academic failure, low self-esteem, rebellion, rage, despair, self-destructive behavior, and substance abuse,

Compared to the majority of therapeutic boarding schools, Lakeland Grace Academy’s tuition costs are significantly lower. Additionally, they offer families that want to enroll their difficult child or children financial assistance choices, including loans and scholarship opportunities.

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3) Agape Boarding School 

  • Location: Missouri, United States
  • Age: 9-12.

The Agape Boarding School strongly emphasizes helping each of its students succeed academically. They are committed to fostering excellent behavioral, spiritual, and academic development.

It is a non-profit charity that frequently offers problematic adolescents and teens free schooling.

To keep tuition-free, specific scholarships are funded mainly through donations and given equally to every student.

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4) Eagle Rock School

  • Location: Estes Park, Colorado, United States
  • Age: 15-17.

The Eagle Rock School develops and promotes appealing offers for disturbed teenagers and young people. They provide opportunities for a fresh start in a realistic setting.

The American Honda Education Corporation strongly supports the school. It is a nonprofit organization that focuses on children who leave school early or have severe behavioral issues.

Boarding is entirely unpaid. Students are required to pay for their travel costs, though, and, consequently, they must pay a $300 incident deposit.

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5) The Seed School of Washington

  • Location: Washington, DC.
  • Ages: Students from 9th-12th grade.

The Seed School of Washington provides an outstanding intensive education program that prepares children both academically and socially for success in college and beyond.

Their college-preparatory environment challenges all students in small classroom settings and with individualized instruction rooted in their core values.

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6) Cookson Hills

  • Location: Kansas, Oklahoma
  • Ages: 5-17.

Cookson Hills is a free boarding school where you can Send your troubled child for free. They serve problematic children and teenagers. The school helps foster difficult children by offering counseling services and a Christian educational model.

The school is primarily supported by donations from individuals, churches, and foundations that want to give at-risk children a bright future.

However, Cookson Hills further demands each parent’s $100 security and therapy deposit.

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7) Milton Hershey School

  • Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Age: Students from PreK – Grade 12.

A tuition-free education is available to deserving students at the coed Milton Hershey School. The school gives more than 2,000 enrolled pupils a first-rate education and a secure home environment. This is why it’s on our list of top ten places to send your troubled child for free.

The school also offers personal academic aid, tutoring, field trips, other activities, and counseling services for problematic teenagers and young adults.

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8) New Lifehouse Academy

  • Location: Oklahoma
  • Age: 14-17.

New Lifehouse Academy. It is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen females.

The institution offers mentoring and biblical instruction for disturbed girls, which helps them gain self-assurance and independence.

Teenage girls’ lives are transformed and healed at New Lifehouse Academy, where care is taken to ensure this. However, tuition is about $2,500.

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9)  Future Men Boarding School

  • Location: Kirbyville, Missouri
  • Ages: 15-20.

The primary goals of Future Men Academy are to ensure that students succeed academically, exhibit positive character traits, acquire skills, and be valuable members of society.

However, the Christian boarding school Future Men provides a highly regulated and supervised environment where students can concentrate on their future and accomplish their life goals.

It is for guys between the ages of 15 and 20. Future Men’s tuition is quite affordable compared to places where you can send your troubled child for free.

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10) Vison Boys Academy

  • Location:  Sarcoxie, Missouri
  • Grade: 8-12.

The Christian boarding school Vision Boys Academy serves disturbed teenage boys who struggle with mental problems, attention disorders, rebellion, disobedience, etc.

However, the school strongly emphasizes fostering strong relationships between these disturbed adolescent boys and their parents and shielding them from the damaging effects of internet addiction and toxic relationships.

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FAQs on  Free Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens and Youth

1) How long must my child stay in a boarding school for troubled teens and youth?

Well, for a school that runs a therapeutic program using a time frame or duration, the period your child can stay in the school depends on the program duration and the need to examine the child properly.

2) What are the steps I need to take when searching for boarding schools for troubled teens and youth

The first step every parent should take once they notice unusual behavior in their child/children is to see a consultant. Consult the right child educationist to define the problem. This consultant can also suggest the school type that best handles this behavioral problem. The next step is to research the schools before enrollment.

3) Can I enroll my child in any regular boarding school?

For kids who experience behavioral issues, low self-esteem, drug addiction/abuse, anger, school dropout, or losing focus in school as well as in achieving life goals, it is advisable to enroll them in boarding school that can help handle these issues. Not all boarding schools specialize in handling troubled teens and youth. In addition, there are boarding schools for troubled teens and youth that provide therapy and counseling to guide them to achieve their life goals.


Various avenues are available for parents seeking assistance and support for their troubled children at no cost. Community organizations offer valuable resources, while government-funded programs are dedicated to providing help and guidance to families in need.

By accessing these free services, parents can find the necessary support to address their children’s challenges and foster their overall well-being.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone in this journey, and help is readily available. Take that crucial first step towards a brighter future for your troubled child by exploring the free options within your community and actively seeking the assistance you need.



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