Premier Charter School: Everything you need to know in 2024

Premier Charter School PCS is an award-winning Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary, or Middle School in St. Louis. PCS is one of the best charter schools in St. Louis.

 The cutting-edge facilities and highly dedicated faculty provide a unique learning atmosphere that promotes development, individuality, and independence, creating tomorrow’s leaders today.  

Create a thriving environment for your kids and experience the Premier Charter School difference immediately by enrolling them.   

Start by learning all you need to know about Premier Charter School, its students, faculty, parents, and curriculum in 2024.

History of Premier Charter School

One of the first charter schools in St. Louis, Premier Charter School opened its doors to 524 students in kindergarten through sixth grade in 2000. Giving city-dwelling families another choice for a high-quality education was the driving force for the founding of this charter school.

With approximately 1000 children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, PCS has grown to be a remarkable example of a learning environment dedicated to the development of the whole child.

They intentionally combine academic learning with social and emotional growth since they are the first charter school in St. Louis to be recognized as a State and National School of Character. With this approach to education, PCS remains a role model and innovator. Every year, PCS welcomes local, national, and international delegates of educators who come to meet with students, educators, and administrators to discuss best practices.

PCS was formerly known as St. Louis Charter School.

The five structures on our campus are the Early Childhood Building, Elementary Building, Middle School Building, Basketball and Indoor Soccer Field Gymnasiums, and Leadership and Resource Center. In addition, the facility contains three soccer fields, a blacktop, a green area with a walking track, and undeveloped terrain.

The site where the PCS facilities were located in 2016 is currently transforming into a home.

PCS was awarded a “Don’t Quit!” fitness center worth $100,000 in exercise gear from the National Foundation of Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC) in 2019.

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Purpose of Premier Charter School

PCS encourages independent, curious learners. They emphasize the development of the whole child at Premier Charter School. We are reducing the achievement gap by providing students with the necessary resources to succeed in school and beyond PCS.

PCS Address

Premier Charter School

5279 Fyler Ave

St. Louis, MO 63139

(314) 645-9600

What Makes PCS Unique?

Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade:

  • The three fundamental ethical values—caring, respect, and responsibility—are supported and developed through character education techniques.
  • The first step in inquiry-based learning is to pose questions, issues, or scenarios rather than state the obvious. To obtain solutions, students are encouraged to investigate and ask additional questions.
  • PCS is the first charter school to be recognized as a State and National School of Character in the St. Louis region.
  • They provide several outdoor learning activities.
  • A rotating calendar of sessions is used for physical education, art, music, library skills, coding, and world cultures. In addition, we offer STEM, engineering, computer science, and maker space classes.
  • Quest (Enrichment/Gifted Program), TLC (Special Education), ELL Program (English Learning Language), Reading & Math Specialists, and Before & After Care are just a few of the supportive services that PCS provides.

Grades and Available Programs

  • Early Childhood – Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade
  • Elementary School – 2nd Grade through 5th Grade
  • Middle School – 6th grade through 8th grade

What is Premier Chater School Application Process?

Clarification On Enrollment/Re-Enrollment

Old students at Premiere Charter School have to re-enroll every academic year.

Re-enrollment for the next academic year will start in January. Don’t submit a new Schoolmint application if you already have a student enrolled for the following year; Schoolmint is only for new applications. When students resume winter break, your family will receive details on how to re-register for the following year.

Age requirement for PCM: By July 31, 2024, children must be four years old.

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Application Instructions

Applications are now open for PCM students to apply.

Enrolment is filled via a lottery-based system. This implies that to participate in the lottery; families must first submit an online application. Throughout the academic year, the lottery is held several times.

To be enrolled, you must go through the registration process if your child’s name is drawn in the lottery.

The online lottery system, Schoolmint, is used for both registration and lottery applications.

Please be aware that the lottery application for your child does not carry over from one academic year to the next. You must reapply for the current school year if you are not admitted the first time you apply and want to try again the following academic year.

Register Here!

Important Information About Premier Charter School Application

Pre-Kindergarten through 8th-grade students attend Premier Charter School. This indicates that they welcome students from any zip code in St. Louis City. Since they don’t use catchment areas, any St. Louis City resident is welcome to apply anytime.

Children who turn 4 by July 31 are eligible for Pre-Kindergarten, a fee-based program.

Children who turn 5 by July 31 are eligible for our Kindergarten program. Throughout the summer, there are several opportunities for new kindergarten students to get to know the school and their classmates. 

After registration, details about the “Kindergarten Club’s times and dates will be given.

Important Dates

On November 1, 2022, Schoolmint opened the 2024–2024 lottery application.

The 2024–2024 school year lottery will be held on February 1 at 2:00 pm. The preferred contact options chosen in the Schoolmint application will be used to contact applicants selected in the lottery.

My child’s name was not drawn in the lottery after I applied; what should I do?

Families are advised to enter their child’s name in the lottery. The application is valid for the whole academic year you are applying for, though periodically, PCS runs another lottery as the year goes on to fill open spaces.

Does PCS have a waitlist?

 Sure, they do. If you do not withdraw your application, your child will be placed on the waiting list. Except for sibling preferences, prioritized at the top of the list, everyone on the waiting list will have an equal chance to win in subsequent lotteries. Applications, however, do not roll over from one academic year to the next. You will have to submit a fresh application in December of the following year if your child does not obtain an offer of admission.

Education and Curriculum for Students at Premier Charter School

Classroom Organization and Curriculum at Premier Charter School:

In the PCS Pre-Kindergarten program, we believe there is no ideal technique to assist a young child in developing a knowledge of the world, promoting self-concept, and cultivating a general love of learning.

Therefore, PCS has combined principles and ideas from well-known early childhood curricula, such as Project Construct, Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and nature and outdoor learning.

Classroom resources:

Project Construct is a significant component of the Premier Charter School curriculum. This curriculum covers these four areas of child development:

  • Socio-morality: The capacity to relate to the outside world emotionally, morally, and intellectually.
  • Cognitive: The capacity to combine newly learned information with previously held beliefs.
  • Ability to transmit concepts that have been seen, heard, or imagined.
  • Physical – Your body’s improved capacity for purpose, control, and skill.

Emotional & social learning:

PCS recognizes and accepts its duty to educate the complete child. This includes addressing the social and emotional requirements of each child.

The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) is a strengths-based method that PCS has found to be effective. By utilizing the qualities of every child, they further develop their resilience to stress and other challenges that kids frequently confront.   

The proven elements below are supported and promoted by the PCS Pre-Kindergarten program:

  • Self-control (resolving conflicts, learning how to deal with strong emotions, understanding and identifying feelings);
  • Attachment (establishing links and relationships with peers and adults);
  • Initiative (doing independent action)

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Extracurricular Activities

Asides from sports, there are other activities for Premier Charter School students to enjoy.


The PCS garden was set up in the spring of 2019 with assistance from Seed St. Louis, a few committed teachers, and incredible family volunteers.

The garden concept was first conceived to encourage additional outdoor learning opportunities for pupils in an urban setting. The aim is to give kids a place to learn about the world and ask questions. The dreams for an outdoor learning area just started with the garden!


Numerous kids have never interacted with animals, so chickens offer numerous possibilities for learning from and about them. They also provide a sustainable supply of food. People of all ages may learn a lot from chickens because they are social animals. Having chickens also has the advantage of supplying biodegradable materials rich in nutrients, which can support the PCS garden!

School Life, Structure, and Demographics at Premier Charter School

Premier Charter School property, which spans over 20 acres of land, enables students to learn, play, and develop while remaining in the center of South City St. Louis.

The five structures on campus are the Early Childhood Building, Elementary Building, Middle School Building, Basketball and Indoor Soccer Field Gymnasiums, and Leadership and Resource Center.

In addition, the facility contains three soccer fields, a blacktop, a green area with a walking track, and undeveloped terrain.

PCS bought the site where the facilities are located in 2016 and is currently transforming it.

Demographics of Students at Premier Charter School

Current enrollment: 902

Average daily attendance: 93%

Female: 51%

Male: 48%

White: 41%

Black: 27%

Latino: 19%

Asian: 5.3%

Race diversity: 5.8%

Islands of the Pacific: 0.4%

The population of ELL: 18%

Premier Charter School Faculty and Staff

There are about 169 total employees a Premier Charter School.

6 years is the typical PCS teacher tenure.

PCS Administrator Tenure is 15 years on average

For PCS staff to continue to advance professionally, the school empowers its workers.

They develop and nurture leaders who will do extraordinary things at PCS and beyond by providing ongoing education and resources tailored specifically for teachers and staff.

These are the Our Benefits to Employees;

Onsite childcare

An incredible benefit of joining the PCS team has childcare onsite! The daycare staff makes you feel like your family members are caring for your child since they are friendly and welcoming.

An onsite daycare makes it convenient for you to drop by and observe your child in action! Because your child is at work with you, this is the ideal chance for mothers who need to breastfeed or pump.

The staff is adaptable, ready to assist, and eager to meet your needs. They follow the same academic calendar and, as needed, can change their hours to coincide with school hours.

The tuition prices are reasonable for children from birth to five years of age.

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Health And Wellness programs

These are the wellness programs Premier Charter School provides for its staff;

  • Annual wellness event with a focus on the wellbeing
  • Staff and children are provided with healthy snacks throughout the year.
  • Onsite fitness classes at a reduced cost, like yoga
  • Staff have access to a gym on the premises.
  • Activities for fostering teamwork include school volleyball, happy hours, mid-year celebrations, and year-end events.

Medical Benefits

Premier Charter School recognizes how crucial health insurance is to staff and their loved ones, which brought about the current Cigna medical and prescription drug coverage.

Children under the age of 26 as well as spouses and domestic partners, may be eligible for coverage. In addition, PCS provides a High Deductible Health Care Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA), which provides a 25% employer match up to $500 every academic year.

Dental Benefits

PCS provides dental insurance via Cigna. The plan offers various fundamental and important services, including preventative care and orthodontia. Children under the age of 26 and spouses and domestic partners may be eligible for coverage.

Vision Benefits

PCS provides a vision plan via Cigna. The package covers yearly check-ups, eyewear, lenses, and contacts. Children under 26 and spouses and domestic partners may be eligible for coverage.

Accidental death, life insurance, and disability Benefit

PCS offers life and AD&D insurance up to a $50,000 limit, or 1x your annual pay. Additionally available to spouses, domestic partners, and kids is voluntary Life/AD & D.

Long-term and short-term disability Benefits

You pay nothing for the group short-term and long-term disability insurance PCS provides.

60% of staff base income, up to a maximum of $1,250 each week for 11 weeks, is replaced by STD coverage. The LTD coverage covers 60% of your base pay up to a maximum of $7,500 monthly after 90 days of disability.

4-6 weeks of maternity or paternity leave are compensated by short-term disability.

Sick And Personal Days

Team members also receive 10 paid maternity or paternity leave days for childbirth or adoption in addition to their 10 personal and sick days. Additional unpaid time off is permitted for new parents under the FMLA’s standards.

Payroll Plan

PCS is a City of St. Louis Public School Retirement System member. After five years, eligible team members have vested rights and continue to receive Federal Social Security benefits. The financing level of the plan continues to be slightly higher than that of other state and local pension funds.

In 2024, PCS will contribute 13.5%, and a newly eligible team member will donate 9% to the plan. To learn more, please visit

Parent Involvement at Premier Charter School

The IC Campus Portal is a platform that enables families to keep their preferences for student communication up to date and allows schools and families to stay connected and involved.

Opportunities for parental participation

The Parent Community Group (PCG) is available whenever parents need details about school events, activities, and fundraisers or simply want to connect with another parent. To participate right away, click the link below.

Parent Community Group

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FAQs of Premier Charter School Students, Parents, Application, Curriculum 2024

What time does school start and end at Premier Charter School?   

 The start of the school day begins from 8:15 am to 3:25 pm.  

Do they offer transportation services?    

Premier Charter School doesn’t offer any kind of transportation or bussing.

Does Premier Charter School offer pre- and post-care?  

Sure, we do. Under the ‘About Us’ tab, you may read more about “BAC.”

What happens if I send in my lottery entry after December 1?  

As long as your application is submitted before the grade level lottery date, it doesn’t matter when you do it. In other words, doesn’t keep track of what order applications are filed.


Premier Charter School is a public charter school in Saint Louis that serves students from Pre-Kindergarten-8th grade.

The mission statement of PCS is to provide the children of the City of St. Louis an individualized education rich in academics and character, so the children today can be the leaders of tomorrow.

We suggest PCS to parents in any of the cities in Missouri. Reviews show that the quality of education they offer is top-notch.



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