Paterson Arts and Science Charter School: What to Know Before Applying

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School delivers high-quality STEAM-based education in a digital learning environment that enables students to meet and exceed grade-level standards and succeed in college and career.

While receiving public funds, charter schools are run independently and are exem from many rules that regular public schools must follow. Instead, a document known as a “charter” that outlines the mission, organization, and expectations for performance governs charter schools.

To assist you whether Paterson arts and science charter school is the right choice for your child, we hope this page will provide you with a basic summary of what a Paterson arts and science charter school is, as well as resources for analyzing and researching schools.

From the school curriculum, faculty and staff, student life, parental involvement, STEAM education, and the like. These are a few things to know before applying.

History of Paterson Arts and Science Charter School

The school is governed by the terms of the charter issued by the New Jersey Department of Education in 2003. The school opened in September 2004 with a maximum of 178 students in Years 6-9, which will eventually increase to 178 students in Year 6. 2007-12 ends. Will expand to nearly 500 people. The school has been run by the Mid States since 2014. It is accredited by the Schools Council.

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Location is 196 Railway West Street
Paterson, Passaic County, NJ 07503

As of the 2021-22 school year, the school has an enrollment of 1,450 students and 130.5 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis) for a student-teacher ratio of 11.1:1.

1,181 students (81.4 percent of the enrollment) were eligible for free lunches and 110 students (7.6 percent of students) were eligible for reduced-price lunches.

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Grades

Grades is K-12

Exciting Features of Paterson Arts and Science Charter School

The Paterson Arts and Science Charter School’s (PASCS) objective is to create the optimal environment for intellectual and social growth of its students by leveraging a joint effort of students, educators, families, and the community.

Through its rigorous academic curriculum, engaging extracurricular activities, and encouraging rewards for achievement, PASCS creates an environment that encourage enthusiasm in both teachers and students.

As a result, students at the school are motivated to take on new challenges and pursue their education further.

Students at PASCS go above and beyond to demonstrate their love of learning by selecting difficult, even competitive, academic pursuits.

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Application Process

The school does not discriminate against students based on their academic prowess, achievements or aptitude tests, athletic prowess, disabilities, race, creed, gender, national origin, religion, or heritage.

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PATERSON Arts And Science Charter School Elementary Online Application Form.

Thank You, Parent/Guardian.
Paterson appreciate your enthusiasm for iLearn Schools! The submission portal has been shut off. The school have, however, made it easier for families to apply.

The deadline for submission of applications is June 30, 2023, and this will be for the following academic year (2023-2024). We will evaluate submitted applications once we have exhausted our existing waiting list and verified withdrawals from our presently enrolled students. Please be aware:

This does not guarantee a spot in our schools. If your child is accepted, your application will be added to a reserve list, and you will be contacted.

You do not need to submit another application if you have already done so and are currently on the waiting list.

If your application for the 2023-2024 academic year is not processed, we recommend you apply for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Filling out this application is requested. Falsifications, misrepresentations, or omissions may disqualify your application.

Paterson Arts and Science charter school value your trust in them and your assurance that they will maintain giving our pupils an excellent education.

You can Apply Here

Charter School Application Process for 2023–24 School Year

Families are expected to submit applications for the 2023–24 school year by April 1 though charter schools accept applications all year.

Charter schools must perform lotteries to choose students at random for admission if there are more student applications than seats available.

Those students whose names were not drawn in the lottery will be added to the school’s wait list, and be admitted as spots open up in the future.

Through the spring and summer, families should anticipate hearing directly from schools regarding the status of their applications.

All students in NYC may attend charter schools, which are free public schools. Families can apply using a single straightforward form. There is never a need for exams, interviews, essays, or auditions.

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Curriculum Areas

The Paterson Arts & Science Charter School offers a comprehensive selection of K–6-appropriate educational services. These services include ordinary education, special education, and instruction in fundamental skills.

Overview of Paterson Arts and Science Charter School

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School is situated in the sprawling suburb of Paterson, New Jersey. Paterson Arts and Science Charter School is a K–11 institution with 943 students enrolled. At Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, 28% of students achieved math proficiency at or above the proficient level, and 45% achieved reading proficiency at or above the proficient level.

98% of the school’s students are small. The district-wide average for the student-teacher ratio is 14, which is 14.

There are 52% female students and 48% male students in the student body. 80% of the pupils enrolled at the school are from low-income families. There are 68 full-time equivalent teachers.

There are 943 students enrolled in Paterson Arts and Science Charter School’s 1 schools. Minority enrolment in the district is 100%. Additionally, 79.7% of kids experience economic disadvantage.

Students Demographics Paterson Arts And Science Charter School

In Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, there are 1.8% White students, 24.3% Black students, 1.3% Asian/Pacific Islander students, 72.3% Hispanic/Latino students, 0.3% American students, and 0% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Island students. Furthermore, 0% of students identify as belonging to two or more races, and 0% have not indicated their race or ethnicity.

Additionally, 52% of pupils are female and 48% are male. 12.9% of students at Paterson Arts and Science Charter School are English language learners, and 79.7% of students are eligible to participate in the federal free and reduced price meal program.

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Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Teachers Experience

100% of the teachers in Paterson Arts and Science Charter School are certified, and 100% have three or more years of experience. At 14:1, the student-to-teacher ratio is more than the statewide average. An unknown number of full-time counselors work for the district.

STEAM Education

A teaching and learning strategy known as STEAM Education uses math, science, technology, engineering, and the arts to direct student inquiry, discussion, and problem-solving. According to education experts, acquiring practical skills is only one aspect of STEAM education. Additionally, it fosters in children the ability to:

  • Take calculated risks
  • Take part in worthwhile learning activities
  • Grow to be resourceful problem-solvers
  • Embrace and appreciate the collaboration
  • Work through the creative process.

Through STEAM, students are given the tools to be inquisitive learners who look for original answers to problems rather than simply searching the internet, helping them to develop the soft and hard skills required to succeed in college and their careers.

Because of its growing popularity, there is a National STEAM Day holding every year to inspire children to become more interested in science, math, and art-related activities.

Students benefit from cutting-edge curriculum and teaching strategies that leverage practical, interdisciplinary learning experiences at high schools around, including XQ schools.

Through projects that address the issues that have an impact on their everyday lives, students connect their learning to their communities while also preparing for college and professions.

A Comparison Between STEAM and STEM

STEAM and STEM education are not the same things, despite their similarities. While STEAM employs the same principles as STEM, it also frequently includes the arts and humanities.

Educators disagree, claiming that just including arts and crafts in a STEM assignment or making it “look pretty” does not transform it into a STEAM lesson.

Instead, arts should be incorporated into lectures to help the students understand how the several pertinent disciplines relate to each other.

This enables students to develop and use abilities like empathy, creativity, and communication that are inherently present in the arts and humanities.
Research demonstrates that students who engage in creative activities exhibit:

  • Elevated reasoning
  • The capacity to handle stress
  • Better awareness of oneself

Social abilities including cooperation, communication, self-assurance, independence, and drive the capacity to establish relationships with their neighborhood.

It is no coincidence that these same abilities are vital to all XQ schools and are reflected in the XQ Design Principles for reinventing high school.

The “A” in STEAM is crucial for this reason. Students can better understand how skills learned in the classroom can lead to careers in the future by integrating the arts into STEM courses.

They can also connect their work to real-world issues affecting their communities, find new passions they might not have discovered through STEM alone, and connect their work to real-world issues facing their communities.

Why is STEAM important to the Future of Education?

The goal of this educational system is to prepare students for the workforce in the future.

This justifies the significance of STEAM education. Students investigate via play, curiosity, and practical learning. Who knows, though? What they discover might pave the way for the upcoming STEAM career.

The difficult aspect is that many STEAM careers are changing. Even though we can’t forecast how employment will change, we can help children get the knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in those careers.

The objective is for students to gain practical experience dealing with problems in the real world.

Through these assignments, students become fully immersed in the design thinking process and acquire crucial abilities such as research, interviewing, prototyping, testing, and idea pitching.

How STEAM Engages Students With Their Community

One of the most effective results of a STEAM education is the possibility for students to interact with their community, and giving them the privilege to work on issues that directly affect their life while also receiving a glimpse into a potential future job path.

The future of education is STEAM.

It is the responsibility of the school to make sure that children are prepared to cope with the complexity of the world we live in since it only continues to get more complicated. According to the U.S. Department of Education, our students and future leaders must now more than ever:

  • Become knowledgeable and proficient in solving challenges in the real world.
  • Possess the ability to interpret information
  • Understand how to obtain and assess evidence to make wise decisions.

How Do I Enroll Into Paterson Arts and Science Charter School?

Paterson is delighted that you are about enrolling your child in a CAPS school. Common inquiries about enrollment, along with their responses and forms, are provided here.

How much does attending CAPS cost?

Exactly nothing! We are a public charter school with no tuition.

How do I register my kid?

Apply online before March 19 during the open application period to assure eligibility. If there are more applications than seats available, seats will be distributed by lottery and first-come, first-served waiting list.

Do siblings get preference?

Please note on your application whether your child has siblings who are already CAPS students so that we can take that into account while processing your application.

What documents are required to enroll?

Following acceptance, we will require the following documents:

Property deeds, mortgage statements, leases, current utility bills, and notarized statements from landlords. Which must be accompanied by other proofs of domicile, are all acceptable forms of identification. The criteria for the resident district determine the documentation requirements.

A copy of court order allocating custody, or the original birth certificate with raised seal (hospital birth certificates are not admissible as proof of guardianship).

A child’s report card and a letter from the district confirming your registration serve as proof of enrolment in the local school system.
Evidence of immunization

Current immunization record from the doctor or school.
A recent medical examination from a doctor is proof of a physical examination.

Charter School Extracurricular Activities

The number of students who consistently participate in our extracurricular activities and enrichment program reflects our school’s slogan, “Unity Respect Excellence.”

Students are encouraged to take part in different activities to increase their knowledge, develop their abilities, and, most importantly, have fun and expand their social circles.

Students can use their email accounts to get in touch with the staff managing ECAs.

Please take a look at the complete list of extracurricular activities we now offer below. Some ECAs have outside leaders who are paid for their services.

On ParentPay, you may get information on ECA prices and availability. Paid events will only happen if at least ten students sign up. All paid activities will have a maximum enrollment, and spots are distributed each term on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those who don’t get a spot this term will have the opportunity to in the waiting list and so have priority the following term. We don’t want to turn anyone away because of a lack of funds.

Common ECAs

Students can learn new skills, broaden their social networks, and gain confidence through extracurricular activities.

Throughout the year, the schedule of events is subject to change.

ECAs in Music

They firmly believe in providing all students with excellent musical experiences because we know that doing so will bring them genuine joy and happiness.

Your child is welcome to attend a taster session if they are interested in participating and like to sing or play an instrument.

ECAs in Sport

Charters provide a wide range of extracurricular PE and sport activities at Charter School. These are led by the PE staff at Charter (free of charge) as well as by outside coaches (fees required; sign up for a term).

Students Lifestyles at Charter School

State; School; NCES District ID: 3400765;

The mailing address for this district is 33-00 Broadway in Fair Lawn, New Jersey (District ID: NJ-806096).

/>340076503254 NCES School ID

/>NJ-806096-982 State School ID

District Number: r>3400765 for NCES

State District Number: NJ-806096.

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The Needed Educational Qualification of Teachers in a Charter School

Bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctoral degree in education
An average graduate degree takes 3 to 7 years to complete.

Only a Bachelor’s degree in education is required for employment as a teacher in a charter school. However, teachers at middle and high school levels may decide to pursue a Master’s.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job growth for charter school teachers will increase at around 4% per year, in line with the national average.

A bachelor’s degree in education and the necessary certification are the requirements for teachers in public and private schools for those working in charter schools.

Improvement of Your Career as a Teacher in a Charter School

Teachers may select professional development in areas like classroom management, teaching non-English speakers, or educating kids on charter school’s objective.

Other forms of professional development can include learning more about close reading, instructional coaching, and cognitively guided instruction.

Continual learning
To advance their careers or earn a higher salary, charter school instructors might earn a master’s or doctorate in education.

Associations of Professionals

Teachers can learn a great deal by networking with other charter school educators since it provides a forum for ideas shared, and connections made. Teachers in charter schools might want to look into the following associations:

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools promotes educational management strategies and charter schools.

The National Association of Charter School Authorizers is a nonpartisan organization that supports teachers and charter schools.

The National Education Association is the organization that fights for all teachers.

Average Pay for Teachers in Charter Schools

Depending on the locality, charter school teacher salaries might range from $39,000 to $97,00, although they often match those of the local public school instructors. The following are typical beginning salaries:

Google Glassdoor: $41,000
$49,000 According to ZipRecruiter

Paterson Arts and science charter school sis login

Here is a login in website for Paterson arts and science charter school high school.

Visit Website

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Basketball

NJ, PATERSON – The boy’s basketball team from Paterson Arts and Science Charter School went to Bard for their final game of the year on Friday, but were crushed by the visitors by a score of 68-22.

The Wildcats fought hard despite the defeat. Sebastian Teves, a sophomore forward, led the squad with six points, followed by Aiden Murray, a sophomore, with four points.

The boy’s basketball team from Paterson Arts and Science Charter School had a difficult season, finishing 7-18. The crew stayed steadfast and committed to honing their abilities and performance despite the difficult times.

The squad is optimistic they can recover and have a strong season next year thanks to a promising roster and a dedicated coaching staff.

Parent’s Involvement at Paterson Arts and Science Charter School

Parental involvement in Paterson Arts and Science Charter School is crucial.

While parental involvement in Paterson Arts and Science Charter School activities results in positive changes and is significant in the social environment, it also has a significant on the student’s academic performance and learning outcomes.

Over the past few decades, the connection between parental involvement and students’ achievement has become well-established and substantiated.

In a world that is changing, the parent-school relationship becomes essential to achieving the objectives of the educational system. Education is no longer a dialogue solely between the teacher and the students.

The modern era actively supports the growth of students in all areas, including cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual. Such a comprehensive development requires a holistic approach and re-conceptualization, with parents and the school playing roles in determining how an individual develops and learns.


How many charter schools are in Paterson?

Paterson’s Community Charter School has one campus and 884 pupils. Minority enrolment in the district is 100%.

What is a charter school in NJ?

The only organization that can authorize charter schools in New Jersey is the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

Which city is Paterson?

The American city of Paterson is in Passaic County, New Jersey. Population of 149,222 as of the United States Census of 2000. According to census predictions, the city had 148,708 residents as of 2006, ranking third in terms of population in New Jersey. It serves as Passaic County’s county seat.

How much do charter school teachers get paid in Paterson?

Paterson’s average Paterson Charter School of Science and Technology teacher salary is about $60,350 per year, is 30% more than the national average.

Final Thought

The Paterson Arts and Science Charter School is a distinctive learning environment that offers top-notch instruction in a welcoming and stimulating setting.

The school is well-positioned to provide a well-rounded education that equips pupils for success in college through extracurricular activities and a dedication to parent involvement.

Now that you’re about applying to Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, we advise you to go through the school’s website to find more about its courses and programs.



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