Springfield International Charter School: What To Know Before Applying In 2023

Springfield International Charter School is an educational institution in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. The school is committed to providing quality education to students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history, mission, programs, ad how to enroll your kids at Springfield International Charter School.

The school was created as a public school alternative to traditional public schools to provide high-quality education to students from underserved communities. Since its establishment, Springfield International Charter School has become one of Massachusetts’s most respected charter schools.

Before we share what you need to know before commencing applications at Springfield, let’s look at the school’s origin.

About Springfield International Charter School

Springfield International Charter School was established in 1998 as part of the charter school movement in Massachusetts.

(SICS) is a college preparatory school that provides quality education to students. It teaches students to perform to the best of their ability, achieve academic excellence globally, and prepares graduates for colleges and universities.

The school develops and strengthens students’ ethical, moral, and civic values, empowering them with the requisite knowledge, skills, and social judgment to succeed. Furthermore, SICS provides a multicultural setting for students to thrive as global leaders.

All You Need To Know About Admission At Springfield International Charter School

  • After the cutoff, all qualified applications will be submitted to a public drawing. As with the following academic year, applicants will be sorted into a lottery according to their grades.
  • SICS determines the number of available seats each year by grade level before the start of the new school year.
  • Before the kindergarten lottery, the number of openings for the upcoming school year will be determined. This figure will be determined by the number of siblings who enroll in kindergarten and the number of students currently enrolled. Still, it may not be advanced to grade one and will repeat kindergarten.
  • Notice of the lottery will be made public at least one week before.
  • If there are more applications than seats available or if there is a Waiting List at any school level, there will be three separate lotteries held for each grade after each enrollment period.
  • After completing the enrollment process, students will be divided into one of the three categories listed below:
    • Siblings of students currently enrolled at SICS in the year of application will be given preference for admission over non-sibling students. Siblings are defined as students who share a common parent, either biologically or legally, through adoption. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for informing SICS about any siblings on the waitlist.
    • Admission will be prioritized for Springfield residents over non-resident students.
    • Residents of Massachusetts outside the City of Springfield shall be referred to as non-residents.

SICS Kindergarten Lottery Application (open)

SICS Lottery Application 2023-2024 (Disabled) Lottery Grade 1 – 12)

Springfield International Charter School Curriculum and Instruction

Springfield K-5 curriculum focuses on English Language Arts, Mathematics & Science.

You can download their K-5 curriculum HERE.

Their Middle School curriculum includes six units per grade for 180 days of integrated reading, writing, listening, and speaking instruction.

Download the middle school curriculum.

You can download the curriculum here for those interested in their High school.

Extracurricular Activities At Springfield International Charter School?

For students in grades 7 through 12, Springfield International Charter School offers an interscholastic sports program. Each year, 34 different teams comprise about 450 students.

As an active Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) and the Pioneer Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference (PVIAC) member, SICS competes against many larger schools within the MIAA and PVIAC, not just amongst charter schools.

SICS was the premier Charter School to clinch the MIAA State-wide championship, earning the honor in boys’ basketball in 2006. They have also earned a second state championship in boys’ basketball and several Regional Championships in boys’, girls’ basketball, and cheerleading.

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Is There A Provision For Special Education At SICS?

The school system is accountable for ensuring a variety of instructional supports and/or classroom accommodations have been tried within the general education environment before a student is recommended for a special education evaluation (MTSS).  Documentation of using instructional supports and/or accommodations must be part of the student’s record.

Springfield International Charter School identifies with special abilities through its special ed program carefully designed for children with disabilities.

A student may be referred for an evaluation through special education by a parent or guardian, teacher, or other professional. Before the evaluation process can begin when a kid is sent for a special education review, the parent or guardian must obtain written permission. The evaluation must be sufficiently thorough to help identify the student’s potential special education and related service needs. Depending on each student’s unique needs, several evaluation methods and professionals are used to assess each kid.

After the evaluations, the Team (consisting of parents/guardians, evaluators, teachers, a Team Chair, and any other necessary school staff) will convene to determine whether the student needs specialized instruction to make progress and access the general education curriculum or if the lack of progress is due to a disability.

The team may determine that the child is ineligible for special education assistance or come to the opposite conclusion. The Team may offer additional programs and/or services the student can access at the school if they are not eligible.

If a student is determined to be eligible for special education services, the Team will develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  An IEP is a legal document that defines individualized objectives for a student with a disability as defined by federal regulations.  The IEP must suit the individual student’s needs.  Once the IEP is written, the parent/guardian must sign consent for the proposed services to begin.

If you have questions or concerns regarding special education services at Springfield International Charter School, contact Cynthia Miller, Director of Special Education, at 413-783-2600.

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Does Springfield International Charter School Provide Counseling Services?

Springfield International Charter School provides a comprehensive school counseling program (K-12) that promotes all students’ academic, college/career, and social/emotional growth.

Effective school counseling programs are a joint effort between the school counselor, families, community stakeholders, and other educators to develop an environment that positively impacts student achievement.

The diversity and individual distinctions in our societies and communities are valued by education professionals, especially school counselors, who respond to them in ways sensitive to and responsive to cultural differences. Tare is dedicated to ensuring students have the knowledge and skills they need to be productive workers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens in a changing world. School counselors concentrate on providing direct and indirect services to kids.

School Adjustment Counselor Contact Information

Faculty and Staff At Springfield International Charter School

At Springfield International Charter School, the faculty and staff are the backbone of the school’s operations. The school employs a team of highly qualified teachers experienced in teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds. These teachers work collaboratively to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum that meets the unique needs of each student. The school also employs dedicated administrators and support staff who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the school.

The teachers at Springfield International Charter School are carefully selected based on their experience and expertise in their respective subject areas. They undergo continuous professional development to keep up with the latest educational trends and techniques. Additionally, the teachers are committed to ensuring that each student receives a personalized education experience that addresses their unique needs and challenges. They work closely with each student to identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide the necessary support to help them succeed.

The administrators and support staff at Springfield International Charter School play a critical role in the school’s success. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school, including managing budgets, supervising staff, and maintaining the school’s facilities. Additionally, they work closely with the teachers to ensure that the school’s programs and services align with its mission and goals.

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Springfield International Charter School Parent Involvement

Parental involvement refers to parents’ participation in their children’s education at home and school. This can take many forms, such as helping with homework, attending school events and parent-teacher conferences, participating in decision-making processes, or regularly communicating with the child’s teacher.

According to teacherph, parental involvement is a critical factor in the success of children’s education. When parents are involved in their children’s education, children are more likely to do well in school and have better social and emotional development. 

Springfield International Charter School maintains open lines of communication between parents and teachers. Teachers send home weekly newsletters, progress reports, and report cards to keep parents informed of their child’s academic progress. The school also hosts parent-teacher conferences twice yearly, allowing parents to discuss their child’s progress and set academic goals.

The school also encourages parents to volunteer in various school activities. Parents can assist in the classroom, chaperone field trips, or participate in school-wide events. SICS has a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), which allows parents to participate in school decision-making processes and collaborate with teachers and administrators on various school projects.

FAQs On Springfield International Charter School

Does Springfield International Charter School offer extracurricular activities?

Yes, Springfield International Charter School offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and theater programs.

How does Springfield International Charter School promote parent involvement?

Springfield International Charter School promotes parent involvement through open communication, volunteering opportunities, workshops and training sessions, and community involvement.

Does Springfield International Charter School Provide Counseling Services?

Springfield International Charter School provides a comprehensive school counseling program (K-12) that promotes all students’ academic, college/career, and social/emotional growth.


Springfield International Charter School is a unique educational institution committed to providing quality education to its diverse student body. With its rigorous academic program, focus on personalized learning and commitment to community involvement, the school has established itself as a leader in the charter school movement in Massachusetts.

Students who attend Springfield International Charter School are well-prepared for success in their academic and personal lives, and the school continues to provide a model for educational excellence in the state.


  • sics.org – Springfield International Charter School

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