Ole Miss Acceptance Rate In 2023: Requirements, Tuition, And Scholarships

Ole Miss is also known as the University of Mississippi. Ole Miss enrolls around 22,000 students annuallywith an acceptance rate of 88%. Do you want to know everything about Ole Miss acceptance rate in 2023? If yes, then you are in the right place.

This article will expose everything you need to know about the Ole Miss acceptance rate in 2023.

We will also list the available scholarships offered by Ole Miss and the requirements for the scholarships. 

Let’s get started.  

What You Need To Know About Ole Miss

The University of Mississippi is referred to as Ole Miss. It is a public research university with a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. The University of Mississippi is the second-largest public university in the state by enrolment and one of the state’s oldest public institutions. The Ole Miss acceptance rate is 88%, with about 22000 applicants.

The Mississippi legislature founded the University of Mississippi on February 24, 1844. She accepted her first 80 students four years later.

She operated as a Rebel hospital during the Civil War and narrowly avoided being destroyed by Ulysses S. Grant’s forces. While segregationists sought to stop African American James Meredith from enrolling, a race riot broke out on campus in 1962 during the civil rights movement.

The institution has taken steps to restore its reputation since that time.

Here are important things you need to know about Ole Miss: 

#1. Ole Miss Tuition

The Ole Miss university undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2023 school year are $9,044 for Mississippi residents and $25,886 for out-of-state students. Graduate school costs $9,048 for Mississippi citizens and $25,892 for non-residents.

The cost of living is $16,712 whether a student lives on or off campus.

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#2. Ole Miss Admissions

The Ole Miss university admissions process is more stringent, with an acceptance rate of 88%. Admission to the University of Mississippi requires an ACT composite score of 22 to 30 or a SAT composite score between 1010 and 1230.

While the other quarter earned lower scores, one-fourth of the authorized candidates had test scores that were greater than these levels. The Mississippi State University We charge a $40 application fee and have a sliding application deadline.

The Ole Miss university admissions officer considers a student’s GPA when making admissions decisions. When available, the Ole Miss university admission officers consider an applicant’s high school class rank; however, letters of recommendation are not looked at.

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#3. Ole Miss Admission Requirements 

The admissions office has several standards before granting entrance to a facility. While these requirements differ amongst institutions, all institutions share a few fundamental ones. 

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However, you should pay closer attention to the following requirements:

Ole Miss GPA Requirements

Although many colleges have a minimum GPA requirementhowever, Ole Miss emphasizes you to be above average in your high school class and have a 3.6 GPA.

A combination of A and B grades is required, preferably with more A grades than B.

Enrolling in more complex classes like AP or IB can make up for a poor GPA.

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Ole Miss SAT Requirements

The requirements for standardized testing are unique to each school. Most schools demand either the SAT or ACT, and many also demand SAT subject tests.

You must take the SAT or ACT to apply to Ole Miss. But, it’s more important to do well to present a strong application. Although many institutions assert that they do not have a cutoff for SAT scores, the truth is that they do. This is based on the school’s typical score.

On a 1600-point scale, the average SAT composite score for Ole Miss is 1160.

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Ole Miss ACT Requirements

Although Ole Miss is unlikely to have a rigid ACT threshold, your application will be turned down if it is too low. The typical ACT score at Ole Miss is 25. With this score, Ole Miss is Moderately Competitive regarding ACT scores.

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#4. Ole Miss Acceptance Rate 

The Ole Miss Acceptance rate should be the first-factor prospective students consider before applying. This will aid you in gaining knowledge of the competition and help you to get ready to meet the requirements.

Ole Miss’ acceptance rate is 88.1%. This implies that 88 out of every 100 candidates get accepted.

Hence, there is a slight risk of being rejected. On the other hand, once you meet her standards, you have an 88.1% chance of being accepted.

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Scholarships Available For Mississippi Students

Every scholarship has criteria that students must meet for students to apply. For instance, some scholarships are exclusively available to students majoring in a certain academic field, and they may only offer others to graduate students.

Similarly to this, some scholarships are only offered to Mississippi residents. The following are some scholarships available for Mississippi students:

#1. Gabriel Martin Memorial Annual Scholarship

The goal of this $1,000 grant is to support Mississippi first-generation students. Candidates must be high school juniors or seniors continuing their studies despite health issues. To apply for this grant, you must write a brief essay describing your medical difficulties.

Apply for the scholarship here

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#2. Opportunity for Financial Freedom Scholarship

This $500 grant is intended for a Mississippi student driven to succeed academically and financially. Candidates must submit a brief essay outlining their financial independence goals as well as any other objectives they have set for themselves.

Apply for the scholarship here.

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#3. Equal Opportunity Scholarship

The “$1,000 Equal Opportunity” Scholarship aims to help two exceptional high school, undergraduate, or graduate students who are driven to improve their lives and those of others around them.

The scholarship is available for students from any field of study with a GPA of or higher.

Apply for the scholarship here

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#4. Bold Future Teachers of America Scholarship

The Future Teachers of America Scholarship aims to assist a student who wants to pursue a career in education.

Students who are in high school, college, or graduate school and intend to become teachers are eligible to apply. To apply for this scholarship, applicants must write an essay explaining why they are passionate about being a teacher.

Apply for the scholarship here

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How To apply for scholarships in Mississippi?  

The scholarship application procedure is as easy and uncomplicated as it can be. Selecting a platform or resource that meets your needs is the first step.

For instance, your school’s financial aid or guidance counseling office can help you obtain scholarships.

A financial aid or guidance office may provide information on scholarships offered to students at a particular school. The financial aid or guidance office will likely influence the application procedure. Still, in most cases, students will only need to complete a form with their personal information or write a brief essay to be considered.

Online platforms might provide a more straightforward application process because they will be more streamlined. For instance, after building a free profile with Bold.org, students only need to click on scholarships to apply or give brief essays for demanding awards. Third-party websites can speed up the application process by suggesting scholarships matching your profile once you enter some of your personal information and academic interests.

Also, building a profile or utilizing an online tool can make it easier for students to identify opportunities that are relevant to them. Scholarship search engines frequently offer filters or feature considering a student’s academic interests, demographics, hobbies, and grade level.

Scholarship applications typically only need two things from applicants: basic personal information and an essay statement. This is true whether you obtain scholarships through offline sources like your school’s financial counseling services or online. Even without an essay, some scholarships can be awarded.

Your personal information is used to assess whether you meet the criteria for the scholarship. For instance, students majoring in other subjects cannot apply if a scholarship is only open to art majors.

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When Is the appropriate time to start applying for scholarships?

There is no right or wrong moment to start applying for scholarships. Scholarships are available for students at all academic levels.

Seniors in high school, first-year college students, and graduate students are among the groups who qualify. Even juniors or first-year students in high school may be able to locate scholarships for them, and occasionally just-graduated college students will also be able to apply, particularly if they’re still making student loan payments.

For a few reasons, it’s often preferable to begin applying for scholarships earlier rather than later. First, getting started early will give you more time to fill out scholarship applications. In addition to four years of college, a high school senior may apply for scholarships during their senior year. A college sophomore may only be eligible to submit a scholarship application once every three years. Beginning early might enable you to earn the most money possible through scholarships.

Second, getting money from scholarships earlier can aid in determining your college budget or potential borrowing needs. Students can make more educated financial decisions about how they will pay for college and which universities they can afford by saving up some scholarship money before applying or enrolling in college.

The good news is that you can still make a respectable income from scholarships even if you start applying for them in the second half of your academic career. Having extra cash for tuition and housing costs can still assist in lessening the cost of attending college, even after committing to one or attending for a few years. Even university or college students may want to set aside funds for a semester abroad or graduate school.

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What do I need to do before I can apply for scholarships? 

Most of the time, applying for a scholarship should be simple and quick. The most challenging aspect of applying for a scholarship is qualifying. There is little that you need to do after confirming your eligibility.

In order to determine whether a student meets the specified scholarship requirements, most programs will first ask for some personal information from them. Your profile on an internet site will probably have this information for your application. You might need to complete a form to apply for a scholarship you can obtain through a teacher or school.

The application essay will be the second portion, assuming there is one. The essay is frequently employed to reduce the number of applications. Several students decide to apply for scholarships that don’t need essays solely. This is a possibility, but remember that since so many applicants choose the no-essay route, applying for essay scholarships typically increases your chances of winning.

You must write about the scholarship’s theme in the essay section, which is usually brief. A scholarship for the arts may require qualified candidates to explain their most recent artwork or a piece of art that they particularly love. Speaking from personal experience might be useful in these essays since it demonstrates which students are the most passionate about their interests and objectives.

The essay section is frequently included because donors want to learn more about the applicant. In this sense, the essay question should be straightforward and frequently involve a personal statement.

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How Can I Tell If I Qualify For A Scholarship?

Most of the scholarships will list their requirements in the description. Suppose you only meet some of the requirements. In that case, your application will probably not be taken into consideration, and you want to save time applying for a scholarship you don’t qualify for. Be sure to thoroughly read the description for all the prerequisites.

Scholarships may be restricted based on a number of factors, including but not limited to education level, demographic, academic interests, extracurricular engagement, and economic level. Receiving the funds can also be subject to a minimum GPA requirement from high school or college.

Certain scholarships may only be available to high school or undergraduate students, not graduate students. Some scholarships subject to major restrictions demand that applicants major in a specific subject, like biology. Some academic field-focused scholarships may use a more inclusive title, like STEM, to include a broader range of eligible majors. Several scholarship programs are devoted to advancing students from historically underrepresented groups and expanding access to higher education for all. Scholarships may be restricted to BIPOC students overall, Asian American students, or African American students.

In order to reduce the number of applicants, most scholarships often combine multiple of these requirements. For instance, it’s typical for scholarships only to accept applications from African American high school graduates interested in medicine. In order to be considered qualified, applicants must meet three requirements: demography, educational attainment, and academic discipline. It is needed to meet more than one or two of these requirements.

Nonetheless, even though many scholarships will state several prerequisites, a scholarship is available for everyone due to the variety of scholarships. Also available to students of any background, grade level, demographic, and academic interest are several very general scholarships.

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What Is Ole Miss Known For?

Ole Miss is a top university for studying liberal arts, science, pharmacy, law, and engineering.
You will enjoy schooling at Ole Miss as you will receive personal attention from the faculty and have a wonderful research experience.

What are the criteria to get into Ole Miss?

Before Ole Miss can accept you, you must meet the following requirements:
Completing the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) with a high school GPA of at least 3.20. 
Completion of the CPC with at least a 2.50 high school GPA on the CPC and a composite ACT score of 16 (or 770 on the old SAT critical reading/mathematics or 880 on the new SAT) is required.

Is it difficult to study at Ole Miss?

The Ole Miss acceptance rate is 88 out of every 100 candidates. This indicates that the school has a modest level of shortlisting. The school will have its expected GPA and SAT/ACT scores standards. You will almost certainly receive an offer of admission if you match their prerequisites.

Is Ole Miss a reputable university?

The University of Mississippi is well-regarded both locally and nationally. Ole Miss is ranked second among Mississippi’s top public universities by Niche, while US News ranks it 67th among top public schools. The school scores highly in terms of values. In fact, College Simply ranked it second among the best-value colleges in Mississippi.


Schooling at Ole Miss is quite enjoyable. The university offers several scholarship opportunities for candidates who are willing to apply.

In this article, we have exposed you to the Ole Miss acceptance rate, tuition, requirements, and scholarship opportunities offered by Ole Miss.  

We wish you luck as you apply for Ole Miss scholarships in 2023.



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