Woodmont Charter School: What To Know Before Applying In 2024

Woodmont Charter School

Woodmont Charter School is recognized under the category of charter school and is situated in Temple Terrace, Florida, USA; however, it does not charge its students any tuition fee. It was established in 1997, starts at the kindergarten level, and goes up to the eighth grade. It is a well-rounded school with good academic performance indicators and many options for students to engage in after classes.

Before applying to Woodmont Charter School, there are a few things that should come to mind. First, the public school under study uses a lottery system to determine student admission.

In other words, all applicants requesting to join the school will not be enrolled no matter the score they have attained. Second, the number of seats is also limited based on the quota for that academic year in the school. So, one needs to approach a school and college and apply early.

Herein reads a comprehensive list of all you want to know before applying to Woodmont Charter School.

About Woodmont Charter School

Woodmont Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school administering students in grades K-8. It is governed by the Bay Area Charter Foundation, LLC., and school member of the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) family.

Woodmont Charter School trains effective leaders and critical thinkers by providing a challenging, relentless, and innovative curriculum in a safe environment. High expectations, individualized learning plans, and research-based success techniques for college, work, and life foster excellence while instilling respect for oneself and others.

As an institution of learning, its mission is to offer the best quality education to prepare students for college, career, or civil service while upholding the commitment to treating all stakeholders with dignity, equity, and respect.

Assessments are performed occasionally to determine how your child learns best. This helps them structure learning styles to meet each student’s needs.

A password-protected computer-based system that gives parents access to their children’s personal information enables them to monitor their development. Parents may track test results, homework, and attendance daily.

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How To Apply For Admissions At Woodmont Charter School

If you wish to enroll your ward at Woodmont Charter School, here are a few things you need to know about the process:

Applying at Woodmont Charter School

Woodmont accepts applications through its online enrollment system. Apply online for 2022-23 today with your computer, smartphone, or tablet! If you do not have internet access or need assistance, please contact the school.

Open Enrollment and Lottery

Open Enrollment for the 2024-2024 school year will begin January 9, 2024, and end February 11, 2024. We will hold a lottery on February 23, 2022, and publish the lottery results soon after. 

Whether filed on the first or last day of Open Enrollment, all applications submitted throughout that time will have the same chance to be accepted.

If there are more applications than seats available for any grade level during the Open Enrollment period, a computer-generated, random lottery will be used to choose students who will be granted seats at the school.

Lottery results will be emailed to the address entered in the application and posted on your School Mint Dashboard.  Please read their Lottery Rules and Procedures for more information regarding lottery preferences, enrollment, and registration.

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Enrolling with Online Registration

Once an applicant has been offered a seat at Woodmont Charter School, please log in via the SchoolMint Dashboard to finish the three-step registration process.

Firstly, you must accept the offer within seven calendar days. Secondly, you must complete the registration online via the School Dashboard within 14 calendar days of accepting the offer. Lastly, upload the prerequisite documents within 14 business days of accepting the offer. If you encounter issues uploading the documents, contact the enrollment department.

Documents required for enrollment

  • Custody court documents, if applicable
  • Parent/Guardian driver’s license
  • Proof of Residence
  • Immunization
  • Birth certificate
  • Physical (list form and specifics)
  • Special Education documents (EP, IEP, 504, ESOL), if applicable

Can Parents Apply For Admission At The End Of Open Enrollment?

Woodmont Charter School continuously accepts applications through the last day of the school year that you are applying for. If a seat is available in the grade level you are applying for, an offer will be made through email. If there are no openings in the grade level you are applying for, your child’s application will be placed on the waitlist on the date order the application was received.

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Woodmont Charter School Curriculum and Instruction

One of the biggest organizations in the country that offers management services for charter schools is Charter Schools USA, which is also a pioneer in creating new charter schools.

According to their mission statement, “CSUSA develops and manages high-quality schools with an unwavering commitment to student success, to ethical, sound, and efficient business practices, and by offering a superior choice for all stakeholders that fosters educational excellence in America.”

Woodmont Charter School Curriculum is characterized by the following:

1. Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

The Charter Schools USA Educational Model provides the procedure for enhancing student learning and academic accomplishment, with the CSUSA Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum at its foundation. Our Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, which serves as the foundation for instruction at each grade level, aligns with specific Florida Standards.

The Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum emphasizes college and career readiness from elementary through high school and maintains high expectations by conforming to the Florida Standards.

All students receive timely and detailed feedback based on formative performance assessments relative to grade-level requirements. This feedback is used to create tailored goals for each student and adjust the curriculum to suit their learning needs.

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2. Community-Centered Academic Programming

Each Charter Schools USA school is an integral part of the neighbourhood and depends on strategic alliances with local businesses, organizations, and people to promote student success.

Each school should act as the focal point of the neighbourhood by supporting programs and initiatives that cater to the particular needs of the kids, their families, and the neighbourhood, as well as utilizing the assets and resources of the area to improve the learning environment for the students.

The Community of Character framework is a cutting-edge method for including the community and its resources in the design and development of programming.

This framework involves community members in learning and lifelong activities, making it a role model for academic success, data-driven instruction, youth development, post-secondary/workforce preparation, and community collaboration. It also enables the school to develop into a hub for community support, civic engagement, and involvement.

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3. Character Education

Every day, Woodmont integrates its character education curriculum into our classrooms. They employ a research-based strategy that has been shown to raise student achievement and foster thriving communities inside and outside the classroom.

They implement age-appropriate programs like Responsive Classroom, Developmental Designs, and Restorative Justice to teach students to deeply respect one another, build empowering relationships, and master effective communication techniques that help teachers, students, and administrators all succeed as contributing members of their communities.

4. Individualized Approach To Learning

Woodmont develops a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for each student to assess his/her skill level when he/ she enrolls in the school. A path for growth designed for each student is periodically reassessed to determine skill development.

The PLP will ensure that each student’s needs are met and allow parents to participate in educational goal-setting and monitor their child’s academic progress.

What Is Student Life Like At Woodmont Charter School?

Woodmont Charter School students are allowed to participate in various competitive sports. The athletics program inspires students to work even harder outside of the classroom, which helps them grow a deep sense of school pride. The availability of the sports will be announced by email.

Sports offered are:

  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Basketball

Parent Involvement At Woodmont Charter School

Meaningful parental involvement in a child’s education is crucial for success; therefore, every effort will be made to keep parents engaged and informed. Parent volunteering opportunities are available at the School and individualized to meet the needs, demands, and capabilities of the individual student/family. This volunteer plan intends to increase parent visibility in the School, showing students they are supported in their academic endeavors.

Daily communication with the teacher is encouraged through the agenda book, in which students track their homework assignments for each day and send messages home. Parents will have real-time access to their child’s grade book to monitor progress in every subject.

Progress reports and report cards are distributed every quarter, and parents are encouraged to schedule conferences to discuss student performance and progress toward mastery of grade-level standards. The School will offer Curriculum Nights for parents to attend and learn about various educational topics, such as state assessment information or home-reading strategies.

FAQs On Woodmont Charter School

Can I list all my children on one application?

To receive sibling preference, you must complete a separate application for each of your children and list the siblings within each application.

Can I still apply for admission after open enrollment has ended?

Yes. Woodmont Charter School continuously accepts applications through the last day of the school year you are applying for

How much does it cost to attend Woodmont Charter School?

Woodmont is a public school, and there is no cost to attend.


We encourage you to read as much as possible about the programs and opportunities offered at Woodmont Charter School to inform yourself about your choice.

Considering some things, such as Woodmont Charter School’s mission and educational philosophy, curricula, student options, and admission process, you will be sure that it is the best school for your child and your family.

Again, the decision to apply for a Charter School like Woodmont Charter School should not be made hastily; it should be made to ensure that it suits your child’s needs and abilities.


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