New Vision Charter School: What to Know Before Applying in 2023

New Vision Charter School fosters a learning atmosphere where all children’s views, hopes, desires, and aspirations can come true, even though they may be too young to decide their future when they enter the school doors.

New Vision is a K–8 public charter school in Loveland, Colorado, that provides every student with specialized teaching.

Be it a dancer, singer, actor, or doctor, most children have a clear idea of what they want to do with their lives when they grow up.

In this post, we intend to share a step-by-step guide on all that is with New Vision Charter School and What to Know Before Applying.

New Vision Charter School History

Several parents in the Loveland, Colorado region started casual discussions about opening a charter school in the Thompson School District (TSD) in early February 2004.

These initial discussions quickly developed into a grassroots initiative to open a K–8 charter school by the fall of 2005 for students in the Loveland/Berthoud area.

New Vision Charter School (NVCS) is the new school the group suggested. They are dedicated to building and maintaining a school that encourages academic performance and establishes high expectations for the development of each student personally.

These initial discussions quickly developed into a grassroots initiative to open a K–8 charter school by the fall of 2005 for students in the Loveland/Berthoud area.

To achieve this goal, NVCS is committed to optimizing learning and the idea that small class size is essential to academic success. There will be 27 kids in grades 1 through 8 and about 22 students in each kindergarten class.

NVCS wants to keep these class sizes constant. The NVCS school day will be longer than other Thompson District schools to increase learning opportunities. Monday through Friday, the day will start at 7:50 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.

Since the beginning, the school has received recognition for some accomplishments in academics and athletics.

To provide the finest experience for our students, New Vision takes pride in defying convention. New Vision Charter School has brought a fresh perspective to education that has benefited students in the past.

Teacher’s Desires at New Vision Charter School

Educators will:

Establish a secure, stimulating learning environment

Foster lifelong learning

Set high standards for both you and your students.

Esteeming students for who they are

Increase knowledge through constant learning and professional growth

Encourage virtuous conduct

Adapt your instruction to each student’s needs.

Be respectful when speaking with parents and pupils.

Students Will at New Vision Charter School

Maximize your ability to

Consider diversity

Hone your critical thinking abilities on your own

Accept personal accountability for oneself.

Respect for the environment

Exemplify moral excellence

Recognize the value of volunteering and community involvement

Cultivate a lifelong passion for learning.

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The Desire of Parent at New Vision Charter School

Respect education and recognize its importance to student and academic achievement

Encourage kids to pursue their academic goals

Provide the school their time and talents

Bolster the school’s goals and objectives

Recognize they are a part of a group dedicated to the achievement of all kids.

Application Procedure at New Vision Charter School

Participate in a Parent Information Night
The purpose of parent information nights is to educate prospective families with children not currently enrolled at NVCS about our institution.

There will also be a tour available!
In October 11th, November 8th, 24th January, and 21st of February

From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at 299 Peridot Avenue

You can still fill out the Intent to Enroll form and be added to the waitlist even if the school won’t be hosting any additional Parent Information Nights for the 23–24 academic year.

Fill out the Intention to Enroll Form.

Your child’s name will be added to the queue and lottery as a result.

Forms for Intent to Enroll is be submitted every year. The names of students are not stored for upcoming years.

To start kindergarten, your child must be five years old on or before October 1, 2023.

Lottery and waitlist

The waitlist is established based on the order that children will be given open places in each grade level for the upcoming school year, as determined by a computer randomizer.

Send the Registrar an email at to inquire about the status of your waitlist spot.

Children of founding members, siblings of existing students, and kids of NVCS staff are enrollment candidates who are exempt from the lottery (according to policy).


Families that wish to participate in the lottery and be placed on the waitlist must attend a Parent Information Night and submit the Intent to Enroll form.

You may still submit the Intent to Enroll form after the final lottery has been conducted, and your student will be placed at the bottom of the existing waiting lists.

There is a Space

You will receive an email with an offer when a position becomes available, and you will have 48 hours to accept or reject the offer.

If the offer is accepted, you will receive more details before moving on to enroll in the program. The position becomes open again if no answer is received within 48 hours.


Once you’ve received and accepted an offer, finish this section.

Fill out the TSD Online Registration – New Student Registration form.

Within five days of the offer, provide the Registrar with the necessary paperwork.

Evidence of residency, including one of the following

  • Phone bill for a landline
  • Energy bill
  • Rental or housing agreement

Or one of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Certificate of Baptism
  • Healthcare Certificate
  • Passport
  • Immunization record or Health Office Immunization Exemption form.

Before the TSD Online Registration is finished and all paperwork submitted to the Registrar, students are not to be enrolled.

The Colorado state standards in math, reading, writing, and science are taught at New Vision Charter School, a Core Knowledge school. You can find the standards here.

The social studies curriculum, except for Colorado History for fourth grade, does not however, follow the state of Colorado’s social studies standards.

This implies that although, the children in grades K–8 will learn the social studies subject assessed by the state, they might not do it at the grade level required for the state test.

Following Charter School application and implementation criteria, we expressly adhere to the Core Knowledge Sequence for social studies.

The Colorado State Standards, which include the Common Core Standards, are tested through the Colorado State exams. 

For further information on the testing requirements, please see the assessment tab.

Colorado State Standards tab with search functionality.

Core Knowledge and State Standards Alignment.


Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) for grades K–5. Observe the State Standard skill expectations as well as the Core Knowledge content expectations.

Follow the State Standard skill expectations and Core Knowledge content expectations for grades 6–8 in reading and writing.

6–8 Spelling and Morphology: The Core Knowledge Sequence for Greek and Latin Roots.

Grammar for grades K–5 according to the Colorado State Standards and CKLA.

K–8 Writing: The Step Up to Writing and Six +1 Traits of Writing programs support the Writer’s Workshop methodology.

Every grade level instructor has a minimum of three targeted writing assignments that are in line with the Core Knowledge and Colorado State Standards.

These writing samples are evaluated using six-trait rubrics that are in line with the criteria.

History and social studies

For grades K–5 is covered in the CKLA curriculum.

History, grades 6–8, conforms to the requirements of the Core Knowledge Sequence.


Math for grades K–5: Eureka and Zearn

Pre-Algebra through Geometry, Grades 6–8, CPM

Visit Website

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Maps of the curriculum in the classroom—These maps are updated frequently and are supposed to show what is being taught in the classroom each month.


The kindergarten curriculum map covers a wide range of skills and subject matter, including writing, reading, science, arithmetic, geography, and history.

Grade 1

The first-grade curriculum builds on some of the material taught in kindergarten while honing phonics abilities and getting children ready for the second grade.

Second Grade

The holistic approach is developed as the curriculum and the student’s learning progress.

Grade three

In order to continuously prepare them for the following grade, students in our third-grade classes engage in a variety of novel concepts while also continuing to build on earlier themes.

Fourth Grade

Reading comprehension is improved by introducing newn and more difficult works, including non-fiction. Science skills are likewise increasingly concentrated.

Five Grades

The fifth-grade curriculum now introduces economics to students, who take part in Young Ameritowne to learn a little about how economy functions.

Grade 6

Science, history, literature, math, writing, and grammatical expertise and skills are being developed.

Grade 7

Ideas like algebra are introduced, while others like history and science are advanced, to prepare pupils for more challenging studies in eighth grade and beyond.

Eight grade

Through the courses the school emphasize in eighth grade, the aim is to provide pupils with a more comprehensive understanding of the world.

Students are prepared for high school and more difficult ideas as they study outside the school walls with the help of this program!

Spanish education

Spanish offers a curriculum that progresses with each grade level for children in first through sixth grades.

STEAM Education in Our Today Schools

An educational strategy known as STEAM Education employs the field of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics as entry points for directing student inquiry, discussion, and critical thinking.

Students who participate in experiential learning, persevere in problem-solving, value cooperation, and go through the creative process are the products of STEAM education.

The innovators, teachers, leaders, and learners of the twenty-first century are those people!

How Important Is STEAM Education?

Students are aided by:

Pose inquiries

Link the dots

solving issues

Be imaginative

Be creative.

Why is There A in STEAM?

Here are some specific advantages of mixing the arts with science and engineering:

Because there are no wrong answers in art, it aids in removing idea inhibition.
It concentrates on the procedure that encourages innovation.
It demonstrates the value of paying attention to people and your surroundings.
Enhancing spatial awareness and mathematical ideas like geometry are two benefits.

Look Through The STEAM Model

STEAM is an integrated approach to education that calls for a deliberate relationship between standards, tests, and the design and delivery of lessons.

True STEAM activities entail teaching and assessing at least two standards from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts) in and through one another.

At its core, the STEAM approach places a strong emphasis on process-based learning, inquiry, and collaboration.
An true STEAM effort must use and leverage the integrity of the arts itself.

What Advantages Do STEAM Educations Offer in our Today Education System?

Encourages kids to ask questions, identify issues, and come up with answers, STEAM education helps students develop their critical thinking abilities.

Students use this method as their problem-solving skills and as well as their ability to think critically and analytically.

Promotes innovation and creativity: STEAM education is not complete without the arts, which support innovation and creativity. Students are inspired to think creatively and develop original ideas by using artistic elements in STEM classes.

Encourages teamwork and collaboration: STEAM education place emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, which aids in the growth of social skills and enhances the ability of students to collaborate more successfully. Both academic and professional settings require this skill set, thus it is crucial.

Hands-on learning opportunities are given to children through STEAM education, which gives them memorable learning opportunities.

Students benefit from enhanced information retention and comprehension of difficult subjects.

Students are better prepared for the needs of the modern workforce by receiving STEAM education, which gives them access to subjects like critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and communication.

Focuses on the STEM skills gap: There is already a scarcity of workers with these abilities, and it is said that this gap will widen over the next few years. By preparing students to enter the STEM workforce, STEAM education helps close this gap.

Student’s Life at New Vision Charter School


A high school personalized education offered by New Vision Charter School. A network of New Visions Charter High Schools includes Humanities II.

New Vision Charter High School

Students who will be entering high school after completing the 8th grade or currently enrolled in high school and want to transfer into the 9th or 10th grade are both welcome at our themed charter schools. Current eighth graders can apply for admittance the following academic year

High Schools with AIM Charter

Students who are at least 16 years old, have finished the 7th grade, and are one grade level behind may enroll in one of our AIM schools.

For kids who have struggled academically in the past and are at risk of dropping out, these schools are suitable. Students may seek to transfer this academic year or be admitted i

What are the New Vision Student Demographics?

95% of the school’s students are enrolled. There are 36 students for every teacher. There are 52% female and 48% male students in the student body. 81% of the pupils enrolled at the school come from low-income families.

Student Support Service

The Career Development Support Department of New Vision University provides a wide range of services for students and alumni, including assistance in decision-making.

It gives students tools and advice to go through this transformative time and build supportive relationships with others going through similar experiences.

Students can select the best path for them with the assistance of New Vision Learning. We’re all about achieving fantastic results with personalized, skilled assistance.

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New Vision Student Culture Main Office

To achieve scalable success across NYC and the country, New Visions partners with schools by hiring motivated, gifted innovators.

In addition to meeting rooms, writable walls ideal for brainstorming sessions, a wellness room, a shared dining area, and designated locations for informal gatherings and cross-departmental cooperation, our gorgeous, cutting-edge midtown office space also offers.

To meet the demands of an ever-changing school culture and climate, they support development and iteration of creative ideas and techniques. Problem resolution and continual improvement form the foundation of our work.

By cooperating to significant alter the educational landscape, professional and personal progress can occur.

School Culture at New Visions

Working with district and charter public schools, each with a distinctive culture geared toward assisting kids in succeeding in college and beyond, New Visions works with public schools all around New York City.

Their network includes, large schools with small learning communities that give students the impression of a close-knit community while still providing all the benefits of a large school campus.

Small school where every student is known by name

Transfer schools, where over-age under-credited students receive individualized guidance with goal-setting and progress toward graduation and career planning; and the New Visions Charter High Schools network.

Overview of New Vision Middle

New Vision Middle is in Highland, California, a sizable suburb. 437 students attend New Vision Middle, a school for students in grades 6 through 8. 6% of students at New Vision Middle received math scores at or above the proficient level, and 20% received math scores at or above the level.

New Vision Charter School Staff


Ms. Kristin Greer, the principal.


Janice Smith, please. Operations for the school’s deputy director.


Assistant Principal for Instruction & Curriculum, Ms. Tanya Paul-Henry.


Director of SPED, Ms. Aileen Felix.


Teacher’s Average Salary at New Vision Charter School

How much does the typical New Vision Charter School employee make in the US?

The average income at New Vision Charter School is $2,563,156, with salaries ranging from $2,262,559 to $2,914,417.

Naturally, individual compensation will differ based on the position, division, and location as unique abilities and education of each employee.

Teachers Qualification

The New Visions-Hunter College Charter residency is a 24-month program that trains excellent Special Education teachers to work in the New Visions Charter High Schools.

It offers mentoring, supported teaching experiences, coursework, and financial support. Residents will get their Master’s in Education for grades 7 through 12 as their initial state certification in Special Education upon completion of the program.

They will serve as a valued faculty member for at least four years in the network of New Visions Charter High Schools.


Residents work one-on-one with a veteran mentor teacher in a New Visions charter high school throughout their first full year. In addition to the assistance of their mentor, residents will gain from regular feedback from a supporting assistant principle, other charter teachers, and peers from their cohort.

Assisted Teaching Opportunities

By careful, encouraged practice and increasingly increasing responsibilities, residents will develop a teaching skill.

They could start the year working together in a single team-teaching class.

During trimester 2, residents’ official teaching obligations grow. To be well-prepared for starting their full-time teaching careers in the fall, residents teach nearly all required courses during trimester 3 of the academic year.

Graduate School Coursework

Residents obtain a Master’s degree in Secondary Education 7–12 Special Education from Hunter College, CUNY, over 24 months. The course sequence created to complement the teaching experiences of the residents.

To make the most of residents’ time, allow professors and peers to adapt course content and assignments to residents’ experiences, most courses are offered in an online or blended (online and in-person) format and tailored for the cohort of Charter SpEd residents.

Financial Assistance

Residents are paid a stipend for the duration of their residency year. Following a successful residency year, residents hired as full-time instructors with beginning pay of about $60,000. Residents of the New Visions Charter High Schools are given financial aid.

With experience as teachers, principals, and superintendents, the staff at New Visions for Public Schools brings a first-hand understanding of New York City’s public schools to work assisting in the improvement of student achievement. Other staff members provide expertise in nonprofit management, data systems, community relations, fundraising, teacher development, and education policy.

Frequently Asked Questions on New Vision Charter School

What are the salaries for charter school teachers?

As of March 28, 2023, the average Charter School Teacher pay is $47,933, although the salary range is $40,586 to $55,419.

Do you need a certification to teach at a charter school in Florida?

Are certification requirements for instructors at charter schools? Teachers working for or contracting with a charter school must be certified (Chapter 1012, F.S. ).

How do you involve parents in their child’s learning?

Plan significant engagement activities for the entire school and year groups. Transmit the knowledge gained through express experiences. Include in sporting events. Bring them in for “stay and play/read” sessions so they can read.

What are the benefits of parent involvement?

Parents spend more time talking and interacting with their kids and are more receptive to their kids’ needs as they develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Parents are more assured in their ability to parent and make decisions.

Final Verdict

Students at the college- and career-preparatory New Visions Charter High Schools are committed to acquiring the skills necessary to succeed after graduation.

Students benefit from having access to individualized academic and socioemotional support, opportunities to explore hobbies and interests, internships, and exposure to college and careers, whether they attend one of our eight themed charter high schools (Advanced Math and Science or Humanities) or a New Visions AIM Charter High School for students who are overage and under-credited.

New Vision Charter School is dedicated to transforming students’ abilities into strengths, thoughts into deeds, and convictions into character via a stimulating learning environment.


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