What is Mbappe’s Salary Per Week? Biography, Income, Networth

mbappe salary per week
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Kylian Lottin Mbappe is one of the best to do it in his generation and has been positioned as a future Balon D’d winner, a prediction cemented with his recent move to Real Madrid – the most successful football club in the world.

It is on this premise that he has been offered one of the best deals, as will be discussed in this article – Mbappe salary per week.

Mbappe has achieved many fame and personal victories that most players his age can only dream of.

He started his first team career as a teen in Monaca and later moved to PSG, where he won over five Ligue 1 titles and became the highest goal scorer for four consecutive seasons.

His quality has made him a top target for the Spanish giant Real Madrid, and after years of courting him, they have finally signed the superstar.

So, this article explores all there is to know about this deal that brought the prolific player to Madrid, specifically focusing on his weekly wages and overall earnings.

Mbappe’s Early life

According to Wikipedia, Kylian Mbappé Lottin was born on 20 December 1998 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris and was raised in Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, in the northeastern suburbs of Paris.

His father, Wilfrid, is originally from the Cameroonian island of Djébale. He was once quoted as saying that Mbappe wanted to play for Cameroon as a young player, but because they were asked to part with huge sums of money to bribe officials of the Cameroon Federation, they rescinded that decision and chose to play for France, where he was born and bred.

His mother, Fayza Lamari, is of Algerian Kabyle origin, a former handball player, and his current principal agent. 

He has a younger brother, Ethan, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain. Their older adoptive brother, Jirès Kembo Ekoko, is a former professional footballer.

As a child, Mbappé attended a private Catholic school in Bondy, where he was considered academically gifted but unruly.

At 15, he began taking Spanish lessons and eventually became fluent. Mbappé’s growing-up idols were Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo Nazario, Eden Hazard, and Thierry Henry.

As a child, Mbappé received Robinho’s AC Milan shirt as a gift from his nanny’s family, Italians, and club supporters. However, his favorite team had always been Real Madrid.

 In May 2024, just days before his transfer to Real Madrid was announced, Mbappé said that he still follows Serie A and AC Milan and would like to play for the Rossoneri if he moves to Italy in the future.

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About Kylian Mbappé Lottin

French football player Kylian Mbappé Lottin, who captained the France national team, was once a forward for Paris Saint-Germain, a side in Ligue 1. He is regarded as one of the world’s top players and is well-known for his finishing, dribbling, and pace.

Mpappe has now moved as a free agent to the best club in the world, the Spanish giant Real Madrid, his boyhood dream club and a club that has had legends like Zinedine Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo Delima, Cristiano Ronaldo, Toni Kroos, and Mezut Ozil amongst others.

One of the most sought-after football players on the planet, Kylian Mbappe has been since he made his debut as a teenager at AS Monaco. He is now among the highest-paid football players in the world and will begin playing for Real Madrid in the 2024–2025 season.

The Champions League winners announced they had signed the Frenchman for the 2024–2025 campaign at the beginning of June 2024. One of the greatest players in the world, he poses a threat to any European team that hopes to play for Carlo Ancelotti’s squad following their 2023 Champions League Final victory against Dortmund at Wembley.

Mpappe has the pace, strength, power, and fierce finishing in the final third to score past anyone – making him a deadlier weapon amid players like Vinicius Junior, Jude Bellingham, and the maestro Modric.

His partnership with Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellingham will create one of the best attacks in world football. However, just how much is the France international worth? We have compiled everything you need to know about Mbappe’s wealth below.

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What is Mbappe salary per week?

According to BBC Sport, Mbappe’s Madrid contract is worth €15 million net per season, roughly €288,000 per week.

What is Mbappe’s Net worth?

Between $120m and $180m

At 16 years and 347 days, Mbappe became the youngest player ever to join Monaco’s first squad, and he has since amassed an enormous amount of wealth. He is currently 25 years old. Undoubtedly, his £166 million transfer to PSG would have significantly enhanced his wealth in 2017.

Based on celebritynetworth.com, the French winger’s net worth is $180 million, or approximately £141 million. Forbes, meanwhile, claims it’s closer to $110 million (£86 million), which is a little less than this amount.

Whoever you believe, you can trust that he is worth comfortably over $100m. Moreover, the forward has plenty more football left in him, so barring the unexpected, that figure will rise even more over the coming years – although he has some way to go before he reaches Lionel Messi’s supposed $600m.

Kylian Mbappe’s Career Stats
Monaco6027102Ligue 1
PSG308256108Ligue 1 x 6, Coupe de France x 4, Coupe de la Ligue x 2, Trophée des Champions x 3
France774631World Cup, UEFA Nations League


With Mbappe widely considered one of the best players in French history, Real Madrid would naturally make him well-paid.

They’ve been trying to secure his signature for years, and they finally did this year, 2024. During the record-breaking move, he agreed to a deal with the club until 2029, earning £12,800,000 a season, according to the BBC.

While the headlines focus on the massive £128 million signing bonus paid over five years, there’s more to the story of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid.

This French superstar took a pay cut in base salary compared to his previous contract at PSG. Despite earning a hefty weekly sum of over £1 million before bonuses at PSG, Mbappe’s new contract offers a lower base salary.

However, his keeping 80% of his image rights is a significant perk. Typically, clubs share image rights profits with players, often at a 50/50 split. Securing 80% for himself could bring Mbappe more money in the long run through sponsorships and endorsements.

It’s important to remember that salary caps exist in La Liga, the Spanish league Real Madrid plays in.

These caps limit how much a club can spend on players’ salaries. Thankfully for Real Madrid, their high salary cap allows them to afford Mbappe without selling other players.

This starkly contrasts their rivals Barcelona, whose much lower salary cap restricts their spending power.

Does Mbappe Have Any Sponsorship Deal?

Key player for Nike

As evidenced by his collaboration with the FIFA video game franchise, Mbappe is clearly in demand. He was among the youngest athletes to ever appear on the game’s cover when he did so for the first time in 2021.

However, he was taken off of the EA FC 24 cover because of doubts over his future at PSG. They didn’t want him to appear on the cover sporting the team’s new uniform, only for him to switch teams, according to French publication Le Parisien (via The Mirror). For the Frenchman, that is now a reality.

Forbes, via beIN Sports, reports that Nike, Oakley, Dior, and Hublot are among the other major brands associated with the French youngster.

Such deals are said to bring him an annual sum of $18m (£14.3m). That he’s been with Nike since 2006 shows just how long he’s been considered an exciting talent.

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Does Mbape Engage in Charity work?

Started the Inspired by KM charity

Mbappe seems to be giving away a fair amount of his fortune. After leading his country to the championship game in Russia, he supposedly gave all of his earnings (£380,000) from the 2018 World Cup to charity.

Inspired by KM is the nonprofit he created in 2020. His mother, Fayza Lamari, conceived the idea, which aims to support 98 children from Paris in realizing their aspirations by assisting them in pursuing their chosen paths.

Even though Mbappe’s mother, who also serves as his agent, has assisted him in donating a portion of his money to underprivileged people, it appears that she opposes the France World Cup winner’s donation of more than 30% of his business’s earnings to charitable causes.

As quoted in the Daily Mail, she told the French television program Envoye Special that she would retire if he gave away too much of his money, saying:

“I told him: ‘Below 30%, I don’t do it! I’m retiring and doing like everyone else: I’m going on vacation to the Maldives, but I’m not working for you!’ At first, I told him it would be 50%. But we talked about it and it was 30!”

What Other Business Ventures Does Mbapped Have?

Je m’appelle Kylian

Mbappe has plenty of money left to invest because his mother is watching out for him to ensure he doesn’t waste it all. Thus, he owns Zebra Productions, a production business that inked a contract with the NBA in the summer of 2022.

In addition, his company signed a contract with SkyDance Sports, whose studio is now producing an untitled movie starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon on the beginnings of the Air Jordan brand.

‘Je m’appelle Kylian,’ a book he published in 2021, chronicles his journey from football nobody to legend. Furthermore, he began his investment engagement with Sorare, an NFT startup, in the summer of 2022.

What Is Mbapped Social Media Earnings?

€86,000 per Instagram post

Mbappe is understandably a pretty big figure online. His X (formerly Twitter) account has 13.8 million followers, while an incredible 115 million people currently follow his Instagram account. Understandably, this is another way he can add to his net worth.

According to a report from BetSperts, as of 2023, Mbappe ranks sixth among male athletes who can earn the most per Instagram post.

He is predicted to earn as much as $1.2m or £980k per Instagram post. From that data, in football, only Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar, three of the greatest players of all time, can make more from the social media platform for just a single post.

What is His Car Collection and Houses Like?

Mbappe’s Ferrari is worth over €500,000

With all that money, beyond spending it on business ventures and boring things like that, footballers enjoy splashing their cash in other ways.

One popular hobby for many top players is to have an impressive car collection. Ronaldo, for instance, has a Bugatti Chiron, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, a Rolls-Royce, and much more.

Mbappe’s collection is pretty impressive, too. As per Goal, the Frenchman has a ‘luxurious car collection’ that includes a Volkswagen Tiguan, a Volkswagen Touareg, a Volkswagen Multi Van, a Mercedes-Benz V Class, an Audi, a BMW, and a Range Rover.

His most pricey vehicle, however, is his Ferrari 488 Pista. With its 3.9L Twin-Turbo V8 Engine – capable of up to 711 Horsepower and 567 Lb-Ft of Torque – this beauty is worth around €527,350.

His house is also understandably luxurious. He grew up in the Paris suburb of Bondy but, according to reports (via The Sun), now lives in a multi-story penthouse in the heart of the French capital.

With views of the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, it has 12 bedrooms, a basketball court, a library, a gym, and a Turkish bath. All this doesn’t come cheap, as the duplex is said to be worth around £8m. Obviously, after moving to Real Madrid, he will move apartments. However, that is not within the public domain at the moment.

What Are The Best Stats About Mbappe?

  • At just 25, Mbappe has become the face of French soccer, collecting four Ligue 1 Player of the Year Awards and leading the league in goals in five straight seasons.
  • He is partnered with brands including Nike and Hublot. In 2020, EA Sports picked him for the cover of “FIFA 21,” making him one of the youngest ever to grace that brand’s cover solo.
  • In 2021, he released “Je m’appelle Kylian,” a graphic novel inspiring kids to chase their dreams.
  • In 2018, at age 19, Mbappe became the second-youngest player (after Pele) to score in a World Cup final.
  • Mbappe is 5 Goals away from becoming FIFA World Cup’s highest-goal scorer, a record everyone believes he will break soon, given that he is still young and could probably feature in two Tournaments, and of course, if he keeps his scoring form.


How much does Mbappe earn per week at Real Madrid?

While exact figures haven’t been officially disclosed, reports suggest Mbappe’s base salary at Real Madrid is lower than what he earned at PSG. Estimates suggest it falls somewhere around £62 million net per year, which translates to roughly £1.2 million per week.

Didn’t Mbappe get a huge signing bonus?

Yes, Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid included a hefty signing bonus of £128 million spread out over five years. This translates to an additional £2.56 million per week on top of his base salary.

So, how much is Mbappe’s total weekly income?

Combining the estimated base salary and signing bonus, Mbappe’s potential weekly earnings could be around £3.76 million. It’s important to note that these are estimates, and actual figures might vary slightly.

Why would Mbappe take a pay cut in base salary?

Despite the lower base salary, Mbappe benefits from keeping a larger share (80%) of his image rights. This gives him greater control over endorsement deals and sponsorships, which could potentially earn him more money in the long run.

Does Real Madrid’s salary cap affect Mbappe’s earnings?

La Liga, the Spanish league Real Madrid plays in, has salary caps to ensure financial sustainability for clubs. Fortunately for Real Madrid, they have the highest salary cap in the league, allowing them to accommodate Mbappe’s contract without needing to offload other players.


Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid was always going to happen and now that it has, we can only wait to see what will come of it.

As expected the Los Galácticos have already moved on from their very successful 2023-2024 season that ended with the domestic title and the Champions League trophy.

According to the club president Florentino Perez, they have now set eyes on what is to come, and signing Mbappe is a very big step toward their plans. Hala Madrid.


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