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Moises Caicedo ranks 7th in’s list of the 100 most expensive players and number one in the Premier League’s most expensive players of all time.

But unlike other 100 million price-tagged players like Declan Rice of Arsenal, the Ecuadorian footballer has had a rough first season – even though some pundits disagree.

This is why he has come under attack, as there are fans who feel he did little or nothing to justify his tag price in the season that just ended.

It is also this tag price that has fans worldwide wondering how much he earns as a Chelsea player, and it is this question and many more that our article Moises Caicedo Salary will try to answer.

We will look at his move from his former club, Brighton, to Chelsea and the controversies and toggle surrounding it and

About Moises Ciacedo

Born on the 2nd of November 2001, Caicedo is just 22 years old. It means he is still nowhere near his peak for his footballing career, with most midfielders not performing at their best until they are 25 at the minimum.

It showcases that the world is in his hands, knowing he has the potential to become one of the best players in the world.

He has not suffered any major injuries in his career yet, with his worst issue seeing him with a torn muscle fiber while playing in South America.

Despite that, the 22-year-old missed just seven games, which hopefully foreshadows that he won’t have a career plagued by injury either.

Since 2020, he has played for Brighton, Beerschot Wilrijk as a loanee, after which he played for a couple more years for Brigthn before getting signed by Chelsea football club.

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Early life

Caicedo, the youngest of ten siblings, was born in Santa Domingo, Ecuador. He grew up playing football on the scrubland fields in his homeland, the Mujer Trabajadora neighborhood, where goals were marked with stones.

When Caicedo was younger, he made the acquaintance of Iván Guerra, a local football coach, who would support Caicedo and his family by buying meals, football boots, and travel expenses.

Club career

Early career

Guerra recruited Caicedo to play organized football for the first time at the Mujer Trabajadora soccer school, where he participated from age five to twelve.

The group frequently participated in matches throughout the Santa Domingo Canton, and Caicedo was called up to the regional select XI.

At the age of thirteen, Caicedo, originally a forward, switched to midfield and joined Colorados Jaipadida, a local team affiliated with the professional club ESPOLI.

Following impressive performances with Jaipadida, he was invited to train with ESPOLI. However, following ESPOLI’s relegation, the tie with Jaipadida was severed, and Caicedo was left without a direct pathway to professional football.

Jaipadida director Darwin Castillo sent Caicedo to trial with professional side Mushuc Runa, but after he could not pay for food or board, the trial ended after a week. A later trial with Barcelona in Guayaquil would also prove unsuccessful.

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Independiente del Valle

He was taken to Independence del Valle, an Ecuadorian Serie A team, by one of his brothers in 2016 for trials, which he passed. In 2017, he sustained a ruptured cruciate ligament in his knee, necessitating multiple surgeries and a ten-month absence.

After recovering from the injury, Caicedo was praised by Yuri Solano for his athleticism, saying it “set him apart from the rest at that time” when he joined the club in 2019 to manage the under-18 team.

Later in 2019, Caicedo led the young team from Independiente del Valle to victory in the Spanish youth competition Copa Mitad del Mundo.

Following this experience, he debuted for the Independiente del Valle first team in a 1–0 Ecuadorian Serie A win over L.D.U. Quito on 1 October of the same year.

The first team manager at the time, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, would later say that “from the first day he trained with us, he was the best player in the squad”.

Brighton & Hove Albion

2021: Transfer and first appearances

Caicedo signed a four-and-a-half-year contract with English team Brighton & Hove Albion on February 1, 2021, for an unknown sum.

Caicedo debuted in Brighton’s first-team matchday lineup on February 10, 2021, during Brighton’s 1-0 FA Cup away loss to Leicester City. He did not utilize a substitution.

On August 24, he made his Brighton debut, starting in the away second-round NFL Cup match against Cardiff City, where he assisted in setting up Andi Zeqiri’s first goal for the Albion in the 2-0 victory.

What is Moises Caicedo’s height?

Caicedo is slightly over five feet, nine inches tall, or 1.78 meters. It is modest by midfielder standards but gives him a low center of gravity.

His ability to turn on and off the ball fast can be greatly aided by this in the middle of the park.

Career Stats

Caicedo’s ascent through the professional ranks has been astounding. He didn’t make his first team debut for Independiente del Valle until 2020. But since then, he has kept up his outstanding performance.

In October 2020, the dynamic midfield player made his debut for Ecuador. On his debut, he scored in a 1-0 loss to Argentina for his nation, but four days later, they defeated Uruguay 4-2. As seen by his 38 career appearances, Caicedo is the team’s beating heart.

Meanwhile, during his club career in South America, he was hailed for his effortless control of the middle of the field. Even though he was still a young, developing player, it seemed as though he was among the most seasoned players in the nation.

He was, predictably, seen by numerous scouts from throughout the globe; in 2021, Brighton, a team known for turning forth wonderkids, signed him for an undisclosed sum. He flourished under Italian Roberto De Zerbi and Graham Potter on the south coast of England.

Coupled with Pascal Groß, the Premier League was stunned by his ability, which saw Arsenal try to sign him in January 2023. Despite Caicedo wanting to leave, they had a bid rejected worth approximately £70 million.

When paired with Pascal Groß, his talent astounded the Premier League, and in January 2023, Arsenal attempted to sign him. Caicedo wanted to go, but their almost £70 million offer was turned down. After agreeing to stay, the Ecuadorian signed a new deal and took home the Player of the Season and Player of the Season honors from Brighton.

But the story didn’t end there, as, in the summer of 2023, Chelsea prevailed in the fight for his signing. They signed him after they missed out on signing Liverpool, and he has been a fixture in the park ever since. The 22-year-old hasn’t scored for Pochettino’s team yet, though.

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Style of play

He performs the holding role and typically plays on the left side of Brighton’s and Chelsea’s midfield pivot. His qualities are less forward-thinking and more defensive.

Even though Moises plays a more defensive position for the team, he still expels much energy to defend box-to-box and support his team’s counterattacks.

In addition to being a skilled playmaker, he can also stop attacks in the midfield.

International career

On October 9, 2020, Caicedo made his senior debut for the Ecuador national team in a 1-0 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification loss to Argentina. He opened the score on October 13, 2020, at Estadio Rodrigo Paz Delgado in a 4–2 victory over Uruguay.

Caicedo and Brighton colleagues Pervis Estupiñán and Jeremy Sarmiento were included in Ecuador’s 26-man squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 14.

Caicedo scored the equalizer in the last group match play against Senegal on November 29 to propel Ecuador to the round of 16. Three minutes later, though, Kalifou Koulibaly gave Senegal the equalizer and sent the Senegalese through.

What is Moises Caicedo’s net worth?

According to Surprise Sports, Caicedo’s estimated net worth is £2 million. His professional football wage, season-ending bonuses (especially from Brighton), endorsements, and sponsorship deals since going pro have all contributed to his riches.

In May 2023, he would have gotten a bonus when his old team made it to the Europa League. Although it is a far smaller amount than that of his teammates, it shows that Caicedo has the world at his disposal at 22 years old. He and his family will be set for life when his West London long-term contract expires.

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What is Moises Caicedo’s Salary?

Moises Caicedo’s salary as a Chelsea player is currently 150,000 euros per week and 7.8 million euros annually, according to This is a significant decrease from his earnings when playing for Brighton & Hove Albion.

Signing for Chelsea

Caicedo signed a lavish contract with Chelsea, which is primarily why he is financially well. In the summer of 2023, the midfield player committed to a deal that would last eight years, with an option to extend for an additional year. It said he would get £150,000 a week, according to Spotrac.

The Ecuadorian may earn over £60 million by serving out the last eight years of his contract, which expires in 2031. Unless he decides to sign a new contract or moves to a new club, he might continue to get that wage every week until 2032 due to the option for an additional year.

This excludes performance-based bonuses, which are becoming increasingly frequent in professional football, and any pay decreases if Caicedo and Chelsea fall short of expectations.

Even yet, £150,000 a week is a pretty good wage, especially considering that he earned £60,000 at Brighton when his most recent contract was renewed.

Offers From Other Clubs

The dynamic midfield player received offers from Liverpool in the summer of 2023 and Arsenal six months earlier, the team he wanted to join. However, he decided to join Pochettino’s squad instead and was rewarded with an outstanding long-term contract.

However, the downside is that if the former Brighton midfielder wants to leave, many clubs will be put off by his deal not expiring until 2031.

Chelsea have resorted to an aggressive approach in the transfer window since Todd Boehly became the club owner. He has adopted the philosophy of signing young and promising players, coupled with many well-known marquee names.

This has drawn criticism due to the Blues playing narrowly close to the FFP and Profit and Sustainability Regulations in the Premier League, with several players making over £180k weekly. Caicedo is only their eighth-highest-paid player, despite making £150k.

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Sponsorship Deals – His Boot Deal With Nike

Caicedo has a sponsorship agreement, just like almost every other Premier League professional football player. Because of his endorsement agreement with Nike, he has been included in social media advertisements for the brand.

He contributed to the presentation of the Nike Phantom GX with GripKnit in one post. However, the specifics of the agreement with Nike are not well known. The amount of money he receives from the business, and its expiration date are unknown.

Other than that, Caicedo’s social media shows that he has no other business dealings. He should concentrate on what is going on on the football field because he is still only 22.


How much does Moises Caicedo earn per week at Chelsea?

Moises Caicedo reportedly earns a £150,000 weekly salary at Chelsea.

Did his salary change when he transferred to Chelsea?

Absolutely! Before joining Chelsea in 2023, Caicedo’s salary was significantly lower. While exact figures for his Brighton contract aren’t widely available, estimates suggest he earned around £60,000 per week. So, his transfer to Chelsea represents a significant increase in his income.

Is his salary one of the highest at Chelsea?

While £150,000 per week is a substantial salary, Moises Caicedo isn’t among Chelsea’s top earners. Reports suggest he falls around 8th on the team’s salary hierarchy.

How long is Caicedo’s contract with Chelsea?

Moises Caicedo signed an impressive eight-year contract with Chelsea in 2023, with the option for an additional year. This indicates the club’s confidence in his talent and their long-term plans for him.

Does his salary affect Chelsea’s finances?

We can say categorically how his wages affect Chelsea’s finances, but we’d like to think clubs as big as Chelsea have a system that allows them to pay such money for the services of players like Caicedo.


Moises Caiced still has a lot to play for, he’s young, talented, strong, and ambitious and has everything it takes to become one of the greatest premiership midfielders of all time.

Surely, he did not have a good first season at Chelsea football club, or perhaps you can say he didn’t have a season as good as his last season at Brighton, but whatever the case, there is still time.

The Ecuadorian has been signed for more than five years and would have ample time to prove his mettle or not.


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