15 Best Medical Assistant Schools : Cost, Salary and Online Schools

If you are considering a career as a medical assistant, you probably know by now that the healthcare field is growing much faster than many other types of jobs worldwide. This writing will explore the best medical assistant schools in 2023.

The expected growth in jobs for medical assistants nationwide is even higher. Why? Because medical assistants are part of the strong foundation on which our health care system relies.

When you decide to follow a medical assistance program, you invest much time and money in your future.

In this article, I will show you the Best Medical Assistant Schools and many more you need to know, like Cost, Salary, and Online Schools.

About Medical Assistant Program

Going to school is a big obligation. Choosing the right school and the right medical assistance program is important for the best return on your investment.

Getting a position as a medical assistant will take you directly to one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. Once you have completed your training as a medical assistant, you can also look forward to increasing your salary as you gain more experience.

There are several accredited medical assisting educational programs that are offered throughout the country and that provide you with the required knowledge and skills to help a doctor and ensure a trouble-free operation of a medical office.

Medical assistance programs require that you complete courses that prepare you to work in a doctor’s office or medical institution, such as a hospital.

Through a combination of hands-on experiences and lectures in the classroom, you learn how to perform medical assistant tasks, such as measuring the vital functions of a patient or assisting physicians in physical examinations.

By the time you complete the program, you are assured of your ability to demonstrate that you know how to help with general tasks, such as preparing blood work for laboratory tests on competency exams to achieve your certification.

Questions you ask yourself when you start examining medical assistance schools

When you start examining medical assistance schools, you should keep these questions in mind:

  • What type of medical assistance program is offered; a diploma, certificate or associate degree?
  • Is the school accredited?
  • Does the school accept tuition fees that you may have earned at another university?
  • What are the total costs of the medical assistance program?
  • What is the percentage of registered students who have graduated from the program?
  • Does the school have a career placement program? If so, what percentages of graduates are employed after graduation?

These questions help you determine the total cost of time and money that you have to spend in order to earn your degree. If you know the percentages of graduates and successful career placements, you can determine whether the school has achieved good results to help students be successful.

How much does it cost to go to school for a medical assistant?

Costs are always a factor that must be considered when choosing a medical assistance program. Examine the job requirements in the area where you would rather work after completing the program to find out which level of education best fits your needs.

Keep in mind that an associate degree may cost a little more, but it may give you a better chance of achieving the position that best fits your goals.

Typical costs: completing a course as a clinical medical assistant at a training school costs around $ 1,200- $ 4,200. Courses can vary from a few weeks to a year, depending on the school, how many lessons are included and the duration of the externship.

Certificate / Diploma$1,580 – $40,490
Associate Degree$5,804 – $67,246

Program Length

Medical assistant schools offer programs that allow you to work in your desired career within just eight months. Longer programs can take two years, but an associate degree often has classes that can be transferred to a higher level of education if you want to continue your career in the future.

Certificate / Diploma8 – 18 Months
Associate Degree2 Years

Best Medical Assistant Schools

Medical assistant programs are usually offered at technical or junior colleges. Fortunately, many schools with medical assistant programs have locations in the United States.

It is a good idea to research different schools and compare them before you make a decision. Here are a few Best medical assistant schools with renowned medical assistant programs to get you started:

1. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is a leading technical university in Wisconsin that provides medical assistance in New Richmond, Rice Lake and Superior, Wisconsin.

The medical assistance program consists of 33 credits in a mix of clinical and general education courses. Students will also complete clinical and administrative external ships as part of completing the program.

Students with a special class tax can complete this fully accredited medical assistance program in one year. You can find more information here about the WITC medical assistance program: http://www.witc.edu

2. Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant & Stratton College offers an associate of applied science (AAS) degree in medical assisting. This two-year program combines liberal arts courses with medical and clinical courses.

Students have the option to complete outsourcing before the program is completed. Bryant and Stratton College has locations in Ohio, Virginia, New York and Wisconsin. Read more about Bryant & Stratton here: http://www.bryantstratton.edu

3. Kaplan College

Kaplan College is a well-known name in learning Allied Health. Also, it offers a medical assistant diploma that can usually be completed within one year.

Programs are offered on 40 campuses in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. the College is accredited and graduates may qualify for the AAMA medical assistants’ certification exam after graduation. You can find more information here about the College through the link: https://kaplan.com/

4. Globe University

Globe University offers 21 months’ associate of applied sciences to medical assistance. Also, it is fully accredited and graduates can participate in the AAMA certification exam.

This program is a combination of free art courses and clinical and medical courses. Students are able to complete externships during the program.

The University offers medical assistance at locations in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Visit Globe University here: http://www.globeuniversity.edu

5. Pima Medical Institute

Pima Medical Institute offers a nine-month diploma in medical assistance. This program combines targeted courses in the areas of health, clinical practices, administration, and general education.

Pima Medical Institute is accredited and students can take the AAMA certification exam after graduation. Students receive help finding a job after graduation, and night classes are offered flexibly at some locations.

Pima Medical Institute has offices in New Mexico, California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and Washington. You can find more information about this medical assistance program here: https://pmi.edu/

Can I Pursue This Program Online?

In your medical assistant training, you learn how to give patients injections and make laboratory samples. You also perform administrative duties in a medical office, such as planning patients and updating their medical records.

For these types of tasks, you have to practice performing the steps personally. During your courses on campus, you practice things like taking blood pressure with your classmates.

At the end of the program, you can also work in clinics with real patients under the supervision of a doctor. Although some types of academic courses can be completed online, most of your credits must come from real lessons.

Online medical assistant programs train MAs to perform both clinical and administrative tasks in various healthcare environments. Although largely dependent on the location and specialty of the practice, the responsibilities, and duties of medical assistants can include measuring vital functions, assisting with examinations, giving injections, and overseeing administrative tasks.

Here are some of the best online medical assistant schools and programs

#1. Keizer University

Keizer University is a private non-profit school based in Florida, a member of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, and also regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Although this program can be taken online, Keizer also offers physical campuses throughout the country, as well as various international campuses, including China and Melbourne.

#2. Herzing University Online

Herzing University offers a variety of degree options on its numerous campuses. They offer the flexibility of an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting and a Certificate / Diploma program (expect to spend 4-5 semesters to obtain an Associate’s Degree and 1-2 for the diploma program).

This timeline relates to obtaining a diploma in normal time. Although you can learn completely online, you have access to many locations if you have to visit a campus.

#3. Purdue University Global

Purdue University is one of the first fully accredited colleges on our list due to the high level of academic excellence and student support. officially established in April 2018 through the acquisition of Kaplan University by Purdue University.

#4. Liberty University

With more than 95,000 students around the world and since 1985 in distance education, Liberty University Online is now considered the world’s largest non-profit online university. Offering degrees from basic certification to full doctoral-level degrees, they offer more than 250 different majors online.

#5. Harrison College

Harrison College is a respected school that offers a wide range of programs for students. Their Associate of Applied Science Degree in medical assistance is one of only two distance learning CAAHEP-accredited programs in the nation.

#6. College of healthcare professionals

The College of Health Care Professionals (CHCP) is accredited by the Accrediting Office of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and is a Texas-based, career-oriented school that offers both online and campus-based education in the healthcare sector.

Their curriculum allows students to follow their labs and lectures online, and the option of an in-field clinical experience at a supported local campus near you.

Where do medical assistants work?

Med assistants are an essential complement to affiliated health professions and help deliver effective, efficient and affordable patient care.

And once you have learned the skills and gained experience as a Certified Medical Assistant, you can steer your career path in the medical industry and to higher levels within healthcare.

Doctor’s offices: You plan and greet patients while you also perform tasks such as taking their vital functions or recording their symptoms before the doctor takes over.

Hospitals; state, local and private: hospitals hire medical assistants to help with patient care procedures, such as checking vital functions and managing medical records.

Outpatient Care Centers: your role may be to monitor patients in the center and give them aftercare instructions before they leave after a procedure.

Offices of chiropractors: you can expect to perform tasks such as medical coding and billing, as well as internal procedures such as blood tests and simple exams.

What starting salary can I expect as a medical assistant?

A typical salary of a medical assistant is above the minimum wage, and you can anticipate making an annual salary of $25,710. Keep in mind that these figures represent the national average for someone who has completed a medical assistance program and obtained their certification.

Your starting salary may depend on where you live and whether or not you have a university degree.


How Much Will My Salary Grow with Experience?

Medical assistants who remain in the field of health care are rewarded with higher salaries as they gain more experience. With just ten years, you can expect your annual salary to increase by around $10,000 or more.

You can also increase your salary growth by following positions for which you have to assume more responsibilities, for example by working as a doctor in a doctor’s office.

Level of ExperienceHourlyMonthlyAnnual
1-4 years$13.26$2,300$27,580
5-9 years$15.61$2,710$32,480
10-19 years$18.43$3,200$38,340
20 years or more$22.07$3,830$45,900

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are medical assisting programs available in?

Programs for medical assisting are available from community colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, and universities and take about 1 year to complete. These programs usually lead to a certificate or diploma. Some community colleges offer 2-year programs that lead to an associate’s degree.

How much does it cost to complete a clinical medical assistant training school?

Typical costs: Completing a course as a clinical medical assistant at a training school[2] costs around $1,200-$4,200. Courses may vary from a few weeks to a year, depending on the school, how many classes are included, and the length of the externship.

What can I expect from the clinical medical assistant test?

This exam tests you for the skills and knowledge you’ll need to serve as a medical assistant. The test is somewhat difficult, but it should be no problem for candidates that study enough to be fully prepared. The path to a medical assistant career can be as short as a year or as long as two years.

What is the minimum education requirement for medical assistant training?

The minimum education for a medical assistant is a high school diploma. However, some states require training or examinations for those who do clinical work, and some employers prefer assistants with training or certification.


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