What is Ronaldo salary per week? Biography, Income Networth

ronaldo salary
ronaldo salary

It is impossible to talk about football heroes and not mention the name Cristiano Ronaldo. His hard work, determination and ability have seen him become one of the most renowned athletes in the globe and famous.

Ronaldo is one of the sportsman who takes home a fat paycheck. We are going to look closely at Ronaldo’ salary, and how he amassed so much wealth.

Ronaldo has his name written in the annals of the game’s greatest players of all time. But who is the man behind the name?

Now, let us discuss in this content, more about Ronaldo’ salary, biography, source of income, and his networth.

Biography of Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, in full Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, was born in Funchal on 5 February, 1985. Despite joining the team at a young age, Ronaldo ensured he was skilled in football to the highest level.

He started his career at Sporting CP in Portugal, before making an instant impact at the international level when he joined Manchester United in 2003.

Ronaldo joined Manchester United where he was trained by the erstwhile legendary United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He was promoted to the fans immediately as a favourite due to numerous fast and technically sound moves, highly effective striking and above all immense physicality.

In his Manchester United days, Ronaldo began his dominance by becoming the first to be awarded the FIFA world best player award now famously referred to as Ballon d’Or in 2008.

The year 2009 saw Ronaldo in the new team of Real Madrid and was one of the reasons why he became famous all over the world. 

During the nine years at the Santiago Bernabéu, Ronaldo broke most of the goalscoring records and won four consecutive UEFA Champions League titles, confirming his status as one of the club’s and world’s top goalscorers of all time.

In 2018, Ronaldo joined the Italian team known as Juventus and there, his record of conquering trophies and scoring goals proceeded to soar. 

Later in the year 2021, Ronaldo returned to his old club Manchester United after featuring for a few seasons in Italy. However, in December of the year 2022, he headed out to Saudi Arabia where he joined the Al-Nassr FC.

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How old is Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on 5 February 1985, thus, he will be 39 years of age in 2024. Ronaldo is as strong as ever at the age when most players would be thinking of quitting the game.

He has been consistent in practicing fitness and has remained flexible to adapt within the two and a quarter decades thus be on top.

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Which country is Ronaldo from?

Cristiano Ronaldo is from the country of Portugal. He is the captain for the Portuguese national football team and is the record holder for appearances and goals in the men’s soccer team. He took the Portuguese national team to the Euro 2016 triumph, their first time ever winning a major championship.

Ronaldo has affected society in more ways than one; his impact is not only felt on the football pitch. He is a world-known model, a star, and a man who encourage millions of people all over the world.

It is therefore with pride that we can call him a legend of the  game, in testament to his passion and hardworking nature of the footballing world.

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Which Club does Ronaldo play for now?

At the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo has taken his talent to Al-Nassr, a football club based in Saudi Arabia. He signed for them in December 2022 at the end of his two-year contract as a Manchester United player.

The switch seen in the latter part of the given timeline where Ronaldo transferred to Al-Nassr can be considered as a turning point in his career. As someone who previously represented other major clubs across Europe such as Sporting CP and Real Madrid, or currently Juventus many saw this move as a shocking one.

However, it is crucial to admit that Ronaldo has been successful in the Saudi Pro League and was even the top-scorer of the 2023/24 season among all the teams in the league.

How good is Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s physical strength, technique, and determination-power triangle can be defined as the key determinants of his success on the football pitch. What one has words to say to him to know if he is good? He is a legend in the field and storms Africa with the fears of all fans and opponents worldwide.

Here’s why Ronaldo is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time: Here’s why Ronaldo is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time:

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017): Players can be awarded the Ballon d’Or for their performance throughout the football year, the award recognizes the best football player. This is another record that can only be attributed to his remarkable talent and performance prowess winning it five times.

All-time leading scorer for Portugal’s national team: Sporting CP – Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest scorer of goals for the national football team of Portugal. It is clear to attest the amount of dedication he has for his country; the goals that he bounced for his country has help shape the Portuguese international scene.

All-time top scorer in the UEFA Champions League: The UEFA Champions League – this is one of the most prominent club competitions in Europe. Ronaldo is the all-time leading goal scorer of the competition and the fact that he continues to score goals for the team at the big stage against the best teams is a testament to his prowess.

Goals Galore: Ronaldo is always up for scoring for his team. Some of the records he boasts of include the fact that he is the all-time highest goals scorer in the UEFA Champions League and that he scored most goals for the Portuguese National Team.

Complete Player: Ronaldo is not only a goal scorer but more to that. This man is a dribbling machine, and when he passes the ball, it is usually razor-sharp at the target; not to mention his acrobatic abilities in the air. His character and the belief in a champion motivate his colleagues and pressure opponents.

What is Ronaldo’s Salary?

It is difficult to be precise because contracts may be quite intricate or contain bonuses and constant changes in endorsements. But one thing remains clear – Cristiano Ronaldo is among the highest paid in the entire world in terms of both playing football and in terms of income.

Ronaldo’s Income per week

In terms of how much Ronaldo earns in a week, he is earning a mouthwatering amount. He is today playing for Al-Nassr based in KSA given that his current contract has it that he will earn $4.1 million. Weekly, that amounts to £3. 4 million).

This staggering figure, however, has not been garnered solely from his footballing prowess. Part of which is attributable to his numerous endorsement contracts, image rights, and other related businesses.

Consider Nike cleats, CR7 underwear lines, sponsorship deals, and much more; collectively, they put substantial money into Ronaldo’s pockets per week.

Ronaldo’s Income per month

Ronaldo’s weekly wage is £3. 4 million, so if you double it, you will be able to have a rough estimate of his monthly earnings. This allowed him to receive four million (£13. 6 million) of fresh money directly to his bank account every 30 days.

Ronaldo’s Income annually

So let us sum up the numbers to get the overall picture of Ronaldo’s yearly income. Doubling his weekly base earnings and multiplying by 52 weeks we arrive at a base figure of close to $215 million (£177 million). 

To this, can be added the estimated monthly earnings from endorsements, which can easily reach $6-7.2 million per month, equaling $72-84 million per annum. That’s mindblowing.

Ronaldo’s Source of Income

Using lightning foot movement and iron-willed attitude, Ronaldo has gone beyond the football arena and become an international icon. Yet, beyond these fictitious victories and laureates, there is a keen businessman who has built an enormous and remarkable source of income.

1. The King’s Salary: Ronaldo, as one of the star players of the Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr club, earns a handsome amount, estimated to be above €200 million per year. This astronomical figure shows him as a sporting icon and a sure draw in terms of popularity.

2. Swoosh Power: The Video: A Lifelong Deal with Nike Ronaldo’s trademark footwear with Nike is a goldmine. Such a lifelong deal guarantees a constant revenue stream, and it is believed he earns more than €15 million per year for wearing the swoosh alone. 

But it goes beyond just wearing shoes; Ronaldo has the responsibility of advertising Nike apparels and contributing towards future apparels.

3. CR7: Not just Football A tactics and hardworking personality like Ronaldo has developed his own brand CR7. This is not just a logo; it is a way of living. CR7 is not just soccer but it also incorporates under-wear, perfumes, fashionable wears, Pestana CR7 hotels, and recently ventured into the fitness business with the CR7 gyms.

The CR7 brand capitalizes on Ronaldo’s image and fame to earn millions of dollars, with new ventures and lines being developed all the time.

4. Endorsement Deals Galore: Ronaldo himself is not only a Nike endorser; his face is everywhere, on different products and services. 

From electronics companies such as Emirates to mobile telephone operators such as MTN, organizations queue to get a slice of the so-called CR7 magic. These endorsements have value, and various estimates indicate that they can account for up to 40% of his overall earnings.

5. The Investment Game: Business That Goes Beyond the Soccer Field Ronaldo is not only a spender but also a wise investor. He owns luxurious houses in Lisbon, Madeira and Turin, which shows his affinity for luxury.

But these aren’t just summer houses; these are assets that seem to increase in value over some time.

6. Social Media Influencer: Currently, Ronaldo’s followers stand at more than a hundred million fans on Instagram and other social sites. This large following puts him in the category of social media influencers, and companies are willing to spend big money to get him to endorse their products.

Ronaldo’s Networth

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player, product ambassador, and entrepreneur from Portugal with a net worth of $600 million. 

He is among the highest-paid performers in the world today. He alone in a given year can earn more than $100- 150 million in terms of salary and endorsements alone.

When the time comes for Cristiano Ronaldo to retire, he will easily be the first footballer to earn over $1 billion through his salaries and endorsements alone.

When he achieves this feat, he will be in the $1 billion athlete club that consists of Floyd Mayweather ($1 billion), Michael Schumacher ($1 billion), Jack Nicklaus ($1. 15 billion), Arnold Palmer ($1. 35 billion), Tiger Woods ($1. 65 billion) and Michael Jordan ($2+ billion).


How much is Ronaldo paid at Al-Nassr?

$213 million (£173m) a year

How much is Ronaldo worth?

more than €200m ($219.98m)

What is Ronaldo’s salary per week?

£3.4m a week


It is not just the talent that Cristiano Ronaldo has on the football pitch but he is also a great brand builder. From the way he plays to the image he portrays, Ronaldo is one of the most marketed athletes in the world today. 

He is an inspiration not only to future footballers but also to everyone who wants to use abilities and personality for successful career creation.

Therefore, each time you watch CR7 in action, don’t just marvel at the elegance of football; you should also appreciate the empire he has strategically developed.



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