What is Benzema’s salary? Biography, Income, and Networth

What is Benzema salary
What is Benzema salary

When it comes to football, Karim Benzema is one name that most football fans worldwide know. Considered one of the finest strikers in history, Benzema is a versatile forward with excellent technical ability and vision on the pitch, Benzema holds a record for being second highest goalscorer and highest assist maker for Real Madrid. This has set him on the chart of one of the highest-paid footballers with a fat salary.

He played for Real Madrid and clinched 25 titles for the club including La Liga 4 times, Copa del Rey 3 times, and UEFA Champions League 5 times. He has netted more than 500 goals for his club and the national team.

Outspoken, creative, and polished on the football field, Benzema has turned into a legend for his team, Real Madrid, and the French squad. Of course, this translates into a sizeable income weekly, monthly, and annually.

In this writing, we will discuss extensively Benzema’s Salary, biography, source of income, and net worth.

Benzema’s Biography

Benzema was born in Lyon, France in 1987 and he developed a liking for football from an early age. This saw him progress in the local clubs and perform effectively and this made Olympique Lyonnais, a French giant club to pick him. This is the case of Benzema who joined Lyon where he developed into a major player and won several Ligue 1 championships.

The big break came in 2009 when Benzema signed for Real Madrid, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, at that time. When he first arrived at the club, Benzema was teammates with Cristiano Ronaldo, which made him not only a goalscorer but also an all-around forward.

After Ronaldo left for Juventus in the summer of 2018, Benzema has emerged as the true talisman for Los Blancos. Over the years, he has brought many trophies, the Champions League titles being among them, to the team making him a club icon.

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How old is Benzema?

Karim Benzema is 36 years old. Despite his age, he remains fit physically and his performances are incredible both in club and international matches.

Which country is Benzema from?

Karim Benzema is from France, although his father has an Algerian ancestry. He has represented the French national team in several occasions where he has been able to score many goals and has been the captain of the team.

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Which Club Does Benzema Play For?

After making the switch in 2009, Karim Benzema still continues to play for Real Madrid. He signed a big contract deal with the Spanish side, ensuring that the legacy continues at the Bernabéu Stadium.

Currently, Karim Benzema plays for the Saudi Arabian football club Al-Ittihad. In July 2022, following over ten years of service for Real Madrid club, Benzema felt that it was time to look for a new challenge and joined a Saudi Pro League club.

How good is Benzema?

As for Benzema’s achievements, the list of titles is rather impressive. He has been described as a legend at Real Madrid. Benzema is currently the second-highest goalscorer in the history of Real Madrid, although he has now been surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has been instrumental in winning 25 trophies for Real Madrid, out of which are five UEFA Champions League titles which are considered to be peak of club soccer.

However, goals are not the only factors that make up Benzema and his football persona. He has developed into a complete striker, a playmaker who can create plays, link up and bring other players into the mix, or score from open play or set pieces.

His combination with other forwards is delightful to watch and his general sense of field is quite impressive.

But in 2022 his brilliance was rewarded with the ultimate accolade. Benzema got the Ballon d’Or which is given for the best soccer player in the world. This sealed a spectacular year in which he was the top striker in La Liga and the Champions League.

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What is Benzema’s salary?

The recent signing of Karim Benzema by Al Ittihad, a Saudi Arabian football club, not only shocked football enthusiasts but also more so due to the exorbitant amount being paid in the contract.

Benzema’s Income per week

Estimates suggest Benzema rakes in a staggering €4.1 million per week. This translates to roughly $4.12 million or £3.3 million depending on the current exchange rate.

According to various assumptions, Benzema’s weekly income goes up as high as €4.1 million. This translates to about $4.12 million depending on the current exchange rate.

Benzema’s Income per month

When you do the math from his weekly earnings, you will see that Benzema’s monthly salary stands at a mindblowing €16.6 million which translates into approximately $16.5 million or £13.2 million per month.

Benzema’s Income Annually

When comparing Benzema’s income every year, one would get a clear understanding of how much the player has benefitted from financially. According to headlines, he makes a massive €200million per year, which besides his wages includes bonuses. This is equivalent to about $214 million or £172 million per year.

Benzema’s Income Source

The French-born football player, Karim Benzema has earned great wealth in his career as a footballer. His primary income sources can be broken down into the following categories: His primary income sources can be broken down into the following categories:

Club Salary: From his flow of income, a major part of it is gotten from his playing contracts. In June 2023, he inked a big contract of three years joining the Saudi Arabian club Al-Ittihad. As Forbes has informed, the approximate annual income of this actor is $100 million.

This is way above the kind of wages he was being paid at Real Madrid; the press had it that he was taking £14.5 million per year.

International Appearances: International representation also has its financial benefits since it allows a country to represent France at the international level. It is not publicly clear on the specific amounts, but it is not a secret that players tend to get bonuses for such occasions as the World Cup and the Euros.

Endorsement Deals: Over time, Benzema has risen to fame and has magnificent skills that benefit brands when endorsed. Some of the companies that he has signed deals to endorse are Adidas, Hyundai and EA Sports. 

The income received for these endorsements is not known, but it could be some percentage of his total earnings.

Investments: It is difficult to discover the possible investments that Benzema could be involved in such as the purchase of real estate. Yet, bearing in mind the financial status of the man, there might be chances that he has other streams of income through some investments.

Benzema’s Networth

Using the available information, one is not in a position to calculate Benzema’s exact net worth since some portions are confidential.

Nevertheless, including his massive income with his three-year, $47 million contract with Adidas along with other endorsements and anticipated investments, different sources attribute his wealth to a net worth ranging from $170 million to $250 million.


Taking the given into consideration, it can be stated that Karim Benzema’s love of football and his talent portray him as a world-class athlete and a high earner.

His income mainly comes from the salary he receives from his football club, the money he earns from international matches that he participates in, sponsorship deals, and possibly his investments. Due to his active career and systematic business attitude toward his earnings, one can expect Benzema’s net worth to only increase.


How much is Benzema’s new contract?

€200 million (£172m/$213m) per season.

How much is Benzema’s salary per week?

€4.1 million

How many trophies has Benzema won?

25 trophies

Does Karim have a wife?

Cora Gauthier



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