How Much Is A Graphic Designer’s Salary? Nigeria vs US

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Graphic designers create visual concepts to convey various ideas. They frequently produce designs for campaigns, websites, and ads.

They merge color and their creativity to tell a thousand stories with a single picture or two as the case may be.

But while the job descriptions of all graphic designers might be virtually the same worldwide, there is a pay disparity, and that will be the focus of this article: graphic designer salary.

We will be comparing the salaries of graphic designers in Nigeria and the USA, our aim is not to have you fuming with the pay gap that exists because of differences in the economic strength of the two countries but to also have you – our Nigerian graphic designer – aspire to something.

This post will also address common inquiries concerning graphic design careers, outline graphic designers’ responsibilities, and provide information on graphic designer salaries.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design creates visual information to convey messages using various software programs or freehand painting.

A graphic designer uses print and digital art, among other artistic forms and materials, to evoke strong feelings in the eyes of the consumer.

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What does a career in graphic design look like? 

By using graphics to promote their goods and services, businesses can establish a connection with their target audience, and a graphic designer helps companies do this.

they also help create a brand identity or communicate a visual message are the main goals of a graphic designer’s job.

Working with art and technology to convey ideas through different design aspects is what a graphic design career entails. as a designer of graphics. You will create the production design and general layout for magazines, brochures, posters, and ads.

Usually, a design starts with rough drawings by hand or computer software.

Many designers create a process book for clients to show the process of a design project from start to finish. The process book can also include a mood board that allows the client to select colors, patterns, textures, typography, and other design elements.

Process books help graphic designers establish their approach and techniques, which they later apply to their design strategy in the final product.

Which industries benefit from what graphic designers do?

Numerous major industries benefit from graphic designers. As a graphic designer, you can operate in several environments:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Publications, such as newspapers and magazines
  • Website design
  • Packaging design
  • Motion design
  • Environmental design
  • User interface (UI) and experience (UX)
  • Multimedia

How To Become a Graphic Designer

The following general actions can be taken to pursue a profession in graphic design:

1. Develop your design abilities

To begin pursuing this career, work on honing your graphic design abilities. Artistic abilities can be acquired via formal instruction or self-directed practice. A graphic designer can benefit from having the ability to sketch, draw, and comprehend design software.

Think about honing these techniques at home or signing up for online, in-person, or school classes in design or art.
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2. Get a degree from a professional institution

Many graphic designers hold a formal degree in graphic design, website design, fine art, illustration, or a similar discipline.

The majority of businesses prefer graphic designers with a bachelor’s degree, however, some will consider applicants with an associate’s degree. Think about enrolling in an online program, community college, university, or art institute to pursue a degree.

Classes including studio art, design concepts, commercial graphics, web design, advertising, and computer technology are commonly found in graphic design curricula. Given that designers frequently operate in relevant professional settings, some schools might even include courses in marketing and business.

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3. Gain relevant experience

Seek opportunities to obtain real-world experience while in school and after graduation. Think about applying for an internship in a related field.

You might be able to observe and pick up tips from an experienced graphic designer if you reach out to local companies or make use of your professional network.

These changes can offer you practical experience, a deeper understanding of the topic, and the chance to network with other professionals in the field. Experience can also influence your graphic designer’s salary.

4. Put together a portfolio of your designs.

Gather your finest pieces to create a portfolio demonstrating your abilities. An impressive portfolio can get you an interview, be accepted for an internship, or open freelance options.

5. Apply for Graphic Design Jobs

Think about using internet job boards or databases to find employment. Consider looking for current vacancies on the careers area of the company’s website, if you have a particular one in mind. Additionally, you can advertise your freelancing services online or at the community center where you live.

What Skills are expected of a Graphic Designer?

Many hard and soft skills are needed for graphic designers, such as the following:

Creativity: To create original and cutting-edge digital works, graphic designers rely on their creativity.

Communication: Effective communication facilitates teamwork and idea exchange among graphic designers. Because of this talent, they can also talk confidently when they present their designs and concepts publicly.

Collaboration: Creative designers, copywriters, editors, administrators, and graphic designers work together as a team. Their capacity for teamwork enables them to assign assignments, take into account feedback, and listen to others’ suggestions.

Design software: Graphic designers use their knowledge of design software and tools to refine their work. Using this specialized software can also help them make changes to their projects quickly and seamlessly.

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How much is a Graphic Designer’s Salary?

The salary of a graphic designer can vary significantly between countries like Nigeria and the United States because of differences in economic conditions, market demand, and cost of living.


  • Average Salary: The average salary for a graphic designer in Nigeria is typically much lower than in the US. As of recent data, graphic designers in Nigeria earn an average of about NGN 75,000 to NGN 300,000 per month, depending on experience, location, and the type of company they work for. Annually, this translates to approximately NGN 900,000 to NGN 3,600,000.

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In the United States

  • Average Salary: The average yearly graphic designer salary across the country is $47,666. A graphic designer’s position, region, and experience can affect average pay.

According to BLS data, graphic designers earn about $10,000 more annually than the average worker in their field.

Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, and New York City are some of the most paying cities for graphic designers.

Comparing Graphic Designer Salary in Nigeria vs USA

The disparity in pay reflects wider economic inequality, such as living expenses and exchange rates. Even though a designer in the United States might make more money overall, it’s crucial to consider each nation’s local purchasing power and cost of living. The more significant cost of living for graphic designers in the US somewhat compensates for their higher nominal pay.

Average graphic designer salary

Depending on the area, level of expertise, and particular industry, a graphic designer’s average pay can vary significantly. For example, graphic designers make, on average, $50,000 a year in the United States.

This amount may change depending on variables, including the cost of living in various areas and the kind of design job (e.g., print, digital, branding).

Furthermore, designers with specializations in UX/UI or administrative or senior roles could anticipate better earnings.

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Graphic Designer Salary for Freelance Work

The pay for freelance graphic designers varies greatly. While some people make six figures, others struggle to make ends meet. It is dependent upon abilities, background, clientele, and astute marketing. Beginners may bill $25–50 per hour. Proven experts typically charge $75–150 per hour.

Elite freelancers charge $200 or more per hour for specialized tasks. Because freelancing is a feast or famine business, it can be difficult to determine annual income. Some report $30–40k, and others $80k+. Rates are also impacted by location. The hustle is real; hours of unpaid labour are consumed by bidding, networking, and self-promotion.

Benefits such as health insurance are self-funded. Although there is a cost to freedom, competent freelancers can prosper.

Graphic Designer Jobs in Qatar Salary:

Qatar’s booming economy attracts creatives worldwide. Graphic designer pay there often beats global averages. Junior roles start around 8,000-12,000 QAR monthly ($2,200-$3,300 USD).

Mid-level pros can earn 15,000-25,000 QAR ($4,100-$6,900). Senior designers and art directors pull in 30,000+ QAR ($8,200+).

Top talent at major firms or with royal clients earns even more. Tax-free income is a significant draw. Housing and transport allowances sweeten the deal.

The cost of living is high, especially in Doha. Work culture can be intense. Visa sponsorship is crucial. Overall, Qatar offers lucrative opportunities for skilled designers willing to adapt.

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Graphic designer job description

The task of developing visual content to convey messages falls to graphic designers. They create the general layout and production design for ads, brochures, periodicals, and business reports by hand or with software. The industry they work in and the nature of their work determine graphic designers’ salaries.

Job Outlook for Graphic Designers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment prospects for graphic designers in the future are expected to be highly competitive. There will be a 4% decrease in positions through 2029.

Generally, graphic designers in specialized design services, newspapers/publishing or printing, and associated support positions make less money than those in public relations, advertising, and related fields. Animators, fine arts, fashion or interior design, photography, media, art directors, and technical illustration are comparable to graphic design professions.

Which country pays best for graphic design?

Our analysis shows that the UK pays designers the most, with the US, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada following suit.

However, several variables, including industry, experience, geography, and employer type, can significantly affect pay.

Reasons to become a graphic designer

If you want to work in a creative industry, graphic design is a great place to use your artistic abilities as a freelancer, in an office setting, or as a remote worker. You can contribute your creativity and talent as a graphic designer.

Usually, you’ll work on various projects to satisfy different client needs. Having clientele from multiple industries allows you to stay creatively stimulated and to extend your creative horizons.

You can work as a freelancer and be your boss if that’s how you want to operate. You can have greater creative flexibility and the ease of working whenever and wherever you choose as a freelance graphic designer.

You can focus on graphic design as a career in your chosen creative industry. Opportunities to fulfill your creative aspirations will be available, regardless of your preference for working with typography, art, or web design.

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Can I become a Millionaire as a Graphic Designer?

Despite the rarity of becoming a millionaire, graphic artists can succeed thanks to their imagination, savvy, and perseverance.

A financially and emotionally gratifying profession can be attained with the correct priorities and positioning.

How Can The Pay Gap Be Breached

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria against my will, I understand what it feels like to be earning way below my peers in other countries. I also understand how my country’s economy has made it so.

This is why I no longer throw tantrums, instead, I have signed up on Freelancing platforms that pay me in dollars when I do the same very work I get paid for in naira.

This might be the only escape and as a graphic designer you should consider doing the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a beginner Graphic Designer charge?

The cost of graphic design per hour varies according to specialization and expertise. More seasoned graphic designers typically bill between $65 and $150 per hour. On the other hand, more affordable freelance design charges start at $25 and go up to $50 per hour.

What is the minimum salary of a Graphic Designer in USA?

What is the US salary for a graphic designer? The average compensation for a graphic designer in the United States is $26.44 per hour or $55,000 per year. The average annual salary for entry-level professionals is $41,936, while the highest pay for experienced workers is $82,476.

Which graphic design job pays the most?

The average yearly compensation for a game designer, one of the highest-paying design professions, is $118,445

How much do junior graphic designers make in Nigeria?

Junior Designer NGN 80,070 /month


In summary, while graphic designer salaries vary significantly between Nigeria and the US, reflecting differences in economic conditions and living costs, both regions offer promising career prospects.

Challenges like market saturation and the need for continuous skill enhancement are balanced by opportunities in emerging technologies and expanding industries.

Ultimately, graphic designers can thrive in both markets by leveraging their creativity, staying adaptable, and pursuing specialized skills that align with current and future demands. This dynamic field continues to evolve, providing a vibrant landscape for professionals globally.


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