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Those who are learning web design and those who are masters of it would agree that learning under the guidance of an experienced instructor is better than self-learning in isolation.

New web designers need an excellent online course to know faster and better, while experts occasionally need to update their knowledge base.

With that said, there are tons of web design courses online for you to choose from. And that presents a problem – what are the ten (10) best web design courses in 2023? 

This article will consider ten of the best web design courses, what they offer, course duration, and cost.

Udemy is a high-quality and affordable online education hub for all curious minds. So most of the web design courses outlined here are Udemy courses.

But before we proceed, let’s consider who web designers are and what they do.

Job Description of a Web Designer: What Do Web Designers Do?

Web designers do what their name represents – they do website design. Web designers are creative people who specialize in creating custom design templates for websites and apps.

They beautify websites using already created design templates or build custom designs that meet the specific needs of the client/employer.

To become a web designer, one must learn a set of skills, including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Visual design. These are the hard skills you must master.

Nevertheless, soft skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and creativity are also essential.

What To Consider Before Buying A Web Design Course

 Price – Even though a course is of high quality, the more affordable it is, the more likely you and many others would buy it. Costly courses may not be worth it if there are other cheaper and even free courses.

• Student reviews and ratings – Udemy courses with positive reviews often indicate that the course instructor teaches well and the quality of the course content is assured. 

• Experience of instructor – a few instructors may claim to be gurus despite lacking enough experience to convey the information effectively.

Highly experienced tutors often give a thorough walkthrough of the subject with practical examples/exercises.

• Quality of video content – course content presented in a high-quality video with clear and audible presentation is preferred.

Video content delivered using gamified systems has been shown to encourage students to participate actively and finish the course since it adds fun to the learning process.

• Money-back guarantee – 

10 Best Web Design Online Courses 2023

#1. Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

This web design online course is a best seller on Udemy. It is beginner-friendly and is a suitable course to take while transitioning from a non-tech role into web design.

The course fulfills its promises of teaching students how to create a website layout, code with CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets), and add cool design features to any web page.

The course is rated 4.6 and has 11 hours of on-demand video, split into 22 sections and 71 lectures. 

You can check the course curriculum to decide whether you’ll buy it.

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#2. Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course

This is the most comprehensive Udemy course that treats everything web development and web design all in one. Brad Hussey, a senior web developer and web content creator, teaches this course.

He teaches students the steps and draws a clear roadmap to becoming a full-stack web developer. Full-stack web development is a skill set for building and designing websites.

Hence, a full-stack developer can do both web dev and web design, making the course offer more appealing than other Udemy courses.

The Ultimate Web Designer and Web Developer course voluminously contains 260 lessons with a total of 34hour duration. 

You can learn about it here

#3. Complete Web Design: From Figma to Webflow to Freelancing

The center focus of this course is to teach students how to design websites with Figma and create websites with Webflow. Every hour of video content in this complete web design course is invaluable, with design tips and practice examples included.

Vako Shvili is the instructor of this best-selling course on web design. He has several years of experience using Figma to design and Webflow to design, including experience in doing freelance web design work.

That is why students comment on this course as a 3-in-one course. 

Click here to enroll if you’re interested.

#4. UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

This is one of the highest-rated courses on web design, UI/UX, and Adobe Illustrator. It teaches participants how to build professional-looking websites and apps possessing simple yet beautiful designs.

Adobe Illustrator CC is a must-know skill, but not all web designers know how to use it to produce the best visual design results. That is why one-third of this course is dedicated to teaching Adobe Illustrator in web design and User Interface design.

Click here to view the course details. This course is for intermediate web designers who want to refamiliarize themselves with technical know-how. 

Click here to find out more about the system.

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#5. Webflow for Beginners: How to Use Webflow

Webflow is a great tool used for building custom website blogs, e-commerce stores, and other multipurpose sites. This course is relatively new, but the high-quality content delivered by the tutor, Sam Harrison, is attracting a lot of positive feedback.

This web design course progressively teaches Webflow fundamentals on effectively making beautiful responsive websites or landing pages.

It is a 5-hour on-demand video course divided into 6 sections with 36 lessons in total. As with all other Udemy courses, a certificate of completion will be issued to students who finish the course. 

Click here to find out more about the course. 

#6. Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing 2023

Design websites with Adobe Photoshop and use that skill as a source of stable income. This course is centered around the above objective. It provides you with all the web design essentials needed to become a certified web designer.

The course is beginner-friendly and combines Photoshop visual design best practices with useful UI/UX and web design examples.

Upon completing this 23-hour course, students can start building and designing their own websites from scratch quickly.

Chris Barin, a certified Adobe Photoshop expert, and web design instructor, is a tutor with many years of experience working with numerous clients and students respectively. This online web design course is good; therefore, kindly check out the course here!

#7. Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours

Web development is merged seamlessly with web design. One cant does without the other because a website, app, or game with only text and buttons will be boring if it doesn’t have attractive designs.

So this course is meant for novices who want to learn web design and web development as time elapses. This HTML and CSS course is hosted on Udemy and taught by Brad Hussey, a highly experienced professional in this field.

In collaboration with Code College, he introduces students to web development and design, and then the learning goes from the basics of HTML5, CSS3 & PhotoShop to the advanced levels.

The course is an excellent refresher for a full-stack developer who wants to remind himself of long-forgotten web design and development concepts. 

Click here to check it out.

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#8. Master Web Design in Photoshop: Complete UI/UX Masterclass

This is one of the best web design courses on Udemy to learn UI/UX and how to create awesome-looking web pages. It is a comprehensive course for intermediate to advanced web designers.

This is because the instructor strives to update the course with any new upgraded features in Adobe Photoshop and other web design tools.

The course also includes tips to double your conversion rate during or after any marketing campaign. It is a course designed for marketers and freelance web designers who want to design SEO-friendly web pages or landing pages to increase CR.

Click here to enroll!

#9. Complete Website Design and Development with WordPress

This is one of the best 2-in-1 courses combining website development and design. Like other Udemy courses with a 4.5 rating, this course is comprehensive, straight to the point, and filled with extra resources.

It teaches how to code with HTML5 and CSS3 to build modern responsive websites with best-fit designs.

The course aims to teach web development and web design to help beginners and intermediate students create fully adapted sites for big and small screens. 

Click here to learn more about it.

#10. Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2023

Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization is a best-selling course on Udemy. The instructor begins the first few sections by explaining the principles of designing highly optimized landing pages with no code.

The course provides all the tips needed to double your conversion rate during or after any marketing campaign. It is a course designed for marketers and freelance web designers to design SEO-friendly web pages or landing pages to increase CR.

The course is beginner-friendly and breaks down all the design psychological frameworks in your landing page that appeal to customers to want to stay, click and buy.

Kindly check out the course here!

Top Web Design Online Course in 2023 FAQs

How much does Web designers make a year?

In-house web designers make about $40,000/year, while remote freelancers could make more than that per annum.

Is there a certificate for web design online classes?

Yes, you would be given a “Certificate of Completion” after you’ve watched all the video content and done all exercises, if there are any.

Why should I go for a paid course?

Because paid courses are of highly quality, organized, and taught by a certified senior web designer, the roadmap to becoming a web designer is set out for you. You get qualified faster due to a better learning experience.


Web design courses on Udemy are more advantageous than learning through conventional classroom demonstrations and seminars.

The Udemy platform itself has advantages over other online learning platforms. They do not charge a monthly subscription, nor are the online courses expensive.

Most Udemy courses are as good as free because of been sold at an 80-90% discount. There are even some free web design courses on this educational site.


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