Free Online Courses with Certificates in Portugal | 2023

If you are a rock and world music lover, Portugal is a good place to try it out in the main cities along the coast. However, you can also obtain your degree online in Portugal using the free online courses Portugal offered by most universities.

As an international student in Portugal, you are at the time of your life. Portugal offers a variety of great experiences with its picturesque villages, impressive history, and modern urban lifestyle.

Whether you’re a food lover, hiker, music fanatic, seer, or history buff, choosing to study in Portugal is a great option.

Studying online is one of the most exciting adventures you can undertake as a student in Portugal because most of their universities are equipped with advanced technology. This has enabled many people to achieve their goals with ease.

For this reason, you must be familiar with the free online certificate courses in Portugal.

This writing will discuss why you should take a free online course in Portugal and the various online courses with certificates in Portugal.

What Are the Educational Benefits of Learning Portuguese Courses Online?

There are good reasons why online language learning has become more popular over the years. Here are just a few:

  • Many respected language institutions have greatly tried publishing their course materials online. For Portuguese learners, this means using the expertise of credible academic sources and qualified language teachers with a simple click of the mouse.
  • With online courses, you have full control over your learning. Although you can still find more structured courses, it is often up to you to set the pace and intensity of your studies according to your time constraints, goals, and skills.
  • Even if you use a more structured course, it is still up to you to choose from many and find out what is best for your individual needs.
  • The convenience associated with this autonomy is a desirable bonus. The inability to physically make a lesson is no longer a barrier.
  • Indeed, the ability to do things from the comfort of your own home can be a pretty powerful motivator in and of itself. If you know you are responsible for lifting your weight, you want to be accountable for doing justice to your chosen online courses.
  • If you ever need an additional pick-me-up, additional resources are always just a Google search away and are even provided by online courses and teachers. And it’s usually fun to explore – think of online games, blogs, podcasts, films, apps, and radio stations … the possibilities are practically unlimited!
  • Finally, people are generally drawn to web-based learning because it is incredibly inexpensive. Online content is often either free of charge or very affordable.

The main area where you notice cost differences is by looking at different Portuguese immersion courses. For example, software packages are very popular with Brazilian-Portuguese learners but tend to be more expensive.

On the other hand, many of the online courses we recommend are easily accessible for students on a budget. And at the end of the day, a little research is enough to find out whether an investment in a more expensive option is worthwhile.

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Universities in Portugal that offer free online courses with Certificate in 2023

Some universities in Portugal offer a variety of online courses and are considered the best in these courses due to the availability of high-quality teaching staff and the latest technology for learning aids. Here are some of the universities that will offer online courses in 2023.

  • Universidade Europeia (The European University)
  • University of Porto
  • Also, The University of Lisbon

#1. Universidade Europeia (The European University)

The European University provides access to high-quality, student-focused higher education. It is characterized by its innovative ability and differentiated academic model based on quality, internationalization, and proximity to companies and the labor market.

The preparation of university students aims to make them the global professionals of the future, with all the skills to achieve professional success anywhere in the world.

School Link

#2. University of Porto

The University of Porto is a public university in the city of Porto. Founded in 1911, the company has a large community of over 31,000 students, including approximately 3,280 international students.

School Link

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#3. The University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon is the largest university in Portugal and hosts over 47,000 students in 18 faculties. It was founded in 2013 by the merger of the former Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) and the University of Lisbon (UL) with the main university in Lisbon, founded in 1911.

School Link

Free Online Courses with Certificates in Portugal in 2023

Here are the Free Online Courses with Certificates in Portugal that are available for you in 2023.

#1. Physical Trainer Specialization Course

This specialization course aims to train professionals with skills to plan and prescribe strength, speed, agility, coordination, and endurance training to improve athletic performance in competitions, considering the sporting conditions and the mechanical demands on the movement.

Course Link

#2. How to create multi-screen apps for iPhone and iPad

In this course, you will create an application capable of navigating through multiple screens and seeing how data is presented to the user through tables and scroll screens.

These are general elements in multiple iPhone and iPad applications, such as buttons, controls, counters, etc.

This course consists of several step-by-step video lessons for you who have little programming experience or are already an experienced programmer but do not know Swift or have never created an iOS app, follow the courses and are at your own pace to develop.

If you complete this course, you can develop more than a simple iPhone application and create an application on the topic you want whenever you want!

Course Link

#3. Introduction to Software Testing

Given this gap, the Introduction to Software Testing course has been designed to guide people needing advice and/or on-site learning.

After completing the course, participants can plan and use key test techniques, criteria, and tools in various areas and software types.

They also have the opportunity to develop essential skills for a tester, e.g., these include thinking from the customer’s point of view, the ability to argue and communicate effectively, the ability to adapt to changes in the project, curiosity to understand the product under test, and the search for quality, among other things.

Course Link

#4. Introduction to Android Application Development

This course is intended to establish the first contact with programming for mobile devices on the Android platform.

Android Studio is used as a development environment at the beginning of the course, and it gives tips on how to get help when a task takes more time than necessary.

If you solve problems yourself, you acquire the necessary autonomy to complete programming projects.

At the end of the course, you will develop an application. To help you complete the final project, we will list some materials that are available to you, as well as materials that will show you how to use these tools.

Course Link

#5. Launching into Machine Learning in Brazilian Portuguese

In this course, you will acquire a basic understanding of machine learning to understand the terminology we use during the specialization.

You’ll also learn practical tips and pitfalls that machine learning professionals face here at Google and finish the course with the code and knowledge needed to create your own machine learning models.

Machine Learning in Practice – This module introduces some of the most important types of machine learning and reviews the history of this technology to the latest generation. This way, you can accelerate your growth as a machine learning practitioner.

Course Link

#6. Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

This course introduces a type of study called a systematic review. Let’s learn how systematic reviews differ from others.

For this purpose, we will examine each of its phases: structuring feasible questions, organizing the search for scientific evidence, selecting articles reliably, collecting data from selected articles, evaluating the quality of the available evidence, summarizing the evidence set, assigning confidence in the synthesis and dissemination in the scientific field Environment.

We organize the course in videos and short texts so that you can better understand these topics. The course offers exercises and tutoring to guide you in the best possible way.

Course Link

#7. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Skills

This is a course for sole proprietors or a team of entrepreneurs who have already made progress in identifying a new business opportunity or for candidates for entrepreneurs who want to get an insight into the process of acquiring entrepreneurial skills.

In addition, specialists from companies and organizations looking for knowledge about entrepreneurial skills can benefit from the course content.

Course Link

#8. Advanced Techniques for Software Design

The aim of this course is to familiarize you with more advanced concepts and techniques that expand and use TDD in a more practical and automated way to design software with a higher level of demonstrable quality.

The concepts presented in this course in the context of Java programming include the following: step patterns in TDD; TDD acceptance (ATDD); behavior-driven development (BDD); Applying design patterns through TDD; Refactoring for designing patterns; Refactoring test code; best practices in creating test cases; automated techniques for evaluating Java code.

At the end of this course, you have developed your programming skills to the extent that you can implement parts of the final web application.

Course Link

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#9. How to create an iPhone app

In this course, you will learn Apple’s Swift programming language, which is easy to learn for beginners and powerful for experienced programmers! You will also learn more about Xcode, Apple’s development environment used to build iOS applications.

All you need is an iMac or MacBook. All development tools can be downloaded for free. You don’t even need a device to test your app.

Xcode comes with an iPhone and iPad emulator! In addition, you will learn some design principles to improve your applications visually.

This course consists of several step-by-step video lessons for you who have little programming experience or are already an experienced programmer but do not know Swift or have never created an iOS app, follow the courses and are at your own pace to develop.

Course Link

#10. Critical thinking: making informed decisions

In this critical thinking course, the student learns about their tendencies, approaches, and assumptions based on their considerations and conditions and the results derived from their thinking.

This reflective thinking is the active, careful, and persistent examination of all beliefs in the light of the foundations that support them and the conclusions that it tends to.

The reasoned decisions required by the world are made in several areas, especially business decisions that relate to strategies, solving problems in organizations, in solving social problems, and incorporating social and ethical responsibility.

Furthermore, this online course introduces approaches to analyzing the critical thinking required for these areas.

Course Link

FAQS – Free Online Courses in Portugal in 2023

Is Duolingo scientifically proven to work?

Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.

How can I learn the online courses in Portugal?

Step 1: Research and Prepare. Recommended timeframe: 40 to 60 minutes over one to two days. …
Step 2: Get Immersed in the Basics. Recommended timeframe: 30 to 60 minutes a day, five to six days a week, for eight to ten months. …
Number 3: Close in on the Fundamentals. …
Step 4: Put Your Knowledge into Practice. …
Step 5: Keep at It!

What are the online platforms where I can learn Portuguese?

Here are some of the online platforms where you can learn Portuguese.
Memrise. This app uses video clips of native speakers to teach our conversational Portuguese. …
Drops. A great app for learning vocabulary, again including the option for European Portuguese. …
Easy Portuguese. …
Portuguese Lab. …
EuroNews. …
Portuguese Disney. …
Mundo Lingo Events. …
Talk the Streets.

What is the best way to learn Portuguese?

Immersion works because the best way to learn Portuguese is to hear it and practice speaking it every day in the context of your normal life. When people talk about immersion, what they really mean is learning by doing – to get away from an academic approach and live the language.

How long does it take to learn Portuguese?

According to the FSI list, mastering Portuguese to a fluent level takes the same amount of time as Spanish, with 600 hours of study during six months. However, we classify learning Portuguese as more difficult than Spanish for a few reasons.


There is no doubt that studies have no barriers anymore. You can obtain a good degree from the comfort of your space.

Getting such an online degree in Portugal by taking advantage of the Free Online Courses with Certificates in Portugal can be the best academic decision you have ever made in your life.

Check it out and improve your IT skills by applying to update your knowledge for free.



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