14 Best Online Masters Data Analytics with Less Cost | 2023

Earning a master’s degree in Data Analytics offers better job opportunities that may yield more income. While you may enroll and complete a master’s degree online, most programs tend to cost so much. Hence, this compilation of the 13 Best Online Masters Data Analytics with Less Cost in 2023 is a full guide.

Currently, data collection, processing and storage has become a new world order. Most big brands and business establishment depend on data garnered and studied over time to make progressive decisions.

The demand for individuals with the ability and education specialization to analyze data will continue to increase over time. While most companies may accept a bachelor of science for entry positions, managerial positions will most times demand a master’s degree in data analytics.

Fortunately, online schools can damn your excuses and aid every possibility. In fact, you can earn a degree from any part of the world from the comfort of your home. Some universities are known for their outstanding excellence in data analytics.

Well, if you cannot attend traditional institutions, either because of the restrictions on traveling or better still, you are working or managing a family, then these 13 online schools offering the best masters data analytics in 2023 is your surest bet.

To get an overview of the information collated in this piece, quickly take a quick glance at the table of contents below.

What is Data Analytics?

Basically, network generations have made information collection easier and more rapid. Researchers and information seekers can now get access to information quickly by connecting the internet.

While this is one of the importance of information, big brands and entrepreneurs depend on information to decide the way forward. Generally, collated information is called data, and these data can aid in making progress against the world’s largest problems.

Hence, Data Analytics may be defined as an integral component of making strategies in all major organizations as it helps them predict customer trends and behaviors, increase business productivity, and make evidence-backed decisions.

According to Investopedia, Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about that information. Moving forward, this information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system.

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Why is Data Analytics important?

Basically, studying a particular pattern of events may aid you in predicting the next thing that will happen. Data analytics cuts across all sectors of life. There are possibilities to be abrased with the latest information if you keep following the trend of things.

Information is said to be power, hence, gathering information over time is more power. For businesses, it is very important to study your customers behavioral pattern. This is what data analytics does for business owners and other enterprises.

Data analytics is very important because it helps analyze the value chain of business, and it aids business owners in gaining insights. The use of analytics can enhance the industry knowledge of the analysts. Data analytics experts provide the organizations a chance to learn about the opportunities for the business by simply studying and analyzing data collated over time.

If you have a background in STEM-related Courses, read this article to discover how you can become a data scientist within a short time.

What do Data Analyst do?

This article posits the importance of information to businesses. However, this section will categorically state how these information are analyzed.

Every organization puts a team or an individual in charge of these data collection, processing and storing. These persons are are called data analysts. Basically, data analysts translate numbers into plain English.

Data analysts take a closer look at data, garnered overtime on either sales figures, market research, logistics, or transportation costs. Then, they make predictions that are mostly accurate on what will work better for the business in recent times or in the future.

Data analysts use analytical and logical reasoning to gain information from the data. Majorly, data analysis is to find meaning in data so that the derived knowledge can be used to make informed decisions.

Why Masters in Data Analytics?

There are premonitions that 163 zettabytes of data will be created by 2025. This data boom is challenging businesses in every industry to hire professionals with a master’s in data analytics skilled at data management and governance.

While individuals with bachelors in STEM related course may gain an entry positions, most enterprises may require experts in data analysis. Hence, a masters in data analytics give you an edge during job hunt.

Also, BSC in STEM degrees may highlight data analytics but for clarity and specializations, a masters degree is essential.

In summary, a masters in data analytics offers better knowledge in the field and more lucrative job opportunities.

To aid you to realize your dreams of becoming a data scientist, these scholarship opportunities can offset your masters in data analytics bills.

What Can I do with an Online Masters in Data Analytics?

An online master’s in Data analytics avail so many job options in the IT industry. Nevertheless, alongside years of experience, masters in data analytics prepare you for managerial positions in big brands and other businesses.

Below are some job opportunities that will pay you well as a master’s in data analytics holder.

An online masters in data analytics program will allow you to work as a data analyst.

This job requires you to use and design systems to solve problems in Information Technology. If you tow this career path, you may use third part tools to test software within a company or simply develop a new one from scratch.

Most IT system analyst with masters in data analytics make around $68, 807.

This is another job online masters in data analytics may earn you. Basically, Data Scientists tend to have the edge over data analysts.

Majorly, this career path will require you to understand data from a more informed perspective to help make predictions. To excel in this career path, you will need strong knowledge of data analytics software tools and programming languages like Python or R.

Also, you should enhance your data visualization skills for better communication. With an online masters in data analytics you can work as a data scientist and stand a chance to earn as high as $91,494.

A career as a Digital marketing manager is possible with a master’s in data analytics online. This profession requires a strong knowledge of data analytics.

An online data analytics master’s online program equips students with essential marketing skills and teaches students how to use marketing tools like Google Analytics, custom reporting tools, and other third-party sites to analyze traffic from websites and social media advertisements.

Digital marketing marketers with an online masters in data analytics earn about $97,000.

Data Analytics Consultants delivers insights to a company to help their business. Actually, this profession is broader than in-house data scientist because, as a data consultant, you may work for different companies in a shorter period.

With a masters in data analytics, this profession is best if you love dynamism and different work environments. Depending on how many companies you consult for, you may earn as much as $78,264.

However, compensation varies widely by industry.

What are the Best Online Masters Data Analytics with Less Cost?

It is obvious you understand the opportunities ahead of you if you earn this master’s data analytics online. However, we understand that the cost of online masters programs can be very exorbitant.

While there are numerous scholarship opportunities for masters degree students, there are still great online masters in data analytics programs that cost so much less to earn. So, the remaining parts of the article is a compilation of the best online masters degree programs in data analytics.

For this selection, the World Scholarship Forum considered the following:

This is a major ranking factor. While we put into consideration the essences and mode of delivery of classes, how much this program cost is quite essential to us.

The colleges and universities that make it to our list of best online masters in data analytics appear in order of affordability, with the school with the least cost taken the first place.

The online masters degree programs that appear on our list have been ranked by sites that matter as one of the best online programs. According to Forbes, US News and World Report, the programs on our list have stood the test of time and have churned out graduates doing exceedingly well in their choice companies or as business owners.

This is essential to us and should also be the first box on your checklist. Needless to worry, all the programs on our list are fully accredited by relevant bodies. This includes accreditation as an online school and masters degree program accreditation.

#1. Master of Science in Data Science at IU International

With IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), you can study completely online from anywhere in the world and enjoy the flexibility of online courses, videos and podcasts. IU is focused on the subjects driving the future and wants to help students gain top careers in these areas.

The IU Master of Science in Data Science is a great option for students to gain key analytical skills and learn from practical use-cases. It is available as a shorter 60-credit degree delivering all essential expertise or as a 120-credit degree where you can specialize in electives that speak to your interest. IU also offers an MBA degree specializing in Big Data management that you can study online and on campus, switching between the two for different semesters. This degree combines business management with data analytics expertise.

As an online programme, IU greatly supports its students with scholarships that could save you up to 80% off of tuition fees.


#2. Northwestern University Online Master’s in Predictive Analytics

Northwestern University is one of the most prestigious universities in the US. In most top schools and best schools ranking, Northwestern University is known to always secure a good ranking position.

This university offers an accredited and quite affordable masters in predictive analysis program which is fully delivered online. As an online school, Northwestern ranks as one of the top national university in Princeton review and US News and World Report.

The program curriculum requires database systems, data prep, generalized linear models regression, and multi analysis. Students also take courses that cover statistical analysis and time series forecasting. In fact, at the end of this program, students are well equipped to take up any of the challenging roles as Data analyst in any industry.

In addition, MSDS students gain critical skills for succeeding in today’s data-intensive world. They learn how to utilize relational and document database systems and analytics software built upon open-source systems such as R, Python, and TensorFlow. They learn how to make trustworthy predictions using traditional statistics and machine learning methods.

Located in Evanston, Illinois, the universities’ online masters in data analytics program costs about $49,064. In summary, students can choose from these four specializations: Analytics and Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, or Analytics Management. 

You should click the button below to apply for this online masters degree program.


#3. Brandeis University‘s Online Master’s in Strategic Analytics

On U.S News and World Report, the university ranks 34 and 30 on the best national university rankings and best value school in the country.

The Brandeis University Online Masters in Strategic Analytics will suit your career goals if you love to identify patterns and trends within large pools of data. Basically, Brandeis University’s Strategic Analytics program involves 30 credits consisting of 7 required courses and 3 electives.

Students will complete courses that cover customer analytics, statistics and data analytics. Also, data quality and governance, marketing and customer analytics, statistics and data analytics are essential to earning this certificate.

Foundation courses teach data science, business intelligence, and analytics while elective courses build upon specific professional skill sets tailored to the interests of each student. Located at Waltham, Massachusetts, Brandeis University’s Strategic Analytics program costs about $45,988.

Enroll for this program by clicking on the button below:


#4. Northeastern University Online Master of Professional Studies in Analytics

Located in Boston Massachusetts, Northeastern university covers the gap between and bring online learning to students across the gkobe. It offers an online master of professional studies in Data analytics.

Students who complete this Online Master of Professional Studies in Analytics program are equipped with the right skills to compete in the data analysis industry.

The masters degree program curriculum is designed to cover statistics mathematics, analytics system technology, business intelligence, advanced analytics , business process/management and business analytics agility.

For communication purpose, students will also take course communicating with data, leadership/data governance, policy and ethics. The students will gain an extensive network of analytics professionals which they can connect with for employment and mentorship.

The Master of Professional Studies in Analytics program prepares students by applying the principles, tools, and methods of analytics to a project within a sponsoring organization to successfully assist with the extraction, development, delivery, and/or translation/implementation of data analysis for tactical and/or strategic decision making in organizations.

This ms in data analytics at Northeastern university can be completed in one year for full time students. On part time basis, it takes approximately two years to complete, and it costs about  $36,945 per year.


#5. Syracuse University Online Master’s in Business Statistics

In the most recent edition of best colleges ranks, Syracuse ranks 60th best national university and 44 best value schools worldwide. Syracuse University also appears in Forbes magazine, Princeton review, and U.S News and World Report rankings.

Located at Syracuse, New York, its Martin J. Whitman School of Management offers an online master’s in a statistics degree program. Wholly offered as a master of science in Business statistics, the program curriculum sharpens students’ skills and abilities to interpret complex data and statistics.

To complete this online masters data analytics program, students must take and excel in online courses such as accounting analytics, business analytics, data analysis and decision making. Also, financial analytics and principles of management science are reuisties to graduate from this online data analytics masters.

Even though it offers one of the best online masters in analytics, its tuition which is about is $34,500, is quite on the high side. However, you should still apply for this program, there are so many students loans and scholarships to aid your academic expenses.


#6. Pennsylvania State University World Campus Online Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics

Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus is located in University Park, Pennsylvania. It offers a Data Analytics program that requires 30 credits to complete. This online master’s data analytics program allows students to take courses that cover biostatistics techniques, data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical consulting.

Its curriculum is designed for students to learn data mining, modeling, architecture, extraction, and Transformation. Students graduate from this online masters program, to become experts in the data science industry with the intense ability to handle massive volumes of data.

According to U.S News and World Report, Penn State University ranks 50th best national university and 14th top public school in the country. Unlike the first three schools in our listings, this Penn State’s Data Analytics program cost about $19,832 as a graduate tuition fee. To apply for this program, click the button below.


#7. Colorado State University Online Master of Science in Data Analytics

Colorado State University Online Master of Science in Data Analytics program prepares students for the competitive data analysis industry. Basically, the online ms in data analytics curriculum teaches students data warehousing, data mining and visualization, business intelligence, business analytics, predictive analytics, and enterprise performance management.

To complete this program and earn a certificate, students must take courses that include computing skills for statistical analysis, experimental design, math skills for statistical analysis, probability with applications, regression models and applications, and statistical computer packages.

However, students are allowed to choose specialization from any of these:

  • Accounting
  • Applied Business Management
  • Contemporary Practices in K-12 Online Learning
  • Criminal Justice Leadership
  • Cyber Security
  • English K-12 Educators
  • ELL
  • Finance
  • Fraud Management
  • Global Management
  • Healthcare Administration.

The university is duly accredited and ranks in major publications and review posts. U.S. News and World Report ranks the school as the 129th best national university.

This masters in data analytics online program about  $11,357, and you can apply by clicking the button below.


#8. University of Illinois Online Master’s in Data Analytics

This online ms in data analytics offered by University of Illinois is one of the most affordable accredited online masters in data analytics program. Located in Springfield, Illinois, the ms online program in Data analytics is delivered online, and classes are taken by the same on campus professors.

Basically, the online data analytics masters program equips students with advanced data science, mathematical methods and analysis tools that will make them experts in the data analytics industry.

Students are mandated to complete courses that covers computer systems, data mining, data structures and algorithms, introduction to statistical computation, matrix analysis and numerical optimization, and operations research methods.

Hence, graduates of this M.S. in Data Analytics gain knowledge in mathematical theory, foundations of understanding fundamental principles behind data, and practical tools and techniques of processing data.

As a requisite, students must complete capstone projects that will prove the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program by exercising data storage, processing, integration, and analysis methods.

The university ranks 63 on the best regional university in the Midwest and 13th top public school according to U.S. News and World Report. This online ms in analytics costs about $10,532.


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#9. Grand Canyon University Online Master’s in Business Analytics

Grand canyon is an accredited university in Phoenix, Arizona. It offers an online masters data analytics program designed to prepare students for job roles in the data analysis industyr. Basically, students who enroll for this masters program take all courses which are delivered online.

To complete this masters degree program, students that include analytics for business, applied business probability and statistics, descriptive and predictive analytics, introduction to databases and performing analytics using statistical language. Other mandatory courses for students to complete include prescriptive analysis.

Grand Canyon university is one of the universities that always ranks as a top national university in U.S News and World Report. It offers one of the best online masters in data analytics program online for an affordable tuition fee of about $10,124.


#10. Dakota State University Online Master’s in Analytics

Dakota state is located at Madison, South Dakota. It ranks 108th on the best regional universities in Midwest and 32 on top public schools. It offers an online master’s in an analytics degree program. And, of course, it is one of the affordable masters in data analytics online programs on our list.

This program is delivered online and students can opt for any of the three optional tracks. Depending on your career goals, Dakota state university has designed three tracks: general track, healthcare analytics track, and information systems track to fit your career goals.

Students must complete courses that includes advanced data mining applications, big data analytics, data warehousing and data mining, modern applied statistics, and predictive analytics for decision-making.

As a prerequisite for this program, students are mandated to present transcripts that serve as evidence that they have completed courses in programming principles, database design and programming, and statistical principles. Also, students must get a GPA of 2.7 on 4.0 scale in their baccalaureate degree.

This M.S in analytics costs about $9,116 and can be earned in two years.


#11. Texas A&M University Online Master’s in Statistics

Texas A&M University online is located in College Station, Texas. The university offers one of the most affordable online masters in applied statistics degree programs.

The university in the most recent edition of Best Colleges ranks 74th in the best national university and 21st best value school in the country.

This program will offer courses that include applied biostatistics and data analysis, methods in time series analysis, regression analysis, spatial statistics, and statistical bioinformatics.

As a prerequisite, students must have completed one statistics course with a C grade or better. The program is a 36-credit five-semester program that costs about  $8,656.

Regression Analysis, Business Data Base Systems, Methods in Multivariate Analysis, Marketing Engineering, Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Guide, Methods in Time Series Analysis, and a capstone project are requisites to complete this program.


12. Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Analytics

Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, College of Computing, and Scheller College of Business offer an online master’s degree as the Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMS Analytics).

Basically, the program is an online program that challenges students with the same curriculum and rigor as its on-campus Analytics counterpart.

Students can take any of the 3 specialized tracks to earn this master’s degree.

  • Analytical Tools
  • Business Analytics
  • Computation Data Analytics

The online master’s program is designed to accommodate working-class students and employees. This flexible, affordable program can be completed within two to three years.

Analytical tools track teaches students quantitative methodology mostly while business Analytics Track curriculum is designed to teach wholly on understanding, framing, and solution of problems in marketing.

Also, students will take courses in management information technology, human resources, operations and finances.

However, students who take the Computational Data Analytics Track will receives classes that focuses on understanding big data with methods of acquiring, preprocessing, storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing large datasets.

Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Analytics cost about $9000.


#13. University of Maryland University College Online Master’s in Data Analytics.

University of Maryland University College is situated at Adelphi, Maryland. It offers an MS in analytics that is accredited and highly affordable.

The program is designed to accommodate bust individuals and working-class students. The program curriculum covers topics like data analytics, data management and visualization, data mining, decision management systems, and predictive modeling.

In the North ranking, UMUC earned the best regional university and made it to major rankings on U.S. News and World Report.

University of Maryland University College Online Masters in Data Analytics offers one of the most affordable ms in analytics data online for $8,514.

Click the button below to complete the admission application process and begin your journey.


#14. Harrisburg University Online Master’s in Analytics

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg University offers the cheapest online masters degree program in data analytics for as low as $7,200.

Aside from being the cheapest, the MS analytics program is also one of the best master’s degrees in analytics programs. For instance, the program wholly studies the 3 areas of data analysis: predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive.

Also, the University is currently, ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the best regional university in the North.

The program curriculum allows students to learn database management, statistical analysis and data mining, project management and business intelligence.

The Harrisburg University posits that data analysis is essential and, when wrongly done, can be misleading. In fact, the school opines that wrong data analysis can lead to large scale problems that are not amenable.

Hence, Harrisburg University Online Master’s in Analytics program focuses on big data and how to create, design, and lead analytics teams and projects.

In summary, students can take any of these courses online: data mining and engineering, principles and applications of analytics, research methodology and writing, and risk modeling and assessment.


Online Masters Data Analytics FAQS

What is the tuition of online masters in data analytics?

Masters in data science online can be exorbitant. Students may pay as low as $7000 or as much as $45,000 and even more depending on the institution.

Can you become a data scientist at 40?

Yes, you can become a data analyst or scientist at 40. You should just be teachable, able to program, do statistics, and work with information garnered.

Which career path can I take with an online masters in data analytics?

A master’s in data analytics online allows you to choose and excel in any of these career paths.
Computer and information systems manager. …
Digital marketing manger
General and operations manager. …
Management analyst. …
Big-data architect. …
Logistician. …
Data scientist. …
IT System analyst

What is the career prospects of data analytics?

There are premonitions that 163 zettabytes of data will be created by 2025. This data boom is challenging businesses in every industry to hire professionals with a master’s in data analytics who are skilled at data management and governance.
So, master’s in analytics give you a better opportunity in the data industry.


MS in data analytics is essential for individuals who wish to make a living in the data industry. With an MS in data analytics, you have more job opportunities and an opportunity also to earn higher.

Interestingly, you can earn this master’s degree online from an accredited online school across the globe.

For a masters in data analytics program, this article brings to your door step the compilation of the best 13 schools that offers a master of science in data analytics at very affordable costs.



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