10 Free GED Classes In Denver 2022 | Online, Paid, Onsite

The General Equivalency Development (GED) tests validate your knowledge of high school subjects even if you’ve never received a diploma.

Before enrolling for the exam, you need to register for a prep class. This can be taken entirely online or in person for free.

 In this article, we will discuss the free GED classes in Denver. How to enroll, and even the requirements for the GED test in Denver. Read!

10 Free GED Classes In Denver 2022 | Online, Paid, Onsite

  • Frank Philips College
  • Community College of Aurora
  • Front Range Community College
  • Emily Griffith Technical College
  • The Learning Source
  • JEFFCO Public Schools
  • Denver Justice High School
  • Ark Valley Voice
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver Family Literacy Program
  • Coal Creek Adult Education Center

Frank Philips College

Frank Phillips College offers free GED preparation classes in the fall and spring semesters. When students enroll, they are evaluated in each subject area. The students are then given individualized instruction.

Frank Phillips College offers free GED test preparation classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The classes will run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and help you prepare for the GED certification test.

Registration for the free classes is currently open.

Please contact the campus directly if you want more information about enrolling in GED courses.

FPC is located at 412 Denver Avenue, Suite 504. It is one of the best free GED classes in Denver.

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1. Community College of Aurora

Aurora Community College is pleased to provide you with online and in-person GED preparation classes. Each session lasts for ten weeks.

In-person classes will be held at the Community College of Aurora, Lowry campus, 9202 E Severn Place, Denver, CO 80230.

You will spend 2.5 hours per week taking online classes and interacting with highly qualified instructors and other students to prepare for your test.

Classes are also recorded so you can review the instructor’s instructions at your leisure. There are also online resources for homework and additional reading.

Your teacher will be available online during scheduled office hours if you require additional assistance.

The GED program is available from January 17 to March 25.

To apply, you must be at least 17 years old.

Latecomers will not be accepted.

Registration will take about three hours. Check that you have enough time to stay the entire time.

Registration requires credit card payment.

Only registered students are permitted to attend.

Only a limited amount of financial assistance is available; an application must be submitted, completed, and approved. Also, adhere to COVID-19 safety protocol during registration and classes.

For each 10-week in-person or online session, the classes cost $160, which is $80 for Social Studies and Language Arts and $80 for Science and mathematics.

It is one of the best GED classes in Denver, although not free.


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2. Front Range Community College

This free GED Prep Program has her classes at the Larimer Campus.

Adults aged 17 and up can enroll in GED preparation classes at FRCC. 16-year-olds may also qualify.

If you want to take a GED prep course, please contact the school to set up a registration and assessment testing appointment.

Registration and assessment take approximately 3 and a half hours.

Assessment results are used to determine class levels and schedules.

Morning and evening classes are available in this free GED class in Denver.

Lessons are completely free.

It is strongly advised to take a practice test before the GED test.

Did you know that you can get a college degree with a GED?


3. Emily Griffith Technical College

If you are between 17 and 20, Emily Griffith High School’s GED program can help you obtain your high school equivalency diploma.

The Daytime classes for this not-free GED classes in Denver are in-person and evening classes are online (pilot program).

They have two convenient locations in the heart of Denver, one of which includes a GED testing facility.

Emily Griffith can help you prepare for your GED exam. They offer excellent teachers, small, interactive classes, and tutoring. Language Arts Level 1, Language Arts Level 2, Math Level 1, and Math Level 2 classes are available during the day, evenings, and on Saturdays.

The GED prep classes are under $200 per subject!


4. The Learning Source

Because of special partnerships, The Learning Source in the Denver metro area offers a variety of adult and family programming.

The Learning Source offers GED prep courses for free in Denver. Visit them to find out how to enroll.


5. JEFFCO Public Schools

The McLain GED + program’s educational goal is for all students to pass the GED and be informed and prepared for a career or post-secondary education.

They have a large number of resources within the structure, as well as connections in the community that help students progress.

Also, they work with each student to develop a lesson plan that is tailored to their academic readiness. This is determined by the GED READY pre-test they give each student who enrols.

6. Denver Justice High School

Denver Justice launched a brand-new GED program called SHIFT, which stands for Student Hope Igniting Future Transitions, in January 2020. 

Registration for students aged 17 to 20 is open and ongoing throughout the academic year.

Students must be at least 17 years old but under 21.

To enroll, the student must pay the $175 program fee in full. Payment options are available.

Students must be able to commit to attending Monday through Thursday study sessions at Denver Justice High School from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

They offer individualized study sessions that assist students in passing the GED exams.

Extended testing accommodations can be provided if it is necessary.

Bus tickets are provided for free.

There is a free lunch every day at 11:30 a.m.

After completing all four tests, participants are invited to attend Denver Justice’s formal graduation ceremony.


7. Ark Valley Voice

The Learning Source, a nonprofit education provider, offers free GED classes in Denver in collaboration with local libraries.

All classes receive free books, course materials, and licenses for online learning platforms.

Lindsay Rice, the coordinator of the mountain program, says, “We are thrilled to expand our variety of programming, designed to promote education for adults and their families, to the mountain region of Colorado.

Our goal is to reach out to and assist new students in the area in achieving their professional and personal goals.”

And they’ve done a pretty good job since inception.

How can you enroll in an online GED class?


8. Metropolitan State University of Denver Family Literacy Program 

They offer a GED preparation course for adults who do not have a high school diploma.

The classes are taught in both English and Spanish. Teachers of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science guide students in these free Denver GED classes.

Concepts are taught in both individual and group settings, in addition to using digital learning tools.

Students can enroll at different times, study at different times, and do so at their own pace. Preparation is available in the counties of Denver and Adams.


9. Coal Creek Adult Education Center

Adult Education Center at Coal Creek offers free GED preparation classes in Denver online at Coal Creek Adult Education Center via Google Classroom.

Coal Creek Adult Education Center provides preparation assistance for all GED exams.

Classes are instructor-led twice weekly for seven weeks, Monday through Thursday, by 9:00 a.m.

Google Classroom will be used to deliver virtually all classes. Access to the internet is required. Students and instructors will meet online twice a week.

Colorado residents receive free tuition. Non-residents of the state pay $229.00.

Students will receive instructions on how to sign in after registering.

A one-time book and material fee may be required on the first day.


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What Is the Format & Time Of The GED?

GED in Denver is Computer-based testing that consists of four modules and a variety of question types:

What does Denver GED Cost?

If you take the GED at Colorado’s testing centers, you must pay $37.50 for each subject or $150 for the entire batch.

When taken online, the total cost of the GED exam is $174, or $43.50 for each sub-exam. However, you must also consider the $28 fee for each of the four GED Ready tests, bringing your total cost to $202.

GED.com sells the official GED Ready practice tests for $6.99 each. There is a GED Ready test for each of the four GED sub-exams.

How Can I Schedule the GED in Denver?

To schedule a GED exam, please visit GED.com. The CCD Testing Center does not schedule them.

ID Requirement

A government-issued photo ID is required. Candidates under the age of 16 must complete an age waiver before taking the test.

Procedures for Retaking GED Exams

How long must I wait before retaking the test if I fail?

Those who are taking an on-site exam at a testing center:

In Colorado, there is no waiting period for the first two retakes. If you use a test subject three times, you must wait 60 days before retesting. There is no limit to the number of tests you can take each year.

Participants in the online exam:

The online proctored exam allows for one retake before a 60-day waiting period. If you take a test subject online twice, you must wait 60 days before retesting.

How much does it cost to retake the GED® exam?

For those taking an in-person exam at a testing center:

You will be given two discounted retakes for each GED test you pay for but fail.

You have 365 days after your full-priced test to use these retakes.

After receiving two discounted attempts, the cost of the test subject rises. If you fail that subject again, you will be given two more chances to retake it at a reduced rate.

Even though GED Testing Service waives its $20 testing fee, additional testing fees in your state may still be required.

In Colorado, test retakes cost $17.50 at the test center.

As of 9/1/21: Those who are taking the online exam. Residents of Colorado must pay $43.50 to retake the online proctored exam. Retakes for the Online Proctored Exam are not discounted.

Do I need to make separate appointments for each GED test subject, or can I take them all at once?

For those taking an in-person exam at a testing center:

If you can locate a testing facility with convenient hours, you can take all of the test subjects in Colorado on the same day.

Participants in the online exam:

No, each testing appointment must be scheduled separately.

Depending on appointment availability, you may schedule a second online exam after completing the first.

Is the GED Test Available in Other Languages? Can I earn Certification by Combining Languages?

Yes, you can get your GED in Colorado by taking the exam in English, Spanish, or a combination of the two.

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FAQS 10 Free Ged Classes In Denver 2022 | Online

What is the minimum age to take the test?

To take the test in Colorado, you must be 17 years old.

Do I have to show proof that I live in Colorado to take the test?

No, you do not have to be a Colorado resident.

Do I need to practice for the GED Ready exam before taking it?

For those taking an in-person exam at a testing center, the GED Ready practice test is not required prior to taking the GED test.
For participants in the online exam, Yes, you must take the GED Ready practice test before taking the online GED exam.

How much does the GED test cost?

In Colorado, the GED test cost for taking the test in a facility is $37.50 per subject.
How much will it cost me to take an online test? As of 9/1/21, Colorado charges $43.50 per subject for the online GED test.

What is the procedure for making a test payment?

When you schedule your test, you’ll pay for it online with a debit or credit card.
If you don’t have a debit or credit card, some students use American Express Bluebird. You can register a free Bluebird card online before you can use it.
Cash deposits are accepted at Walmart locations.
Learn more about Bluebird.


Denver is in Colorado, and the GED test requirements are for the state of Colorado, Denver inclusive.

Find all information as regards free GED online classes in Denver. We hope it answers all your questions.



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