10 Best Accredited Online School In Ohio 

 The Pandemic ushered in a new wave of disruption in the tech industry. This led to the boom of some industries while others, however, were left counting their losses.

The tech space also had its own overhaul of business routine. Companies started emphasizing more on the work from the home model which saw video conferencing providers like Zoom witness a surge in their stock price. Making their CEO the newest member of  Forbes Billionaires list.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Jumia, Alibaba, e.t.c witnessed a surge in daily traffic and orders as many people now prefer to order products online as a measure of keeping safe while the Pandemic was sweeping across the globe. The education sector was not also left behind. Schools adopted the virtual online class model.

In view of this, we are outlining the 10 best Accredited Online Schools in Ohio to help you make a choice while choosing an online school as you keep safe.

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What is an Online School?

An online school can be simply put as the education model where students engage with their teachers and other students in a virtual online learning session.

It does not involve a physical gathering and can be done from any part of the world provided there is internet connectivity and a device for the lesson.

There was little emphasis on online schools until the pandemic swept in. This made many institutions adopt the model as a way of keeping up with studies while keeping safe.

Why Online School in Ohio?

Ohio remains one of the states in the United States with the best education support systems. During the pandemic, Ohio state was among the earliest states to switch to the Online Schooling model. The created a pace for many other states to follow. The tech adoption in Ohio online schools is top-notch making it one of the most advanced.

Even before the pandemic swept in, Ohio boasts of graduating over 171,000 students across different online degree programs. The state is also a top choice due to the very affordable tuition fees and the flexible payment scheme put in place.

Former students of different Ohio state Online programs hinted at seeing no difference between the on-campus program and the online program. Saying both offers the same value.

Furthermore, Ohio might also be your most preferred choice if you intend to balance your work schedule with schooling. This is possible because the learning format allows students to schedule classes that match their convenience.

The convenience Ohio Online Colleges brings is unmatched. When next you want to find the best online schools in the US, make sure to visit Ohio. That is to say that the 10 best accredited online schools in Ohio might also be the 10 best in the United States.

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Which body accredits online schools in Ohio?

You might be conscious to know if actually these online schools are recognized by relevant bodies or are just online platforms. Especially for people that want to be sure of what they are getting into.

Accredited online schools in Ohio, as well as other states in the US, are certified by Distance Education Accrediting Commision ( DEAC ) recognized by US Education Department.

However, not all schools are under the accreditation of this commission. During the pandemic, many universities switched easily to online virtual learning models without necessarily getting accredited for it.

Before you enroll, inquire to know if actually your chosen Online school is recognized by relevant authorities and bodies.

How much does it cost to enroll In a good online school in Ohio?

Many factors play a role in the cost of Online Colleges in Ohio. Ranging from course duration, program, nationality, and nature of the online college. These and many others remain a determining factor in the cost of Online schools in Ohio.

Choosing between a government-owned institution and a private institution remains the major determinant of the cost.

While public online schools in Ohio appear affordable, public-owned online schools tend to be on the high side. Two-year programs appear cheaper and can allow students to enroll for courses required to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Since students don’t incur accommodation and commuting expenses the costs appear way lower than the conventional campus programs.

Additionally, students can also access the many online college scholarships in Ohio. Which we believe will go a long way in either subsidizing the cost of schooling online in Ohio.

Furthermore, a good number of the 10 Best Accredited Online School In Ohio offer scholarship opportunities for students.

In a nutshell, based on the statistics collected from education experts and schools, below is a breakdown of tuition rates as obtained from National Center for Education Statistics.

Public Colleges: 2 years Program ($4,085 for residents and in-state students while international students and non-residents pay as much as $7,305 ).

4 years Program  ( In-State pays $10,680 while out-of-state students and international students pay in the region $24,000).

Private Colleges:  In-state students pay as much as $32,000. The data for international students could not averagely be ascertained for now but analysts say it could cost up to $38,000 to $40,000.

How long does it take to complete an online program In Ohio?

The duration of Online programs in Ohio largely depends on the school policy. Associate degrees can take up to 2 years or lesser while Bachelors’s Degree stays up to 4 years or more. Ohio Online College has a good support system that allows for intensive study. Students get to access the coursework way ahead of their peers in the on-campus colleges.

Additionally, a few colleges tend to reduce the course duration, this is, however, due to the course and advanced model of virtual learning. Students are equally tasked to research on their own then bring questions concerning their research as well as discoveries. This and more are mostly the reason online courses stay a shorter period.

On average, Bachelors’s Degrees go up as much as 4 years or more. While Associate Degrees can take 2 years or lesser. A good number of accredited online schools in Ohio also offer Masters, Post-doctoral as well as other fellowship programs. Which usually last for 1 year or more.

How does one apply for online schools in Ohio?

The process of applying for online schools in Ohio is not different from the conventional application process. Associate degree requires a minimum of High School certificate. While Degree students will have to tender evidence of previous preliminary program done.

However, it is important you read up the core requirements of the college you intend to apply for. Also, read up their policies as it concerns in-state and out-of-state students.

Below is an average requirement seen in most schools

  • A high school cert for new entries or pre-degree certificate for Bachelors’s program candidates.
  • Fill up the application online.
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee based on the charges of the university.

Be reminded that the process differs. Therefore, ensure you read the process before initiating your enrollment.

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10 Best Accredited Online Schools In Ohio

Ohio like we said earlier is home to one of the best education support systems in the United States. Making a choice among the very excellent Colleges is hard.

However, our team here, through painstaking investigations and expert recommendations was able to narrow down the 10 best accredited online schools in Ohio that might just suit you.

1. Ohio Nothern University

Coming in number one is Ohio Northern University. With an establishment dating as far back 1871, the school has remained a pioneer in modern academic excellence. ONU boasts of an over 76% graduation rate.

They have been an advocate of distance learning allowing students all over the world access high-quality learning experience conveniently.

The standard ONU meets in its online classes is world-class. Over 3% of their student engage in online classes.

Acceptance Rate: 70.1%

Ranking: 1

Tuition Fee: $22,932

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2. Ashland University

Ashland sits in the second position with a retention rate of 77%. The school offers a wide variety of courses ranging from majors in Arts, Science, Medicine, Humanities, and others. It is ranked among the top 40 Universities in the states.

This privately-owned Christian university has a strong good online learning model that allows students the convenience of virtual learning.

Ashland has the accreditation of many bodies in addition to financial aids it makes available for students. Ashland remains a top choice when it comes to the best online colleges in US.

Acceptance Rate: 76%

Tuition Fee: $20,201

Ranking: 2

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3. Youngstown State University

Credited with many research breakthroughs in Ohio, Youngstown has over the years carved a place for its self in the league of best accredited online colleges in Ohio.

school is popular for offering the best in Liberal Arts and Humanities as well as safety studies and criminal justice programs.

Not only is Youngstown State University affordable, but it also presents a well-structured online learning platform that has seen many graduates with certified good grades.

Acceptance Rate: 35%

Tuition Fee: $10,028

Ranking: 3rd

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4. Mount Verone Nazarene University

The University was established in 1968 by the church of Nazarene. Described as one of the most flexible universities in Ohio.

Mount Verone allows students to schedule schooling sessions conveniently with work and other engagements. It currently enrolls over 1,800 students in different courses.

Students are also offered the choice of choosing between eLearning, On-campus, or hybrid courses. Depending on the one that matches their need. It’s fully accredited with a ranking that peaks it as the 84th best university in the midwest region by US News and World Report.

Acceptance Rate: 45%

Tuition Fee: $20,880

Rank: 4th

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5. Miami University-Oxford

It might interest you to know that Miami University is the oldest varsity in the United States. Miami’s online learning model sets the pace when it comes to student engagement.

It is well structured, allowing online students the same classroom engagement as the on-campus students. 

With its tech-advanced eLearning model students graduate with good quality grades and certificates recognized all over the world.

It is a top Ivy League School in Ohio with a 79% graduation rate for students. Miami remains a model school when it comes Ohio’s best online colleges.

Acceptance Rate: 68%

Ranking: 5th

Tuition Fee: $20,316

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6. Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Mount Carmel College of Nursing currently runs the highest BSN program in Ohio. The College maintains an excellent online learning model through which it has graduated certified nurses in Bachelors of Science and Nursing Degree program. 

Their health and clinical setup are the best with state-of-the-art tools and learning materials. Mount Carmel equally offers financial aid while also linking students to job opportunities upon graduation.

Acceptance Rate: 90%

Rank: 6th

Tuition Fee: $17,500

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7. Cleveland State University

CSU as it is fondly called pride on a reputation embedded in high academic excellence. Not only does it offer Bachelors and Masters Degree in many areas it also provides opportunities for extended doctoral and post-doctoral programs.

CSU’s virtual learning platform remains world-class making it one of the 10 best accredited Online Colleges in Ohio. Similar to others, CSU considers student’s personal engagements that’s why they made it easy for one to schedule lesson time to fit into his or her schedule. All courses are fully accredited by associated professional and regulatory bodies.

Acceptance Rate: 43%

Ranking: 7th

Tuition Fee: $15,300

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8. Kettering College

The list will obviously be incomplete if we fail to include Kettering College. The school is popular for its robust online health program. It offers students the opportunity to get a B.sc while still going about their day-to-day job.

Kettering is the most affordable and offers some of the shortest programs with some lasting just 6 to 8 weeks.

Kettering occupies a viable place in the ranking of best online colleges in US. A good number of the majors are in Health Sciences.

Acceptance Rate: 29%

Tuition Fee: $15,300

Ranking: 8th

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9. Stark State College

Stark State College is not a newcomer on the list. The college has an affiliation with many other online colleges in Ohio which allows them to exchange transfer students. Stark is also popular for having one of the highest acceptance rates in Ohio. Allowing almost every student that applied entry into the College.

With very affordable tuition fees at Stark State, students get to access the college’s eLearning platform for many accredited courses. The online concept allows for a super engaging virtual learning experience for the students.

Acceptance Rate: 99%

Tuition Fee: $6,200

Ranking: 9th

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10. Ohio State University

OSU is a privately-owned Christian university. The college offers majors in courses cutting across Health Sciences, Agriculture, Humanities among many others. These courses can be studied online in one of the best technologically advanced eLearning setups.

Students can obtain Associate, Bachelors, and Masters Degree online with OSU. Though it might not be among the most affordable but it offers a high-quality academic experience to students. However, counseling degrees with OSU are affordable with other available student financial aids opportunities. It is easy to access internships while at OSU because the College has an affiliation with many institutions.

OSU might have appeared last on this list, but, it’s definitely a force to reckon with in the ranking of 10 best accredited online schools in Ohio as well as the US.

Acceptance Rate: 65%

Tuition Fee: $25,000

Ranking: 10th

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Students should make the best of Online schooling flexibility and embark on robust research. Then come back with questions for clarifications. This brings a deeper learning experience.

The convenience online learning brings also breeds laziness which if not checked can result in the person. If you don’t satisfy examiners well enough you will need to retake the course. If no certificate will not be issued to the student.

Always use our guide here while trying to secure a good online learning college with full accreditation.in Ohio or in the United States.



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