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One of the most important aspects of learning a language is mastering grammar. Speaking good grammar can save you from getting misunderstood. Numerous grammar classes online are accessible for language learners of different ages and grade levels.

Grammar is a set of rules that you use to form sentences in any language. Without grammar, it would be very difficult for people to understand each other. So learning grammar is important, but it is not always easy to get started.

In this writing, you will discover some of the best grammar classes online for both beginners and experts.

What is a Grammar Class Online?

A grammar class online is a course that teaches grammar concepts for full distance learning. You can focus on specific grammar concepts in a particular language but are often combined with other language and writing skills.

Grammar courses can be aimed at anyone from young children who are first-time learning simple ideas to adults who could use a grammar test to improve their communication skills.

How much do grammar classes online cost?

Grammar classes online, like most online learning, can have a fairly wide range of prices. Grammar courses are usually a little shorter and cheaper than online courses in other, more specialized subjects (e.g. a computer science course).

As with most online learning platforms, grammar courses are usually available through one of two options: subscription platforms, which offer total access for a time-sensitive fee, or platforms per course, where students have to pay for each lesson.

What are the functions of online grammar classes?

Grammar classes online usually focus on learning and applying grammar concepts in practical contexts.

Courses or apps aimed at younger learners may be more concerned with games and activities to actually teach the concepts without worrying about teaching the theory behind them, while courses for adult learners are likely to have a more theoretical foundation that requires an analysis of how grammar works, not just what it does.

Features can include lectures – either video or text-based – as well as practice activities in the form of worksheets, readings and games, and quizzes to assess progress continuously.

Most of the courses on these platforms are self-paced, so students can usually work at their own pace and time.

Learning grammar builds on itself, so students may want to revisit older concepts as they study. Most of these courses allow this type of review of past lessons.

How to choose the best grammar classes online

Learning grammar is fundamental, but it is often combined with other parts of language, reading, and writing learning. Because of this, many of the classes we have chosen are larger in scope than just grammar.

That helps open it up, however, as anyone from toddlers to professionals can improve their grammar in either their native language or a foreign language. The grammar lessons here often tie in with other concepts, such as vocabulary and general fluency.

Grammar classes online have the advantage that they can be a bit more flexible than traditional, physical classrooms, so we tried to focus on that as well. Several of the platforms we have featured allow students to learn and learn at their own pace, even in interactive games or projects.

Everything from game-based platforms to more formal lecture-based classes is included here, so hopefully, students of any learning style can find a course among our offerings that suits them.

Coursera was recognized as the overall best in the “Grammar” category for its free courses and wide range of offers. And ABC Mouse and Grammaropolis were our top picks for kids.

Best Grammar Classes Online for Beginners and Experts

Let’s take a look at the best Grammar classes online available for you; the best grammar classes online include;

  1. Coursera
  2. EdX
  3. Udemy
  4. Skillshare
  5. Cambly
  6. Duolingo
  7. ABC Mouse
  8. Grammaropolis
  9. Grammar Bytes
  10. FluentU
  11. 5 Minute English
  12. British Council
  13. Grammar Girl
  14. English Grammar 101
  15. Alison English Grammar Courses
  16. Education First’s English Grammar Guide
  17. Oxford English Grammar Course
  18. EGO4U
  19. Daily Grammar
  20. EnglishClub
  21. Grammarly Handbook of Grammar Rules
  22. English Page
  23. Englisch Hilfen (English Help)
  24. Free English Study
  25. Passport To English


When it comes to variety and quality, it’s hard to beat Coursera, which specializes in bringing college courses from top universities around the world to learners without having to enrol.

Coursera has more than 100 grammar classes online, mostly for the English language, covering topics from the basics of grammar to more advanced courses in authoring, writing, and communicating for specific purposes (such as academic writing or business communication), and even grammar for TESOL certification.

Students can enrol for each individual course separately – although there are a handful of specializations or tracks that group multiple courses together – and each class is treated differently in terms of time and price.

The courses usually include video lessons and lectures, practice assignments, readings, and assessment opportunities to test your skills.

Although Coursera runs on a cycle system, once a student has enrolled for a particular session, the courses are largely self-paced. While courses can cost hundreds of dollars and tens of hours, many of Coursera’s grammar courses are currently available for free.


EdX is the perfect mix of top-notch grammar classes online and easy access. The platform includes multiple courses focused on learning grammar and full-fledged programs (small groups of courses with a common goal, like a miniature version of a college major).

EdX’s grammar classes online are, for the most part, of the language offers. Most are for English learners (or students who want to brush up on certain skills like essay writing or writing/speaking in business contexts), but there are also those who focus on grammar in other languages.

Great news if you’re considering EdX, most of their courses are free – at least for taking them. If you take a grammar class yourself to brush up on your skills, you’re good to go, but if you take it for more formal reasons, the “Verified Certificate of Completion” costs between $50 and $300 per class.

As with Coursera, classes start with an enrollment cycle, but once the session starts, students can opt for an instructor-led course that already has a set schedule or self-paced courses where students determine themselves and do things. Can take it as slowly or as quickly as it suits your schedule.


Many of Udemy’s grammar classes online are relatively short, ranging from one to 10 hours each.

The website offers a lot of leeways when it comes to the courses on offer – teachers can create and upload their own courses, which means students can choose between more general lessons or those that relate heavily to a single concept like tenses or sentence structure.

The wide variety means that there is almost certainly a class at any given time that will cater to each student’s needs, and there are plenty of options, even for short lessons, to answer smaller questions.

Because Udemy is more of an instructor portal than a standardized platform, courses often contain a variety of styles and elements. Students will likely come across lectures (audio and video), helpful reading, practice activities, tests, and more.

For those unsure if a particular course is right for them, Udemy offers the ability to preview courses and also offers a 30-day refund if students think a course definitely does not meet their expectations or needs.

Because each class is an independent product, prices are also calculated independently, so prices for lifetime access to a single course range from very cheap (about $20-25) to expensive (about $200) be able.

Most basic grammar courses are offered at the lower end of the range, but there are some longer courses or recommended course groups that may cost more.


The appeal of Skillshare lies in its smaller and more specific focus, often with a more creative approach to simple topics like grammar.

With the classes divided into relatively short, bite-sized video, audio, and activities, Skillshare’s grammar courses are easy to master and fun.

There are courses for just about every style, whether you prefer a no-frills video series that teaches different parts of speech and usage concepts or colourful tutorials on different phrases in a variety of languages.

The website encourages creative approaches to learning, so it’s perfect for students who want to engage with their learning slightly differently.

Instead of paying by the course or by the hour, Skillshare has a subscription model that allows for unlimited classes. Subscriptions cost about $19 per month, or about $99 for a year (which gives a discount of about $8 per month).

Some of the grammar courses offered on the site also have free examples – for example, a first lesson or section is available without registration.


For ESL learners looking to approach grammar in practical contexts, Cambly offers a refreshingly laid-back approach.

The service dispenses with the formality of a classroom in favour of direct language practice, where students who have learned some English and need help perfecting grammar and vocabulary can practice via live chats with native English speakers.

It’s not necessarily a course from the ground up but rather a framework for students to put their skills into practice and receive updated tips. Conversation with regular English speakers, rather than fully structured lessons, is the name of the game.

However, Cambly actually offers “regular” courses geared towards specific needs or topics. Courses include English for business purposes, vocabulary for topics like technology, hobbies, and food, and other hands-on conversational topics that combine vocabulary lessons with grammar reviews. It’s a very hands-on type of class.

The price depends on how often students want to use the service: choose between two, three, or five days per week and 15, 30, or 60 minutes per daily session.


Learning grammar is one of the most important parts of learning a new language, and Duolingo’s approach integrates grammar teaching seamlessly into the larger process of language learning.

Rather than teaching an exclusive “grammar” course, Duolingo integrates its grammar classes online with vocabulary and other practice courses. For adult learners studying a second (or even a third) language, which is the site’s main demographic language, this is an effective way to get learners’ attention.

Duolingo’s format is based on a “tree” of skills, with new ones unlocked as the previous ones are mastered through practice challenges. It also actively enables (and encourages) students to reconsider previous concepts in order to stay current, and it allows students to devote as much or as little time to class as they like.

The site offers about 37 languages at the time of publication, and counting, including indigenous languages, is completely free.

ABC Mouse

The app-based ABC Mouse is one of the most popular options for young children who are just starting to learn the basics of reading. The interactive system features thousands of activities that teach kids the basics of phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

A section for older kids covers more complex topics, but the main focus is on kids ages 2 to 8 who are learning the basics for a solid foundation.

On 10 levels of the “step-by-step learning path”, the lessons are perfectly tailored to the attention spans of young children with fun activities and games. While not specifically targeting grammar, it is a series of “classes” that give children the foundation they need to understand the basic rules of English before going into detail.

The program starts with a 30-day free trial but costs around $10 per month from then – but customers who purchase an annual subscription can get close to 50% off.

The app’s lessons are quite broad: students encounter not only language lessons, but also math, science, and art at an age-appropriate level.

ABCMouse is a great choice for providing young learners with a fun and educational introduction to grammar.


Children who start learning grammar as a subject on their own will find that the playful but thoughtful Grammaropolis offers just the right balance between playing and learning.

Mini-courses are available that focus on all the major phrases, from simple parts of speech, such as nouns and verbs, to concepts, such as the use of prepositional phrases.

Classes are packed with quirky songs and videos that teach grammar concepts in a way that will be remembered by kids, as well as plenty of practice and quizzes to test student knowledge. There are even stand-alone “special” quizzes to help you grow and learn beyond the basics.

New students can try the site’s courses for free: the Nouns course – also known as the Neighborhood course – is completely free. After that, the website offers three different levels of membership for about $4 per month, about $20 per year, or about $40 for lifetime access.

Subscriptions also allow multiple users so that a family with multiple children can use one access for all, and the classes can track individual progress.

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes offers bite-sized (mini) grammar lessons and exercises that are presented in a really friendly and sometimes silly way. You can test your skills with interactive exercises, and they also contain easy-to-understand explanations with the correct answers.

In addition to the exercises, Grammar Bytes provides grammar rules for quick reference and a glossary of grammar terms.

Grammar Bytes has pages that you can print out. These are helpful if you want to do the exercises by hand or if you want to make a copy of grammar rules to keep handy.

It is best suited for advanced users; quick, fun lessons; Learning grammar terms and more difficult grammar concepts; Learning with PowerPoint presentations.


One of the best ways to learn English grammar is to hear it in real situations. The more English you hear, the more grammar you’ll learn without having to memorize the rules beforehand.

Grammar tips in the FluentU Dictionary provide additional information on using words.

Practice your English grammar with FluentU’s multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. The hints show you whether the word is a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb – and give you hints on how to use it:

FluentU takes you far beyond the usual grammar exercises. It gives you many examples of how speakers use grammar in real life. With FluentU, you can learn when to follow English grammar rules – and when it is okay to break them.

FluentU takes real-world videos – like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspirational lectures – and turns them into personalized language courses.

Unlike traditional language learning websites, FluentU uses a natural approach that will help you immerse yourself in the English language and culture over time. You will learn English the way it is spoken in real life.

FluentU offers a variety of engaging content, from popular talk shows, nature documentaries, and hilarious commercials. It is best suited for learners of all levels; Learning mother tongue grammar; Practice grammar with real-life examples; Learning in context.

Best of all, FluentU tracks the vocabulary you learn and gives you extra practice with difficult words. It even reminds you when it’s time for a review. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even when learning from the same video.

5 Minute English

The 5 minute English design might not be very fancy, but the explanations are clear and to the point. The site has some great information on common grammar questions and mistakes, such as: For example, this page explains when to use “hear” and when to use “hear”.

In addition to the grammar explanations, there are vocabulary, pronunciation, English slang and idioms, reading, and listening lessons.

It’s best for beginners who want to understand the basics; Learners who like short lessons; Practicing tenses and moods of verbs; Understand prepositions and pronouns.

British Council

The British Council is a great resource for all language learners, especially if you are studying British English. This is a huge amount of information on every type of grammar you need to know.

Just choose your level, and you’ll be given several specific grammar topics for you to explore. There are many exercises for each topic. You can also take tests to determine your language level.

It’s best for all levels; Grammar exercises; Test your English level.

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is both a blog and a podcast that offers short, friendly tips to improve the grammar in your writing. It makes learning grammar with memory tricks easy and fun. Their “Quick and Dirty Tips” make memorising and applying difficult grammar rules easier.

Native speakers also use it, so you can be sure that this will make your English sound more natural. You will learn English grammar rules, punctuation, writing style, and even business tips.

You can find their podcasts on Apple and Spotify or get a free month when you sign up through Stitcher with the code GRAMMAR.

English Grammar 101

Do you prefer to study with a textbook but don’t want to carry one around with you all the time? You will love English Grammar 101, which is organized like a grammar textbook.

Each easy-to-understand lesson (or chapter) covers only one topic at a time and is followed by a practice section to test your understanding of the topic.

The short length of the chapters means that you can spend a few minutes a day with a grammar rule and learn a lot in a short time.

Alison English Grammar Courses

Not everyone likes to learn alone. For those of you who would rather study in a classroom, consider trying an online course. Alison offers a number of free online courses for learning English grammar. These courses usually involve watching videos and then doing assignments.

The best part is that you will interact (talk to) with the other students and the teacher a lot. So if you have a question or want to practice with someone, this is the place to be.

It’s best for all levels; Search for grammar classes online; Learn step by step; learn with others.

Education First’s English Grammar Guide

Education First’s grammar guide is very well organized and is a great place to start learning how to use parts of speech. The rules themselves are short and use many example sentences to show how everything works.

There are no exercises in the grammar guide, so you will need to practice with another resource. However, this is an excellent place to start if you learn better from examples than rules.

This resource is now offered as a free English resource on the Education First site. These resources include practice quizzes on many topics, such as love and work, free e-books to help you learn English, a free test of your English level, and free study apps with flashcards, games, and more.

Oxford English Grammar Course

This website, which teaches proper British English, is intended to complement the books on the Oxford English Grammar Course.

There is little or no explanation of the grammar rules, but there are plenty of interactive grammar exercises to make sure you really understand each rule. Use this website to practice the rules you are learning elsewhere or to find out what more you need to learn.

This resource is no longer offered, although you can still find companion books for all levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced). Also, the following resource is similar to the Oxford English Grammar Course website.


If you want to take grammar classes online for free, you must try the EGO (English Grammar Online) website.

This page has everything you need to improve your English grammar online, from an all-time overview with examples to a ton of English grammar lessons and exercises on tenses, conditional, and even the mysterious English subjunctive.

EGO4U has also divided the main English grammar topics into separate sections, so you don’t get lost trying to learn something new.

Each section contains grammar lessons and plenty of exercises to practice with. Look for the dots on the right side of each exercise link. They provide information about the difficulty of the exercises. Great!

Finally, EGO4U has an amazing section where you can find the most confusing English tenses. If you have trouble distinguishing between the past simple and past progressive or get a headache whenever you decide whether to move a sentence into the present simple or the present progressive, you will love this section.

It is ideal for beginners and advanced users; well-organized lessons; Practice of tenses and moods.

Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is simple in both appearance and content. The website has over 400 parts of speech and phrases that you can step through or search for a term in the glossary.

Daily Grammar also publishes lessons on their blog, along with exercises for practice.

If you want to practice even more, you can also purchase Daily Grammar’s e-textbooks and e-workbooks.


EnglishClub is another grammar-teaching website, and the script on this one is friendly and super easy to understand.

Some lessons contain quizzes, and others have specific tips that explain commonly misunderstood facts on each topic.

Grammarly Handbook of Grammar Rules

You may have heard of the grammar spelling and grammar checker. Not only does it check your mistakes in your writing, but it also explains them to you so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

They’ve also gathered a ton of rules, facts, and tips on every possible grammar topic you can think of and put them together in a guide.

The topics are neatly organized so that you can easily find out what you need to know about using adverbs, commas, and capital letters. The Grammarly Handbook covers even more difficult topics like English idioms and passive voice.

The explanations are written like a blog: personally and with full paragraphs instead of a few lines. Because of the more advanced use of English, it is a fantastic resource for advanced learners.

Grammarly is not a website for English learners but for native English speakers looking to improve their grammar. Because of this, the beginner / advanced tips can be a bit overwhelming.

English Page

English Page isn’t as organized as some other sites on this list, but it has some of the best English grammar exercises you will find. The exercises here don’t just ask you to choose one correct answer from a list – you have to write the answer yourself.

This will get you to actually apply and practice what you have learned instead of just memorizing it. There is also an excellent grammar rules section with lots of example sentences.

Englisch Hilfen (English Help)

This German page is available in two versions: German and English. We’re trying to learn English grammar here, so I recommend that you only use the English version.

English aids contain everything an English learner will ever need. When it comes to learning English grammar, it has amazing grammar explanations and exercises, and access to everything is completely free.

Just choose a topic from the list on the left side of the screen and start learning. When you select a topic, you land on a webpage that has compiled all the available links on that topic. The various links are usually organized by learning objective or level of difficulty.

At the bottom of the list of grammar links, you will also find links to take you to the exercises on the subject. The site is very user-friendly and easy to use.

Free English Study

At first glance, Free English Study may look like another boring English grammar website, but appearances can be deceptive.

Free English Study contains all of the grammar topics necessary to help a beginner become an advanced English language user.

The grammar page has a list of all the major English grammar topics broken down into categories. There is nothing new for now. However, if you click on a topic, you can see why this page is different.

Not only are there great grammar explanations to get you started, but there are plenty of examples too. This is the best way to see the grammar you are learning in action.

The examples written in purple come with notes and brief explanations when needed, and there are even right and wrong examples for many topics, so you can really see and understand how the grammar you are learning works.

Passport To English

Passport To English is a complete English course that starts from scratch and teaches you English through vocabulary exercises, English grammar lessons, dictation, games, listening, and reading exercises.

If you need a full English course, start with the first beginner-level English grammar lesson and follow the detailed instructions as you go. However, Passport To English is also a great site if you want to improve your current English grammar level.

The list of grammar topics is alphabetical and includes all the grammar parts covered in the course’s lessons (you can see the level and lesson number where each grammar topic appears in the course).

Not only is Passport To English well organized, but it also has great explanations and lots of examples. At the end of each topic, you will have several exercises to check what you have learned.

Steps to learn English grammar

Even with a list of great resources, learning will be easier if you follow certain steps.

  1. Have a goal. Having a goal helps you create focus. Choose a specific goal for your grammar learning, such as being comfortable for an interview or correcting your spoken mistakes in the past tense.
  2. Break this goal down into smaller goals. Now that you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to think about how to get there.
  3. Let’s say you want to correct your past tense mistakes. First, you need to find out what these errors are. This can include asking others to point out your mistakes in speaking, recording yourself and listening carefully, working on the less familiar past tenses, and more.
  4. Whatever you’re working on, you should find a way to break it up into smaller pieces.
  5. Focus on one topic at a time. Don’t try to learn everything at once. Instead, learn one rule at a time and practice applying and reviewing it until you know it well enough to teach it to others.
  6. Study a few minutes a day. You don’t have to spend hours studying to learn English. All it takes is five to 10 minutes a day as long as you use it wisely.


Every day you can read a grammar rule, do a few exercises, and then practice them for the rest of the day. Use this rule as you write and speak for the next few days to make sure you don’t forget about it. Look for examples of this rule as you read, watch, or listen to something in English.

Follow these steps, and before you know it, you will be much more comfortable with English grammar from the comfort of your home.



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