15 Online Colleges in Utah for International Students

For working adults who desire to advance their academic and professional careers but do not have the time to attend classes, there are online colleges in Utah for international students to consider.

Utah online colleges allow students the benefit of attending school at their convenience while they have the time to handle other activities. Students can earn degrees online or pursue a new career by taking advantage of these online colleges.

If you are overwhelmed by searching for online colleges to consider, this article is about the ten best online colleges in Utah for international students.

Why Choose Online Colleges in Utah?

Utah’s online education options have significantly increased over the 21st century, similar to most American states. More than 30 online programs are now offered by the state, serving more than 100,000 students at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

A wide range of demographic groups, along with single parents, full-time professionals, and employees in fields with declining job markets like manufacturing, have more options because of the ease and flexibility of online learning.

  • Number of Utah programs that are entirely online 32
  • Utah has 83,116 undergraduate students who are only enrolled online.
  • About 22,654 graduate students in Utah are enrolled entirely online.
  • Nearly 298 overseas students are enrolled in Utah solely online.

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Here are the Best Online Colleges in Utah for International Students in 2022

If you are searching for the top online colleges in Utah for international students, here are our top picks:

  1. University of Utah
  2. Westminster College
  3. Utah State University
  4. Southern Utah University
  5. Independence University
  6. Weber State University
  7. Utah Valley University
  8. Dixie State University
  9. Western Governors University
  10. Snow College

1. University of Utah

The University of Utah leads our list of the finest online institutions in the state, serving approximately 30,000 students through a wide range of top-notch programs. It is one of the best online colleges in Utah for international students.

The institution offers fully asynchronous courses that let students study at their own pace. In disciplines including electrical and computer engineering, business administration, biomedical informatics, nursing, and distance learners can pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

No matter how they study, all University of Utah students have unlimited access to virtual tutoring in various academic areas.

The institution offers personalized writing and research aid, round-the-clock technological support, and mental health and career counseling services.

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2. Westminster College

Consider Westminster College if you’re a distance learner looking for a flexible online program. It is among one of the best online colleges in Utah for international students.

The institution offers 89 distant learners worldwide access to six online degree programs.

Graduate students can pick from three online master’s degree tracks, while undergraduates can select from three online bachelor’s programs.

Students participate in online classes with peers while attending lectures remotely. Through course electives, degree minors, and chances for experiential learning like internships, students may personalize their academic experience.

Distance learners can engage with academic counseling, career services, and other institutional resources throughout their program to help them prepare for college success.

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3. Utah State University

Utah Tech University provides a top-notch online college education. The public university offers five online undergraduate and graduate programs.

This university is a popular choice for distant learners because of its success in online education and stellar academic reputation.

Academic and career assistance specialists who work on the Saint George physical campus are also accessible to help online students.

To position themselves for academic and professional success, degree candidates can communicate with academic advisers and participate in virtual job fairs.

Through internships, students also get hands-on experience in their subjects. Graduates receive degrees that the institution fully accredits.

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4. Southern Utah University

From its location in Cedar City, Southern Utah University, one of the most outstanding universities, provides online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs.

Over 3,950 people study in the authorized college’s online programs. The public institution’s three bachelor’s and nine master’s degree programs are available to prospective students online.

The online school provides a wide range of courses in subjects including business, STEM, and healthcare. In a distance learning environment, students finish their coursework.

Students can design classes to fit their course of study through collaboration with academic and faculty mentors.

Online degree seekers can benefit from the school’s career services, financial aid counseling, and tutoring to aid their academic endeavors.

For a bachelor’s degree or 30 credits for a master’s degree, students typically need to enroll in 120 credits. Most online degree seekers can get scholarships, federal financial help, and other financial aid.

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5. Independence University

Independence University is a online university that offers undergraduate and graduates degree programs. Programs concentrate on business, technology, graphic design, and healthcare.

Depending on the curriculum, students can finish a full-time master’s program in 16 months, a bachelor’s degree in less than 4 years, or an associate degree in roughly 2 years.

Students at IU can access financial aid, scholarships, free tutoring, an online peer community, student advisers, and career services.

Through the enrollment process, prospective students get assistance from an admissions specialist. For an undergraduate degree, transfer students may transfer up to 75% of the credits required, and for a master’s degree, up to 25%.

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6. Weber State University

Weber State Institution is a public university in Ogden established in 1889. It is one of the best online colleges in Utah for international students.

WSU offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees and more than 25 online certificate and degree programs.

Computer science, nutrition, radiological science, professional sales, and respiratory treatment are popular degree specialties.

The master’s programs could involve in-person instruction, but the associate and bachelor’s programs are entirely online.

Students can begin classes at their own convinient time and have up to six months to finish them. The institution delivers coursework using the online learning management system Canvas.

Since most online learning is asynchronous, busy students have the most flexible schedules.

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7. Utah Valley University

The most incredible online college in Utah, with 13 options for bachelor’s degrees offered online, is Utah Valley University.

Students can major in emergency services administration (emergency management or emergency care emphasis), aviation management, dental hygiene, criminal justice, emergency services management (hospitality management, international business, or general business emphasis), family science, professional piloting, nursing, or technology management.

A community college and university combined, Utah Valley University works to ensure that all its students succeed in all facets of their lives.

The school takes pride in being inclusive. Nearly a third of the student body is beyond the age of 25, and it includes students from 74 different nations.

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8. Dixie State University

Dixie State University is the next school on the list of the top online colleges in Utah. This university offers two online bachelor’s degree programs in nursing and health administration (RN to BSN).

The degree in health administration is designed for healthcare professionals who desire to move up to managerial positions in the sector.

Students who are currently registered nurses but do not yet have a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the nursing program.

Both online courses are adaptable enough to fit working professionals’ schedules.

Dixie State University supports experiential education. “Active learning. Active living” is the school’s slogan. Dixie is dedicated to giving each student a personalized learning experience.

The institution incorporates cutting-edge methods into every stage of the educational process and is a pioneer in health education, technology, and entrepreneurship.

All 4-year public colleges and universities in Utah charge higher tuition than Dixie State University.

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9. Western Governors University

Salt Lake City-based Western Governors Institution (WGU) is a private, nonprofit online university. The institution comprises four distinct colleges with concentrations in business, teaching, IT, and health.

Roughly 70 online degrees are provided, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Business management, special education, cloud and systems administration, cybersecurity, healthcare management, nursing, and data analytics are popular specialties.

At WGU, all degree programs are competency-based, meaning that learning is evaluated instead of class attendance.

Whether they studied the course material in college or via years of job experience, students progress by proving that they have mastered it. It’s the perfect strategy for busy students who also have extracurricular commitments to fulfill.

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10. Snow College

Education may lead to better chances, and at Snow College, we think everyone should have access to these opportunities.

Because of this, we developed Snow College Accelerated Online and Online@Snow. Making a life-changing education accessible for anybody who wants it is the unifying objective of two different initiatives.

Students who decide to register in one of our online programs get a highly beneficial education that is also flexible and practical.

Both programs provide associate degrees that may be completed online from any location at any time, providing students with absolute control over their education.

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Are There Online Public Colleges in Utah for International Students?

There are public online institutions and colleges in Utah. These institutions frequently hold certification from reputable accrediting organizations.

Additionally, several majors are accessible through Utah’s online colleges and universities, some of which are not offered by institutions that only provide online programs.

These institutions frequently offer the same quality of instruction and curriculum online as they do in their classrooms.

As a result, a student who receives a degree from this institution is equally qualified in their area as someone who attended the institution on campus.

Public colleges are frequently well-known and have a lengthy history in the community. Moreover, employers want candidates who have obtained degrees from these primarily colleges because of how prominent the schools are.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn in Online Colleges in Utah?

Online degrees in Utah are available at different levels. The doctoral program degrees are the highest degree that may be obtained online in Utah.

Based on the demanding program curriculum, this program enables students to do in-depth study in their chosen field and with industry specialists.

Most graduates with this degree seek employment at a higher education facility.

The master’s program, immediately below that one, gives students the knowledge and abilities they need to advance to a terminal degree like the Ph.D. program.

A student can increase their current level of study once they have earned a master’s degree. Additionally, several significant specialties have become accessible.

Many of these courses are crucial enough for students to advance to managerial positions in their jobs.

For instance, a psychology student may pursue a forensic psychology degree. In contrast, a student studying cybersecurity may want to pursue a master’s degree in cybersecurity, focusing on cyber intelligence.

A student can go through a doctorate in Utah online degree program. A student may decide to specialize or only receive an essential degree at this level. One may graduate with a degree in educational management, for instance.

Many students want to stay at this school level when looking for online degrees in Utah.

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How Much Do Online Colleges in Utah Cost?

The majority of Utah’s online colleges have reasonable tuition rates, but residents of Utah who enroll in public universities may anticipate paying much less overall.

For instance, a student must live in Utah for at least a year straight, register to vote, get a Utah driver’s license, and be financially independent for tax reasons to qualify for resident status.

Through reciprocal agreements, residents of several nearby states may additionally benefit from in-state tuition rates. According to National Center for Education Statistics, the differential between in-state and out-of-state tuition at two- and four-year institutions are shown in the list below.

In-state tuition

  • Public, four-year institution$6,140
  • Public, two-year institution$3,569

Out-of-state tuition

  • Public, four-year university$18,501
  • Public, two-year institution; $11,337

Utah’s four-year institutions often charge in-state and out-of-state students significantly less in tuition than the national average. Utah has slightly higher two-year public school tuition than the rest of the US.

Online students often pay less in tuition than campus-based students since online courses use limited resources than on-campus courses.

You can see the estimated tuition costs for three renowned universities in Utah below – according to affordablecollegesonline. Although prices vary, these numbers give a rough idea of tuition fees at various kinds of colleges.

  • Utah State University, a public four-year institution, costs $338.
  • Beginning at $294 per credit at a private, four-year university, from $294 per credit, up to $382
  • Alt Lake City Community College, a two-year institution, charges $190.50 per credit

How Many Academic Terms Do Online Colleges in Utah Do Per Year?

Many of Utah’s finest online institutions provide rolling admission all year round, and various start dates to accommodate flexible enrollment.

For instance, classes at the University of Utah and Utah State University start twice a semester, in August, October, January, February, May, and June.

With courses and degrees starting on the first of every month, fully online universities like Western Governors University provide even more scheduling freedom.

Additionally, online students in Utah’s community colleges have access to flexible start dates. Salt Lake Community College classes are available for 16, 12, and 8 weeks, among other durations.

Like most of Utah’s online colleges, SLCC offers all year-round start dates for the autumn, spring, and summer semesters.


Traditional four-year institutions are just one of the alternatives for online higher education in Utah; community colleges, certification courses, and apprenticeships are also available.

There are several possibilities available in Utah if you want to take college courses online. Tuition costs and other information regarding enrolling in online universities and colleges in Utah are included here.


Can you do online school in Utah?

Yes, students can attend online colleges in Utah:

University of Utah
Westminster College
Utah State University
Southern Utah University
Independence University
Weber State University
Utah Valley University
Dixie State University
Western Governors University
Snow College

What is the best online college in Utah?

University of Utah
Westminster College
Utah State University
Southern Utah University
Independence University
Weber State University
Utah Valley University
Dixie State University
Western Governors University
Snow College

Is public school free in Utah?

Utah became a state in 1896, and as a result, all public schools in the state are now supported by the government. Many K–12 public, charter, and private schools are available today. Additionally, the state is home to a mix of public and private higher education institutions.



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