25 Dirty White Elephant Gifts to Bring To the Gift Exchange

White Elephant Gift Exchange is a popular holiday tradition that brings laughter and entertainment to any gathering. In this unconventional gift game, participants bring humorous and often wacky gifts to try to outdo each other’s creativity. Especially a gift featuring a dirty white elephant will add extra fun to the occasion.

Exchanging dirty white elephant gifts can be messy and competitive, but it’s often a fun way to release tension. Find a fun gift that will make the room laugh, a cool gift that your co-workers will love (such as a desk accessory), or a sentimental gift you’ll want to cherish.

In this post, we shall discuss the Dirty White Elephant Gifts to Bring To the Gift Exchange Here are some that will make you laugh and create unforgettable moments.


How to Choose a dirty white elephant gift

Before diving into the world of luxury gifts, it’s important to understand the tricks of choosing the right dirty white elephant gift. The word “dirty” implies a degree of inappropriateness, but it’s important to prioritize humor over offense.

A successful gift should appeal to the recipient’s humor while also being appropriate for the occasion.

If you’ve never played the White Elephant Game (aka Dirty Santa Gift Exchange), the rules are pretty simple. Each participant brings one wrapped gift that is anonymously placed on the pile.

The first contestant then randomly selects a gift to unwrap, giving each player the choice of choosing an unwrapped gift or stealing an already unwrapped gift from a playmate.

Dirty White Elephant Gifts

White Elephant Swap (or Yankee Swap) is all about having fun with your friends. If your friends have dirty thoughts, they’ll laugh when they see these 25 Dirty White Elephant gifts.

So, here are some dirty white elephant gifts that are perfect to bring to parties this year.

1. Wine Condom

Make sure to wrap your wine bottles! These wine bottle “condoms” are airtight and help keep open wine bottles fresh longer. This sassy white elephant gift is perfect because it’s not only funny, it’s actually useful.

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2. Eat a bag of Dachshund coloring books.

If you have a friend who says bad words a lot, you will love this adult badmouth coloring book.

3. Weenie Soap

No one likes dirty weenie. This dirty white elephant gift is sure to make everyone laugh.

4. Jimmy Jacket

It’s cold outside! This would be a very funny dirty white elephant gift or gag gift for your boyfriend/boyfriend.

5.  Nature’s D*ck Photo Calendar

Apparently, there are many phallic shapes in nature. This calendar focuses on the best D*ck images of him found in the wild.

6. Cock socks

These cock (tail) socks are hilariously mismatched and perfect for a dirty Santa gift exchange.

7. Small Penis Book

This parody of finger puppet books for children is very funny. Whoever receives this dirty white elephant gift is sure to have a good laugh.

8. Ta-Ta Toaster

No munching at this party! These “Ta-Ta Toasters” make absolutely hilarious and messy gifts for white elephant exchanges.

9. How to live with a huge penis book

Anyone who receives this white elephant gift will definitely want to give it away with pride.

10. Naughty wine glasses

That’s how you drink wine, right?

11. Reindeer thong for men

I can only hope that whoever gets this reindeer thong doesn’t want to try it on at a white elephant Christmas party.

12. Hit the sack

Life is stressful! Sometimes you have to bang the bag around. This gag gift is sure to make everyone at your party laugh.

13. Humping animals Coloring book

Like they do on the Discovery Channel, right?

14. Penis ice mold

It is the best ice mold for making ice cream to put the cock in. Did you take it?

15. OCK Mug

No, we don’t say OK ;). A hilarious mug like the one you give in a Dirty White Elephant gift exchange.

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16. Dill Dough

Everyone will understand this pun. However, be careful as it actually smells like cucumber.

17. Crusty Penis Wipes

No one likes sticking cocks!

18. Touched your junk sanitizer

This dirty white elephant gift will make everyone clean.

19. Giant Underwear

The ultimate granny pants. A very cheerful cheeky white elephant gift.

20. Seamen putty

This gift has a lot of funny (and inappropriate) puns. In fact, I wouldn’t mind picking up this stress-relieving plaything at a White Elephant gift exchange.

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21. Funny apron

For a friend who always grills meat. A great gift for parties, this messy apron is sure to get a laugh.

22. Gas Neutralizer

If you want to keep this dirty white elephant gift for yourself, don’t be embarrassed. But this would make a fun gift for a party.

23. Little Box Of Obscenities

These little word magnets are going to be a lot of fun on your student’s fridge.

24. Grow a boyfriend

Perfect gift for single friends. Now she can permanently delete the dating app.

25. Instant UnderPants

What a treat this instant pant as a gift for the white elephant. Just add water and you have spare underwear set just in case.

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What are the rules for Dirty Santa?

Place wrapped gifts in the center of the room
Have each guest draw a number
The guest holding #1 goes first.
Number one chooses a gift, unwraps it, and oohs and aahs before putting it on display for all to see.

What is the difference between Dirty Santa and White Elephant?

Gifts for Dirty Santa are typically fun, new, unique, and in good taste. Unlike the White Elephant gift exchange, Dirty Santa gifts are usually items recipients will want and use

What does a white elephant gift consist of?

an extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of

Do white elephant gifts have to be bad?

they should still be in good condition, appropriate to your group and above all, fun


When shopping, it’s important to think about whether you want something gender-neutral. This way, you can create a gift that is sure to please anyone who receives it.  



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