10 Free Government Certifications Online in 2023

Enrol in free online government certification courses to advance your professional knowledge and skills.

We have completed the necessary research in this article, gathered relevant data, and provided free online government certifications.

Participants in these free online courses can build their resumes and learn from experts while earning their certificates.

Stay put as we give you information on the best 10 free government certifications online in 2023.

What are Government Certifications?

Government certifications are degrees you can obtain to prove your qualifications for jobs and opportunities tied to the federal government.

Many certifications offer widespread legitimacy, guaranteeing that various agencies, institutions, and organizations recognize them.

You can choose from many different certificates, each offering a different area of focus to advance your knowledge. These certificates are transferable to any relevant industry and business, including the public sector.

What Are the Advantages of Government Certification?

You can benefit from obtaining a government certification in several ways, including:

Employment Opportunities:

Employers may need candidates to hold many certifications or a single certification pertinent to the position, depending on the position you are applying for or the career you wish to follow. Your employment options may grow as a result of certificates.

An advantage over competitors:

Although online government certifications are available and free, only some have them to attest to their skill and knowledge.

You can set yourself apart from other applicants by earning one or more certifications.

Learn new skills

You will learn skills related to your career field with free government online certifications.

These certificates enhance your practical skills and frequently give you access to the most recent information required for job progress.

Official documentation:

After completing your government certification, you usually receive an official certificate recognizing your new talents and skills.

This real honour might help you achieve your professional objectives because it attests to your knowledge, dedication to learning, and professional growth.

Greater pay:

Getting a government certification can demonstrate to your company that you have higher job-related skill levels. Suppose you’re looking for a different career. In that case, you can leverage your new accreditation and knowledge to negotiate for a better salary or set a minimum wage expectation.

Enhancer for resumes:

Your resume is crucial for showcasing your work history, professional experience, academic successes, and additional qualifications. A government certification could increase your credibility and increase the number of interviews and job offers you get.


Getting a government certification might assist you in developing your career if you wish to seek a promotion at your current employer.

Certification can help you meet the requirements for some senior-level or higher-ranking positions with more stringent requirements.

Updating your skill set and industry knowledge is another benefit of obtaining a government certification online.

While participating in the program, you can develop new techniques, competencies, and tools relevant to your industry, which will help you organize and improve your present workflow.

No matter your job or responsibilities, a government certification can prove to others that you are knowledgeable in your profession. A certificate shows your professional network that you are competent and skilled in carrying out your responsibilities.

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Confidence boost:

Completing a government certification successfully can help you raise the calibre and value of your job and give you more self-assurance.

You can use your professional progress as inspiration to keep improving your performance and skill set.

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Increasing the size of your professional network:

You may encounter various professionals, subject-matter experts, and practitioners as part of your certification program. Thanks to this, making lasting contacts and expanding your network of brilliant professionals are possible.

10 Free Government Certifications Online in 2023

The 10 free online government certificates n 2023 are;

  • Public Works Management Certificate
  • Introduction to Competency-Based Learning
  • Standard Precautions: Waste Management
  • Academy for Lifelong Learning
  • Health Cluster Coordination
  • Incident Management System (Tier 1)
  • AI and Data Science
  • IT: e-government
  • Forms of government around the world
  • Essentials of Risk Communication (English/Portuguese)

#1 Public Works Management Certificate

The Georgia Certificate of Public Works Management (CPWM) program is delivered with the Georgia Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).

To complete this free government online certifications course, a participant must pass six two-and-a-half-day coursework modules.

Both instructional faculty from the Institute of Government and public works specialists teach the modules.

Public works managers and supervisors are trained realistically through courses that promote professionalism, expand understanding of successful management techniques, and foster the development of managerial abilities.

Every three years, you must finish 30 hours of electives on subjects related to public works to maintain your certificate.

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#2 Introduction to Competency-Based Learning

This certification course is by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE) learning strategy offers a comprehensive framework for all learning and training activities for personnel working in health emergencies.

The approach is competency-based and incorporates skills crucial for people and teams working in health emergencies.

WHE learning strategy, the competency-based methodology, and how it can be used to design learning and training are all introduced in this brief course. There are two quick tutorial videos and a knowledge quiz available.

You can complete this free online government certification in about 1.5 hours.

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#3 Standard precautions: Waste management

WHO estimates that general, non-hazardous waste makes up around 85% of the trash produced by healthcare operations. The remaining 15% is classified as hazardous material, which may be radioactive, poisonous, or contagious. The unsafe handling of dangerous waste puts hospital patients, medical staff, and the general public in danger as part of the waste management course.

This course will teach you about the many types of waste and the waste management procedure.

This course is free. Simply create an account on OpenWHO and enrol in the course!

It is approximately an hour-long course.

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#4 Academy for Lifelong Learning

County commissioners can improve their leadership and governance abilities by taking courses through the Lifelong Learning Academy offered by the Institute of Government in collaboration with ACCG.

Your education as a commissioner will start with Core Certification, which consists of nine courses totalling 66 hours of coursework. Officials who complete the program are called “Certified County Commissioner” and are entitled to a $100 monthly stipend from their county.

The learning doesn’t end there either, as there are eight distinct specialist tracks in which you can gain a certification that will challenge you on a much deeper level.

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#5 Health Cluster Coordination

Health Clusters exist to improve the well-being and dignity of affected populations while saving lives and alleviating suffering in humanitarian catastrophes.

Since 2005, the Cluster Approach, which includes the Health Cluster, has been one of the most often utilized coordinating techniques to address the humanitarian needs of affected individuals in a dependable, efficient, and inclusive way while adhering to humanitarian standards.

The need for Health Cluster leadership and coordination increases as the population increases. This free online government certification helps participants learn impactfully.

This course takes about nine hours to complete.

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#6 Incident Management System (Tier 1)

The course is structured around several learning modules and is intended to be interactive.

All online sessions will require active participation from students, who are also expected to interact with the course material fully.

The workshops are designed to help the staff operate within the new WHE program and increase their comprehension and confidence in the fundamental ideas and theories.

Four learning modules comprise the course’s content, each focusing on a different important element of the WHE approach to emergency management.

The training will provide the overview and foundational knowledge necessary to participate in the WHE program. A post-course knowledge check is required to guarantee that everyone leaves the course with a certain level of knowledge.

Course Duration: 3 hours.

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#7 AI and Data Science

AI and Data Analysis is a process that involves pre-processing, analysis, visualization, and prediction.

AI, on the other hand, uses a predictive model to foretell future events. Again, AI uses computer algorithms, whereas data science uses a variety of statistical methodologies.

The Government of Karnataka, backed by NASSCOM, offers this online course to establish the state as a top location for worldwide artificial intelligence research and development.

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#8 IT: e-government

The government is now directly accessible online. You examine the extent of e-government, the essential databases, the use of biometrics for identification and identity verification, and evaluate the usability and accessibility of websites while taking this online course on IT: e-government.

This course is by the Open University.

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#9 Forms of government around the world

This free online government certifications course is by the University of Naples Federico II via edX.

The main objective of this course, which has a foundation in law, is to understand how political power is organized in our democracies and what the resulting forms of government structure are.

The course examines the structure, operational logic, and historical development of various kinds of governance.

The best of politics and other topics like institutional and political history and cultural anthropology are covered in the lessons.

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#10 Essentials of Risk Communication (English/Portuguese)

The risk communication online course is a crucial public health measure in any disease outbreak or other health disaster.

In this course of five modules, they’ll look at what risk communication is and why it’s crucial, its essential components, risk communication capacities like policy, strategies, and evaluation, SOCO, spokesperson advice, and message development, as well as exercises and how their efficiency to gauge readiness for communicating risks.

The aim is for this course to review what you already know and assist you in putting sound risk communication ideas into practice, whether you work for the government, the UN, a global organization, an NGO, or you volunteer your time.

This free government online certifications course is in French, Portuguese, and also in English.


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Do employers accept government-issued, free online certifications?

Employers recognize government-sponsored online credentials, including free ones, like online certificates and degrees. Job seekers must, however, be sure that their free online government certificates are authentic and not counterfeit versions.

Are free online government certifications valid for life?

Whether free or not, most government certifications offered online have a set expiration date. Participants must undertake the online certification program to ensure their knowledge and abilities are current and applicable, perhaps as a refresher course.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed the read. Did we miss out on any information? Give us a comment.

FAQS on 10 Free Government Certifications Online in 2023

Are all government certifications available online completely free?

While some online government credentials are free, some are cheap. Some government online courses are free, but the certifications have a small fee.

Does the government offer all online certifications?

Not all online certifications are sponsored by the government. For-profit businesses, online education platforms, colleges, and other organizations support some of them. Government-sponsored online certifications typically train individuals for employment in the public sector.

Do those who complete online government credentials become employable?

Online access to legitimate government credentials can improve participants’ employment and earning possibilities. It accomplishes this by broadening the knowledge base and enhancing the skills required for diverse professions in various governmental institutions, organizations, and agencies.

Are government certification online self-paced?

Some are self-paced, while others have a deadline. Some may last only a few hours or a day, while others may last several weeks or months.

What qualifications for free government certifications online?

The requirements for various online certifications offered by the government vary. While some require a high school diploma or a GED, others call for a bachelor’s degree as a minimum. Unsurprisingly, all free online government certificates call on a working knowledge of the internet and computers.



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