Top 10 Teach Kids English Online Opportunities 

The online ecosystem has made many things possible. One can learn online, and the potential of earning online is very viable too.

There are many opportunities to teach kids English online, both as a part-time job or full-time, and many have benefited from them over the years to supplement their income or as a primary source of income.

You, too, can embrace the opportunity to teach kids English online and earn or to learn English online as a kid.

ESL, which stands for English as a Second Language, prompted many non-English speaking nations like the Republic of China to seek international help. Because the internet has broken boundaries in the search for English tutors, teaching kids English online has become very common.

The feeling of being lonely can be an adverse effect of you working from home to teach kids English online, but there are many advantages to this. It can add more money to your pocket, especially if other businesses pay you. It also offers time flexibility, as most online platforms allow you to work on your schedule.

How to Teach English Online

The various companies that offer the opportunity to teach kids English online have software integrated into their platforms, popularly known as Online or Virtual Classroom, enabling student and tutor interaction.

Most of them offer teaching materials and lesson plans which help the teachers focus their energy on the needs of the students, while others require the teachers to draft theirs.

Some level of certification and education is also required before you can be able to teach kids English online. The companies also need native English speakers or near-native English speakers as tutors, and some restrict applications to only major English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, and Canada.

To be qualified to teach English online, you must be passionate and enthusiastic about it, as this is one of the primary qualities you will be tested on.

You also have good internet connectivity (not a dial-up connection), a computer with good memory space and a webcam (the Operating System of a laptop required by a company depends on the type of teaching software they use). You also need a microphone system, and a headset is of advantage too. And the utmost, you have to secure a quiet space to use, with a good background that can motivate the kids to learn.

Can You Teach English Online without a Degree?

One of the drawbacks and fears people usually have to teach English online is not only territorial restrictions but on degree requirements. But the truth is that just as there are companies open to tutors from any nationality, many companies also do not require a degree. Almost all companies, if not all, need a level of certification before one can be qualified to teach kids English online.

So, the answer to the above question is, Yes, you can teach kids English online without having a degree!

You can also teach English online with an Associate’s degree.

There is hardly any reputable company that makes the provision to teach kids English online that does not require a certification known as TEFL. A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification provides the training and qualifications to teach kids English online. Many companies online also offer the provision for you to obtain this qualification.

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How Much can you Make Teaching English Online?

English teachers that work online are usually paid an hourly rate, and the amount paid depends on the tutor’s academic qualification (tutors with high qualifications are generally paid higher hourly fees) and the company they work in.

Many companies also allow tutors to set their rates. Teaching English online salary varies from company to company. Also, academic qualifications and other certifications like TEFL can influence Teach English online salary.

The pay for tutors can also increase, as some companies pay incentives and referral bonuses.

The average pay per hour for most companies is $10, and some pay as much as $25, while there are also companies that produce the same $10 per class, which lasts for about 25 minutes.

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10 Opportunities Where One Can Teach Kids English Online

Opportunities exist for qualified English teachers to teach kids online. The flexibility of working remotely is energizing and enough motivation to choose to teach online.

If you are a certified English teacher seeking opportunities to convert your skills to money, below are the top online opportunities to teach English to kids in 2023.


VIPKID was founded in 2013 and offered teachers the ability to teach Chinese kids English online. They accommodate those with an irregular schedule, both full and part-time. The company hires fluent English-speaking applicants from the US and Canada to teach Chinese students, usually from kindergarten to grade 9. They require a bachelor’s degree.

VIPKID pays tutors up to $22 /hour.

You can teach kids English online and change your schedule week to week as you wish.

Teachers using VIPKID can make between $14 to $22 an hour, with a base salary of $7 – 9 per 25 minutes lesson.

VIPKID offers teachers that teach kids English online participation incentives and bonuses, and salaries depend on one’s performance during the employment interview and demo lesson. They also offer referral bonuses for successful referrals.

VIPKID creates lesson plans for teachers, does not require one to speak Chinese, and has all classes as one-on-one.



ITALKI allows tutors who teach kids English online to set their fees. It connects students and teachers for one-on-one language classes, supports tutors of more than 100 international languages, and allows them to work from anywhere worldwide.

They employ those with either a degree or a certification, and tutors are graded according to their academic qualifications. ITALKI teachers have two profile options: there are those called professional tutors who earn up to $25 per hour, and community tutors who charge about $12 per hour.

ITALKI supports Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and QQ, and you must download, install, and create an account using one of those options before your first lesson.

When a student pays for a lesson, the company pays a commission or fee based on the tutor’s listed class price.

ITALKI recommend teachers charge about $8 to $12 to attract students and raise their teaching history and review. Tutors choose the hours they will be available, and students choose them according to availability.

One of the cons of ITALKI is that tutors must make lesson plans.



CAMBLY has a more informal teaching pattern than most other platforms. The platform enables you to engage in short chat sessions with students worldwide via a webcam.

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CAMBLY Company seeks native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries, to hire for online teaching jobs. 

In this platform, students sign up, pay a fee, and then log in via the app to connect with online tutors. Teachers usually book a shift or log in at random.

CHAMBLY automatically tracks the time you spend tutoring, pays $0.17 per minute, $10.20 per hour, and delivers your earnings every Monday via PayPal. 

Students come from different parts of the world, but most are from Saudi Arabia. South Korean and Turkish students are recently competing in the boom.



QKIDS pay teachers well, but they must all stick to only 6 hours per week. They also have a referral bonus for those who refer other teachers to the platform.

QKIDS hires US/Canada applicants with a degree and teaching certificate. The platform enables tutors to teach kids English online: these are Chinese students ranging from kindergarten to grade 6.

They have a base pay of about $16 per hour and can pay up to $20 per hour, with a $1 attendance bonus for those tutors who are always punctual.

Tutors usually log into the company app to check their weekly teaching schedules and can change their plans if done on time.



GOGOKID hires fluent English-speaking tutors from the US and Canada to teach Chinese students English.

They pay up to $25 per hour.

Teachers choose their availability on:

Monday to Friday, from 6 – 10 am

Saturday to Sunday, from 9 pm – 10 am

GOGOKID creates lesson plans, and tutors must have a degree and certification.



ENGLISHUNT hires applicants from the United States with 48 college credit hours or an ESL certificate to teach kids English.

Teaching English on the phone to kids in Korea and Japan via softphone technology downloaded to your computer is now made possible through ENGLISHUNT. But their software isn’t compatible with Apple products, so you got to use a windows pc.

This company only hires tutors from the US, who can work worldwide, but the payments are only sent to US accounts.

Tutors are paid around $20 per hour.

ENGLISHUNT has two shifts from which teachers choose:

6 am to 9 am EST, Monday to Friday

6 pm to 12 am EST, Saturday and Sunday

The only flexible tutors are those that teach during the evening shift.

You can teach English online or by phone and work from anywhere.


#7. EF Education First

EF EDUCATION FIRST is said to be the longest-running online English teaching company (of about 50 years) and is highly reputable.

This company offers teaching opportunities to citizens of the US and UK, and tutors must reside in these two territories to be offered a chance to teach with them, and teachers must have a degree.

EF EDUCATION FIRST allows tutors to create a flexible schedule.

You can earn up to $20 per hour working with this company.

EF EDUCATION provides teachers with lesson materials for teaching kids English online.

The time shifts in EF EDUCATION FIRST in teaching kids English owning can sometimes be flexible.


#8. DADA

DADA online English pays as high as $25 per hour to tutors. Their pay to teachers depends on performance during the selection interview.

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They only hire fluent English teachers with bachelor’s degrees to teach kids English online.

One good thing about DADA online English is not just that they pay well. Still, they allow tutors to set flexible routines for themselves (you can provide your weekly availability of 2 hours/two days minimum per week). And the most significant part of it; DADA allows applicants from any part of the world who are fluent in English.



PREPLY as a company, is said to have great features and content that help teachers effectively teach online.

This tutoring platform allows teachers of many other subjects apart from English.

PREPLY always take a 100% commission fee for your first lesson payment with every new student. For all other subsequent classes, the commission varies, which depends on the number of lesson hours completed with students on the platform (this means that the more you teach through PREPLY, the less the commission you get to pay.

PREPLY tutors set their availability to match their lifestyle and are paid based on the hourly rates they put on their profile.


#10. PalFish

PALFISH is a new company founded in 2015 that connects fluent English-speaking tutors to Chinese students.

They permit teachers without a degree and non-native speakers to teach kids English online. And usually allow applicants from English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries with no preference for nationalities. But you must have a valid teaching certification (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) or teaching license to teach with PALFISH.

PALFISH makes it possible for tutors to teach either on a one-on-one basis or to a larger group of students.

Tutors can sign up on PALFISH as “official” tutors or a “free talk” teachers.

Teachers make as much as $30 on PALFISH per hour, based on the type of teacher profile they choose, and receive teaching bonuses.

Tutors usually do their marketing to attract students. Another drawback to teaching with PALFISH is that you must have a Payoneer or Chinese bank account.


How can I get paid to teach English online?

There are several ways to get paid to teach English online. Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Apply to Online Teaching Platforms: Various online teaching platforms hire English teachers, such as VIPKID, Qkids, and Magic Ears. You can apply to become a teacher on their website and follow their recruitment process.
  2. Freelance Teaching: You can also offer freelance teaching services by creating your website, advertising your services on social media, or joining freelance platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer.
  3. Create Your Online Course: If you have expertise in teaching English, you can create your online course and sell it through platforms such as Udemy or Teachable.
  4. Tutoring Services: You can offer one-on-one English tutoring services through websites such as TutorMe, Chegg, or Preply.
  5. Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) Companies: Many ESL companies offer online teaching opportunities. You can search for ESL companies in your area and inquire about their online teaching opportunities.
  6. Social Media: You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to network with potential clients and advertise your teaching services.

It’s important to note that many online teaching platforms and services require a teaching degree or teaching experience, so be sure to check the requirements before applying.

Teach Kids English Online FAQs

is Teaching worth it?

Yes, teaching online is worth it. The flexibility and potentials of an online job make teaching online a job you should consider.

How can you make money through Teaching?

Teaching the English language to students online is one of the numerous ways you can earn money with your degree in the English language.

What is the best teaching English online company?

The best teaching English online company differs based on personal interests. This could include payment methods and availability offers. Most online English Teachers say VIPKids is the best Teach English Online Company.


Teaching kids English online can be fun and tiresome; the case always depends on one’s passion and zeal and the platform one chooses. And it is now apparent that fluent English teachers can earn full or part-time income teaching kids English online, with or without a degree.

You have just been provided with precise information on the opportunities to teach kids English online. It is now left to you to do more research on the topic and choose your career path as related to being an online English tutor to kids with English as a second language.



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